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RankCallLocYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
13V8SS3V2015MULTI-ONE LOW14,577,2163,982  1,104  48.0JH4RHF KF5EYY
2WP3CKP42021MULTI-ONE LOW10,276,6512,673  1,103  48.0WP3C WP3TT N2GK
3ZF1AZF2016MULTI-ONE LOW10,132,0642,991  1,048  48.0AC6T N5DO
4VP5MVP52021MULTI-ONE LOW9,771,3843,127  1,029  48.0K4QPL K4BAI K2SX KK4R
5YU5RYT2021MULTI-ONE LOW8,353,0653,091  1,185  48.0IV3CTS YO8XXX YT2AAA YT7AW
6DP7DDL2021MULTI-ONE LOW8,324,8263,023  1,182  48.0DH8AF DL3YCX DL9EE DK5KK DL1REM
7VP5MVP52018MULTI-ONE LOW8,141,7422,741  918  47.9K4QPL K4BAI KK4R
8CT9/R7KWCT32017MULTI-ONE LOW7,809,9842,192  819  43.8R7KW YL3JM
9VP5MVP52019MULTI-ONE LOW7,679,1452,588  885  47.5K4BAI K4QPL K2SX KK4R
10RG5AUA-32021MULTI-ONE LOW7,418,3222,911  1,194  45.9RG5A UI5A
11P4/N4QSP42015MULTI-ONE LOW7,073,8082,248  888  46.8N4QS NU4N
12YU5RYT2018MULTI-ONE LOW7,053,1802,796  1,076  46.5YT2AAA YT7AW YU1XX
13IB9TIT92019MULTI-ONE LOW6,452,5502,987  1,103  48.0IK2WAD IT9BLB IT9CLN IT9EJW IT9GAC ...
14HI3TTHI2016MULTI-ONE LOW6,128,8772,142  933  47.9HI3TT WP3A HI3Y HI3CC HI3K
15EF3TEA2017MULTI-ONE LOW5,971,8122,655  1,012  48.0EA3AKA EA3CCN EA3CX EA3KX EA3NO EA3VN
169A7T9A2020MULTI-ONE LOW5,962,8182,446  1,103  48.09A2EU 9A5MR
179A7T9A2014MULTI-ONE LOW5,901,1652,334  1,065  47.99A2EU 9A2NO 9A4KJ 9A5MR 9A7TM
18VP5MVP52017MULTI-ONE LOW5,761,9002,425  785  46.9K4BAI K4QPL
199A7T9A2021MULTI-ONE LOW5,760,5942,306  1,047  47.99A2EU 9A5MR
20DQ0LDL2021MULTI-ONE LOW5,521,5162,618  1,001  48.0DL5RMH DL6RAI DL6RDR DL8RDL
21HS0ZIAHS2015MULTI-ONE LOW5,235,3072,115  883  48.0HS0ZIA HS0ZKX
22VE9MLVE92021MULTI-ONE LOW5,106,4561,617  846  45.4VE9ML VE9BK
233Z1KSP2021MULTI-ONE LOW4,938,4912,384  943  42.0SP1D SP3LPR SQ1WO
24DP7DDL2019MULTI-ONE LOW4,845,8082,291  968  47.3DL1REM DH8AF DL3YCX DJ4MH
25OE2SOE2021MULTI-ONE LOW4,754,0741,913  1,079  41.4OE2LCM OE2VEL
26W0DLEW02015MULTI-ONE LOW4,596,9482,125  894  45.7W0DLE N0OJ W2UP K0AV WB0GAZ
27CG9MLVE92020MULTI-ONE LOW4,585,6481,466  782  43.5VE9ML VE9BK
28DP4XDL2021MULTI-ONE LOW4,534,7502,051  1,067  47.3DJ2MX DJ4MX
29ES6QES2018MULTI-ONE LOW4,342,6142,038  958  47.9ES5RY ES5JR
30HG21TISZAHA2021MULTI-ONE LOW4,181,4502,418  919  47.9HA0NAR HA0HV HA7VK KD0RYB
31E7CWE72021MULTI-ONE LOW4,137,4432,144  947  47.9E75M E77FA E73QI E74ZZ E74AL E74IH ...
32BY8DXBY2015MULTI-ONE LOW4,102,1261,931  791  47.8BA8AG BA8CY BD8ADT BD8SZ BH8BJO BG8BSX ...
33SX9VSV92021MULTI-ONE LOW4,008,3002,051  930  47.4LZ3FN IK0EFR SV2DSJ SV2ESW SV9DJO
34Z37MZ32018MULTI-ONE LOW3,955,4762,218  868  48.0Z36W Z39A
35K0AVW02014MULTI-ONE LOW3,923,3601,854  868  47.2K0AV W2UP K7TD WB0GAZ W0DLE @W0DLE
36VE9MLVE92018MULTI-ONE LOW3,892,5251,347  767  41.9VE9ML VE9BK
37LY2JLY2020MULTI-ONE LOW3,888,0532,012  949  44.9LY2J LYR364
38Z3MZ32019MULTI-ONE LOW3,850,2152,201  907  47.9Z32ID Z33C Z33RW Z35T
39W1UE/HR9HR2014MULTI-ONE LOW3,728,5601,741  760  47.9W1UE N2WQ
40W9SNW42018MULTI-ONE LOW3,572,5891,796  807  44.6AA4CF K1ZZI W9RNY NN9DD WW4LL K0VX W9SN ...
41HG6LHA2021MULTI-ONE LOW3,517,7491,845  951  46.7HA6NL HA6PJ HA6PS
42DQ4WDL2018MULTI-ONE LOW3,515,9101,962  815  48.0DJ4MZ DL5RMH DL6RAI
43TC3NTA2021MULTI-ONE LOW3,472,4311,638  717  47.2TA3B TA3Y TA3ON TA3UDK
44YR8DYO2020MULTI-ONE LOW3,406,0232,005  909  40.4YO8XBA YO8XAM
45AC0CW02014MULTI-ONE LOW3,323,1001,701  836  46.6AC0C K3PA K0VBU K0VXU W7FB K0AP 
46UR6EAUR2019MULTI-ONE LOW3,245,1772,154  767  39.5UR6EA UW6E
47E7CWE72020MULTI-ONE LOW3,243,7782,002  926  43.3E77FA E75M E73QI E74ZZ E74BQ E74AL
48OH6GDXOH2015MULTI-ONE LOW3,167,9971,652  937  48.0OH6BG OH6GDX OH6QU
49LY2JLY2021MULTI-ONE LOW3,123,1841,911  848  48.0LY2J LYR364
509A7T9A2017MULTI-ONE LOW3,110,4901,543  855  47.49A5MR 9A4KJ 9A2EU
51YE1ZATYB2016MULTI-ONE LOW3,064,9981,389  597  47.9YC1DPM YC1KAF YC1ME YC1MR YF1DO YD1DGZ ...
52YT2AAAYT2016MULTI-ONE LOW3,053,4302,051  789  42.8YT2AAA
53WV7QW72015MULTI-ONE LOW3,000,3401,744  739  48.0N7ZG N7WA
54BA7QTBY2016MULTI-ONE LOW2,981,9921,669  689  45.4BA7QT BG7SRM
55YE1ZATYB2015MULTI-ONE LOW2,977,3801,429  695  47.9YC1KAF YC1ME YD1GCL YD1MRI YD1OLG ...
56YR5NYO2015MULTI-ONE LOW2,972,1871,690  837  47.4YO5PBF YO5PBW 
57HB9AAHB2021MULTI-ONE LOW2,936,8961,775  842  47.0F6DCQ HB9AMO HB9ARF HB9DCM
58UR4RWWUR2019MULTI-ONE LOW2,840,8601,979  740  40.1UR5RU UT2RAR UZ1RM
59RK3PWRUA-32019MULTI-ONE LOW2,831,2921,967  774  39.8RK3P R3PJL R3PJM
60W3LLW32019MULTI-ONE LOW2,823,0401,552  704  44.7ND3D WB4FDT WR3R
61LY800SMGLY2019MULTI-ONE LOW2,821,7532,046  781  48.0LY2NZ LY2RJ LY2TS LY3AB
62UW7WUR2018MULTI-ONE LOW2,804,8861,613  791  46.8UR5WCW UT7WZ UR5WAN
63VB7XVE72015MULTI-ONE LOW2,782,6081,459  696  47.9KE7X VA7DZ VE3YT
64ES6QES2017MULTI-ONE LOW2,766,9981,657  806  39.9ES5RY ES5JR
65WY7MW02021MULTI-ONE LOW2,761,8401,674  760  45.5WY7M K0BJ
66Z3YZ32018MULTI-ONE LOW2,746,4691,907  773  48.0Z32M Z33C Z33F
67V31PSV32017MULTI-ONE LOW2,738,7851,513  595  40.7DK6SP V31MA
68HA01FFHA2019MULTI-ONE LOW2,692,7361,778  772  46.9HA6NL HA6PJ HA6PS
69BI8FZABY2017MULTI-ONE LOW2,614,2331,592  631  47.7BD8SZ BA8CY BG9XD BI8ARV BG8DTI
70YR5NYO2016MULTI-ONE LOW2,605,5751,966  735  47.3YO5PBF YO5PBW
71CG9MLVE92017MULTI-ONE LOW2,553,7521,144  634  39.4VE9ML VE9BK
72HG5AHA2018MULTI-ONE LOW2,550,1841,603  728  43.8HA5IW HA5VJ HA5ML
73BI8FZABY2018MULTI-ONE LOW2,434,9351,487  599  47.7BI8ARV BG8DIV BA8CY
74UW7WUR2017MULTI-ONE LOW2,157,9931,445  691  48.0UR5WCW UT7WZ
75PS8HFPY2015MULTI-ONE LOW2,156,1751,001  555  35.3PS8HF PS8BR PS8NF
76HB20AAHB2016MULTI-ONE LOW2,151,7101,624  682  43.4HB9AFI HB9AMO HB9ARF HB9CGL HB9DCM
77VB7XVE72014MULTI-ONE LOW2,129,7451,297  615  46.2KE7X VA7DZ VA7KH VE3YT
788N3HC/3JA32015MULTI-ONE LOW2,012,5901,307  643  29.6JA3EGZ JS3CGH
79RK3PWRUA-32016MULTI-ONE LOW1,982,4281,608  701  35.9RK3PWR UA3PBL RG3P A_POLISHCHUCK
80UR4RWWUR2018MULTI-ONE LOW1,909,3771,422  601  32.9UR5RU US-R-86 UZ1RM
81BD7DTBY2019MULTI-ONE LOW1,900,3901,308  590  47.9BA4MY BD7DX BG7AJH BG7DOD
82C7A4U1V2021MULTI-ONE LOW1,838,5381,520  702  19.6OE1ZZZ HB9RB
83V3AV32018MULTI-ONE LOW1,828,2261,179  482  42.4V31FG V31HE V31MA V31PS V31YN
84HG6LHA2018MULTI-ONE LOW1,777,2521,295  643  36.5HA6PS HA6PJ
85BD7DTBY2021MULTI-ONE LOW1,773,6951,183  595  43.9BG7BES BG7AJH BG7FKH BG7EBO BD7BM BD7DX
869A7T9A2015MULTI-ONE LOW1,764,000991  700  34.29A4KJ 9A5MR
87LX1ERLX2016MULTI-ONE LOW1,755,1841,366  652  46.7LX1ER DO6SR DF2SD
88DM3PKKDL2020MULTI-ONE LOW1,753,9801,578  690  34.9DM3PKK DL3HM
893Z1KSP2014MULTI-ONE LOW1,717,0651,379  621  30.7SQ1DWR SP3LPR 
90HG6LHA2020MULTI-ONE LOW1,683,6821,183  754  34.9HA6PJ HA6PS
91BY1WJBY2014MULTI-ONE LOW1,638,1681,220  588  47.3BA1AK BD1KM
92BD1LTBY2015MULTI-ONE LOW1,553,6701,006  610  44.1BD1IIJ BD1LT BH1BOQ BH1EBF BH1SCW ...
93VE2BWLVE22015MULTI-ONE LOW1,546,860955  580  30.9VE2IR VE2BWL
94J38MMJ32015MULTI-ONE LOW1,518,9121,006  576  14.5KE1B W6NN
95DL1NKSDL2014MULTI-ONE LOW1,498,7201,218  608  46.7 
96KK5IW52014MULTI-ONE LOW1,327,0881,062  578  16.6K5CM W5CW
97DQ5MDL2016MULTI-ONE LOW1,300,2441,280  638  29.3DK6SP DO9EE
98AB9YCW92018MULTI-ONE LOW1,250,480968  539  26.3 
99IU1GNAI2016MULTI-ONE LOW1,230,4501,033  650  38.2IU1GNA IZ8JFL
100YU1ANOYT2020MULTI-ONE LOW1,223,568823  586  23.3YU1RA YU1FX
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