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RankCallLocYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1CR3ACT32015SO HIGH ALL21,403,5274,598  1,241  35.9OM3GI
2CN2COCN2019SO HIGH ALL20,221,5484,096  1,178  35.9RA3CO
3ED8XEA82016SO HIGH ALL19,852,7704,171  1,162  35.9RA1A
4D4CD42016SA HIGH ALL19,678,7704,175  1,230  35.9YL3DW
5EF8MEA82012SO HIGH ALL19,538,2504,524  1,195  36.0RD3A
6EF8MEA82013SO HIGH ALL19,532,0794,540  1,167  36.0UA5C
7CQ3BCT32012SO HIGH ALL18,586,0404,352  1,166  35.9OM3GI
8EF8MEA82010SO HIGH ALL18,395,1544,353  1,026  35.9RZ3AZ
9D4CD42015SO HIGH ALL18,389,0254,327  1,215  35.9YL2KL
10EA8/RA1AEA82015SA HIGH ALL18,040,6204,113  1,145  35.8 
11CR3DXCT32019SA HIGH ALL17,993,8203,725  1,173  35.9OM3RM
12D44ACD42015SA HIGH ALL17,957,7604,277  1,194  35.9YL3DW
13CR3ACT32013SO HIGH ALL17,878,7404,336  1,133  35.9OM3GI
14EF8MEA82009SO HIGH ALL17,288,8644,032  1,037  35.9RD3AF
15EF8MEA82011SO HIGH ALL17,256,7853,997  1,105  36.0RD3A
163V9A3V2009SO HIGH ALL17,115,8404,385  1,008  35.3YT1AD
17CT9/R9DXCT32015SO HIGH ALL16,956,4014,004  1,141  36.0 
18D4BD42004SO HIGH ALL16,619,0004,779  1,000  36.04L5A 
19LZ5RLZ2020SO HIGH ALL16,505,7205,292  1,288  36.0LZ5DB
20EF8REA82019SA HIGH ALL16,329,5433,566  1,123  35.5EA8RM
21PJ4APJ42011SO HIGH ALL16,272,7303,959  1,018  36.0K4BAI
22D4BD42005SO HIGH ALL16,137,1284,678  1,016  36.04L5A 
238P5A8P2016SO HIGH ALL15,690,4864,261  1,162  35.9W2SC
24KP2MKP22020SO HIGH ALL15,544,7603,854  1,133  35.8KT3Y
25P49YP42012SO HIGH ALL15,309,0753,675  1,075  36.0AE6Y
26P49YP42014SO HIGH ALL15,271,7343,750  1,069  35.9AE6Y
273V7A3V2006SO HIGH ALL15,207,0754,079  975  36.0YT1AD 
28D4BD42003SO HIGH ALL15,185,1704,681  962  36.04L5A 
29CT9/R9DXCT32014SO HIGH ALL14,802,4323,853  1,104  35.9 
30TI7WTI2020SO HIGH ALL14,713,4403,756  1,120  35.9N3KS
31PJ4APJ22010SO HIGH ALL14,688,9933,718  957  36.0K4BAI
324L0A4L2012SO HIGH ALL14,683,7733,996  1,131  35.9UU0JM
33EF8UEA82015SO HIGH ALL14,526,8763,888  1,113  35.8LY9Y
34KC1XXW12020SO HIGH ALL14,459,5794,149  1,163  35.8WA1Z
358P5A8P2018SO HIGH ALL14,417,1364,087  1,104  35.9W2SC
36CR3DXCT32018SO HIGH ALL14,321,8403,534  1,040  35.9OM3RM
37VY2TTVEY2012SO HIGH ALL14,249,2353,932  1,155  35.9K6LA
38P40WP42011SO HIGH ALL14,206,6003,521  1,004  36.0W2GD
39P40WP41994SO HIGH ALL14,168,1153,917  845  W2GD 
40EA8/RA1AEA82014SO HIGH ALL14,125,7483,662  1,057  35.9  
418P5A8P2017SO HIGH ALL13,899,5264,052  1,102  35.9W2SC
423V8BB3V2004SO HIGH ALL13,765,7283,956  912  36.0YT1AD 
43CR2XCU2016SO HIGH ALL13,738,6244,248  1,186  36.0OH6KZP
44DL6FBLDL2020SA HIGH ALL13,661,4603,778  1,458  35.9 
453V8BB3V2001SO HIGH ALL13,639,9764,134  908  36.0YT1AD 
468P5A8P2019SO HIGH ALL13,501,5593,757  1,073  35.9W2SC
476V7S6W2012SO HIGH ALL13,469,7843,726  1,084  35.8RK4FF
48VY2TTVEY2019SO HIGH ALL13,415,6853,630  1,101  35.9K6LA
49EG8FASEA82006SO HIGH ALL13,194,7123,699  956  36.0RD3AF 
50EA8BHEA82003SO HIGH ALL13,149,4654,039  915  36.0OH2PM 
51CN8WWCN1999SO HIGH ALL13,140,4344,517  898  DL6FBL 
523V8BB3V2007SO HIGH ALL13,036,1703,812  966  35.9YT1AD 
53AA3BW32020SA HIGH ALL13,032,1363,806  1,192  35.9AA3B
54KP2MKP22018SO HIGH ALL13,026,4683,643  1,057  35.8KT3Y
55VY2TTVEY2015SO HIGH ALL12,991,9353,567  1,109  35.8K6LA
56P40LP42016SO HIGH ALL12,986,7503,264  1,025  35.7W6LD
57KP2MKP22019SO HIGH ALL12,925,2153,385  1,047  35.9KT3Y
586Y3W6Y2012SA HIGH ALL12,916,1003,769  1,060  32.5UT5UDX
59CN3ACN2009SA HIGH ALL12,900,2403,446  943  36.0IK2QEI
60VY2TTVEY2009SO HIGH ALL12,878,8263,550  1,054  35.9K6LA
61KP2MKP22016SO HIGH ALL12,814,1033,556  1,069  35.9KT3Y
62PR0FPY0F2003SO HIGH ALL12,802,1253,912  875  36.0YU1RL 
63UP0LUN2017SO HIGH ALL12,798,2423,401  1,013  36.0UN9LW
64EF8REA82018SA HIGH ALL12,792,0003,255  1,025  36.0EA8RM
65D4CD42008SO HIGH ALL12,694,7313,477  973  35.9LY2CY
66KC3RW32015SO HIGH ALL12,574,2573,526  1,121  35.8LZ4AX
674L0A4L2009SO HIGH ALL12,560,3633,747  967  35.9UU0JM
68HC8NHC82007SO HIGH ALL12,530,2623,545  899  35.7K6AW 
69CR6KCT2020SO HIGH ALL12,526,6504,236  1,215  36.0CT1ILT
70WP2ZKP21999SO HIGH ALL12,506,2804,289  890  N5TJ 
715B/NN3AA5B2006SA HIGH ALL12,500,5013,572  953  36.0RW3QC 
72SN7QSP2020SA HIGH ALL12,479,9363,738  1,246  35.9SP7GIQ
73UP0LUN2016SO HIGH ALL12,456,6663,741  1,026  35.9UN9LW
74KH7XXKH62015SO HIGH ALL12,449,8663,365  1,111  35.9N2NL
75VY2TTVEY2018SO HIGH ALL12,447,2193,426  1,091  35.9K6LA
76TM6MF2019SO HIGH ALL12,408,2403,717  1,164  35.9F8DBF
77UP0LUN2015SO HIGH ALL12,403,1103,599  1,090  36.0UN9LW
78PT5TPY2012SO HIGH ALL12,393,0853,348  1,055  35.9PY2NDX
79KM7WW12018SO HIGH ALL12,313,7483,690  1,073  36.0KL9A
80KP2MKP22017SO HIGH ALL12,303,0453,347  1,035  35.9KT3Y
81N5DXW22020SO HIGH ALL12,281,5353,775  1,143  35.9 
82ST2ARST2012SO HIGH ALL (T)12,273,6843,619  1,052  35.9S53R
836V7S6W2013SO HIGH ALL12,231,8763,304  996  30.3RK4FF
84P41PP42002SO HIGH ALL12,230,0523,827  919  36.0K0DQ 
85ZV5APY1992SO HIGH ALL12,184,0114,017  861  YU1RL 
86US1QUR2020SO HIGH ALL12,151,2933,890  1,283  35.4US8ICM
87EF8UEA82014SA HIGH ALL12,102,3003,244  1,017  36.0EA8RM
88PZ50XPZ2016SO HIGH ALL12,098,9303,016  1,018  35.7OH0XX @PZ5RA
89TM5YF2015SO HIGH ALL12,097,9043,667  1,187  35.9F8DBF
90P41PP42003SO HIGH ALL12,051,9943,916  899  36.0K0DQ 
91UP2LUN2012SO HIGH ALL12,043,7903,496  1,030  35.9UA9BA
92CJ3AVE32020SO HIGH ALL12,012,5603,475  1,064  36.0VE3AT
93CF2TVE22020SO HIGH ALL11,998,0323,341  1,032  35.5VA2EW
94TC2XTA2012SO HIGH ALL (T)11,979,7383,301  1,013  36.0OH2PM
95UB7KUA-62020SO HIGH ALL11,961,5944,447  1,269  35.9 
96ZX0FPY0F1993SO HIGH ALL11,940,9784,039  802  YU1RL 
973V8BB3V1998SO HIGH ALL (T)11,914,1113,762  803  YT1AD 
98CS3BCT32004SO HIGH ALL11,912,9853,534  885  36.0CT1BOH 
993V8BB3V1997SO HIGH ALL (T)11,884,7283,650  778  YT1AD 
100UP2LUN2016SO HIGH ALL11,797,7333,458  1,031  35.5UN7LZ
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