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1IQ8SN2020ISO LP ALL (C)5,096,6563,00294435.9IZ8FWN
2LY9A2020LYSO LP ALL (C)4,085,1002,31689035.9 
35Q6EE2020OZSO LP ALL (C)2,953,9032,05979933.5OZ2I
4TA7I2020TASO LP ALL (C)2,778,2401,27164029.2 
5R2HM2020UA-3SO LP ALL (C)2,571,5161,96573236.0 
6IK1JJM2020ISO LP ALL (C)2,037,7811,70972733.7 
7EE5X2020EASO LP ALL (C)1,610,2641,21660432.9EA5KO
8LA5LJA2020LASO LP ALL (C)1,309,4181,43858330.7 
9NN1C2020W6SO LP ALL (C)1,273,0761,38453235.7 
10LZ7M2020LZSO LP ALL (C)1,238,3801,16257229.6LZ5VK
11OK1CZ2020OKSO LP ALL (C)1,175,2651,20658521.5 
12RZ1OK2020UA-1SO LP ALL (C)1,118,6741,08358634.2 
13DF0SX2020DLSO LP ALL (C)1,093,4401,16554421.1DL1CW
14UT3SO2020URSO LP ALL (C)950,7081,08352734.2 
15RN5AA2020UA-3SO LP ALL (C)872,8501,08852929.0 
16UT3UZ2020URSO LP ALL (C)865,44995950736.0 
17VE3MA2020VE3SO LP ALL (C)822,55880036322.0 
18R7KX2020UA-6SO LP ALL (C)785,38595146528.3 
19I6FDJ2020ISO LP ALL (C)744,01298149826.0 
20IK3YBX2020ISO LP ALL (C)727,6901,03153027.0 
21EA8OM2020EA8SO LP ALL (C)716,67757437717.3DJ1OJ
22KV8Q2020W8SO LP ALL (C)671,1631,01441135.5 
23N7ZZ2020W9SO LP ALL (C)654,50094342532.2 
24EW2ES2020EUSO LP ALL (C)609,60686142630.4 
25UA4AGT2020UA-4SO LP ALL (C)589,29284445433.9 
26SF6W2020SMSO LP ALL (C)586,52099644019.8SM6EWB
27G4DDL2020GSO LP ALL (C)584,56385242724.5 
28UY2UQ2020URSO LP ALL (C)578,91289445830.0 
29N2EM2020W3SO LP ALL (C)554,18281240125.7 
30LY175Z2020LYSO LP ALL (C)540,95680941226.5LY2NZ
31S58KA2020S5SO LP ALL (C)519,72076442633.6 
32GX4ALE2020GSO LP ALL (C)512,92877041617.6G3VYI
33ON4CT2020ONSO LP ALL (C)492,00068341013.6 
34K1MD2020W1SO LP ALL (C)483,99057436524.0 
35E7/Z35M2020E7SO LP ALL (C)456,21069241118.0 
36WD9CIR2020W9SO LP ALL (C)429,24871035322.4 
378J1ITU/12020JA1SO LP ALL (C)394,05154828714.87N4SJX
38SP2GCE2020SPSO LP ALL (C)390,43267939225.5 
39KY0Q2020W9SO LP ALL (C)348,54370633122.4 
40S57NAW2020S5SO LP ALL (C)333,73252841132.1 
41DL4XU2020DLSO LP ALL (C)323,01866337329.7 
42IK1RGK2020ISO LP ALL (C)305,32656838625.9 
43NM5M2020W5SO LP ALL (C)302,0965893168.5 
44N8AA2020W8SO LP ALL (C)289,9854912958.5 
45JG5DHX2020JA5SO LP ALL (C)279,95448430931.5 
46AF8A2020W8SO LP ALL (C)277,39853429710.2 
47W8DN2020W8SO LP ALL (C)271,50344129112.6 
48GM0AZC2020GMSO LP ALL (C)268,62448732621.1 
49W8TM2020W8SO LP ALL (C)267,79349628115.7 
50DL5CL2020DLSO LP ALL (C)266,97650232412.0 
51OH1SIC2020OHSO LP ALL (C)252,84047729411.0SM5SIC
52W3SM2020W1SO LP ALL (C)246,68038928021.5 
53OH1NOA2020OHSO LP ALL (C)235,62047130819.8 
54N3CKI2020W4SO LP ALL (C)235,20049428017.3 
559A3NC20209ASO LP ALL (C)226,29941431313.8 
56SP9KAG2020SPSO LP ALL (C)226,07245230818.8SP9CXN
57AG9U2020W9SO LP ALL (C)225,15351926922.6 
58DD5KG2020DLSO LP ALL (C)209,66439128812.5 
59VE3MM2020VE3SO LP ALL (C)201,06237622910.3 
60OK1FCA2020OKSO LP ALL (C)193,64848330431.3 
61OE5FDM2020OESO LP ALL (C)189,20034727510.6 
62KY0W2020W6SO LP ALL (C)188,5733552178.4W0YK
63W1NSK2020W1SO LP ALL (C)188,49333624916.1 
64W6ZL2020W6SO LP ALL (C)186,63346026720.2 
65SP8CGU2020SPSO LP ALL (C)185,07038331017.5 
66VE7CA2020VE7SO LP ALL (C)170,47838318916.7 
67JG0EXP2020JA0SO LP ALL (C)169,47029221014.1 
68R2PU2020UA-3SO LP ALL (C)164,35233225617.1 
69RW9AV2020RA9SO LP ALL (C)147,90829020616.5 
70JH7IXX2020JA7SO LP ALL (C)146,66433818928.7 
71JG2RFJ2020JA2SO LP ALL (C)146,65231120235.0 
72K4FTO2020W4SO LP ALL (C)143,83533421514.5 
73VE3AXC2020VE3SO LP ALL (C)142,6882721826.1 
74RK0C2020RA0SO LP ALL (C)140,09643717626.9UA0C
75G5C2020GSO LP ALL (C)135,3563372477.9G4OGB
76W4VG2020W4SO LP ALL (C)134,10632821719.2 
77DK5ZX2020DLSO LP ALL (C)133,17637924814.0 
78WC5D2020W5SO LP ALL (C)132,97539222527.5 
79IT9CKA2020IT9SO LP ALL (C)129,59134123118.0 
80IK1RIM2020ISO LP ALL (C)122,67242527220.6 
81KB9S2020W9SO LP ALL (C)120,28834022411.8 
82RQ9F2020UA-9SO LP ALL (C)117,87636522821.6 
83KE3VV2020W4SO LP ALL (C)115,42027619913.7  
84KE4Q2020W4SO LP ALL (C)112,10428321610.5 
85IZ5AHB2020ISO LP ALL (C)111,68431224617.1 
86RA4L2020UA-4SO LP ALL (C)107,17235322914.9 
87R8TA2020RA9SO LP ALL (C)104,1042211699.1 
88KB4CG2020W4SO LP ALL (C)102,36637624232.0 
89RM1F2020UA-1SO LP ALL (C)101,43630221414.6 
90SV1AZL2020SVSO LP ALL (C)97,90026022026.2 
91OK2VX2020OKSO LP ALL (C)96,40930322912.7 
92R9CX2020RA9SO LP ALL (C)94,0731941515.1 
93YO5CDF2020YOSO LP ALL (C)90,06834025317.1 
94SM6NT2020SMSO LP ALL (C)89,8472962017.8 
95OK1UKY2020OKSO LP ALL (C)87,78027021024.0 
96JA8RWU2020JA8SO LP ALL (C)87,55024317010.2 
97WA8MDC2020W8SO LP ALL (C)86,58127018715.3 
98IQ1LA2020ISO LP ALL (C)86,1843042284.8IK1QBT
99DF7CB2020DLSO LP ALL (C)84,41331921714.8 
100VE7BC2020VE7SO LP ALL (C)81,93426014221.0 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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