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1LY5A2006LYSO QRP 160M114,07529219514.3  
2OM0TT2005OMSO QRP 160M77,228220172  
3E77Y2017E7SO QRP 160M77,17521517514.2 
4DL1EFW2020DLSO QRP 160M72,44622817815.7 
5HA8BE2010HASO QRP 160M59,3431961519.8 
6HA5NB2017HASO QRP 160M (T)57,09619215613.4 
7S57M1997S5SO QRP 160M43,500175125  
8S57M2018S5SO QRP 160M41,60016413015.1 
9S53AR2020S5SO QRP 160M40,92017213215.0 
10RA3AUU1987UA-3SO QRP 160M39,60019099  
11S53AR2012S5SO QRP 160M39,50015812514.7 
12S53AR2017S5SO QRP 160M39,20415813214.8 
13HA1TI2019HASO QRP 160M (T)36,36015512017.8 
14S53AR2011S5SO QRP 160M35,62415212218.0 
15S53AR2019S5SO QRP 160M35,46414812416.1 
16HA5NB2015HASO QRP 160M (T)34,84515411514.4 
17S53AR2013S5SO QRP 160M34,68614812316.6 
18S52P2015S5SO QRP 160M34,54215511413.1 
19ES1CW2009ESSO QRP 160M34,48514812113.5 
20DL9YX2008DLSO QRP 160M32,08515311516.4 
21HA1TI2020HASO QRP 160M (T)30,97614612114.8 
22LY4T2018LYSO QRP 160M30,82014211510.5 
23LY4BF2006LYSO QRP 160M27,60414010310.7  
24UB5RHF1990URSO QRP 160M26,82014390  
25S57M2016S5SO QRP 160M26,48712610911.5 
26LY4BF2011LYSO QRP 160M26,3781271095.8 
27UT8IT1996URSO QRP 160M23,75011995  
28ON4AEB2004ONSO QRP 160M23,5521299212.0  
29HG5P2012HASO QRP 160M21,4081369611.1 
30HA5NB2018HASO QRP 160M (T)20,210109947.2 
31LY4BF2012LYSO QRP 160M20,116110945.7 
32RZ8MS1986EXSO QRP 160M19,9927452  
33HB9CPS2020HBSO QRP 160M17,6801058513.7 
34LY4BF2005LYSO QRP 160M17,496100815.3  
35LY4BF2010LYSO QRP 160M17,372105864.9 
36UA9MS1984RA9SO QRP 160M17,3406951  
37OH4MFA2006OHSO QRP 160M17,334111817.1  
38UB5PBA1982URSO QRP 160M16,64411673  
39SP4GL2009SPSO QRP 160M16,5751058511.2 
40S53AR2015S5SO QRP 160M16,548103848.6 
41US3IW2018URSO QRP 160M16,40598855.9 
42HB9CPS2015HBSO QRP 160M (T)15,9081018211.1 
43SM3C2006SMSO QRP 160M14,400100758.0SM5CCT 
44RZ3VA2004UA-3SO QRP 160M13,83290764.7  
45UG6GAW1988EKSO QRP 160M13,6315243  
46OL1BIP1984OKOMSO QRP 160M12,43210974  
47YT1R2002YUSO QRP 160M12,28289698.5YU1RA 
48R2FI2019UA2SO QRP 160M12,06989818.5 
49LY1BA2004LYSO QRP 160M11,27083707.6  
50UA3AQP1985UA-3SO QRP 160M10,9508150  
51OK1DRO1985OKOMSO QRP 160M10,92010570  
52UB5IFN1987URSO QRP 160M10,1269361  
53UU7JF2012URSO QRP 160M9,64875675.2 
54OK2BXR1989OKOMSO QRP 160M9,6489267  
55UB5REN1985URSO QRP 160M9,3968254  
56UW1TB1988UA-1SO QRP 160M9,20410057  
57RB5IPT1988URSO QRP 160M9,1208357  
58OL8CWI1989OKOMSO QRP 160M8,7049364  
59RA2FDE1983UA2SO QRP 160M8,2117651  
60RP2BIH1985LYSO QRP 160M8,1608348  
61UA3ATV1985UA-3SO QRP 160M8,1008352  
62OK1MP1984OKOMSO QRP 160M8,0408060  
63OL1BIP1985OKOMSO QRP 160M7,9047652  
64UB5RIF1991URSO QRP 160M7,5268653  
65OL8COJ1985OKOMSO QRP 160M7,4108257  
66OL8WAT1989OKOMSO QRP 160M7,0767758  
67OK3CXS1985OKOMSO QRP 160M7,0768858  
68UA0QGQ/UT1999URSO QRP 160M7,0186558  
69UO5OGB1988ERSO QRP 160M6,8626747  
70UO50LW1984ERSO QRP 160M6,6366842  
71UA9AGN1984RA9SO QRP 160M6,2704730  
72OK2PCN1989OKOMSO QRP 160M5,7127056  
73HA5KHC2011HASO QRP 160M5,66565555.3 
74SP4GL2008SPSO QRP 160M5,618615310.7 
75SO6A2004SPSO QRP 160M5,45057502.6SP6IHE 
76Y27KL1985DMSO QRP 160M5,0026241  
77UR4QIC1995URSO QRP 160M4,8765246  
78RU6MO2019UA-6SO QRP 160M4,84851484.7 
79Y27KL1984DMSO QRP 160M4,5605840  
809A4DC20179ASO QRP 160M4,51250474.2 
81US3IEZ1994URSO QRP 160M4,4647062  
82OK1KAK1984OKOMSO QRP 160M4,3246047Lomnice 
83UV3AAN1987UA-3SO QRP 160M4,2405440  
849A4DC20149ASO QRP 160M (T)4,09249449.4 
85UB5ABZ1982URSO QRP 160M3,8885136  
86EZ5ITQ1982URSO QRP 160M3,7405134  
87YU1RA2001YUSO QRP 160M3,64043408.5  
88OK2PCN1988OKOMSO QRP 160M3,5205544  
89OL1BBR1982OKOMSO QRP 160M3,4445141  
90OL1BUY1989OKOMSO QRP 160M3,4404843  
91UT3N2013URSO QRP 160M3,36044423.4UT3NK
92YO4FRF1995YOSO QRP 160M3,3544439  
93OK1KFQ1983OKOMSO QRP 160M3,2766742  
94YB2OK1991YBSO QRP 160M3,2402927  
95UQ2PM1988YLSO QRP 160M3,2404536  
96VE3MGY2009VE3SO QRP 160M3,19838268.9 
97EZ3ACO1983UA-3SO QRP 160M3,0725432  
98LY4BF2008LYSO QRP 160M2,96443393.3 
99EZ6ADW1982UA-6SO QRP 160M2,9444932  
100YO4FRF1996YOSO QRP 160M2,7304035  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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