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RankCallLocYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1RL3AUA-32021MULTI-ONE HIGH20,359,0705,770  1,577  48.0R0AI RA1ZZ RA3ATX RA9USU RL3FT RN3DNM ...
2RL3AUA-32019MULTI-ONE HIGH15,203,6405,208  1,340  48.0R3DCX R3LA RA1ZZ RA3ATX RL3FT RN3DNM ...
3RA5GUA-32021MULTI-TWO13,637,5685,389  1,344  48.0R3GG R3GM R3KM R3KQ R5RA RG5G RW3RN ...
4RA5GUA-32020MULTI-TWO12,784,9405,108  1,316  48.0R3GG R3GM R3KQ R5GR R5RA RG5G RL4R ...
5RA5DUA-32015MULTI-TWO12,200,7064,219  1,323  48.0R2DG RA5A RC5A RN3AC RU5A UF5F
6RN3FUA-32012MULTI-TWO12,036,0004,781  1,275  48.0RK3AW RK3FM RK3FT RK3QS RW3F UA3A UA3DQK
7R2AAUA-32020SA HIGH ALL10,905,3444,204  1,312  35.8R2AA
8RL3AUA-32013MULTI-ONE HIGH10,589,4903,862  1,213  48.0OH5DA RA1ZZ RA3ATX RA3CO RL3FT RU3RQ ...
9R2AAUA-32019SO HIGH ALL10,274,6964,209  1,202  35.8 
10RM5AUA-32016MULTI-ONE HIGH10,157,0824,475  1,217  48.0RC5A RD3BW RM2M RM5M RN3AC RU4W RU5A ...
11RM5AUA-32019MULTI-TWO9,636,7184,145  1,183  42.4RU4W R5CA UA5C
12RT5GUA-32019MULTI-TWO9,566,0284,328  1,138  47.2R3GG R3GM R5RA RG5G RO3G UA3GAF UA3GX
13RL3AUA-32020SO HIGH ALL8,740,0123,379  1,126  36.0RA3CO
14UA5CUA-32014SO HIGH ALL8,579,4003,367  1,185  35.7 
15RD3QUA-31999MULTI-ONE HIGH8,559,6114,143  943  RN3QO UA3QOQ RA3NZ RN3QY RW3QNZ RX3QAK ... 
16RN3FUA-32011MULTI-TWO8,530,1374,221  1,089  48.0RK3AW RK3FM RK3FT RW3F RK3QS R3XX ...
17RT5GUA-32018MULTI-TWO8,473,5003,538  1,125  45.1R3GG R3GM R5RA RA3XAR RO3G UA3GAF UA3RC ...
18RM5AUA-32014MULTI-TWO8,298,6753,381  1,155  40.4LY3X RM2D UF5F RU4W
19RN3FUA-32013MULTI-TWO8,155,9453,743  1,085  48.0RW3F RK3AW RK3FT RK3FM RA3AV UA3AGW
20RM5AUA-32018MULTI-TWO8,098,7923,396  1,118  36.0RD3BW UA5C R5CA RG2A RA5A RG5F R5FD
21RT2CUA-32020MULTI-ONE HIGH8,024,4123,733  1,166  46.4RV3FF RK3TD RT5C
22RL3AUA-32004MULTI-ONE HIGH8,011,9903,886  985  48.0RA3CW RK3DSL RK3DUF RU4PL RV3BA RW3FO ... 
23RS3AUA-32009SO HIGH ALL7,834,5403,402  1,046  35.9RA3CW
24RT5GUA-32011MULTI-TWO7,770,1944,012  1,042  48.0R3GG R3GM RG5G RN3GQ RO3G RT3G RW3GB ...
25RG5AUA-32021MULTI-ONE LOW7,418,3222,911  1,194  45.9RG5A UI5A
26RA3CWUA-32018SA HIGH ALL7,293,7202,621  1,140  35.8 
27RL3AUA-32014SO HIGH ALL7,288,1643,172  1,044  35.9RL3FT
28UA3RUA-32006MULTI-ONE HIGH7,123,8013,701  983  48.0UA3RAR UA3RC UA3RJ UA3RU UA3RV RA3RFA ... 
29RA3CWUA-32019SA HIGH ALL7,015,5602,763  1,140  35.8 
30UA5CUA-32020SO HIGH ALL (C)6,896,1693,627  1,071  36.0 
31UA3RUA-32009MULTI-ONE HIGH6,882,6243,744  1,008  47.8RA3RFA RN3RFX RN3RQ UA3RAR UA3RJ UA3RU ...
32UA5AUA-32012SO HIGH ALL6,873,3083,142  1,009  35.9RA3AKT
33RK3KUA-32009MULTI-ONE HIGH6,635,0703,412  963  46.9RK3QS RN3QY RV3QX RW3QNZ RX3QAK UA3QDX
34RT3FUA-32010MULTI-ONE HIGH6,614,5303,738  949  46.6RV3FF RK3BX RV3MQ RV3FW UR5IRM UA3DKR ...
35R5GAUA-32012SO HIGH ALL6,611,9102,996  1,018  36.0 
36UC3KUA-32021SO HIGH ALL6,589,6742,718  1,053  24.9R2QA 
37RM3FUA-32009SO HIGH ALL6,488,6733,354  951  35.9UA3DPX
38RF3AUA-32006MULTI-ONE HIGH6,228,7053,395  959  48.0RD3DG RK3AW RW3XX RK3FT RK3FM RA1ZZ ... 
39RL3AUA-32008SO HIGH ALL6,173,2443,125  924  35.9RV3BA
40UF5DUA-32020MULTI-TWO6,155,7603,067  1,040  46.4RA1ZZ RJ3F RT2D RW4CLF UA5D
41RT5ZUA-32012SO HIGH ALL6,086,1482,758  1,002  35.8 
42RD3QUA-32000MULTI-ONE HIGH6,059,3133,394  849  RW3QC RN3QO RN3QY RX3QAK UA3QDX 
43RM3FUA-32012SO HIGH ALL6,041,4122,925  993  35.4UA3DPX
44RM2UUA-32012SA HIGH ALL5,957,6442,568  1,012  35.9RU3UR
45RM2UUA-32016SA HIGH ALL5,930,3922,809  1,016  35.9RU3UR
46RU3AUA-32020SA HIGH ALL5,903,5952,431  1,143  36.0 
47RL3AUA-32011SO HIGH ALL5,838,6232,895  971  35.9RL3FT
48R3KMUA-32015SA HIGH ALL5,794,0382,363  1,107  36.0 
49RT5ZUA-32013SA HIGH ALL5,770,0482,424  1,013  35.8RA3CW
50R3RUA-32006SO HIGH ALL5,766,0963,158  917  36.0UA3DPX 
51UA5AUA-32011SA HIGH ALL5,705,2323,153  984  35.6UA5C
52RA3COUA-32005SO HIGH ALL5,644,9403,060  854  36.0  
53RS3AUA-32010SO HIGH ALL5,548,4003,012  880  35.8RA3CW
54RK3DZBUA-32008MULTI-ONE HIGH5,532,3243,223  938  47.2RV3FF RV3MQ RU3DNN RZ6AU RK3BX RW3FV
55RM5AUA-32011MULTI-ONE HIGH5,492,2143,174  958  44.9RD3BW RA5A R5AJ RU4W UF5F
56RF3AUA-32005MULTI-ONE HIGH5,470,3863,207  894  48.0RK3AW RD3DG RK3FM RK3FT RW3XX 
57RX3APMUA-32020SA HIGH ALL5,346,0692,497  1,069  35.9 
58RF3AUA-32002MULTI-ONE HIGH5,293,3922,876  884  48.0RK3FM RK3FT RA3ATX RU3DGD 
59RX3RXXUA-32005MULTI-ONE HIGH5,250,0703,389  838  48.0UA3RAR UA3RJ UA3RV UA3RC RA3RFA RN3RQ ... 
60R3KMUA-32012SA HIGH ALL5,229,9032,365  1,011  36.0 
61RM3FUA-32008SO HIGH ALL5,204,9163,031  887  35.8UA3DPX
62RI3AUA-32001MULTI-ONE HIGH5,026,9442,924  832  24.0  
63RG3KUA-32011SO HIGH ALL5,009,4452,915  945  36.0 
64RT5ZUA-32017SA HIGH ALL4,964,8822,474  962  35.5RA3CW
65UA3RUA-32007MULTI-ONE HIGH4,957,5063,174  867  48.0UA3RAR UA3RC UA3RJ UA3RU UA3RV RA3RFA ... 
66UA3RUA-32010MULTI-ONE HIGH4,945,4073,471  823  46.5UA3RAR UA3RJ UA3RU UA3RV RA3RFA RN3RQ ...
67RG2AUA-32021SO HIGH 20M4,928,0402,212  1,170  29.4 
68UA3RUA-32008MULTI-ONE HIGH4,898,0013,271  883  46.8UA3RAR UA3RJ UA3RS UA3RU UA3RV RA3RFA ...
69UA5BUA-32013SO HIGH ALL (R)4,881,5702,606  899  35.9 
70RT3TUA-32012SA HIGH ALL4,793,3942,412  998  34.7 
71RF3AUA-32007MULTI-ONE HIGH4,788,7422,967  853  48.0RA1ZZ RD3DG RK3AW RK3FM RK3FT RW3XX 
72RM2UUA-32020SO HIGH ALL (C)4,764,5732,239  969  29.3RU3UR
73RF3AUA-32004MULTI-ONE HIGH4,656,9882,923  826  48.0RD3DG RK3FM RK3FT RK3AW RW3XX 
74RM5AUA-32010MULTI-TWO4,588,2873,024  853  46.0RD3BW RV3ACA RN3AZ RA3AJ RU4WA
75RT3TUA-32018SA HIGH ALL4,572,4742,223  991  34.7 
76RM3FUA-32007SO HIGH ALL4,514,2852,768  815  36.0UA3DPX 
77RT5ZUA-32014SA HIGH 20M4,494,9902,131  1,114  35.8RA3CW
78UF5DUA-32014MULTI-TWO4,462,7052,509  923  46.1R3AP RA1ZZ RT2D RV3DB RW4CLF UA5D
79RK3GYMUA-32010MULTI-ONE HIGH4,425,9842,990  816  47.7RA3GJ RN3GA RN3GM RU3GN RV3GG RW3GB ...
80RT5ZUA-32015SO HIGH 15M4,410,0001,985  1,050  35.9RA3CW
81RT2CUA-32019SO HIGH ALL4,403,4902,255  910  35.1RV3FF
82RX3APMUA-32001SA HIGH ALL4,386,0152,631  795  36.0  
83R3XAUA-32019SO HIGH ALL4,347,1612,520  871  35.9 
84RY3DUA-32020SA HIGH ALL4,319,3172,130  977  35.7RY3D
85RI3AUA-32000MULTI-ONE HIGH4,274,2082,751  776  RX3DUK RK3FM RU3DGD RK3FT 
86RN3DUA-32001MULTI-ONE HIGH4,268,9482,575  796  RN3AZ RX3DCX RZ3FA RV3FF 
87RM2UUA-32017SO HIGH ALL4,216,6802,256  901  30.0RU3UR
88R3XAUA-32018SO HIGH ALL4,214,4482,169  888  35.9 
89RT5ZUA-32016SO HIGH 20M4,208,7152,048  1,085  35.7RA3CW
90RZ3AZUA-32005SO HIGH ALL (T)4,174,7552,639  813  36.0  
91UF3CWRUA-31999SO HIGH ALL (T)4,165,5912,527  787    
92RD3AUA-32004SA HIGH ALL4,161,5202,491  880  32.4RD3AF 
93RZ3QUA-31996MULTI-ONE HIGH4,152,0162,800  761  RW3QC RW3QO UA3QDX UA3QDM 
94RM3CUA-32003SA HIGH ALL4,143,3042,436  788  35.8RA3CW 
95R3APUA-32020MULTI-ONE HIGH4,094,6022,557  922  48.0R3AP R3DC UA3FQ
96RT3NUA-32015MULTI-TWO4,091,2202,207  955  30.2RT3N RX4W UA4Z
97RT3TUA-32016SA HIGH ALL4,088,6402,260  960  35.3 
98RT3TUA-32009SA HIGH ALL4,086,1922,436  852  35.9UA3TU
99RM2UUA-32021SO HIGH ALL4,068,0911,911  929  24.0RU3UR
100RM2UUA-32014SA HIGH ALL4,040,4001,999  925  35.9RU3UR
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Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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