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RankCallLocYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1VC7JVE72015MULTI-MULTI15,065,9194,272  1,221  48.0VE7AX VE7JH VE7KW VA7OM VE7MR VE7UF ...
2VC7XVE72014MULTI-MULTI14,162,5054,178  1,145  48.0VA7DX VE7AX VE7JH VE7KW VE7MR VE7UF ...
3VE7UFVE72012MULTI-MULTI13,448,5303,913  1,195  47.8VA7DX VE7ACN VE7AX VE7FO VE7IO VE7JH ...
4XM7SVVE72009MULTI-TWO11,225,6103,403  986  47.8VE7AG VE7AHA VE7CC VE7SV YO6OBH
5VC7GVE72016MULTI-TWO9,905,6283,265  1,003  48.0VE7UF VA7DX VE7JH VE7KW VE7MR @VE7UF
6VC7MVE72013MULTI-MULTI9,206,6923,380  913  48.0VE7JH VE7KW VE7FO VE7UF VA7DX VE7ACN ...
7VE7SVVE72006MULTI-TWO9,154,9123,090  944  48.0VE7SV VE7CC VE7AHA 
8XM7GLVE72009MULTI-ONE HIGH8,946,2882,704  972  46.8VE7GL VA7RR VA7AO
9CG7SVVE72005MULTI-TWO8,254,3203,051  844  48.0VE7SV VE7AHA VE7AG VE7CC VE7CA 
10VA7OOVE72006MULTI-ONE HIGH7,758,3152,600  909  46.3VE7GL VA7RR VA7WRA VA7OO VA7AO VA7VZZ ... 
11VE7SVVE72004MULTI-TWO7,663,3652,856  855  48.0VE7SV VE7CC VA7AM VE7CA VE7AG VA7NT 
12VC7GLVE72015MULTI-ONE HIGH7,627,4392,486  977  48.0VE7GL VA7OO VA7AO VE7HJJ
13VE7SVVE72008MULTI-TWO7,532,0702,751  806  47.1VE7AG VE7AHA VE7CA VE7CC VE7SV YO6OBH
14VE7SVVE72012SO HIGH ALL7,499,5862,551  951  35.9VE7CC
15VE7GLVE72014MULTI-ONE HIGH7,487,4352,428  965  48.0VE7GL VA7AO VA7OO
16VE7UFVE72009MULTI-MULTI7,291,4882,643  906  44.7VA7ST VE7FO VE7UF
17CF7OOVE72005MULTI-ONE HIGH7,277,8662,600  862  48.0VE7GL VA7RR VA7OO VA7AO 
18VE7GLVE72016MULTI-TWO6,501,5202,294  898  47.9VE7GL VA7OO VA7AO
19CZ7ZVE71993MULTI-MULTI6,289,9202,754  756  VE7AV VE7CV VE7EQZ VE7MKA VE7QO VE7RBL ... 
20VE7UFVE72001MULTI-ONE HIGH6,279,5072,487  843  48.0VE7RG VE7ZO VE7UF 
21VA7OOVE72004MULTI-ONE HIGH5,858,0482,257  784  48.0VA7RR VA7OO VA7AO VE7GL VA7VZZ 
22VE7SVVE72015SO HIGH ALL5,516,1282,236  892  35.9VE7CC
23CK7SVVE72003MULTI-ONE HIGH5,429,9562,272  742  48.0VE7SV VA7CW VE7CC VE7CA VE7AG VA7NT 
24XM7SVVE72002MULTI-ONE HIGH5,424,3822,341  797  48.0VA7CW VA7NT VE7AVV XM7SV 
25VC7XVE72020SO HIGH ALL5,413,0192,332  809  34.9VE7JH
26VE7GLVE72008MULTI-ONE HIGH5,390,4761,982  767  44.3VE7GL VE6EX VA7OO VA7AO
27CK7GLVE72003MULTI-ONE HIGH5,086,6202,103  734  48.0VE7GL VA7OO VA7AO 
28VC7MVE72011MULTI-MULTI4,807,7002,536  655  44.6VA7RN VE7AX VA7DX VE7IO VE7UF @VE7UF
29VE7SVVE72010MULTI-MULTI4,803,2842,258  652  45.4VE7AHA VE7CC YO6OBH
30VE7UFVE72010MULTI-MULTI4,647,7802,540  604  46.5VE7FO VA7DX VA7RN VE7UF
31VE7GLVE72013MULTI-ONE HIGH4,534,9201,861  741  48.0VE7GL VA7OO VA7AO
32VE7SVVE72011MULTI-ONE HIGH4,497,5301,911  730  45.95B4WN VE7AHA VE7CC VE7DZO
33VC7MVE72019SO HIGH ALL4,379,3142,093  739  35.6VE7JH
34VC7GLVE72007MULTI-ONE HIGH4,377,6001,898  684  48.0VE7GL VA7AO VA7RR 
35VE7GLVE72002MULTI-ONE HIGH4,292,1121,971  739  48.0VE7GL VA7AO VA7OO VE7IJH 
36VE7UBCVE71997MULTI-ONE HIGH4,254,3932,072  611  VE7WRA VE7WNA VE7TTQ VE7CDL 
37VE7ZZZVE71997MULTI-ONE HIGH4,239,1921,951  692  VE7DP VE7QO VE7SK VE7RBL 
38VE7SZVE71992SO HIGH ALL4,199,7891,991  671  VE7NTT 
39CZ7ZVE71992MULTI-MULTI4,103,9462,027  693  VE7AV VE7CV VE7DRS VE7EME VE7ENS VE7MKA ... 
40VE7SVVE72016SO HIGH ALL3,734,5321,756  687  35.9VE7CC
41VE7GLVE72011MULTI-ONE HIGH3,715,4401,677  685  42.5VE7GL VA7AO VA7OO VA7VZZ
42CZ7ZVE71994MULTI-MULTI3,707,7041,882  616  VE7AV VE7CV VE7EME VE7PTT VE7QO VE7RBL ... 
43VE7GLVE72010MULTI-ONE HIGH3,637,1281,781  599  44.6VE7GL VA7AO
44VE7GLVE72018MULTI-ONE HIGH3,540,9851,493  745  47.1VE7GL VA7OM
45VA7CWVE72001SO HIGH 15M3,458,3761,820  729  35.9  
46VB7RVE72014SO HIGH 20M3,444,0951,639  821  35.4VA7RR
47VE7SQVE72005MULTI-TWO3,421,7801,709  620  48.0VE7UF VE7SQ @VE7UF 
48VA7DXVE72018MULTI-ONE HIGH3,408,9841,712  678  42.3VA7DX VE7KW
49XL7CCVE71986SO HIGH ALL3,398,5981,901  567    
50VE7SZVE71999SO LOW ALL3,354,3901,729  610  VE7NTT 
51CJ7SVVE71989MULTI-ONE HIGH3,334,5262,191  554  VE7SV VE7AHA 
52CY7AVE71996SO HIGH 40M3,326,4001,514  462  VE7SV 
53VE7SZVE71997SO HIGH 20M3,324,8431,878  701  VE7NTT 
54VB7SZVE71993SO HIGH 20M3,261,1061,905  694  VE7NTT 
55VA7RRVE72000SO HIGH 20M3,242,1721,811  691    
56VE7ZZZVE71998MULTI-ONE HIGH3,171,1681,543  624  VE7DP VE7SK VE7QO 
57VE7NYVE72017MULTI-ONE HIGH3,149,9651,653  637  42.9VE7NY VE7CC
58CK7CVE71991SO HIGH ALL3,099,3571,717  573  VE7NTT 
59VE7UFVE72008MULTI-MULTI3,030,4341,735  583  41.9VE7UF VE7YBH VE7FO VE7AN
60CK7UVE71995MULTI-ONE HIGH2,920,0801,646  552  VE7WRA VE7WNA VE7TTQ VE7HMI VE7IPW ... 
61XM7SZVE72002SO HIGH 20M2,917,9951,639  705  35.7VA7RR 
62VE7UFVE72000MULTI-ONE HIGH2,890,7441,624  604  VE7ZO VE7UF 
63VA7RNVE72007MULTI-TWO2,883,2171,836  527  48.0VA7AN VA7RN VE7FO VE7UF VE7YU 
64CJ7NTTVE71995SO HIGH 40M2,811,4641,283  457  VE7NTT 
65VB7XVE72015MULTI-ONE LOW2,782,6081,459  696  47.9KE7X VA7DZ VE3YT
66CF7RRVE72020SO HIGH 20M2,779,6091,668  763  35.6VA7RR
67VE7ZZZVE71988MULTI-ONE HIGH2,764,9441,823  546  VE7AV VE7SK VE7ARS VE7SSS 
68CI7AVE71999SO LOW 15M2,729,5401,578  653  VE7SV 
69VD3IY/7VE71996SO HIGH ALL2,651,3601,359  584  VE3IY 
70VB7SVVE71993SO HIGH 40M2,626,7041,110  408    
71VA7STVE72014SO HIGH ALL2,603,5741,414  654  30.6 
72VE7NTTVE71998SO LOW ALL2,516,5201,407  536    
73VA7STVE72012SO HIGH ALL2,449,2241,274  667  25.7 
75CY7AVE71998SO LOW 20M2,328,7201,488  626  VE7SV 
76VE7SZVE72016SO HIGH 20M2,287,4401,351  706  35.7VA7RR
77CZ7ZVE71990MULTI-MULTI2,255,3861,682  497  VE6EZ VE7ARS VE7AV VE7DP VE7DRS VE7DSN ... 
78VA7STVE72018SO HIGH ALL2,247,3151,301  595  31.9 
79CJ7DZOVE72019SO HIGH ALL (R)2,241,1951,547  517  31.9VE7DZO
80XM7AVE71997SO LOW 40M2,141,0341,105  399  VE7SV 
81VB7XVE72014MULTI-ONE LOW2,129,7451,297  615  46.2KE7X VA7DZ VA7KH VE3YT
82VA7STVE72015SO HIGH ALL2,094,9601,265  602  24.3 
83VD7NTTVE71996SO HIGH 20M2,090,0881,488  609  VE7NTT 
84VA7RRVE72011SO HIGH 20M2,030,8321,349  648  35.6 
85VE7SZVE72013SO HIGH 20M1,973,5301,327  646  35.7VA7RR
86VE7XRVE72004SO HIGH 20M1,961,1661,232  622  35.4  
87VB7AVE72016MULTI-TWO1,917,0961,347  529  46.9KE7X VA7VK VE3YT VA7KH VA7DZ
88VB7CVE72020SO HIGH ALL1,910,1091,293  537  32.7VE7NY
89VA7AVE71998SO HIGH 20M1,876,0351,257  595  VE7XR 
90VE7XRVE72000SO HIGH 20M1,848,2441,157  586    
91CJ7DXVE72003MULTI-TWO1,819,0001,217  500  18.2VA7DX VE7HHS VE7YBH 
92VA7STVE72017SO HIGH ALL1,789,0201,239  540  29.3 
93VA7STVE72016SO HIGH ALL1,773,2251,164  555  29.4 
94VA7KOVE72015SO HIGH ALL1,751,4631,113  567  33.9 
95VA7AVE71996SO HIGH 20M1,702,4221,277  542  VE7XR 
96VA7STVE72008SO HIGH ALL1,636,7521,152  488  31.6 
97VE7XFVE72008SO HIGH ALL1,605,2401,053  490  35.4 
98VA7STVE72020SO HIGH ALL1,600,0431,153  503  23.3 
99XL7NTTVE71994SO LOW ALL1,570,9951,230  431  VE7NTT 
100VE7AVVE72001SO HIGH 20M1,540,5971,120  521  31.7  
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