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RankCallYearCtyCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
12012W4MULTI-MULTI26,785,9846,879  1,426  48.0K4EC K4ZW K7SV N2YO N3UA N4ZR NR4M ...
22012W4MULTI-MULTI25,677,5686,801  1,472  48.0NQ4I N4DU W4SVO N4UU VE7ZO W4IX W1NN ...
32014W4MULTI-MULTI24,247,0226,538  1,487  48.0AA4LR VE7ZO N4XL W4IX WB5EIN K4TD N4FD ...
42015W4MULTI-MULTI23,440,1315,835  1,401  48.0K7SV K4EU NR4M K4EC K4GMH K4ZW KC4D ...
52016W4MULTI-MULTI19,116,4325,051  1,292  48.0NR4M K7SV K4GMH K4EU K4EC N3UA N2YO ...
62009W4MULTI-MULTI18,863,0965,785  1,267  47.1K1SE K4EC K4EU K4GM K4GMH K4IA K4ZW ...
72015W4MULTI-TWO18,358,3984,874  1,362  48.0N4WW K0LUZ LU1FAM DL6BW WF3C K1MM K5AUP
82013W4MULTI-MULTI18,325,6645,960  1,288  48.0W4LT WC4E WF3C N4WW N4KM K1TO K1CC AD4Z ...
92015W4MULTI-TWO18,284,1604,882  1,335  48.0N1LN KK4UNZ N3ND WA4PSC N8BR NW4V
102014W4MULTI-TWO17,583,7205,034  1,320  48.0KU5B W0UCE N3ND N4CW N1LN WA4PSC
112013W4MULTI-MULTI17,144,8205,283  1,260  48.0NR4M K7SV K4EC K4ZW KE3X N3UA K2KW K4GM ...
122014W4MULTI-TWO16,698,0004,831  1,320  48.0N4WW AD4Z N4KM K0LUZ K1MM WF3C
132019W4MULTI-MULTI16,422,3605,066  1,279  46.8K4QS KG3V K7SV N3AC KN4DEB KC4D W0IMD ...
142004W4MULTI-TWO16,283,7454,783  1,095  48.0K3TW K4JA K4ZA K7SV KD4D N4GG W3BP ... 
152012W4MULTI-TWO15,731,2904,588  1,258  48.0K5KG K4LQ WD4AHZ N4EEB K1TO W0BH
162001W4MULTI-MULTI15,461,3845,267  1,018  46.3K2AV K7GM N4AF N4CW W2CS 
172008W4MULTI-MULTI15,425,3405,239  1,140  47.8EY8MM K1SE K4EC K4EU K4GMH K4ZW K7SV ...
182001W4MULTI-MULTI15,379,4845,642  1,063  48.0  
192015W4MULTI-TWO15,306,0964,424  1,291  48.0W9SN W9RNY K0RU K1ZZI AA4CF
202017W4MULTI-MULTI15,248,1674,707  1,241  47.1K7SV N3AIU KA4RRU CE2MVF KO8SCA N3UA ...
212012W4MULTI-TWO15,147,7864,618  1,262  47.6K1ZZI K9MUG KU8E W4DXX WA2MBP WW4LL WA1S
222011W4MULTI-MULTI15,071,1044,947  1,216  47.8KE3X K4EC K4GM K4ZW KC4D K7SV N2YO N3UA ...
231999W4MULTI-MULTI14,867,0205,391  1,031  AA4LR K2UFT K4BAI KS4Q N1CC N4VZ NQ4I ... 
242004W4MULTI-MULTI14,703,9404,518  1,070  K2AV K4QPL N4AF W2CS WJ9B 
252012W4MULTI-TWO14,695,9904,498  1,262  48.0N4WW N4KM K0LUZ W4LT WF3C
262003W4MULTI-MULTI14,537,9844,913  1,042  48.0K2AV K4QPL N4AF W2CS 
272018W4MULTI-MULTI14,262,0464,426  1,178  40.9N2YO KN4DEB NR4M K4QS KK4XX KA4RRU N3UA ...
282014W4MULTI-TWO14,254,0324,386  1,272  47.9WW4LL K0RU K1ZZI KN5O W9SN W4DXX K5TOO
292020W4MULTI-TWO13,905,2554,737  1,281  48.0N4WW K1MM N4KM W4WF
302016W4MULTI-TWO13,830,4494,165  1,193  46.4N4WW N7RH K0LUZ N4KM WF3C
312011W4MULTI-MULTI13,415,5224,739  1,202  47.8N3ZL AA4LR VE7ZO K4ST W4IX NQ4I
322015W4MULTI-ONE HIGH13,295,2333,329  1,223  48.0N4AF K4BAI K4QPL
332002W4MULTI-MULTI13,263,2555,031  1,077  48.0WC4E K4OJ N4KM T93M K1TO N4GI K4FB W1CW ... 
342012W4MULTI-ONE HIGH12,603,8163,621  1,161  47.7AA4FU N4AF
352013W4MULTI-TWO12,537,3364,357  1,176  48.0KU5B W0UCE N3ND N4YDU WA4PSC N1LN
362003W4MULTI-TWO12,395,1164,393  1,019  48.0K4JA K7SV K9GY K9ZO N4GG W3BP 
371999W4MULTI-MULTI11,820,7684,379  944  NR4M K4EC K1SE WA4JUK K4GMH K4ZW K7SV ... 
382002W4MULTI-MULTI11,725,3504,251  975  48.0K2AV K7GM N4AF W2CS 
392000W4MULTI-MULTI11,677,9294,299  1,003  48.0K7SV NR4M K1SE K4EU K4EC RA3AUU K4GMH ... 
402014W4MULTI-ONE HIGH11,644,4073,191  1,191  47.9AA4FU N4AF
412003W4MULTI-MULTI11,602,9444,822  1,024  48.0NQ4I N5QQ K8JQ AA4LR AA4S KL9A W7FB W4DD 
422001W4MULTI-MULTI11,452,5604,248  1,020  45.1K4GAU W4DR W4HJ WA4QDM WK4Y W4MYA AND ... 
432007W4MULTI-MULTI11,097,0604,688  1,041  48.0NQ4I N5BI VE7ZO KF4GTA NF4A K2UFT K4BAI ... 
442010W4MULTI-MULTI10,921,2864,828  1,046  47.8N3ZL W4IX K4MM K4ST VE7ZO W7FB K4UEE ...
452010W4MULTI-MULTI10,876,0564,312  1,037  46.8K1SE K3ZM K4EC K4GM K4GMH K4ZW KC4D ...
462000W4MULTI-MULTI10,826,5994,240  931  48.0K2AV W2CS N4AF N4CW 
472001W4MULTI-ONE HIGH10,691,7243,864  964  48.0W4AN K4BAI K5OT 
482002W4MULTI-ONE HIGH10,316,8903,726  985  48.0W4AN K4BAI KU8E 
492002W4MULTI-MULTI10,165,2183,969  966  48.0K1SE K4GAU W4HJ W4TJ W4MYA W4TNX WU4G ... 
502009W4MULTI-TWO10,047,8404,087  1,056  48.0N4WW N3ND K0LUZ N4KM NX4N
512000W4MULTI-MULTI9,857,6223,882  939  48.0W4DR W4HJ WA4QDM WK4Y WU4G W4MYA Lilly 
522001W4MULTI-MULTI9,770,2923,960  959  NR4M K7SV K4GMH K1SE K4ZW K4EU K4EC ... 
532018W4MULTI-ONE HIGH9,425,1783,093  1,143  48.0N4WW K1MM K0LUZ N4KM WF3C
542015W4SA HIGH ALL9,151,8562,701  1,148  35.5VE7ZO 
552009W4MULTI-ONE HIGH9,010,2762,921  1,034  45.7KT3Y K3EST N2AA
562012W4SO HIGH ALL8,992,8483,246  1,032  35.9N5WR @K4BP
572011W4MULTI-TWO8,907,2253,610  1,051  47.6W0UCE N4YDU N4CW N1LN AA4NC KF7ADB
582013W4MULTI-ONE HIGH8,743,6802,832  1,056  45.6AA4FU N4AF
592001W4MULTI-ONE HIGH8,703,1143,219  903  48.0K4JA AC4HB K4ZA K9GY K9JY W4JVN 
602019W4MULTI-TWO8,480,6753,767  1,075  48.0WF7T K3IE AD4EB K4RO
612011W4MULTI-TWO8,424,2713,757  1,021  47.5N4WW N4KM K0LUZ WF3C
622016W4MULTI-ONE HIGH8,413,3933,100  1,073  47.9W9SN AA4CF K1ZZI W9RNY
632020W4MULTI-TWO8,318,8233,380  1,093  46.9K5KG KW1K K4NMR K4EU WC4E
642004W4MULTI-TWO8,248,0323,374  936  48.0K5KG WD4AHZ W4IX W4SAA K1TO 
652020W4SO HIGH ALL8,167,6863,040  1,041  33.2N4AF
662008W4MULTI-ONE HIGH8,113,9202,852  960  43.2KT3Y K3EST
672012W4SO HIGH ALL8,005,4192,902  963  35.9 
681999W4SO HIGH ALL7,985,0463,226  821  W4AN 
692008W4MULTI-TWO7,967,9403,432  948  47.0N4WW N4KM K0LUZ N3ND
702007W4MULTI-MULTI7,943,4883,139  952  44.3K4EC K4EU K4GM K4ZW K7SV NR4M 
712019W4SO HIGH ALL7,941,0002,887  1,000  33.2N4AF
722019W4MULTI-ONE HIGH7,867,3202,890  1,060  48.0N4WW W4WF K1MM N4KM
732008W4SO HIGH ALL7,864,5382,997  902  35.9K1TO
742006W4SO HIGH ALL7,819,6862,985  906  34.8N4AF 
752018W4SO HIGH ALL7,771,5482,820  982  32.8N4AF
762012W4SO HIGH ALL7,761,7282,955  988  35.9 
772016W4SO HIGH ALL7,723,8982,693  962  33.6N4AF
782014W4SO HIGH ALL7,628,4483,015  1,041  35.9K4RO
792002W4MULTI-ONE HIGH7,579,3322,995  894  41.9K4JA K9GY K9JY W3BP 
802003W4SO HIGH ALL7,547,4083,156  836  36.0K1TO 
812005W4MULTI-ONE HIGH7,518,8192,897  847  48.0KT3Y K3EST 
821999W4MULTI-ONE HIGH7,365,8483,076  868  N4WW K0LUZ 
832001W4SO HIGH ALL7,354,7043,195  826  36.0K1TO 
842002W4MULTI-ONE HIGH7,345,0923,084  932  24.0K1TO K4LQ N4TO W4IR W4QM 
852012W4SO HIGH ALL7,311,8272,908  1,007  35.9K4RO
862006W4MULTI-ONE HIGH7,249,4732,818  951  48.0K4EC K4EU K4GMH K7SV NR4M 
872020W4SO HIGH ALL7,248,5753,472  995  35.9N4YDU
881992W4MULTI-ONE HIGH7,168,7343,372  887  K0LUZ N4WW NX4N AB4QM K4SA 
892017W4MULTI-MULTI7,143,5072,944  1,043  47.8KU1CW W2UP W3UL W4AAW NA3M K3TN KJ0D ...
902012W4SO HIGH ALL7,054,0082,831  983  35.8N4ZZ
912008W4SO HIGH ALL7,040,8442,834  837  33.6NY4A
922006W4MULTI-ONE HIGH7,000,6642,654  836  48.0KT3Y K3EST 
932007W4SO HIGH ALL6,863,6062,839  887  36.0K1TO 
942006W4SO HIGH ALL6,766,8722,828  857  36.0  
952005W4SO HIGH ALL6,658,8662,662  846  36.0  
962007W4MULTI-ONE HIGH6,638,1632,582  889  48.0KT3Y K3EST 
972009W4MULTI-ONE HIGH6,632,0102,803  990  42.4KY4F K4TD
982016W4SO HIGH ALL6,504,0922,642  938  35.9N4YDU
992001W4SO HIGH ALL6,488,7902,843  795  30.2N2NL 
1002000W4MULTI-ONE HIGH6,467,7252,896  811    
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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