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RankCallLocYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1NR5MW52015MULTI-MULTI21,079,6305,554  1,430  47.0NM5M K5GA K5GN N5JR W0MM W0EA AD5Q K5CI ...
2KM5GW52001MULTI-MULTI13,293,3974,913  1,073  48.0KM5G K0DEQ K5ALU W0JOE N0EHW N5OE K5LG ... 
3WK5TW52012MULTI-ONE HIGH13,256,0483,904  1,262  47.8N2IC K5WA
4WK5TW52015MULTI-ONE HIGH12,275,0403,445  1,284  43.8N2IC N5FO
5NR5MW52016MULTI-TWO11,883,4203,994  1,234  48.0K5GA N1XS AD5Q KU5B NR5M
6NN5JW52009MULTI-TWO11,152,4004,114  1,138  48.0K5GO K5LG KM5G KM5PS KU1CW N5DX N5RR ...
7NN5JW52012SO HIGH ALL10,256,9743,337  1,079  35.9N5DX
8NU5AW52012SO HIGH ALL9,209,3763,217  1,056  35.8K5GN
9NU5AW52020SO HIGH ALL9,058,8603,939  1,062  36.0K5GN
10WM5GW51988MULTI-MULTI8,491,0323,804  852  WM5G WQ5W KR0Y KM5R KC5DX AA5DX KW5P ... 
11NN5JW52003MULTI-MULTI8,280,3383,951  946  24.0K5ALU K5GO K5LG KM5G N5CE N5DX 
12NX5MW52006MULTI-MULTI8,171,2223,958  982  48.0NX5M N5XJ N5DUW KU5B KE5C K5GQ AB5K 
13WX0B/5W52014SO HIGH ALL8,068,4452,974  1,045  35.9AD5Q
14WK5TW52020SO HIGH ALL8,015,1603,734  1,020  35.9N2IC
15K5RXW52014MULTI-ONE HIGH7,993,6042,960  1,076  47.4K5RX K5KJ K5MR
16KN5AW52015SO HIGH ALL7,675,9592,899  1,003  35.9K5WA
17KR5DXW52001MULTI-ONE HIGH7,655,2653,196  933  48.0K5MR K5GA KG5U K1OJ N5TU K5NZ 
18WX5SW52002MULTI-MULTI7,611,4003,445  950  48.0K0BEE K6ENT K6UFO N6DE N7MH W1SRD W6CT ... 
19NN5JW52004MULTI-MULTI7,535,6283,292  958  48.0K0VBU K5ALU K5DB K5GO K5LG KM5G N0EHW ... 
20NU5AW52018SO HIGH ALL7,373,8773,039  987  35.9K5GN
21AC5OW52012SO HIGH ALL7,098,4922,701  996  35.4N8OO
22NU5AW52001SO HIGH ALL6,883,1732,954  831  36.0K5GN 
23NU5AW52019SO HIGH ALL6,763,8273,031  959  35.9K5GN
24WK5TW52019SO HIGH ALL6,731,7123,024  936  35.9N2IC
25NX5MW52007MULTI-MULTI6,656,3823,939  906  48.0NX5M N5XJ K5GQ K5OT NO5W KU5B N5DUW ... 
26N8OO/5W52015SO HIGH ALL (T)6,619,8262,649  1,042  35.9 
27NN5JW52006SO HIGH ALL6,492,9462,823  874  36.0N5DX 
28KT5JW52009SO HIGH ALL6,352,9882,747  877  36.0N2IC
29N5AWW52015SO LOW ALL6,317,7322,392  989  36.0 
30N3BB/5W52000MULTI-ONE HIGH6,312,6002,847  835  N3BB N3AD K5PK 
31NX5MW52011MULTI-MULTI6,085,1453,821  913  47.7NX5M KU5B N5XJ NO5W K5GQ KG5U K5END ...
32NO5WW52003MULTI-ONE HIGH5,996,8202,956  890  48.0NO5W N1LN KG5U K5GA K5NZ 
33K5OTW52014SO HIGH ALL5,835,6522,567  926  35.5@K5TR
34NO5WW52005MULTI-ONE HIGH5,767,5522,666  896  46.0NO5W NT5TU K5GA K5NZ 
35KM5GW51999MULTI-ONE HIGH5,714,4102,762  778  KM5G N5DX 
36WK5TW52011SO HIGH ALL5,633,2122,792  853  35.9N2IC
37NX5MW52008MULTI-TWO5,601,2923,321  886  48.0N5NMX N5XJ KU5B NX5M K5GQ K5NZ NT5TU ...
38NN5JW52008SO HIGH ALL5,589,8162,476  849  35.7N5DX
39N5RMW52008MULTI-ONE HIGH5,524,8812,853  853  47.6N2IC WA5Y K7IA
40N3BB/5W51999SO HIGH ALL5,481,8102,630  771    
41NM5OW52002MULTI-ONE HIGH5,405,0362,618  868  48.0AD5Q N5UM 
42AC5OW52019SA HIGH 40M5,380,5151,691  899  31.5N8OO
43NN5PW52021SO HIGH ALL5,379,6782,722  933  33.0K5PI
44KT5JW52019SO HIGH ALL5,375,1002,710  874  36.0K5PI
45NO5WW52004MULTI-ONE HIGH5,363,8752,592  913  48.0NO5W N1LN K5GN N5RP NT5TU K5GA K5NZ 
46K5WAW52017SO HIGH ALL5,250,8402,536  893  34.9 
47N2IC/5W52005SO HIGH ALL5,204,0002,570  800  35.0  
48NQ5KW52020SO HIGH ALL5,202,5202,809  904  35.0K5WA
49NN5PW52020SO HIGH ALL5,169,0822,886  883  35.9K5PI
50NT5CW52002SO HIGH ALL5,119,2602,594  820  36.0N3BB 
51N5RZW52002SO HIGH ALL5,111,6532,622  823  35.8  
52AA5BW52014MULTI-TWO5,103,2702,666  922  47.9AA5B KK6MC K5TQ K5TA KE5AKL K8OZ K8TE ... 
53NU5AW52021SO HIGH 20M5,079,2392,188  1,133  35.9K5GN
54NT5CW52006SO HIGH ALL5,025,3672,676  817  35.9N3BB 
55N5AWW52012SO LOW ALL4,986,5502,111  905  36.0 
56N5AWW52014SO LOW ALL4,802,5682,172  894  35.9 
57WX0B/5W52013SO HIGH ALL4,794,5592,408  877  36.0AD5Q
58NR5MW52013SO HIGH ALL4,782,7672,519  841  35.9N5NU
59N5RZW52000SO HIGH ALL4,743,8952,434  767    
60K5XIW51993MULTI-ONE HIGH4,735,0772,317  809  K5RC K7GM WT5U K5TU K5XI 
61NU5FW52006SA HIGH ALL4,707,6202,402  820  35.5K5YA 
62NM5OW52000MULTI-ONE HIGH4,630,0152,418  815  OH7WV N5UM WX0B W5GN AD5Q NM5M K5OT ... 
63WA5YW52007MULTI-ONE HIGH4,629,1222,476  817  39.2WA5Y N2IC 
64N5RZW52020SA HIGH ALL4,547,4572,325  873  29.4N5RZ
65NN5PW52018SO HIGH ALL4,475,4742,504  823  35.9K5PI
66NT5CW52008SO HIGH ALL4,467,9402,507  773  36.0N3BB
67KT2Z/5W52008SO HIGH ALL4,452,4942,642  778  35.9K5NA
68NM5MW51984MULTI-MULTI4,432,8833,058  637  NM5M K5LZO KA5SBS K5GN KE5IV N5AF N5DU ... 
69NU5AW51999SO HIGH 15M4,411,2992,226  789  K5GN 
70NT5CW52003SO HIGH ALL4,386,8162,526  768  36.0N3BB 
71KK5IW52021SO HIGH ALL4,377,5642,406  916  34.5W5CW @K5CM
72NM5MW51985MULTI-MULTI4,302,9722,669  711  NM5M WA5CAC KA5UPB KA5SBS KE5IV K5LZO ... 
73K5YAW52002SO HIGH ALL4,285,2292,186  767  35.7  
74AD5QW52001SO HIGH ALL4,274,4262,241  754  36.0  
75WB5AARW52012SO HIGH 15M4,211,5921,949  946  35.3N5RZ
76WC5TW52009SO HIGH ALL4,188,2672,343  783  33.5K5PI
77WX0B/5W51994MULTI-MULTI4,131,3402,506  838  NM5M NA5Q KN5E AA5OR WX0B 
78K5RXW52013MULTI-ONE HIGH4,104,8372,368  813  43.5K5RX K5KJ K5MR
79W5KFTW52002SO HIGH ALL4,100,0922,185  772  35.6K5PI 
80KT2Z/5W52011SO HIGH ALL4,086,6362,552  764  35.9K5NA
81KD5DDW52020SO LOW ALL4,031,1602,421  840  35.9N4OGW
82KT5JW52017SO HIGH ALL4,030,0502,136  802  28.5K5OT
83NA5RW51983MULTI-ONE HIGH3,986,5922,369  634  NA5R K5GA K5GN K5ZD KN5H KG5U 
84AD5AW52021SO HIGH ALL3,972,6722,350  864  35.2 
85NA5RW51985MULTI-ONE HIGH3,907,7301,972  655  K5GN KG5U KN5H 
86NT5CW52004SO HIGH ALL3,878,9012,319  771  36.0N3BB 
87KD5DDW52019SA HIGH ALL3,873,3752,442  825  35.7K5KU
88K5GNW51993SO HIGH ALL3,868,1282,007  666    
89WC5TW52008SO HIGH ALL3,821,3122,574  736  35.8K5PI
90N3BBW51993MULTI-ONE HIGH3,802,8902,169  735  N3BB N0DH W5GAI WB5VZL 
91NM5MW52014SO LOW ALL3,786,2371,950  819  35.7 
92K5MRW51993SO HIGH ALL3,785,9401,961  684    
93WX0B/5W52008SO HIGH ALL3,774,7502,366  750  35.9AD5Q
94NN5JW52020SO HIGH ALL (T)3,614,5562,364  788  28.6K5GO
95WD5KW52015SO HIGH ALL (T)3,608,2951,716  821  35.0 
96KT5IW52003SO HIGH ALL3,598,1752,215  725  35.9K5PI @W5KFT 
97WX0B/5W52004SO HIGH ALL3,512,7122,080  721  36.0AD5Q 
98N8OO/5W52009SO HIGH ALL3,486,8932,201  751  34.7 
99N5RZW52021SO HIGH ALL3,484,1802,056  820  25.2 
100NM5MW51986MULTI-MULTI3,482,7572,157  657  NM5M N5IVF K2TNO K5LZO WB5N KE5IV WB5RUS 
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Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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