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RankCallLocYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1AK6WW62015MULTI-MULTI14,182,1284,654  1,296  48.0K1GI N6WM N6BV K3EST K6AW N6RO WA6O
2NR6OW62012MULTI-MULTI13,779,0144,645  1,226  48.0K3EST N6BV N6RO NQ6N WA6O
3NR6OW62021MULTI-MULTI10,794,3864,328  1,153  48.0K3EST K6AW K7GK N6RO N6WM NT6V WX5S ...
4NY6NW62018MULTI-TWO10,633,6873,901  1,123  48.0K6AM N6MJ N6WIN
5NA6OW62018MULTI-MULTI10,620,2114,087  1,123  48.0N6RO N6WM K6AW K3EST WX5S K6DAJ WA6O ...
6NE6NW62002MULTI-MULTI10,426,2904,025  917  46.5N6RT N2NT N2NC 
7NJ6GW62021MULTI-TWO9,724,0103,553  1,159  48.0W6LD W6RK N7MH @W6YX
8NA6OW62016MULTI-MULTI8,966,8523,575  1,049  47.9K3EST N6BV N6NU N6RO N6WM WA6O WX5S ... 
9WQ6XW62014MULTI-TWO8,838,4923,470  1,069  48.0N6KI WQ6X KB7V WA2OOB N6CY WB6NBU NN6X ...
10WF6CW62015MULTI-TWO8,637,9483,263  1,089  46.0N6XI N6TU K6NV
11NA6OW62017MULTI-MULTI8,634,1723,654  1,028  48.0NA6O N6RO N6WM K6AW K3EST WA6O
12NR6OW62020MULTI-MULTI8,567,7024,065  1,033  48.0WD6T N6RO N6WM K6AW WA6O K3EST NA6O ...
13NR6OW62019MULTI-MULTI8,365,4403,855  960  48.0K3EST K6DAJ N6GD N6RO N6WM NA6O WA6O ...
14NF6AW62015SO HIGH ALL8,107,5602,787  1,080  35.9K6XX @K6XX
15KX7M/6W62002MULTI-MULTI8,049,4833,450  923  48.0KX7M W6NV N6KJ W6RGG AD6E 
16NR6OW62002MULTI-MULTI7,963,5843,550  944  48.0K3EST K6AW K6XC KI7WX N6BV 
17KG6OKW61999MULTI-MULTI7,930,7723,457  892  KG6OK N6HC W1HIJ AA6PW AD6DO KQ6ES 
18NO6TW62020SO HIGH ALL7,826,7473,649  977  35.7KI6RRN @WA6TQT
19NR6OW62013MULTI-MULTI7,733,9893,733  907  48.0JN3NFQ K3EST N6BV N6RO WA6O
20K3EST/6W61997MULTI-MULTI7,523,9013,136  847  K3EST K2KW W6RGG KX7M K6AW AE0M K6XX 
21KR7O/6W62015SO HIGH ALL7,428,7962,845  1,021  35.9N6TV @N6TV
22KR7O/6W62012SO HIGH ALL7,187,6962,743  983  35.9N6TV
23NY6NW62012SO HIGH ALL7,186,0322,743  1,008  35.8K6AM
24WQ6XW62017MULTI-TWO7,022,7573,246  959  48.0WQ6X N6CY N6KI DL3YM K4RB K6AM
25NO6TW62019SO HIGH ALL6,885,3753,126  915  35.8KI6RRN @WA6TQT
26NE6NW61999SO HIGH ALL6,754,1762,965  832  N6RT 
27NR6OW62011MULTI-MULTI6,747,7763,382  886  47.8N6RO K3EST N6BV K6AW N6WM WA6O K6EEP ...
28NE6NW62001SO HIGH ALL6,730,5123,035  843  36.0N6RT 
29NF6AW62012SO HIGH ALL6,653,6752,522  965  35.9K6XX @K6XX
30NY6NW62010MULTI-TWO6,573,1593,725  789  47.8W6YI N6MJ KL9A K6AM
31NY6NW62013MULTI-ONE HIGH6,558,4842,803  932  48.0K6AM N6AN N6KI N6MJ W6YI
32KX7M/6W62009MULTI-ONE HIGH6,488,4982,924  934  45.3KX7M W6NV AD6E W6SC K6WG W6RGG
33KO6NW61998MULTI-MULTI6,281,7382,892  799  AE0M KX7M K6AW K3EST W6RGG 
34NY6NW62009SO HIGH ALL6,104,7972,826  877  35.9N6MJ
35WJ6OW62001MULTI-ONE HIGH6,075,1322,666  868  48.0WJ6O W6KNS W6LD N7MH 
36KU6WW62002SO HIGH ALL6,051,2772,810  857  36.0N6MJ 
37ND2T/6W62013MULTI-TWO5,942,8512,731  853  42.1ND2T N7MH K6UFO KZ2V NF1R W6RK K6SF ...
38NE6NW62000SO HIGH ALL5,931,1982,738  819  N6RT 
39ND2T/6W62012MULTI-TWO5,911,2132,446  997  31.7AA6XV K6UFO N7MH ND2T NF1R W6RK @W6YX
40WX5SW62006MULTI-TWO5,878,5312,810  877  48.0WA6O K6OWL W6RK W6LD WX5S N6DE N7MH 
41N6MJW62000SO HIGH ALL5,847,6252,680  815    
42KR7O/6W62014SO HIGH ALL5,804,9702,460  895  35.9N6TV
43WX5S/6W62009MULTI-TWO5,777,8802,624  890  43.1W6RK N7MH N6DE W6LD KZ2V
44KX7M/6W62003MULTI-TWO5,750,3792,928  801  48.0AD6E W6NV N6KJ K6SRZ KX7M 
45NX6TW62021MULTI-ONE HIGH5,649,3912,421  1,009  48.0KI6RRN N6KI WQ6X WM6Y N6NC K4RB K7ENA ...
46NR6OW62010MULTI-MULTI5,612,1303,474  762  46.7K3EST K6AW K6RC N6BV N6RO WA6O @N6RO
47KU6WW62003SO HIGH ALL5,611,9932,707  841  36.0N6MJ 
48AD6CW61988MULTI-MULTI5,556,1602,899  727  AD6C N6DX N6VR NM5M N6IC NY6Y 
49NJ6GW62020SO HIGH ALL5,510,6522,731  908  35.9N7MH @W6YX
50AA6TTW61992MULTI-MULTI5,439,0002,873  875  AA6TT N5FA AI9X K7UP AA5B F1JTL W7LHO ... 
51NY6NW62011MULTI-ONE HIGH5,414,9132,691  851  46.8K6AM N6MJ W6YI
52KX7M/6W62015SO HIGH ALL5,359,7602,321  952  34.1 
53NF6AW62014SO HIGH ALL5,356,2882,235  896  35.0K6XX @K6XX
54WV6CW61999SO HIGH ALL5,323,9812,446  757  N6IG 
55NF6AW62020SO HIGH ALL5,289,6032,335  869  35.5K6XX
56WQ6XW62012MULTI-ONE HIGH5,277,1402,374  935  46.9WQ6X VE4EA K4RB N6KI NN6X N6EEG
57ND2T/6W62011MULTI-TWO5,264,9002,796  815  45.3K7GK KZ2V N6DE N7MH ND2T W6RK @W6YX
58KX7MW62020MULTI-ONE HIGH5,241,4922,603  948  47.0W6NV JK3GAD OH1VR KX7M
59WZ6ZW61989MULTI-MULTI5,183,1872,659  723  WZ6Z K3EST N6IG WA6VEF W7BG W6RGG W6OSP ... 
60KM7W/6W62005SO HIGH ALL5,174,5402,525  805  35.9N6MJ @ W6YI 
61NX6TW62020MULTI-TWO5,137,6232,934  953  41.2N6KI WQ6X N6NC N6CY WM6Y K4RB
62KI6PW61988MULTI-ONE HIGH5,117,7782,489  711  K3EST K6TMB N6IG WA6VEF 
63ND2T/6W62010MULTI-TWO5,079,2703,207  722  47.2ND2T KZ2V K6OWL N6DE W6LD W6RK N7MH ...
64NJ6GW62019SO HIGH ALL5,007,1782,524  869  35.9N7MH @W6YX
65KM7W/6W62006SO HIGH ALL4,950,7502,413  805  32.8N6MJ 
66NX6TW62018MULTI-TWO4,915,1822,362  922  39.6N6KI WQ6X AI6O K4RB KB7V N6CY
67WX5S/6W62005MULTI-TWO4,843,5522,325  784  48.0K6UFO K6OWL WX5S N6KJ N7MH KJ9U W6KNS ... 
68WR6YW62016SA HIGH ALL4,735,4762,215  807  35.9W6NV
69WI6NEW62018SO HIGH ALL4,722,5082,427  908  34.5N7MH @W6YX
70NX6TW62001MULTI-ONE HIGH4,711,0992,372  811  45.9K6AM DL3OI N6KI K6ZH KU6I N6CY 
71N5ZO/6W62015SO HIGH ALL4,704,9782,229  866  35.8 
72WX5S/6W62003MULTI-TWO4,649,4942,526  757  48.0AA6XV AD6FX AE6EJ AE6KU K6UFO N6UK N7MH ... 
73W6YXW62000MULTI-ONE HIGH4,627,4702,264  730  W6KNS W6LD N7MH 
74WR6AAAW61997SO HIGH ALL4,625,4482,223  744  N6IG 
75NF6AW62018SO HIGH ALL4,581,9052,106  865  33.1K6XX
76WC6HW62010MULTI-TWO4,567,0153,070  701  47.8WC6H KF6T WJ6O WX6V N6RC
77WF6CW62016MULTI-ONE HIGH4,499,0402,124  824  48.0N6TU N6XI K6NV
78AG6DW61993MULTI-ONE HIGH4,485,8412,273  719  AG6D N4TQO N1EE N6IP N6YK 
79NY6NW62008SO HIGH ALL4,455,9072,550  733  35.8N6MJ
80W6XBW62014MULTI-ONE HIGH4,441,3301,982  830  48.0W6XB W0ZZ
81WK6LAW61999SO HIGH ALL4,403,5752,274  737  K6LA 
82NF6AW62019SO HIGH ALL4,390,4001,978  784  35.8K6XX
83NE6NW62003SO HIGH ALL4,321,7462,373  759  36.0N6RT 
84KY0W/6W62012SA HIGH ALL4,316,3502,002  865  34.8K6SRZ
85KU6WW62012MULTI-ONE HIGH4,283,1252,022  875  44.8K9YC N3ZZ
86NY6YW61993MULTI-ONE HIGH4,241,6482,212  706  AC6T AD6C N6DX N6IC N6VR N8SR WA6CDR 
87K6ZMW62001MULTI-ONE HIGH4,210,0752,109  725  45.4K6WG KD6RMN 
88WF6CW62013MULTI-ONE HIGH4,205,1002,193  786  48.0N6XI N6TU
89AI6VW61981MULTI-MULTI4,174,9272,845  551  AI6V AA4KB K6MYP N6AUV N6TV W6OAT W6YKM ... 
90AD6EW62012SO HIGH ALL4,154,7871,933  801  28.4 
91NF6AW62009SO HIGH ALL4,153,8421,989  777  35.5 
92KR7O/6W62002SO HIGH ALL4,153,2962,160  752  36.0N6TV 
93WC6HW62009SO HIGH ALL4,144,5182,115  762  35.8NU6S
94WR6AAAW61998SO HIGH ALL4,136,1482,085  684  N6IG 
95NY6NW62007SO HIGH ALL4,099,3542,429  698  36.0N6MJ @ W6YI 
96AI6VW62004SO HIGH ALL4,056,0962,130  759    
97KX7M/6W62010MULTI-ONE HIGH3,975,6692,491  687  47.6KX7M W6NV N5ZO N6DA
98AI6VW61988MULTI-ONE HIGH3,898,3182,174  631  AI6V NB6G WA6AUE 
99NO6TW62016SO HIGH ALL3,875,3442,149  776  35.8N5ZO
100KX7M/6W62011MULTI-ONE HIGH3,862,0102,255  758  45.3AD6E N6KJ W6NV KX7M
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