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RankCallLocYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1NK7UW72012MULTI-TWO18,816,9655,312  1,373  48.0NK7U KL9A N6MJ N9RV
2KC7VW72012MULTI-TWO10,829,7004,113  1,134  47.8K1YR K7JQ K8IA KC7V
3NA2U/7W72014MULTI-TWO9,873,0583,752  1,118  48.0K8IA W9CF NA2U
4NR7DXW72015SO HIGH ALL9,018,1283,156  1,103  35.9N9RV
5KC7VW72018MULTI-TWO8,797,9043,768  1,072  48.0K1YR K8IA KC7V W9CF
6KQ7WW72014MULTI-TWO8,701,4443,419  1,082  48.0KQ7W N7NM KU7T K7OG W9PL W7VJ
7NK7UW72014MULTI-TWO8,495,6823,061  1,118  25.8KL9A N6MJ
8KC7VW72016MULTI-TWO8,260,0953,529  1,005  48.0K8IA KC7V K1YR
9ND7KW72020SO HIGH ALL7,735,7283,470  1,001  35.9N6MJ @N6WIN
10KU1CWW72018MULTI-TWO7,591,4223,006  1,013  48.0KU1CW WS7L KN7K K7RF K2PO
11KC7VW72013MULTI-TWO7,571,3403,604  945  48.0K1YR K8IA KC7V W9CF
12KS7AAW72012MULTI-ONE HIGH7,351,3922,702  1,049  47.6K5RC K7NV KH6ND
13KC7VW72020MULTI-TWO7,128,9273,540  981  46.5K8IA KC7V W9CF
14KC7VW72017MULTI-TWO6,840,4603,331  935  48.0K8IA KC7V N7RQ W9CF
15AI7BW72001MULTI-ONE HIGH6,740,8722,827  838  24.0K7ZUM KI7Y W7GG N2WEW 
16K8IA/7W72015SA HIGH ALL6,520,1062,502  1,021  35.8 
17NR7DXW72016SO HIGH ALL6,441,7702,739  970  35.9N9RV
18KO7SSW72018SA HIGH ALL6,234,1862,196  983  35.8 
19KW7YW72014MULTI-TWO6,177,4652,528  945  26.8K7RL KL2A
20KU7TW72015MULTI-ONE HIGH6,134,6802,249  1,030  46.6KU7T N7NM K7OG W7VJ
21W7RNW72008MULTI-TWO6,104,1633,288  843  47.6K5RC I2UIY K6KR N0AX
22NK7UW72005SO HIGH ALL6,075,9192,648  853  36.0KL9A 
23KC7VW72011MULTI-TWO6,048,7673,178  863  47.0KC7V KS5A K8IA
24KM9R/7W72015SO HIGH ALL6,036,6242,533  927  35.9K7GK @W7RN
25NK7UW72016SO HIGH ALL5,933,6302,623  890  35.9KL9A
26NK7UW72006MULTI-ONE HIGH5,783,3522,513  876  48.0N0AX KL9A 
27WK7SW72016MULTI-ONE HIGH5,512,6402,345  920  46.6K6LL W6RW
28KM7WW72009SO HIGH ALL5,421,0902,364  822  35.8N6TR
29NR7DXW72020SO HIGH ALL5,390,4002,613  960  29.1N9RV
30KW7YW72018SO HIGH ALL5,376,3922,324  868  35.8K7RL
31KW7YW72020SO HIGH ALL5,250,1022,484  858  35.9K7RL
32KW7YW72019SO HIGH ALL5,218,9202,176  872  35.9K7RL
33W7VJW72009MULTI-ONE HIGH5,165,3702,275  945  45.7W7RG WL7E K0PJ K7OG W7VJ
34WK7SW72017MULTI-ONE HIGH4,952,1012,378  881  48.0K6LL W6RW N7TY
35KU7TW72018MULTI-ONE HIGH4,942,4762,093  924  46.0KU7T N7NM K7OG W7DRM W7VJ
36NK7UW72011SO HIGH ALL4,893,2502,514  851  35.7KL9A
37NK7UW72009MULTI-TWO4,852,8022,698  899  34.0NK7U W2VJN N6LF W7CT
38NK7UW72019MULTI-TWO4,777,4192,419  831  46.1K7ZS NK7U KI7Y K7RF KR7X K2PO KE7AUB
39NT7GW72020SA HIGH ALL4,772,2502,129  909  35.8W4IX
40WK7SW72015SA HIGH ALL4,701,7622,129  923  34.7K6LL
41NU7YW72019MULTI-ONE HIGH4,692,1602,536  860  47.9W8TK KE2VB NU7Y K7AZT
42KR7XW72005SO HIGH ALL4,675,2202,231  790  36.0KL2A 
43KY7MW72020MULTI-ONE HIGH4,597,2502,700  925  48.0KY7M NA2U AA7A @NA7TB
44WK7SW72018SA HIGH ALL4,555,2362,171  854  34.8K6LL
45NG7MW72014MULTI-ONE HIGH4,512,2762,018  876  43.9NG7M W7CT @W7CT
46KN7PW71999SO HIGH ALL4,373,8112,256  733  KL2A 
47NM7DW72009MULTI-ONE HIGH4,329,1332,155  821  44.5K7CA K7NJ AA7DJ N7JW W7UT
48KR7XW72009SO HIGH ALL4,300,9002,217  820  35.8K7GK
49NG7AW72016MULTI-ONE HIGH4,253,1842,294  832  46.4W8TK KE2VB NG7A
50KU7TW72019MULTI-ONE HIGH4,234,5762,058  851  48.0KU7T N7NM K7OG W7VJ
51W1CU/7W72010MULTI-TWO4,161,3752,851  675  46.2W1CU K2RD W6OAT K5RC K7MS W7CY W6NF ...
52WQ7TW72001MULTI-MULTI4,136,0762,145  756  48.0N0AX N7WA JR1NKN N7BV KD7GIM 
53KZ7XW72019MULTI-ONE HIGH4,126,8812,028  869  48.0W7WW W6RW N7TY K7GA @W7WW
54KE2VBW72018MULTI-ONE HIGH4,105,4892,178  853  43.2KE2VB W8TK K7AZT
55KQ7WW72012MULTI-ONE HIGH4,040,5481,959  851  46.2N7BV KQ7W AE7EG K7WA
56WR5J/7W72015MULTI-ONE HIGH4,025,5351,878  835  48.0WR5J K7DSE K7ZQ K7RI N7RVD
57WX5SW72020MULTI-TWO4,011,1562,195  804  47.1WX5S K5VWW AA6AA K6DGW
58KC7VW71999SO HIGH ALL3,946,8902,050  710    
59K7RIW72000MULTI-ONE HIGH3,869,7122,088  693  N0AX W7WA NW7DX 
60WJ9BW72018SO HIGH ALL3,863,2332,009  803  36.0 
61NM7DW72004MULTI-TWO3,839,0402,363  744  39.7N7JW K7CA K7NJ W8EQA 
62KW7YW72013SA HIGH ALL3,835,3862,085  738  35.9K7RL
63AI7BW72000SO HIGH ALL3,799,1181,947  691  W7GG 
64AD7JPW72015SO LOW ALL3,795,2161,761  816  35.9K2PO
65NC7JW71999MULTI-ONE HIGH3,779,8311,934  697  N7VM NG7M W7CT 
66WK7SW72019SA HIGH ALL3,753,9361,847  786  27.3K6LL
67KU7TW72013MULTI-ONE HIGH3,640,0741,854  762  47.9KU7T W9PL K7OG N7NM W7VJ
68KC7VW72002SO HIGH ALL3,612,5252,048  735  36.0  
69NG7AW72017MULTI-ONE HIGH3,598,2572,155  771  48.0W8TK KE2VB NG7A K7AZT NG7Z
70AA7AW71999SO HIGH ALL3,595,6272,049  721    
71K7ABCW72000SO HIGH ALL (T)3,588,2642,073  732  K6LL 
72NV7AW72001SO HIGH ALL3,579,3361,923  657  35.9K7NV 
73W7WAW72006SO HIGH 20M3,565,9671,871  811  36.0  
74NM7DW72017MULTI-ONE HIGH3,530,3562,089  772  46.8N7JW K7CA K7NJ AA7DJ WA7LNW
75KU7TW72017MULTI-ONE HIGH3,516,4481,841  856  48.0KU7T N7NM K7OG K7MM K7RR W7VJ
76WJ7RW71994MULTI-MULTI3,511,2001,966  660  WJ7R WA6BXH KI6FE AA7NX 
77W7RNW72019MULTI-MULTI3,490,0321,810  752  37.9K5RC K6DGW AA6AA
78NC7JW72000MULTI-ONE HIGH3,423,7321,957  663  NG7M W7CT W7FB 
79KZ7XW72012SA HIGH 15M (T)3,421,4641,728  888  32.3K6LL
80NR7DXW72014SO HIGH ALL3,412,2791,806  793  22.4N9RV 
81AI7BW71999SO HIGH ALL3,394,2601,940  692    
82KC7VW72000SO HIGH ALL3,362,1001,841  700    
83W7VJW72008MULTI-ONE HIGH3,350,1301,922  735  44.3WL7E AA7CQ K0PJ W7VJ
84KU1CWW72019SO LOW ALL3,345,1201,680  720  36.0 
85AD7JPW72012SO LOW ALL3,305,3581,670  777  35.9K2PO
86KZ7XW72018SA HIGH ALL3,299,6281,735  786  35.8W6RW @W7WW
87WJ9B/7W72015SO LOW ALL3,272,6701,663  765  35.1  
88KM7WW72020SO HIGH 20M3,207,9391,991  883  34.5N6TR
89KT7EW72020MULTI-ONE HIGH3,195,1951,874  769  37.7K7ZS KN7K KR7X KB6MW KI7Y NK7U
90AD7JPW72014SO LOW ALL3,187,8291,690  761  35.9K2PO
91K6LL/7W71999SO HIGH 15M (T)3,175,1041,770  719    
92KN7NVW72005SO HIGH ALL3,108,0721,823  671  36.0K7NV 
93AD7JPW72017SA HIGH ALL3,092,5441,748  728  32.1K2PO
94NK7UW72017SO HIGH ALL3,031,5841,775  736  18.6KL9A
95WV7QW72015MULTI-ONE LOW3,000,3401,744  739  48.0N7ZG N7WA
96K7ZZW72001SO HIGH ALL2,988,6241,823  678  35.2  
97W0RICW72017SA HIGH ALL2,961,1891,768  693  35.9W4IX
98K7NVW72000SO HIGH ALL (T)2,960,9581,693  609    
99KW7YW72011SO HIGH ALL2,959,1101,883  735  35.9K7RL
100KU1CWW72020SO LOW ALL2,955,8181,594  734  36.0 
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