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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
103701UA3XBYUA-31981SO QRP 40M3361414  
103702NF8MW82006SO QRP ALL33618163.4  
103703KK7CW71986SO QRP ALL3363515  
103704JA1LIHJA11992SO LOW 40M33587  
103705PY2RNPY2014SO HIGH 80M333995.0 
103706N2HOW22012SO HIGH ALL3331091.4 
103707LU6QILU2015SA HIGH ALL33011112.4 
103708M0JSBG2020SA LOW ALL33023223.3M0JSB
103709OL8COSOKOM1983SO HIGH 160M3302515  
103710JK1LUYJA12016SO HIGH 20M33016150.9 
103711R2AOQUA-32021SO HIGH ALL33011113.0 
103712JA1XZFJA12014SO HIGH ALL33011112.5 
103713JG3LGDJA32013SO HIGH ALL33011111.1 
103714JH1ADRJA11988SO HIGH ALL3301211  
103715ER5DXER2010SO LOW 10M33016151.0 
103716YC0OSXYB2016SO LOW 15M33012110.3 
103717BA6QYBY2012SO LOW 15M33011111.6 
103718IO0KHPI1999SO LOW 160M3301111I0KHP 
1037195B4AOF5B2019SO LOW 20M33012110.4  
103720JJ4NZO/1JA12018SO LOW 20M33015151.1  
103721KG4BBKW42018SO LOW ALL33011110.4 
103722KX8IW32017SO LOW ALL33017151.5 
103723RK4PAUA-42017SO LOW ALL33011110.7 
103724K7GIMW72009SO LOW ALL (T)33023223.5 
103725UR6AJUR2009SO LOW ALL33011111.7 
103726JR6LJOJA61980SO QRP 10M3304611  
103727IO7WI2014SO QRP ALL33023222.0IK7LVE
103728OH5UXOH2000SO HIGH ALL32888  
103729E74AE72013SA LOW 10M32513131.7 
103730DG1HXJDL2017SA LOW 40M32513130.6  
103731UR4UWZUR2002MULTI-ONE HIGH32513131.7  
103732JA7OWDJA72016SO HIGH 10M32513132.8 
103733OZ8EOZ1987SO HIGH 10M3252513  
103734OZ6KSOZ1979SO HIGH ALL3251313  
103735JA1AATJA12002SO LOW 10M3251313  
103736JF1ELQJA12016SO LOW 15M32516131.4 
103737PY7YNPY2011SO LOW 15M (R)32517134.3 
103738PU8TFAPY2007SO LOW 15M (R)32513130.2  
103739WA1FOCW12013SO LOW ALL32513131.3K1SA 
103740F3WTF2014SO QRP 20M32514131.3 
103741N4WDW42020SO QRP ALL32525255.4 
103742WX4RMW42011SO QRP ALL32513131.9 
103743VE3AJVE32011SA LOW 20M32412120.7 
103744DN7DXDL2019SA QRP 160M (R)32412120.3 
103745N8BTTW81980SO HIGH ALL3241212  
103746JA1WTOJA12021SO LOW 15M (C)32418182.4 
103747JI1NZAJA12021SO LOW 15M32418182.5 
103748CO2GLCM2012SO LOW 15M32412121.7 
103749OK1FUKOK2021SO LOW 20M32418183.6 
103750SP1YGLSP2006SO LOW 80M32412925.5  
103751PY2PIMPY2020SO LOW ALL32412121.7 
103752JH3PTCJA32018SO LOW ALL3241190.6 
103753VU2LYXVU2016SO QRP 10M32412121.4 
103754OK1AIJOK2013SO QRP 15M32412121.8 
103755DL1HSIDL2017SO QRP ALL32418180.6 
103756VA7CPCVE72007SO QRP ALL32411926.5  
103757TM0SOCF2020SA LOW 15M32317173.6F5PBL
103758G6XG2017SA QRP 10M32317179.6M0KLO
103759YB9UAYB2020SO HIGH 15M (T)323231914.4 
103760JH7XVBJA72023SO HIGH 40M32317173.6 
103761JA7ETUJA72017SO HIGH ALL32317172.4 
103762YU1RAYT2019SO LOW 10M32317170.4 
103763BA3QZBY2016SO LOW 15M32321195.6 
103764BD4LBBY2017SO LOW ALL32318175.6 
103765WD4DDUW42010SA LOW 10M32214145.3 
103766SG6TSM2017SA LOW ALL32214141.7SM6WET
103767W7SSTW72006SA LOW ALL32214142.0  
103768JR0BULJA02015SA QRP 10M32215143.7 
103769UA0WLUA02007SO LOW 10M32215142.3  
103770JE1SPYJA12011SO LOW 160M32219145.1 
103771JP7GRUJA72020SO LOW ALL32214142.5 
103772W3MLJW32020SO LOW ALL32215142.4  
103773PU4GGSPY2010SO LOW ALL (R)32213145.0 
103774JJ0SFVJA02018SO QRP ALL32214141.2 
103775AA2MFW21996SA HIGH 160M3202120  
1037767L2LEGJA12019SA QRP 20M32021203.2 
103777SM5ARRSM1987SO HIGH 40M32088  
103778UA0SKLUA01980SO HIGH 40M320154  
103779JA1AATJA11998SO LOW 10M3201916  
103780F4FFZF2018SO LOW 20M32016161.0  
103781JA9DOFJA91997SO LOW 80M32088  
103782HS5TXBHS2022SO LOW ALL32018165.8 
103783KF9VVW92022SO LOW ALL32020202.0 
103784YO8DOHYO2018SO LOW ALL32011101.7  
103785UA4PAQUA-42015SO LOW ALL32016161.2  
103786JA1POSJA12012SO QRP 20M32016163.5 
103787BI3NTCBY2018SA LOW 20M (R)31911112.2BI3NTC
103788SP2UUSP1983SO HIGH 10M3191311  
103789JA1GVMJA12019SO HIGH 20M31911111.9 
103790GW4HBKGW2022SO LOW 10M31911110.5 
103791K5GMW52012SO LOW 10M (T)31911110.4 
103792EB8BRZEA82007SO LOW 10M319111125.0  
103793PY3TRPY2021SO LOW 15M31911114.4 
103794UY7ISUR2011SO LOW 20M31911112.5 
103795DJ5TTDL2023SO LOW 40M31911110.5 
103796WB2AIVW22011SO LOW 40M31912111.3 
103797BV3UNBV2023SO LOW ALL31911111.1 
103798JF0IUNJA02022SO LOW ALL31911111.8 
103799JE6TUPJA62020SO LOW ALL31911111.9 
103800IZ8GBTI2013SO LOW ALL31911110.7  
113975 results found
  Page 1038 of 1140  

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Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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