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113975 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
103801VK6MABVK2013SO LOW ALL (R)31911112.2 
103802AD4YQW42016SA LOW ALL315991.0 
103803OK1AGEOK2018SO LOW 10M31517152.1 
103804JA1AATJA12007SO LOW 10M3151515  
103805JG1WKMJA12011SO LOW 15M31515151.8 
103806BZ4DHIBY1993SO LOW 15M3151715  
103807PE1MMZPA2008SO LOW 20M (T)31515150.8 
103808JA1YFLJA12023SO LOW ALL (Y)31515154.0 
103809NN7OW62023SO LOW ALL (C)31521214.7 
103810W4GHVW42017SO LOW ALL31516153.0 
103811RU0AEUA02006SO LOW ALL3151191.3  
103812JG1GOYJA12019SO QRP ALL31515153.5 
103813OK/DL2DXA/POK2017SO QRP ALL31515151.7 
103814AD0BIW02016SO QRP ALL (T)31515154.6 
103815SM6BSMSM1993SO QRP ALL3151615  
103816BG3UPABY2020SA HIGH 20M31212120.5BG3UPA
103817SN5XSP2022SO HIGH 15M31212120.6SP5GRM
103818AE6JVW12022SO HIGH 20M (C)31213130.4 
103819LZ2ZGLZ2023SO HIGH ALL31212120.3 
103820HL2VXKHL2022SO HIGH ALL31214131.0 
103821BH4WPNBY2022SO LOW 10M31216131.8 
103822LU1VYLLU2021SO LOW 10M (R)31212122.0 
103823LZ2GSLZ1993SO LOW 10M3121212  
103824DO6ANDL2022SO LOW 15M31214130.8 
103825JI3ZOXJA32001SO LOW 15M3121413JL3IVX 
103826PY5ZWPY2021SO LOW ALL31213132.3 
103827W5CUYW52021SO LOW ALL31213132.5 
103828AI5GW52009SO LOW ALL31213132.3 
103829PU2RCMPY1995SO LOW ALL3121212  
103830VU2LYXVU2010SO QRP 10M31214133.0 
103831JF8LPBJA82018SO QRP 20M31212120.8 
103832RU9FUA-92015SA HIGH ALL31011103.4 
103833UU2JQUR2008SO HIGH ALL31010100.2 
103834YC4KARYB2019SO QRP ALL31011102.0 
103835JM4WUZJA42017SA HIGH 160M30816141.9 
1038366E0PXE2019SA LOW 15M30814141.6XE1EE
103837EI3CTBEI2017SA LOW 15M (T)30814142.6 
103838RX4HXUA-42015SA LOW 20M30815140.9  
103839SP7BFOSP1981SO HIGH 10M3081211  
103840JF7VVL/7JA71987SO HIGH 40M3081111  
103841IK5YJKI2007SO LOW 10M30816141.4  
103842OS2ADON2021SO LOW ALL (C)30814142.1ON2AD
103843BG4FQDBY2020SO LOW ALL (C)30814143.9 
103844JM2RUVJA22016SO QRP 15M30814140.4 
103845JH1CFVJA12013SO QRP 15M (R)30815144.5 
103846KB1ZBUW12013SO QRP ALL (R)30814142.6 
103847JR7MAZJA72016SA HIGH ALL306991.2 
103848SP1ADYSP2015SA LOW ALL3061191.7 
103849JG1FZGJA11980SO HIGH 20M306129  
103850JQ1COBJA12020SO LOW 10M30621182.4 
1038514F3FSKDU2018SO LOW 80M (T)306991.9 
103852PU2RTOPY2021SO LOW ALL30618184.8 
103853AA6MKW62018SO LOW ALL30618175.6 
1038547K1SLYJA12016SO LOW ALL306991.5 
103855EW3DIEU2023SO LOW ALL305656114.7  
103856K8TSW82017SA LOW 80M30417163.9 
103857EA6VQEA61988SO HIGH 10M3042016  
103858JA7TQKJA71986SO HIGH 160M3042316  
103859JA3BCTJA31979SO HIGH 40M30488  
103860W4ZGRW42023SO HIGH ALL30417160.7 
103861JE1HTVJA12018SO LOW 15M30417161.0 
103862JA6WWJA62010SO LOW 20M30416162.1 
103863KF4MOUW42008SO LOW 40M30419194.5 
103864AC5TUW52010SO LOW ALL30416165.4 
103865N5EYTW52007SO LOW ALL30416163.6  
103866SP9RQH/PSP1993SO HIGH ALL3021111  
103867NP4RAKP42019SA HIGH ALL30012122.7 
103868N8AGUW82015SA HIGH ALL30010100.2 
103869YU1UAYT1997SA LOW 160M3001010  
103870JA2KCYJA22017SA LOW ALL30015151.9 
103871RW2FUA22018SO HIGH 20M30010100.3 
103872OK3CEGOKOM1980SO HIGH 20M3001010  
103873PT7BIPY2023SO HIGH ALL30034306.7 
103874OK1IAROKOM1981SO HIGH ALL3001110  
103875RN3AXUA-32002SO LOW 10M300101024.6  
1038767K2PBBJA12000SO LOW 10M3001312  
103877DM7CWDL2023SO LOW 15M30010100.3 
103878JA9XATJA1993SO LOW 15M3001515  
103879JE6DND/6JA62012SO LOW 160M30020152.5 
103880OH7JLOH2021SO LOW 20M30026252.0 
103881PS7AWPY2018SO LOW 20M30010102.4 
103882IK8SCRI2014SO LOW 20M (T)30015150.7 
103883IZ2JNNI2013SO LOW 20M30017152.5 
103884W4ZPRW42019SO LOW 40M30010100.7 
103885JF7VVLJA72011SO LOW 40M30013120.6 
103886NG2GW72023SO LOW ALL30017153.1 
103887WW6DW62023SO LOW ALL30015150.6 
103888JI1LAIJA12021SO LOW ALL30012102.0 
103889DL4EBWDL2020SO LOW ALL30020203.8 
103890AJ3DIW32019SO LOW ALL30017155.1 
103891K4KZW42017SO LOW ALL30015150.9 
103892KG1KW11982SO QRP 20M3001515  
103893DL5ANSDL2019SA QRP ALL29913132.9 
103894BG9NJYBY2022SO HIGH 15M29913131.8 
103895N3AMLW32022SO HIGH ALL29913131.4 
103896AI9TW92019SO HIGH ALL29913131.4  
103897DM4SDADM1979SO HIGH ALL2991313  
103898JR2TRCJA22023SO LOW 10M29913134.0 
103899IZ5GRSI2007SO LOW 20M (R)299131325.0  
103900OK1DSXOK2023SO LOW ALL (T)29914132.4 
113975 results found
  Page 1039 of 1140  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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