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SL 10M

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1401E77AR2009E7SO LP 10M46023202.4 
1402JA1XPU1992JA1SO LP 10M4561919  
1403F8CPA2020FSO LP 10M44121211.4 
1404OK2BOB2019OKSO LP 10M44122210.7 
1405RU9CD2013RA9SO LP 10M43721193.3 
1406JO3RCK2012JA3SO LP 10M434171411.0 
1407JF6OJX1995JA6SO LP 10M4322218  
1408PD4L2020PASO LP 10M42021201.5  
1409JE1ALA2006JA1SO LP 10M42018154.4  
1410OK1KZ2012OKSO LP 10M41618161.7 
1411SP6KYU2019SPSO LP 10M40737375.2SQ6DGR
1412JG3RPL2011JA3SO LP 10M (T)40017168.6 
1413EA7VJ2012EASO LP 10M39612121.3 
1414DL1JPL1995DLSO LP 10M3961818  
1415DL2MIH2018DLSO LP 10M (T)38416161.3 
1416JK8PBO2015JA8SO LP 10M (T)38416161.8 
1417UN3Z2011UNSO LP 10M (T)384161617.5 
1418ED8AMY2007EA8SO LP 10M384121226.4  
1419UA3LBE2000UA-3SO LP 10M3782221  
1420IH9YMC2014IG9SO LP 10M37212120.9 
1421JF7GDF2013JA7SO LP 10M36414141.1 
1422EU1CC2002EUSO LP 10M364141427.3  
1423OK2ABU2017OKSO LP 10M35720170.5 
1424OH5MQ2020OHSO LP 10M (C)35216162.1 
1425DO1UZ2012DLSO LP 10M34515150.8 
1426SP6AYP2001SPSO LP 10M341111125.2  
1427DL8UKW2020DLSO LP 10M34020171.4 
1428ER5DX2010ERSO LP 10M33016151.0 
1429JA1AAT2002JA1SO LP 10M3251313  
1430YU1RA2019YUSO LP 10M32317170.4 
1431UA0WL2007RA0SO LP 10M32215142.3  
1432JA1AAT1998JA1SO LP 10M3201916  
1433K5GM2012W5SO LP 10M (T)31911110.4 
1434EB8BRZ2007EA8SO LP 10M319111125.0  
1435OK1AGE2018OKSO LP 10M31517152.1 
1436JA1AAT2007JA1SO LP 10M3151515  
1437LZ2GS1993LZSO LP 10M3121212  
1438IK5YJK2007ISO LP 10M30816141.4  
1439JQ1COB2020JA1SO LP 10M30621182.4 
1440RN3AX2002UA-3SO LP 10M300101024.6  
14417K2PBB2000JA1SO LP 10M3001312  
1442JH6SCA2015JA6SO LP 10M (T)29415142.4 
1443KD5J2011W5SO LP 10M29011100.9 
1444JE4URN2017JA4SO LP 10M28520150.3 
1445JO1WIZ2016JA1SO LP 10M (T)28515152.4 
1446RA3SS2009UA-3SO LP 10M27613121.7 
1447HP1RIS2016HPSO LP 10M26413121.2 
1448JA4ETH1995JA4SO LP 10M2601713  
1449PA52REH1995PASO LP 10M2551515  
1450JQ1KRT2011JA1SO LP 10M25213122.4 
1451JA1AAT2005JA1SO LP 10M2421211  
1452RU3VV2013UA-3SO LP 10M (T)2341091.4 
1453IT9GXE2006IT9SO LP 10M2341413  
1454JA7AXP1998JA7SO LP 10M2341713  
1455JO3RCK2013JA3SO LP 10M (T)23111117.3 
1456JR0BUL2010JA0SO LP 10M22813123.1 
1457DL1SBF2020DLSO LP 10M22515152.0 
1458R0SBZ2020RA0SO LP 10M225991.4 
1459ZS4JAN2005ZSSO LP 10M (R)225991.5  
1460W3EH2017W2SO LP 10M22010103.6 
1461JA0NFP2013JA0SO LP 10M22010102.3 
1462JR0BUL2009JA0SO LP 10M20814135.4 
1463UA3YCX2009UA-3SO LP 10M19811111.6 
1464SB3W2012SMSO LP 10M (T)19513130.4 
1465JA3RAZ2019JA3SO LP 10M19212121.9 
1466PS2R2017PYSO LP 10M192880.5PY2TI
1467T88TW2012T8SO LP 10M19213122.9 
1468KN4JN2019W4SO LP 10M18213130.6 
1469JO7GVC2013JA7SO LP 10M18213130.8 
1470DL1SBF2019DLSO LP 10M16913131.7 
1471PY1NSC2011PYSO LP 10M15412112.8 
1472EU6DX1999EUSO LP 10M15399  
1473HP1RIS2020HPSO LP 10M144882.2 
1474ES4MM2016ESSO LP 10M14412121.2 
1475JL7FBV/12009JA1SO LP 10M14313117.8 
1476SP3AOT1994SPSO LP 10M1411311  
1477DJ9KH2013DLSO LP 10M1351191.5 
1478UR5WHQ2020URSO LP 10M12816164.2 
1479JL3IVX2000JA3SO LP 10M12677  
1480JA3YVI2020JA3SO LP 10M (C)12111111.6 
1481DL3ME1996DLSO LP 10M1211111  
1482JA3RAZ2018JA3SO LP 10M12010100.5 
1483K1SEA2012W1SO LP 10M112771.6 
1484UT7XT2015URSO LP 10M108660.3 
1485RK9AY2012RA9SO LP 10M105770.1 
1486JA1VVH1994JA1SO LP 10M991311  
1487EA4BW2020EASO LP 10M9815149.8 
1488UN3G2019UNSO LP 10M96880.7 
1489UA3LBE2001UA-3SO LP 10M9698  
1490JA1AAT2004JA1SO LP 10M9187  
1491G4OTY1998GSO LP 10M9076  
1492KA1VMG1996W1SO LP 10M9096  
1493DL6OCK2007DLSO LP 10M (T)819925.3  
1494KJ4AOM2008W4SO LP 10M80987.9 
1495YB2ECG2016YBSO LP 10M (T)78660.9 
1496UA0OA2011RA0SO LP 10M72981.1 
1497YO8BFC2011YOSO LP 10M70771.0 
1498SK6AW2019SMSO LP 10M64980.4SM6IQD
1499UR5FAV2009URSO LP 10M64881.3 
1500UT9UZ2019URSO LP 10M60660.1 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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