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RankCallYearCtyCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
101NS1S/42015W4MULTI-TWO15,306,0964,424  1,291  48.0W9SN W9RNY K0RU K1ZZI AA4CF
102II9T2011IT9MULTI-TWO15,283,9205,800  1,290  48.0IT9GSF LY2IJ YL2KL YL3DW
103LY2W2019LYMULTI-TWO15,231,6455,510  1,287  48.0LY1FW LY2FN LY2MM LY2W LY3BB LY4K LY4R ...
104SN8B2017SPMULTI-TWO13,143,0524,459  1,283  48.0SP7AH SP8BRQ SP8CUW SP8GQU SP8GWI ...
105N4WW2020W4MULTI-TWO13,905,2554,737  1,281  48.0N4WW K1MM N4KM W4WF
106K9CT2018W9MULTI-TWO13,452,8004,147  1,280  48.0NQ6N K9ZO K9CT WT2P K3WA NN1N N9CK
107M6T2018GMULTI-TWO14,795,5204,630  1,280  47.4M0SDV G4MJS G4TSH
108LY2W2014LYMULTI-TWO12,109,7914,127  1,277  46.9LY2SA LY2W LY2MM LY2GW LY5O LY4K
109DD0CC2014DLMULTI-TWO13,360,9964,650  1,276  48.0DD0CC DK3QZ DL1EKC DL3QQ DF9TS DJ9IE ...
110HG7T2017HAMULTI-TWO13,248,5254,592  1,275  48.0HA7TM HA7JHM HA8LLK HA9PP HA0DU HG5DX ...
111RN3F2012UA-3MULTI-TWO12,036,0004,781  1,275  48.0RK3AW RK3FM RK3FT RK3QS RW3F UA3A UA3DQK
112DQ4W2013DLMULTI-TWO13,596,1284,535  1,274  48.0DJ4MZ DK9TN DL1MGB DL5RMH DL6RAI
113UP2L2013UNMULTI-TWO26,207,2516,090  1,273  48.0UN9LG UN4L R9IR RM9I RU9I RA9HTN RZ9AZ ...
114WW4LL2014W4MULTI-TWO14,254,0324,386  1,272  47.9WW4LL K0RU K1ZZI KN5O W9SN W4DXX K5TOO
115S52ZW2012S5MULTI-TWO11,723,7044,150  1,271  48.0S52ZW S57UN S52EZ S51FB S55HH S59A
116HQ9X2018HRMULTI-TWO17,819,2984,709  1,269  48.0N2WQ W1UE K1XM KQ1F
117ES9C2008ESMULTI-TWO18,557,0287,477  1,266  48.0ES5RY ES2DW ES2MC ES5JR ES5NC ES2RR ...
118N4WW2012W4MULTI-TWO14,695,9904,498  1,262  48.0N4WW N4KM K0LUZ W4LT WF3C
119NS1S/42012W4MULTI-TWO15,147,7864,618  1,262  47.6K1ZZI K9MUG KU8E W4DXX WA2MBP WW4LL WA1S
120NK1Z/42012W4MULTI-TWO15,731,2904,588  1,258  48.0K5KG K4LQ WD4AHZ N4EEB K1TO W0BH
121DD0CC2019DLMULTI-TWO13,169,5894,671  1,257  48.0DK3QZ DL1EKC DL1HBT DL1XW DL1YAF DL3HAH ...
122S53M2019S5MULTI-TWO13,539,1474,914  1,257  47.1S53ZO S57UN S53O S54W S51FB S52ZW S51DB ...
123G5W2018GMULTI-TWO12,783,5684,365  1,256  43.3G3BJ G3WPH G4DRS G0WWW
124GQ8SRS2012GMULTI-TWO12,573,8164,524  1,256  47.4G3SHF G0LZL G0SYP G4OCR
125EF8M2007EA8MULTI-TWO33,324,1926,853  1,256  48.0RD3AF RZ3AZ RA9JR 
126DD0CC2018DLMULTI-TWO12,912,6954,238  1,255  47.4DJ0SP DK3QZ DL1EKC DL1HBT DL1YAF DL3HAH ... 
127DP9A2014DLMULTI-TWO11,693,0974,153  1,251  48.0DJ6TF DJ7TO DK4WA DL1RTL DL5YYM DL8UAT
128DM6V2013DLMULTI-TWO13,876,2504,551  1,250  48.0DJ2YA DL1CW DL2RMC DL5AXX DL7FER DL9ABM
129YP8T2014YOMULTI-TWO12,521,1844,727  1,248  48.0YO8DOH YO8NR YO8TTT YO8TYT YO8XXX
130LZ5R2013LZMULTI-TWO13,093,6654,911  1,245  47.9LZ1JZ LZ1YQ LZ1UK LZ4UU LZ1BP LZ3ZZ ...
131DM6V2017DLMULTI-TWO12,857,9844,241  1,244  45.0DJ2YA DL1CW DL4UNY DL5AXX
132SJ0X2018SMMULTI-TWO10,529,6764,148  1,242  48.0SM0W SM0CXU SM0MDG SM0NCS SM0OEK SM0UTY ...
133OL4A2011OKMULTI-TWO13,901,6404,989  1,240  47.7OK1DO OK1FFU OK1RI OK8WW OM5AW OM6NM
1347J1YAJ2015JA1MULTI-TWO11,133,6543,465  1,239  48.0JR1CBC JA1TRC JK1MZT JE1XUZ JR8OXT ...
135SO9Q2016SPMULTI-TWO12,110,1164,497  1,238  48.0SP9QMP SP9GFI SP3CW SQ9C SP9XCN
136S52ZW2014S5MULTI-TWO11,300,4644,110  1,238  47.9S52ZW S57UN S55HH S52EZ S59A S54W
137DR1A2006DLMULTI-TWO17,096,3525,671  1,236  48.0DF6JC DJ7EO DL3DXX DL6FBL DO1ET PB2T 
138NR5M2016W5MULTI-TWO11,883,4203,994  1,234  48.0K5GA N1XS AD5Q KU5B NR5M
139DA2X2018DLMULTI-TWO11,413,8324,046  1,231  48.0DL1DTL DL2JRM DL3DXX DL4MM DL8DXL ...
140RT0C2014RA0MULTI-TWO13,025,2113,976  1,231  44.5RW0CN RW0CF UA0CA UA0CDX UA0DM RN0C ...
141EW6W2017EUMULTI-TWO11,432,8504,319  1,230  47.2EW6W EU6AF EV6Z EU6RO DJ1CW RO1B
1429A7A20069AMULTI-TWO17,274,2765,710  1,228  48.09A3TR 9A3OS 9A4PA 9A4R 9A5X 9A7V 9A8A 
143K9CT2019W9MULTI-TWO11,895,9754,048  1,225  48.0N9CK K9CT WT2P K9FA W9ILY NQ6N
144VC3J2018VE3MULTI-TWO18,659,8804,586  1,224  48.0VE3EJ K9VV
145OH9W2015OHMULTI-TWO10,622,7004,229  1,221  48.0OH2BCI OH2BEE OH2CV OH2GEK OH2KM OH2KW ...
146RF9C2013RA9MULTI-TWO25,128,6305,965  1,215  48.0R9DA R9DX R9GM RA9CMO UA9CDC UA9CDV ...
147OH9W2020OHMULTI-TWO9,190,5964,242  1,212  48.0OH2BCI OH2KW OH2LQ OH2TA OH5BQ
148EF5Y2013EAMULTI-TWO11,853,2684,162  1,211  48.0EA5BWR EA5GTQ EA5RS 
149DQ4W2011DLMULTI-TWO12,688,8584,643  1,211  48.0DK4YJ DK9TN DL5RMH DL6RAI
150DP9A2013DLMULTI-TWO10,737,4723,917  1,207  48.0DK4WA DJ7TO DL5YYM DJ6TF DL8UAT DL7VEE ...
1519A60A20089AMULTI-TWO16,164,1446,057  1,207  48.09A2X 9A3TR 9A3OS 9A5X 9A7V
152LY2W2012LYMULTI-TWO10,200,2883,976  1,204  47.0LY2FN LY2W LY3VP LY4K LY4S LY5O LY5T
153DA0WRTC2018DLMULTI-TWO11,199,0344,144  1,202  48.0DJ6TF DK4WA DK7YY DL1RTL DL5YYM DL7URH ...
154TK4A2012TKMULTI-TWO12,531,2345,094  1,201  47.6DF9TS DJ2YE DJ7JC DJ9IE DK3QZ DL1XW ...
155LT1F2014LUMULTI-TWO16,632,0004,245  1,200  43.2LU1AEE LU1FAM LU1FJ LU1FKR LU2FE LU2FM ...
1569A800VZ20099AMULTI-TWO15,041,4555,413  1,199  48.09A3TR 9A3OS 9A5X 9A7V
157KH6LC2012KH6MULTI-TWO17,095,4604,303  1,198  47.5KH6LC AH6RE NH6V KH7Y
158UB6B2017UA-6MULTI-TWO11,213,4964,446  1,197  47.4R7ABUA7AUA6AARC7CR7DARU7ARM6AA
159OL0W2009OKMULTI-TWO15,156,4145,217  1,197  48.0OK1WMV OK1VWK OK1DSZ OK1HRA
160K3LR2017W3MULTI-TWO12,831,8844,195  1,196  48.0K3LR DL1QQ N2NC DK2OY K3UA
161TM1A2014FMULTI-TWO10,301,8324,021  1,194  48.0EI5GM F5AGB F5IYU F5NQL F5PBM F5RAB ...
162N4WW2016W4MULTI-TWO13,830,4494,165  1,193  46.4N4WW N7RH K0LUZ N4KM WF3C
163J7A2011J7MULTI-TWO19,532,4005,142  1,191  46.3K5KG K1TO WI9WI NX4N
164HC8N2003HC8MULTI-TWO30,928,2687,389  1,189  48.0N5KO AC6T N6XI W6RGG 
165PW7T2010PYMULTI-TWO20,892,5764,982  1,186  46.0PT7CG PT7WA PY1NB PY1NX PY7RP PY7XC ...
166LY4A2017LYMULTI-TWO11,506,1124,581  1,184  47.9LY2BKT LY2CO LY2DX LY2J LY2RJ LY2TS ...
167RM5A2019UA-3MULTI-TWO9,636,7184,145  1,183  42.4RU4W R5CA UA5C
168P44X2017P4MULTI-TWO21,269,5004,634  1,180  46.7DJ4MZ DL5KUT DL5RMH DL6RAI
169KE1J2020W1MULTI-TWO12,386,5743,947  1,179  48.0KE1J K1IR W1VE
170PW7T2011PYMULTI-TWO17,602,4704,388  1,179  46.3PT7DX PT7ZAA PY7CW PY7XC PY7ZY PY8AZT
171NR3X/42013W4MULTI-TWO12,537,3364,357  1,176  48.0KU5B W0UCE N3ND N4YDU WA4PSC N1LN
172HG7T2011HAMULTI-TWO10,441,7044,207  1,176  47.0HA7TM HA5WA HA5KQ HA0DU
173OL3Z2011OKMULTI-TWO11,236,5254,291  1,175  47.6OK1FCJ OK1GHZ OK1HMP OK1VWK OK1WMV
174LS1D2012LUMULTI-TWO14,927,5983,819  1,173  45.8LU3CT LW9EOC LW1DTZ
1759H6A20189HMULTI-TWO10,296,6034,629  1,171  48.09H1XT 9H1PI 9H1AE IK0EFR SV9DJO SV2DSJ
1767J1YAJ2012JA1MULTI-TWO10,357,8243,245  1,168  46.6JR1CBC JA1TRC 7K4DHB JQ2WTT
177CR3L2011CT3MULTI-TWO22,199,0755,124  1,165  47.4DJ2YE DJ8DS DJ9IE DK3QZ DL1XW PA0R
178BY5CD2015BYMULTI-TWO11,877,4564,018  1,164  48.0BH4BUI BH4AYG BH4CAC BA5CW BD4CB BG4HYK ...
179KJ0D2018W0MULTI-TWO9,195,8413,504  1,163  48.0KJ0D W7FB K0AP N0NI W7BS
180K9CT2017W9MULTI-TWO9,610,7583,741  1,161  48.0K9CT K9MA WT2P K9ZO N9CK AB9YC
181KG0F2020W0MULTI-TWO9,902,9704,090  1,155  48.0K0RF W0UA
182P40X2019P4MULTI-TWO19,062,1203,985  1,155  48.0DK6SP DL5RMH DL6RAI SWL-HERBERT
183RM5A2014UA-3MULTI-TWO8,298,6753,381  1,155  40.4LY3X RM2D UF5F RU4W
184LZ7A2016LZMULTI-TWO9,310,4724,096  1,154  48.0LZ1AO LZ1FY LZ1RF LZ3TL LZ5EE
185DQ4W2009DLMULTI-TWO13,533,9145,009  1,153  47.8DJ4MZ DJ5CL DK4YJ DL5RMH DL6RAI
186EI7M2006EIMULTI-TWO14,168,4485,184  1,152  48.0YL2KL YL1ZF YL2LY EI6BT EI3JE EI4BZ 
187LZ7A2015LZMULTI-TWO10,113,8373,741  1,151  48.0LZ1RF LZ1AO LZ1FY LZ1GEN LZ3TL
188OM8A2007OMMULTI-TWO13,312,4005,015  1,150  48.0OM3BH OM3LA OM3NA OM3RM OM7JG 
189KN7NV2018W0MULTI-TWO9,819,9923,882  1,148  48.0K0RF AA0RS W1XE K0AV K7NV KV0Q
190K9CT2016W9MULTI-TWO9,895,7603,526  1,148  48.0N5AC N9TK K3WA K9ZO N9CK N7MB K9CT
191G5O2014GMULTI-TWO7,923,4963,330  1,148  47.9G3SHF G0LZL G0SYP M0DCG M0TJU M5KJM
192G8SRS2016GMULTI-TWO8,601,3533,715  1,147  48.0G3SHF G0LZL M0DCG M0TJU G3SYP M5KJM
1933V8BB20083VMULTI-TWO22,325,2085,074  1,147  47.8YT1AD YT3W YU1KX Z32ZM
194DD0CC2017DLMULTI-TWO9,683,2653,953  1,145  47.5DK3QZ DL1EKC DL1HBT DL1XW DL1YAF DL3HAH ...
195HG1S2009HAMULTI-TWO13,083,9284,686  1,144  47.8HA1TJ HA1DAC HA1DAI HA1DAE
196RT0F2015RA0MULTI-TWO9,901,8093,363  1,143  42.3RC0F RG0F RM0F RT0F
197WX3B2015W3MULTI-TWO10,946,7543,236  1,141  35.4WX3B K3WI
198HF9Q2013SPMULTI-TWO9,172,4993,542  1,141  48.0SP9QMP SP9GFI SP5UAF SQ9C SQ6MS SP9H
199DM9K2017DLMULTI-TWO10,066,4823,685  1,139  41.1DH7KU DJ1YFK DJ2QV DK7AH
200RT5G2019UA-3MULTI-TWO9,566,0284,328  1,138  47.2R3GG R3GM R5RA RG5G RO3G UA3GAF UA3GX

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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