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RankCallLocYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
101YT5AYT2016MULTI-TWO16,068,4075,643  1,363  48.0YT1AD YT3W YT7AW YU1AO YU1AU YU1DX ...
102LZ5RLZ2016MULTI-TWO15,861,6645,990  1,352  48.0LZ1YQ LZ1UK LZ1NK LZ1ND LZ1INI LZ3BB ...
103KD4DW32006MULTI-TWO15,763,7124,898  1,112  48.0NI1N N2YO NN3W K3MM KD4D N8II 
104NK1Z/4W42012MULTI-TWO15,731,2904,588  1,258  48.0K5KG K4LQ WD4AHZ N4EEB K1TO W0BH
105G5WG2014MULTI-TWO15,696,1535,027  1,353  48.0G3BJ 5B4WN G3WGN N6GQ
106ED1REA2013MULTI-TWO15,528,6675,285  1,309  48.0EA1WX EA1FAQ EA4TX EA4SV EA4AOC EC4TA ...
107SK3WSM2014MULTI-TWO15,367,5004,899  1,366  46.8SM0MDG SM3SGP SM5AJV SM5EPO SM5IMO ...
108NS1S/4W42015MULTI-TWO15,306,0964,424  1,291  48.0W9SN W9RNY K0RU K1ZZI AA4CF
109II9TIT92011MULTI-TWO15,283,9205,800  1,290  48.0IT9GSF LY2IJ YL2KL YL3DW
110DP9ADL2012MULTI-TWO15,260,7564,891  1,372  48.0DF1AL DJ6TF DJ7TO DK4WA DL5YYM DL7URH ...
111LN8WLA2020MULTI-TWO15,253,1405,441  1,380  48.0LA3BO LB8IB LB8CG
112LY2WLY2019MULTI-TWO15,231,6455,510  1,287  48.0LY1FW LY2FN LY2MM LY2W LY3BB LY4K LY4R ...
113DP65HSCDL2016MULTI-TWO15,168,8624,985  1,354  48.0DJ2YA DL1CW DL2JRM DL2OBF DL4UNY DL5AXX ...
114OL0WOK2009MULTI-TWO15,156,4145,217  1,197  48.0OK1WMV OK1VWK OK1DSZ OK1HRA
115NS1S/4W42012MULTI-TWO15,147,7864,618  1,262  47.6K1ZZI K9MUG KU8E W4DXX WA2MBP WW4LL WA1S
116HG7THA2013MULTI-TWO15,092,2554,871  1,315  48.0HA5AGS HA5KQ HA5MY HA7TM HA0DU
1179A800VZ9A2009MULTI-TWO15,041,4555,413  1,199  48.09A3TR 9A3OS 9A5X 9A7V
1189A1A9A2011MULTI-TWO15,004,0325,338  1,312  48.09A4WW 9A5W 9A6A 9A7R 9A9A
119LS1DLU2012MULTI-TWO14,927,5983,819  1,173  45.8LU3CT LW9EOC LW1DTZ
120YT5AYT2013MULTI-TWO14,923,3264,842  1,307  48.0YT1AD YT3W YU1AU YU1KX Z32ZM
121M6TG2018MULTI-TWO14,795,5204,630  1,280  47.4M0SDV G4MJS G4TSH
122N4WWW42012MULTI-TWO14,695,9904,498  1,262  48.0N4WW N4KM K0LUZ W4LT WF3C
123RU1AUA-12005MULTI-TWO14,648,2085,999  1,128  48.0RW1AC RN1AM UA1ARX RA1AIP RV1AW 
124SN8BSP2016MULTI-TWO14,637,4765,140  1,337  48.0SP8BRQ SP8CUR SP8CUW SP8GQU SP8GWI ...
125C4I5B2009MULTI-TWO14,632,8003,970  1,005  40.65B4AGN LZ3CQ LZ2HM
126LT1FLU2005MULTI-TWO14,473,2904,130  1,003  48.0LU1AEE LU1FAM LU1FJ LU1FKR LU2FM LU5DX ... 
127DD0CCDL2015MULTI-TWO14,423,3404,541  1,335  48.0DJ9IE DK3QZ DL1EKC DL1XW DL3HAH DL3QQ ...
128LY4ALY2016MULTI-TWO14,420,3015,646  1,303  48.0HB9DHG LY2BKT LY2TS LY3I LY4A YL1ZF ...
129DL0CSDL2015MULTI-TWO14,352,7234,521  1,341  48.0DL5XJ DL5KUT DL4HG DK2OY
130DM6VDL2014MULTI-TWO14,288,3844,605  1,298  46.8DJ2YA DK7YY DL1MGB DL4UNY DL5ANT DL5AXX ...
131YU5RYT2013MULTI-TWO14,283,7714,848  1,293  48.0YT1HA YT3PL YT7AW YU6DX YU9DX
132WW4LLW42014MULTI-TWO14,254,0324,386  1,272  47.9WW4LL K0RU K1ZZI KN5O W9SN W4DXX K5TOO
133EI7MEI2006MULTI-TWO14,168,4485,184  1,152  48.0YL2KL YL1ZF YL2LY EI6BT EI3JE EI4BZ 
134KD4D/3W32008MULTI-TWO14,116,2394,731  1,077  48.0K3MM K3RA WX3B NI1N KD4D
135DR5NDL2014MULTI-TWO14,088,1534,585  1,307  48.0DF1MM DF2KK DJ9DZ DK5OS DK5TT DL9YAJ
136K1LZW12010MULTI-TWO14,081,1004,306  1,122  46.1K0DXC K1LZ KQ2M K3JO NU5Y N8BO ...
137LY4ALY2015MULTI-TWO14,063,9034,813  1,337  48.0LY4A LY2CO LY2TS LY2RJ LY2BKT LY2EN
138ZM1AZL2013MULTI-TWO14,029,1163,703  1,028  44.1ZL1AIH ZL1GO ZL3CW
139LY4ALY2018MULTI-TWO13,974,6424,456  1,299  47.9LY2BKT LY2DX LY2TS LY3DA LY4A SM0DRD ...
140N4WWW42020MULTI-TWO13,905,2554,737  1,281  48.0N4WW K1MM N4KM W4WF
141OL4AOK2011MULTI-TWO13,901,6404,989  1,240  47.7OK1DO OK1FFU OK1RI OK8WW OM5AW OM6NM
142DM6VDL2013MULTI-TWO13,876,2504,551  1,250  48.0DJ2YA DL1CW DL2RMC DL5AXX DL7FER DL9ABM
143N4WWW42016MULTI-TWO13,830,4494,165  1,193  46.4N4WW N7RH K0LUZ N4KM WF3C
144KD4D/3W32009MULTI-TWO13,809,3754,617  1,125  47.8N6CY N8II K3MM K3RA AC6WI NA3D KD4D
145DD1ADL2015MULTI-TWO13,766,6014,426  1,317  48.0DK7VW DL3GA DJ3CQ DL2MDU HB9CVQ DK2GP ...
146DQ4WDL2013MULTI-TWO13,596,1284,535  1,274  48.0DJ4MZ DK9TN DL1MGB DL5RMH DL6RAI
147S53MS52019MULTI-TWO13,539,1474,914  1,257  47.1S53ZO S57UN S53O S54W S51FB S52ZW S51DB ...
148DQ4WDL2009MULTI-TWO13,533,9145,009  1,153  47.8DJ4MZ DJ5CL DK4YJ DL5RMH DL6RAI
149K9CTW92018MULTI-TWO13,452,8004,147  1,280  48.0NQ6N K9ZO K9CT WT2P K3WA NN1N N9CK
150EA3FPEA2008MULTI-TWO13,382,3345,074  1,134  47.7EA1FAQ EA3AIR EA3AKY EA3ALV EA3ALZ ...
151OH5ZOH2016MULTI-TWO13,363,0235,289  1,311  48.0OG9X OH5CZ OH5WH OH6MW OH6NVC OH6XX
152DD0CCDL2014MULTI-TWO13,360,9964,650  1,276  48.0DD0CC DK3QZ DL1EKC DL3QQ DF9TS DJ9IE ...
153ZL6QHZL2005MULTI-TWO13,312,7683,493  952  48.0ZL1TM ZL2BSJ ZL1AZE 
154OM8AOM2007MULTI-TWO13,312,4005,015  1,150  48.0OM3BH OM3LA OM3NA OM3RM OM7JG 
155KH6LCKH62016MULTI-TWO13,297,7323,534  994  48.0AH6KO AH6RE NH6V
156OF6AAOH2006MULTI-TWO13,293,3205,293  1,130  48.0OH1NOA OH6GAW OH6QU OH6RX 
157HG7THA2017MULTI-TWO13,248,5254,592  1,275  48.0HA7TM HA7JHM HA8LLK HA9PP HA0DU HG5DX ...
158WP2ZKP22019MULTI-TWO13,187,5383,526  1,079  48.0K9VV DL1MGB DL5CW DL5LYM
159DD0CCDL2019MULTI-TWO13,169,5894,671  1,257  48.0DK3QZ DL1EKC DL1HBT DL1XW DL1YAF DL3HAH ...
160KH6LCKH62018MULTI-TWO13,145,9583,477  1,033  47.5KH6LC NH6V KH6KM AH6RE
161SN8BSP2017MULTI-TWO13,143,0524,459  1,283  48.0SP7AH SP8BRQ SP8CUW SP8GQU SP8GWI ...
162DQ4WDL2008MULTI-TWO13,122,2555,362  1,123  48.0DD1LD DK4YJ DK9TN DL5RMH DL6RAI
163LZ5RLZ2013MULTI-TWO13,093,6654,911  1,245  47.9LZ1JZ LZ1YQ LZ1UK LZ4UU LZ1BP LZ3ZZ ...
164HG1SHA2009MULTI-TWO13,083,9284,686  1,144  47.8HA1TJ HA1DAC HA1DAI HA1DAE
165G6PZG2008MULTI-TWO13,057,5835,453  1,111  48.0G6PZ M0CLW M0SDX G4MJS G7VJR
166NH7OKH62009MULTI-TWO13,050,6603,567  965  45.5AH6RE KH6LC KH7Y N6KB NH6V NH7O
167RT0CRA02014MULTI-TWO13,025,2113,976  1,231  44.5RW0CN RW0CF UA0CA UA0CDX UA0DM RN0C ...
168KH6LCKH62013MULTI-TWO13,021,6323,935  936  48.0AD6E AH6RE KH6KM KH6LC KH7Y
169DD0CCDL2018MULTI-TWO12,912,6954,238  1,255  47.4DJ0SP DK3QZ DL1EKC DL1HBT DL1YAF DL3HAH ... 
1709A7A9A2007MULTI-TWO12,907,6565,160  1,116  48.09A2X 9A3TR 9A3OS 9A5X 9A7V 
171NZ1UW12006MULTI-TWO12,861,3424,234  1,053  48.0K1EBY K1IN KB1H N1GKI N1XS N2TTA NB1U 
172DM6VDL2017MULTI-TWO12,857,9844,241  1,244  45.0DJ2YA DL1CW DL4UNY DL5AXX
173K3LRW32017MULTI-TWO12,831,8844,195  1,196  48.0K3LR DL1QQ N2NC DK2OY K3UA
174R300SPUA-12003MULTI-TWO12,793,4525,964  1,054  48.0RW1AC RV1AW RA1AIP UA1ARX 
175RA5GUA-32020MULTI-TWO12,784,9405,108  1,316  48.0R3GG R3GM R3KQ R5GR R5RA RG5G RL4R ...
176G5WG2018MULTI-TWO12,783,5684,365  1,256  43.3G3BJ G3WPH G4DRS G0WWW
177DQ4WDL2011MULTI-TWO12,688,8584,643  1,211  48.0DK4YJ DK9TN DL5RMH DL6RAI
178KL7RAKL2009MULTI-TWO12,655,0723,756  1,082  46.8AL7IF K6AW KL7RA
179TA3KZTA2009MULTI-TWO12,619,6403,506  946  46.9LZ1GC LZ1ZF LZ2UW LZ3GA TA3CE TA3CN ...
180OM7MOM2010MULTI-TWO12,611,9605,242  1,091  47.6OK2BFN OM2IB OM3PA OM5MF OM5RM OM5RW ...
181SZ1ASV2016MULTI-TWO12,609,3364,675  1,293  47.9SV1DPI SV1CIB SV1CQN SV1BJW SV1JG ...
182GQ8SRSG2012MULTI-TWO12,573,8164,524  1,256  47.4G3SHF G0LZL G0SYP G4OCR
183NH7AKH62017MULTI-TWO12,551,8003,493  970  47.9KH6LC AH6KO NH6V AH6RE
184NR3X/4W42013MULTI-TWO12,537,3364,357  1,176  48.0KU5B W0UCE N3ND N4YDU WA4PSC N1LN
185TK4ATK2012MULTI-TWO12,531,2345,094  1,201  47.6DF9TS DJ2YE DJ7JC DJ9IE DK3QZ DL1XW ...
186YP8TYO2014MULTI-TWO12,521,1844,727  1,248  48.0YO8DOH YO8NR YO8TTT YO8TYT YO8XXX
187RU1AUA-12004MULTI-TWO12,502,2085,618  1,088  48.0RU1AA RW1AC RV1AW UA1ARX RA1AR UA1AKC 
188KM4MW42003MULTI-TWO12,395,1164,393  1,019  48.0K4JA K7SV K9GY K9ZO N4GG W3BP 
189KE1JW12020MULTI-TWO12,386,5743,947  1,179  48.0KE1J K1IR W1VE
190OL7ROK2008MULTI-TWO12,336,0305,307  1,098  48.0OK3RM OK1WMV OK1VWK OK1IC OK1DSZ
191RM6CUA-62016MULTI-TWO12,242,4444,522  1,306  46.0R7AB R7DA RU7A RA6YDX RM6F UA6AA UA7A
192RA5DUA-32015MULTI-TWO12,200,7064,219  1,323  48.0R2DG RA5A RC5A RN3AC RU5A UF5F
193LZ7SLZ2012MULTI-TWO12,149,0284,579  1,293  47.9LZ2HM LZ2DF LZ2JE LZ1UK
194SO9QSP2016MULTI-TWO12,110,1164,497  1,238  48.0SP9QMP SP9GFI SP3CW SQ9C SP9XCN
195LY2WLY2014MULTI-TWO12,109,7914,127  1,277  46.9LY2SA LY2W LY2MM LY2GW LY5O LY4K
196RN3FUA-32012MULTI-TWO12,036,0004,781  1,275  48.0RK3AW RK3FM RK3FT RK3QS RW3F UA3A UA3DQK
197ZL6QHZL2003MULTI-TWO12,029,4723,600  884  48.0ZL1TM ZL1AZE ZL2III ZL2BSJ 
198RT9WRA92003MULTI-TWO12,006,5683,927  872  48.0RU9WX RX9WR RW9WA RW9WW RV9WA RA9WW ... 
199ZL6QHZL2006MULTI-TWO12,000,7203,321  930  48.0ZL1AZE ZL2AGY ZL1TM ZL1BYZ 
200K9CTW92019MULTI-TWO11,895,9754,048  1,225  48.0N9CK K9CT WT2P K9FA W9ILY NQ6N
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Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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