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RankCallLocYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
101OK7OOK2021MULTI-ONE HIGH10,591,4143,560  1,226  48.0OK1DOL OK1DX OK1FIK
102YU5RYT2019MULTI-ONE HIGH10,510,4983,969  1,226  44.7YT2AAA YT2T YT7AW
1039A5D9A2015MULTI-ONE HIGH8,655,8503,344  1,225  48.09A3ID 9A3VM 9A3Y 9A5DU 9A7Z 
104OH5ZOH2015MULTI-ONE HIGH8,635,0253,293  1,225  45.6OH7CW OG9X
105OH1FOH2015MULTI-ONE HIGH10,342,8003,719  1,224  48.0OH1TM OH1NOA
106OM7MOM2013MULTI-ONE HIGH11,681,8563,657  1,224  48.0OM2KI OM3PA OM3PC OM5RW OM5RM OM5ZW
107NY4AW42015MULTI-ONE HIGH13,295,2333,329  1,223  48.0N4AF K4BAI K4QPL
108EF7XEA2012MULTI-ONE HIGH11,529,2213,869  1,223  47.5EA7GYS EA7KW EA7RM
109PW2DPY2015MULTI-ONE HIGH15,066,0383,350  1,222  47.4PY2BK PY2LSM PY2ZXU @PY2DM
110SN2BSP2018MULTI-ONE HIGH10,465,1913,317  1,221  48.0SP2FAX SP2MKI SP3SLA
111K1LZW12018MULTI-ONE HIGH15,118,2403,975  1,220  48.0K1LZ K1ZM AE2W KO8SCA K3JO
112RM5AUA-32016MULTI-ONE HIGH10,157,0824,475  1,217  48.0RC5A RD3BW RM2M RM5M RN3AC RU4W RU5A ...
113DR5NDL2012MULTI-ONE HIGH9,905,5363,232  1,216  47.6DJ9DZ DK5OS DL1REM DL9YAJ
114TM2YF2020MULTI-ONE HIGH10,948,3654,022  1,215  48.0F6BEE F6IFY F8CRH
115K3LRW32018MULTI-ONE HIGH13,193,6853,499  1,215  48.0K3LR DL1QQ K3UA N2NC W2RQ
116HG6NHA2019MULTI-ONE HIGH11,570,6344,317  1,214  48.0HA6AA HA6DX HA6ND HA6NY HA8RT YO5LD ...
117RL3AUA-32013MULTI-ONE HIGH10,589,4903,862  1,213  48.0OH5DA RA1ZZ RA3ATX RA3CO RL3FT RU3RQ ...
118E7DXE72011MULTI-ONE HIGH10,297,1333,924  1,211  47.89A5K E70R E70T E74IW E76C E77DX E77E ...
1199A5D9A2020MULTI-ONE HIGH8,682,9603,684  1,210  48.09A3ID 9A3SMS 9A3VM 9A4DU 9A5DU 9A7Z
120ES9CES2009MULTI-ONE HIGH12,562,7194,845  1,209  47.6ES2DW ES2MC ES5JR ES5RY ES5GP ES5TV ...
121SN2BSP2021MULTI-ONE HIGH9,564,9443,566  1,208  48.0SP2MKI SP2MKT SP2DKI
1229A7A9A2017MULTI-ONE HIGH10,966,2243,889  1,208  48.09A7V 9A5X 9A3TR 9A3OS
123K3JOW12021MULTI-ONE HIGH11,336,1443,037  1,207  48.0K1LZ K3JO VY2MA
124OK5ZOK2019MULTI-ONE HIGH9,945,0403,709  1,204  48.0OK2AF OK2EW OK2NMA OK2ZC OK2ZI
125PS2TPY2016MULTI-ONE HIGH16,044,4113,640  1,203  47.8PY2NA PY2NDX PY2ZEA PP5WG PU2RSD
126HG6NHA2015MULTI-ONE HIGH9,676,4573,523  1,201  48.0HA2NA HA6ND HA6NY HA6ON
127HG6NHA2018MULTI-ONE HIGH9,757,2003,274  1,200  48.0HA6ND HA6NY HA6ON HA8LNN KISS_TIBOR
128KD4D/3W32015MULTI-ONE HIGH14,636,1933,905  1,199  48.0KD4D K2YWE K3RA KE3X
129E7DXE72009MULTI-ONE HIGH11,861,3984,219  1,198  48.0E70R E70T E74A E74IW E76C E77DX E77E
130WW2DXW22012MULTI-ONE HIGH13,316,2643,680  1,196  47.7WW2DX W2RE AB3CX VY2ZM W2LK
131YR1CYO2012MULTI-ONE HIGH9,379,5553,615  1,195  47.8YO4NA YO4NF YO9GZU
132ED7WEA2014MULTI-ONE HIGH9,920,9883,608  1,193  48.0EA7RM EA7KW EC7AKV EA7OT
133NY4AW42014MULTI-ONE HIGH11,644,4073,191  1,191  47.9AA4FU N4AF
134EF8MEA82008MULTI-ONE HIGH22,762,3924,952  1,191  48.0RD3AF RZ3AZ
135HG6NHA2014MULTI-ONE HIGH9,997,1903,642  1,190  48.0HA2NA HA6ND HA6NY HA6ON
136PW2DPY2014MULTI-ONE HIGH14,023,0663,511  1,189  47.5PY2BK PY2LSM PY2ZXU @PY2DM
137OL3ZOK2016MULTI-ONE HIGH9,550,6023,419  1,187  46.7OK1DQT OK1FPS OK1HMP LZ3SF
138DR5NDL2016MULTI-ONE HIGH7,649,1752,718  1,185  48.0DJ1MM DJ9DZ DK5OS DL9YAJ SP3LPG
139ED3WEA2015MULTI-ONE HIGH9,888,8253,662  1,185  48.0EA3AKY EA3DU
140S50CS52015MULTI-ONE HIGH9,669,9423,463  1,182  48.0S50P S53CC S53BB S53RM S57VW S55OO
141CT9MCT32008MULTI-ONE HIGH24,125,8024,916  1,182  48.0OM3GI OM3NA OM3LA OM3RM OM7JG
142OG6AOH2009MULTI-ONE HIGH11,430,8994,244  1,181  47.7OH6KZP OH6LI OH6QU
1433Z2XSP2014MULTI-ONE HIGH8,729,3163,126  1,179  46.3SP2EBG SP2FWC SP2IST SQ2GXO
144HG6NHA2013MULTI-ONE HIGH10,232,5413,664  1,179  48.0HA2NA HA3OV HA6ND HA6NY HA6ON
145NW1PW12019MULTI-ONE HIGH10,940,0863,266  1,178  48.0W9SN AA4CF VE7ZO W9RNY
146F2CWF2014MULTI-ONE HIGH8,403,7803,030  1,177  48.0F2CW F6BEE
147SN2BSP2019MULTI-ONE HIGH10,003,0563,736  1,176  48.0SP2DKI SP2MKT SP2MKI SP2FAX
148OZ5EOZ2015MULTI-ONE HIGH9,129,2882,964  1,176  48.0OZ1FJB DD2ML
149EF7XEA2018MULTI-ONE HIGH9,818,1623,347  1,174  47.4EA7PP EA7RM
150OG60FOH2018MULTI-ONE HIGH8,693,5043,458  1,171  48.0OH1NOA OH1TM
151P33W5B2020MULTI-ONE HIGH19,472,3104,536  1,170  46.4UT5UDX RW4WR
152PJ4JPJ42014MULTI-ONE HIGH17,388,5404,336  1,170  48.0N2ZN AI2N WJ2O
153E73ME72011MULTI-ONE HIGH8,270,6083,597  1,168  47.8E71DX E72U E73M E73Y E74A E78A
154KG0FW02014MULTI-ONE HIGH9,568,2333,310  1,167  48.0K7NV K0RF W0UA W0ZP
155SZ1ASV2014MULTI-ONE HIGH7,264,5753,173  1,167  48.0SV1DPI SV1DPJ SV1CQN SV1RP SV1CIB ...
156OM7MOM2009MULTI-ONE HIGH11,688,6723,988  1,167  47.7OK2BFN OM2IB OM3PA OM5MF OM5RM OM5RW ...
157RT2CUA-32020MULTI-ONE HIGH8,024,4123,733  1,166  46.4RV3FF RK3TD RT5C
158DM9KDL2016MULTI-ONE HIGH8,816,1263,304  1,166  48.0DK7AH DJ2QV
159YR1CYO2014MULTI-ONE HIGH9,516,7803,928  1,162  48.0YO4DW YO4NA YO7FB YO9GZU
160SO9QSP2012MULTI-ONE HIGH8,665,0343,004  1,162  47.7SP9QMP SP9H SP9PT SP9XCN
161NY4AW42012MULTI-ONE HIGH12,603,8163,621  1,161  47.7AA4FU N4AF
162IR9YIT92011MULTI-ONE HIGH8,063,1603,635  1,160  47.6I2GPT IT9BLB IT9EJW IT9GAC IT9MUO ...
163DD0CCDL2020MULTI-ONE HIGH8,065,4702,941  1,158  48.0DK3QZ DL1EKC DL1YAF DL3QQ
164OM7MOM2008MULTI-ONE HIGH10,698,7804,211  1,156  48.0OK2BFN OM3PA OM3PC OM5AW OM5RM OM5RW ...
165DD1ADL2014MULTI-ONE HIGH8,048,0402,857  1,155  48.0DL3GA HB9BJL DL1II
166OL3ZOK2017MULTI-ONE HIGH9,526,2703,364  1,154  48.0LZ3SF OK1FPS OK1HMP OK1VWK
167E7DXE72013MULTI-ONE HIGH9,610,2553,471  1,153  48.0E70R E70T E76C E77C E77E E77W
168RU1AUA-12011MULTI-ONE HIGH10,064,5374,361  1,153  48.0RW1AC RA1A RV1AW RN1A UA1AAF R2RA ...
169DP6ADL2021MULTI-ONE HIGH6,705,4682,590  1,148  48.0DJ5IW DL5KUT DL8OH
1709A7A9A2011MULTI-ONE HIGH8,213,9403,361  1,148  48.09A3TR 9A3OS 9A5X 9A7V
171P33W5B2008MULTI-ONE HIGH21,314,1755,303  1,145  48.0RA6LBS RK3AD RU4HP RW4WR RA3AUU
172UZ2IUR2020MULTI-ONE HIGH8,530,8084,062  1,144  48.0UT2II UT2IV US2IR US1ITU UY2IF
173C4N5B2011MULTI-ONE HIGH19,174,5844,952  1,144  47.45B8AD 5B4AGM RV6LNA RA6LFO R7LV R7LP ...
174N4WWW42018MULTI-ONE HIGH9,425,1783,093  1,143  48.0N4WW K1MM K0LUZ N4KM WF3C
175RW0ARA02014MULTI-ONE HIGH12,680,4423,705  1,143  47.9RA0AM RA0ANR RG0A RW0AR RZ0AF RZ0AT
176IO1TI2013MULTI-ONE HIGH9,076,5633,244  1,143  48.0IK1QBT IK1SPR IV3AZV IV3ZXQ IZ1LBG
177OM7MOM2011MULTI-ONE HIGH9,327,8563,573  1,142  48.0OK2BFN OM3PA OM3PC OM5RM OM5RW OM5MF ...
178JT5DXJT2017MULTI-ONE HIGH13,555,2393,686  1,139  48.09A5K JT1CO JT1DO JT7OB K1LZ K1ZM K3JO ...
179OL7COK2015MULTI-ONE HIGH8,885,3393,210  1,139  48.0OK1FIK OK1AW OK1DWQ DL7CX DL8CX
180OL3ZOK2009MULTI-ONE HIGH11,666,7573,926  1,137  48.0OK1DX OK1FCJ OK1FPS OK1HMP
181LX7ILX2017MULTI-ONE HIGH9,137,8853,367  1,135  48.0DL3BPC PC5A
182YT4RAYT2015MULTI-ONE HIGH6,638,6152,355  1,135  43.6YT4RA YT7AW
183UZ2MUR2009MULTI-ONE HIGH11,318,8684,604  1,132  47.7RV3BA RL3FT RX3APM UR5MID UX7IA UT7QF ...
184DR5NDL2013MULTI-ONE HIGH8,359,2212,951  1,131  48.0DJ9DZ DK5OS DL1REM DL9YAJ
185VC2AVE22016MULTI-ONE HIGH12,598,5113,188  1,129  48.0VA2EW VA2WA VA2TTA
186CS9LCT32009MULTI-ONE HIGH20,691,1834,682  1,129  47.8DL5AXX DL8WAA SV1RP
187KL7RAKL2015MULTI-ONE HIGH9,862,1043,100  1,128  48.0AL7IF KL7RA KL7SB
188S50CS52017MULTI-ONE HIGH9,543,4363,626  1,127  48.0S53CC S53RM S53WW S55OO S57C S53MM
189RU1AUA-12008MULTI-ONE HIGH10,549,8474,523  1,127  48.0RW1AC RA1AIP RA1AR RK1AM UA1ACC
190PX2WPY2011MULTI-ONE HIGH14,623,8753,666  1,125  47.0PY2NA PY2NDX PY2YU PY2ZEA
191HG6NHA2011MULTI-ONE HIGH10,041,8663,911  1,123  47.6HA3OV HA6ND HA6NY HA6PX
192OK7OOK2016MULTI-ONE HIGH8,294,9463,257  1,122  48.0OK1DOL OK1DWQ
193IR2CI2009MULTI-ONE HIGH10,234,8843,741  1,122  47.4IK2JUB IK2NCJ IK2PFL
194K1LZW12009MULTI-ONE HIGH12,754,5603,570  1,120  47.0K1LZ K1VR K1ZM W1UE K3JO
195SJ2WSM2011MULTI-ONE HIGH7,755,5663,484  1,118  47.8SE2T SM2LIY SM2WMV SM3JLA
196E73MMME72008MULTI-ONE HIGH9,606,9744,188  1,118  48.0E72A E73MMM E73TW
197IR2CI2008MULTI-ONE HIGH9,850,8233,603  1,117  47.3IK2JUB IK2NCJ IK2PFL
198TM2YF2021MULTI-ONE HIGH9,112,5203,545  1,114  47.1F6BEE F6IFY F8CRH F5PHW
199OE4AOE2006MULTI-ONE HIGH10,839,2203,867  1,114  48.0OE3DIA OE1EMS 
200OL7COK2014MULTI-ONE HIGH8,564,5353,417  1,113  48.0OK1FIK OK1AW DL7CX OK1DOL
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