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RankCallLocYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
101PS8HFPY2015MULTI-ONE LOW2,156,1751,001  555  35.3PS8HF PS8BR PS8NF
102YT5LYT2016MULTI-ONE LOW767,290874  554  23.3YU6YL YU5C YU5T YT0I YU1ML YT1ML
103UR4RWWUR2016MULTI-ONE LOW1,134,1001,140  550  25.7UR5RU UZ1RM
104UW6MUR2018MULTI-ONE LOW1,179,9361,144  544  40.5UR3MP UR2MR UY7MF US2MT
105DF0CHEDL2018MULTI-ONE LOW1,151,8201,060  540  45.4DM6WAN DG7EE
106AB9YCW92018MULTI-ONE LOW1,250,480968  539  26.3 
107PF6WPA2019MULTI-ONE LOW1,210,4431,094  533  27.3PA0ABM PA0RRS
108HG6LHA2017MULTI-ONE LOW1,108,6881,010  532  35.2HA6PS HA6PJ
109DJ4MHDL2017MULTI-ONE LOW1,036,9961,085  524  35.1DJ4MH SWL
110UX4EUR2016MULTI-ONE LOW741,888775  512  24.4UR7EC UT5EOX
111UW6MUR2020MULTI-ONE LOW844,3601,012  505  40.1US2MT UY7MF UR2MR UR3MP
112GX0GHKG2016MULTI-ONE LOW860,804983  497  35.7M0HOM G3WDL
113F8KLYF2018MULTI-ONE LOW713,744945  496  21.6F4HMX F6HJO
114AB9YCW92020MULTI-ONE LOW915,382998  494  22.2AB9YC FAMILY
115OZ/DJ5LAOZ2016MULTI-ONE LOW798,368892  488  32.3DJ5LA DJ1XT DF4LP
1168J1FCJA12014MULTI-ONE LOW982,279875  487  19.4JJ1RXC JA1ILI
117RY0ARA02015MULTI-ONE LOW1,082,403799  483  17.4RA0AY RY0A
118V3AV32018MULTI-ONE LOW1,828,2261,179  482  42.4V31FG V31HE V31MA V31PS V31YN
119OT6MON2017MULTI-ONE LOW695,045771  481  18.5ON9CC PE2HD
120F8KLYF2016MULTI-ONE LOW539,010811  477  23.7F4HMX F6HJO
121HI0LTHI2019MULTI-ONE LOW1,181,432890  476  24.3HI3A HI3AA HI3CC HI3Y WP3A
122OT6MON2016MULTI-ONE LOW549,581722  463  13.6PE2HD ON9CC
123OZ/DJ5LAOZ2015MULTI-ONE LOW701,328819  456  29.3DJ5LA DJ1XT DF4LP
124ZW8TPY2018MULTI-ONE LOW1,087,784790  454  26.4PS8HF PS8BR PS8NF PS8WA
125UW6MUR2017MULTI-ONE LOW597,996853  452  39.1US2MT UR3MP UR2MR UR4MP
126LZ3PNLZ2019MULTI-ONE LOW729,267679  451  20.3LZ3PN LZ1BP
127F8KLYF2017MULTI-ONE LOW510,962754  449  20.4F4HMX F6HJO
128OZ/DJ1XTOZ2018MULTI-ONE LOW726,375768  447  33.7DJ1XT DJ5LA
130UR4RWWUR2017MULTI-ONE LOW787,636896  446  17.5UR5RU
131NY5BW52017MULTI-ONE LOW695,0161,010  441  45.6NY5B KK5MT WA5RR
132US2EUR2015MULTI-ONE LOW749,259814  441  15.5 
133OZ/DJ5LAOZ2019MULTI-ONE LOW668,160835  435  30.0DJ5LA DJ1XT
134EM5KUR2019MULTI-ONE LOW671,067987  431  30.7UX0KR UW5KW
135OL1BOK2020MULTI-ONE LOW361,242656  423  31.3OK1FMJ OL1B
136KP4EJKP42020MULTI-ONE LOW867,632726  422  15.0KP4EJ WP3C
137TM7AF2016MULTI-ONE LOW611,478747  422  30.4F5RVF F5IYJ
138OM3KWZOM2015MULTI-ONE LOW464,940598  420  14.5OM7AA OM7RC
1394U1VICOE2014MULTI-ONE LOW436,182694  417  11.0RV3DH RW3AH
140JK2VOCJA22020MULTI-ONE LOW744,639945  413  34.6JK2VOC JO4GGO
141EW4WEEU2018MULTI-ONE LOW556,612722  412  42.3EU4CK EW4DH EW4IG
142WE5PW42021MULTI-ONE LOW673,585759  407  34.0WE5P K2UPD
143EW4WEEU2019MULTI-ONE LOW459,096721  407  41.6DL7VFM EU4BOC EU4CK EW4DH
144BY4DXBY2021MULTI-ONE LOW816,837978  401  47.9BG4GOV BH4XDZ BH4AYG BH4FCD BH4DEG ...
145SN1921PSSP2021MULTI-ONE LOW419,600604  400  20.3SQ9FMU
146UZ5PUR2021MULTI-ONE LOW379,028622  394  32.2UR3PGW UR3PGV UT4PR UT5PP
147VA7DZVE72017MULTI-ONE LOW1,041,3421,015  394  43.7VA7DZ VE3YT VA7KH VA7VK
148EH2OLAEA2014MULTI-ONE LOW358,938597  391  19.0EA2AAZ EA2EA
149PI4DHVPA2015MULTI-ONE LOW371,884664  389  33.0ON4AUC PA3FLW
150JK2VOCJA22021MULTI-ONE LOW616,144884  388  28.7JK2VOC JO4GGO
151K0UKW02017MULTI-ONE LOW515,660726  380  30.9 
152OL1BOK2021MULTI-ONE LOW321,000549  375  29.8OK1BLU OK1FMJ OK1WSL
153OZ/DJ5LAOZ2017MULTI-ONE LOW407,712584  372  30.0DF4LP DJ1XT DJ5LA
154EN7PUR2019MULTI-ONE LOW418,117574  371  24.5UR3PGW UT4PR UT5PP
155IB5TI2014MULTI-ONE LOW333,207595  369  25.1IZ5FDD IW5ELA
156BH6ICBY2018MULTI-ONE LOW616,193669  367  38.6BD6IPK BH6JFR BH6KKK
157E29AUHS2017MULTI-ONE LOW457,866675  366  28.7E21IZC HS7UCQ E27EK
158EN7PUR2018MULTI-ONE LOW427,050579  365  23.2UR3PGW UR3PGV UT4PR UT1PG
159BY7KPBY2021MULTI-ONE LOW547,920955  360  32.3BH7JUO BG9XD
160DF50USLARDL2015MULTI-ONE LOW296,667520  357  14.8DJ6OI DH3MG
161TC3NTA2019MULTI-ONE LOW700,964607  356  28.6TA3B TA3ON
162UW6MUR2019MULTI-ONE LOW392,232689  354  28.4UY7MF UR2MR UR3MP US2MT
163BY4DXBY2020MULTI-ONE LOW647,755849  353  44.6BG4GOV BH4XDZ BH4AYG BA4VE BG4GMA ...
164EU1XXEU2020MULTI-ONE LOW402,948615  351  12.7EU1SAT EU2EU
165M0SQCG2021MULTI-ONE LOW321,195580  345  29.0M0JWT M0NIE
166YT5LYT2015MULTI-ONE LOW282,834487  342  16.5YT0I YT1ML YU1ML YU5C YU5T
167YO6KNYYO2014MULTI-ONE LOW343,026560  342  19.7YO6ADW YO6DBA
168OL1BOK2019MULTI-ONE LOW256,623517  339  27.0OK1FMJ OK1BLU
169EW4WREU2019MULTI-ONE LOW257,514470  334  18.9EW4R EW4RF
170SK50HDSM2019MULTI-ONE LOW308,976597  328  18.1SA6AQP SM6FKF
171EW4WEEU2016MULTI-ONE LOW296,840571  328  38.4EU4BOC EU4CK EW4IG
1727I1AYB2021MULTI-ONE LOW473,026518  326  24.6YB1TIA YB1SAM YB1RAP YC1RIK YC1SRF ...
173NZ3DW32016MULTI-ONE LOW402,284501  326  21.7NZ3D KB3WD
174UA6KACUA-62018MULTI-ONE LOW302,940562  324  33.2R7KG RW7KW
175B1CBY2014MULTI-ONE LOW321,408542  324  25.5BA1PK BD1PDP BD1UU BD1FVL
176E7RSE72014MULTI-ONE LOW287,064543  324  14.8E73PY E73X E75MJ 
1773A/IW1RBI3A2021MULTI-ONE LOW287,360486  320  8.3IW1RBI IK1YDB IU1JXW IU1KBL
178JK2VOCJA22019MULTI-ONE LOW356,704499  314  20.6JK2VOC JO4GGO
179AB9YCW92016MULTI-ONE LOW353,878530  314  14.2 
180YB9DEYB2021MULTI-ONE LOW558,363541  309  31.1YB9DE YB3MM
181YC1ZBBYB2018MULTI-ONE LOW638,060539  305  30.4 
182KW1K/4W42016MULTI-ONE LOW194,526469  303  32.9KW1K W2IW
183CE1CACE2015MULTI-ONE LOW375,328447  296  16.8XQ1CR CE1URJ CE1HTY 
184BG4GOVBY2019MULTI-ONE LOW440,800765  290  38.4BG4GOV BG4HYK BH4DEG
185HS7APHS2020MULTI-ONE LOW259,522504  289  26.9E27EK E21IZC HS7UCQ E20OMN HS7QNC ...
186XQ3WDCE2021MULTI-ONE LOW399,456422  288  30.5XQ3WD XQ4CW CE3WW
187ZW8TPY2014MULTI-ONE LOW331,188409  286  9.6PS8HF PS8BR PS8NF
188IO9AIT92019MULTI-ONE LOW130,851433  279  5.5IT9SSI IT9YVO
1897B1BYB2021MULTI-ONE LOW359,653407  269  25.9YB1BX YB1BD YB1DDH YB1EMY
190RU0LLRA02021MULTI-ONE LOW357,420811  259  21.0RU0LL RW0LZ
191OL1BOK2016MULTI-ONE LOW118,938326  258  12.4OK1FMJ OK1GPC
192YE1RYB2017MULTI-ONE LOW470,053528  257  33.5YB1SAM YB1TJ YB0MWM/1 YB2EUZ/1 YB1TIA ...
193YO4KAKYO2016MULTI-ONE LOW125,751387  251  10.1YO4AH YO4CAI
194YO6KNYYO2015MULTI-ONE LOW158,000318  250  15.0YO6DBA YO6PJR
195WA4NZDW42014MULTI-ONE LOW200,860338  242  23.0WA2JQZ KB5EZ KK4IBB
196JK2VOCJA22017MULTI-ONE LOW209,760436  240  18.6JK2VOC
197F8KLYF2015MULTI-ONE LOW118,048313  238  8.8F6HJO F6ESQ F4HMX
198JJ2YNRJA22015MULTI-ONE LOW185,885354  235  15.1JK2RKE JK2VOC JO2AXB
199YO4KAKYO2020MULTI-ONE LOW111,150354  234  11.7YO4AH YO4BYW
200W0MW02020MULTI-ONE LOW136,305439  233  12.8K0UK KB0QAA
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