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25763 results found
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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
24601N1IMWW12013SO HIGH ALL2,53540392.7 
24602UT4PZUR2011SO HIGH ALL4,36843394.2 
24603JG1WNOJA12010SO HIGH ALL6,66941392.5 
24604N6RIW62010SO HIGH ALL5,34348399.9 
24605SV9COLSV92010SO HIGH ALL (T)8,30746392.2 
24606W6SJW62010SO HIGH ALL3,23744391.5 
24607JA5FBZJA52008SO HIGH ALL3,00347393.7 
24608SP2GKQSP2004SO HIGH ALL4,48511639  
24609JA1HHUJA12002SO HIGH ALL5,92843393.6  
24610N4XR/1W11999SO HIGH ALL4,8754139  
24611UA6LPUA-61997SO HIGH ALL (T)3,8614339  
24612SP2DKISP1995SO HIGH ALL3,1984339  
24613K8MRW81994SO HIGH ALL4,0954239  
24614SP4KTOSP1991SO HIGH ALL3,6274239  
24615UA9XLVUA91991SO HIGH ALL6,5528239  
24616AA5PAW51990SO HIGH ALL1,0924139  
24617UB4IBFUR1990SO HIGH ALL2,3015939  
24618UA9AOVUA91989SO HIGH ALL10,6085039  
24619Y58UADM1989SO HIGH ALL4,4464339  
24620HB9KCHB1988SO HIGH ALL3,9394039  
24621WB0CHSW01988SO HIGH ALL3,9784539  
24622JF1JAXJA11987SO HIGH ALL5,8895239  
24623SM5DEVSM1987SO HIGH ALL2,7693939  
24624UZ2FWNUA21987SO HIGH ALL4,2904939  
24625Y31TFDM1985SO HIGH ALL4,2904339  
24626JI2NQSJA21984SO HIGH ALL2,6914639  
24627UB5JLJUR1984SO HIGH ALL3,9004139  
24628YU7QDY/MYU1984SO HIGH ALL3,5884239  
24629OH2DNOH1982SO HIGH ALL2,9254739  
24630SM5BDVSM1982SO HIGH ALL3,0814339  
24631UA1WEAUA-11982SO HIGH ALL5,6555339  
24632SP8GSCSP1981SO HIGH ALL4,4854339  
24633ZZ5XFRPY1981SO HIGH ALL4,2514239  
24634JA0GTMJA01980SO HIGH ALL5,3435539  
24635JE1AEXJA12019SA HIGH ALL6,23241384.5  
24636AI9TW92016SA HIGH ALL2,62242381.4 
24637OH3AAOH2016SA HIGH ALL3,64840382.3OH2KI
24638CT3BDCT32014SA HIGH ALL3,19239388.0 
24639LA4RTLA2013SA HIGH ALL1,90041381.9 
24640N3UA/4W42013SA HIGH ALL3,68640381.2 
24641DL5MEVDL2009SA HIGH ALL3,30638382.2 
24642JL1LNCJA12022SO HIGH ALL (T)3,30643384.0 
24643KE8EW82022SO HIGH ALL (C)2,20442383.1 
24644VK7BOVK2022SO HIGH ALL4,02843381.7 
24645WI6XW62022SO HIGH ALL (T)2,43238382.1 
24646GM0VGM2021SO HIGH ALL3,34440382.0GM0OQV
24647JA2GUWJA22021SO HIGH ALL1,90052382.1  
24648KG4USNW32021SO HIGH ALL5,51038382.0 
24649IN3ELXI2020SO HIGH ALL (C)4,446403810.3 
24650JA0AVSJA02018SO HIGH ALL3,80042383.9 
24651RU9UCUA92017SO HIGH ALL6,57438383.9 
24652PS7DXPY2016SO HIGH ALL3,76239384.5 
24653R3QFUA-32015SO HIGH ALL5,16843385.3  
24654WB0PTO/9W92012SO HIGH ALL2,24240384.5 
24655YO3JWYO2008SO HIGH ALL2,81240381.7 
24656JF2FIUJA22007SO HIGH ALL3,80048382.4  
24657SM3CBRSM2001SO HIGH ALL3,00244383.1  
24658JR6CFJA61997SO HIGH ALL5,1303938  
24659LA3UGLA1995SO HIGH ALL3,5347338  
24660UT5HPUR1992SO HIGH ALL2,9644038  
24661IK2ERAI1991SO HIGH ALL2,6604238  
24662PY2KXIPY1990SO HIGH ALL3,8003838  
24663Y24TGDM1990SO HIGH ALL3,5344238  
24664PA3EOBPA1987SO HIGH ALL4,6744238  
24665Y53VLDM1987SO HIGH ALL3,3065038  
24666JE1KDM/8JA81986SO HIGH ALL8,0184738  
24667Y49RFDM1984SO HIGH ALL3,9904138  
24668LA7TOLA1983SO HIGH ALL4,4844338  
24669OH0BT/SM7SM1983SO HIGH ALL2,4704538  
24670SM5ARLSM1983SO HIGH ALL3,2304138  
24671UA3LCCUA-31983SO HIGH ALL3,2684038  
24672JH1MTRJA11982SO HIGH ALL5,5484938  
24673Y21HI/ADM1982SO HIGH ALL2,6225238  
24674YO8CMBYO1982SO HIGH ALL13,52816538  
24675JA8CAQJA81981SO HIGH ALL4,1424038  
24676UA6AKBUA-61980SO HIGH ALL3,7244438  
24677W0LHSW01980SO HIGH ALL4,1804538  
24678OH5PTOH1979SO HIGH ALL3,4584038  
24679SM5BDVSM1979SO HIGH ALL3,6864338  
24680PH0ASPA2018SA HIGH ALL1,88740372.5 
24681AK0MRW02017SA HIGH ALL3,071433711.2 
24682F6FLUF2016SA HIGH ALL3,14537372.5 
24683R7LVUA-62016SA HIGH ALL2,51646370.6  
24684KI7NW72014SA HIGH ALL (T)3,62641375.2 
24685DK6BTDL2011SA HIGH ALL1,96138376.1 
24686N0BKW02010SA HIGH ALL (T)4,44044373.2 
24687JA6CNXJA62022SO HIGH ALL1,18438377.3 
24688VA2QRVE22022SO HIGH ALL3,81137371.7 
24689YC8DULYB2022SO HIGH ALL (C)3,77441378.4 
24690KH6FHIKH62020SO HIGH ALL1,62839377.0 
24691JA0GCYJA02019SO HIGH ALL3,99640374.4 
24692YE3AAYB2017SO HIGH ALL5,95753372.5N1IP
24693UN7QFUN2015SO HIGH ALL3,25638372.7 
24694EU7SREU2011SO HIGH ALL3,40442376.5 
24695IZ1RFLI2011SO HIGH ALL1,88739375.9 
24696KE1R/5W52011SO HIGH ALL2,77541375.8 
24697JA7ZPJA72008SO HIGH ALL5,77246373.5 
24698SM4TUSM2008SO HIGH ALL5,43944377.4SM4TU
24699W9PL/7W72008SO HIGH ALL8,06645372.9 
24700YL4UYL2005SO HIGH ALL2,072423725.6YL3GN 
25763 results found
  Page 247 of 258  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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