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RankCallLocYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
2019A1A9A1997MULTI-MULTI17,925,0846,619  1,076  9A5W 9A2DQ 9A3GW 9A3NR 9A6A 9A6D 9A2SD ... 
202CR3ACT32013SO HIGH ALL17,878,7404,336  1,133  35.9OM3GI
203UA7KUA-62014MULTI-TWO17,842,4255,792  1,425  48.0R6KA UT5EO UU4JMG UB7K
204HQ9XHR2018MULTI-TWO17,819,2984,709  1,269  48.0N2WQ W1UE K1XM KQ1F
2056Y1A6Y2001MULTI-ONE HIGH17,772,8115,217  1,061  48.0K2KW KE7X N6XG K6ST 
206ES9CES2012MULTI-ONE HIGH17,760,7385,628  1,438  48.0YL3DW YL1ZF YL2GQT ES2DW ES2NA ES5JR ...
207RT9WRA92002MULTI-MULTI17,731,0005,245  1,000  48.0  
208KM3T/1W12006MULTI-MULTI17,666,3005,437  1,150  48.0K1GQ K1EA KM3T K6AW WA1Z 
209LX7ILX2018MULTI-TWO17,631,4325,186  1,352  48.0DK9IP DL3BPC PC5A
210DQ4WDL2012MULTI-TWO17,627,7995,213  1,389  48.0DJ2MX DK4YJ DK5TX DK9TN DL5RMH
211PW7TPY2011MULTI-TWO17,602,4704,388  1,179  46.3PT7DX PT7ZAA PY7CW PY7XC PY7ZY PY8AZT
212NR3X/4W42014MULTI-TWO17,583,7205,034  1,320  48.0KU5B W0UCE N3ND N4CW N1LN WA4PSC
213PJ4UPJ22004MULTI-TWO17,502,2644,589  1,084  48.0YL2KL YL2GM YL2GQT YL2VW YL3GE(K7GEX) 
214SK3WSM2015MULTI-TWO17,496,0685,504  1,396  48.0SM3SGP SA5BJM SM5EPO SM5TXT SM5AJV ...
215ES9CES2002MULTI-MULTI17,464,8866,969  1,138  48.0ES1DW ES2NA ES2RJ ES5MC ES5MG ES5QX ... 
216LZ9WLZ2009MULTI-MULTI17,398,0596,774  1,213  48.0LZ1ANA LZ1ZD LZ1PM LZ1PJ LZ1UQ LZ2CJ ...
217K9CTW92015MULTI-TWO17,394,5374,728  1,373  48.0N9CK KB9OWD KC9EE K9ZO K9CT KK9K K3WA
218PJ4JPJ42014MULTI-ONE HIGH17,388,5404,336  1,170  48.0N2ZN AI2N WJ2O
219DR4ADL2014MULTI-TWO17,366,9705,354  1,410  48.0DC8SG DJ9KM DK5PD DK9VZ DL6WT DH2WQ ...
220EF8MEA82009SO HIGH ALL17,288,8644,032  1,037  35.9RD3AF
2219A7A9A2006MULTI-TWO17,274,2765,710  1,228  48.09A3TR 9A3OS 9A4PA 9A4R 9A5X 9A7V 9A8A 
222EC2DXEA2017MULTI-MULTI17,263,2966,152  1,312  48.0EA1WH EA2CW EA2DPA EA2WX EC2DX EA4CWN ...
223EF8MEA82011SO HIGH ALL17,256,7853,997  1,105  36.0RD3A
2249A7A9A2021MULTI-ONE HIGH17,211,1524,712  1,514  48.09A5X 9A3TR 9A2V 9A3OS 9A7V
225NR4MW42013MULTI-MULTI17,144,8205,283  1,260  48.0NR4M K7SV K4EC K4ZW KE3X N3UA K2KW K4GM ...
2263V9A3V2009SO HIGH ALL17,115,8404,385  1,008  35.3YT1AD
227LZ5RLZ2021SO HIGH ALL17,114,5664,728  1,489  35.8LZ5DB
228DR1ADL2006MULTI-TWO17,096,3525,671  1,236  48.0DF6JC DJ7EO DL3DXX DL6FBL DO1ET PB2T 
229KH6LCKH62012MULTI-TWO17,095,4604,303  1,198  47.5KH6LC AH6RE NH6V KH7Y
230G5WG2015MULTI-TWO17,053,8755,139  1,395  48.0G2NF G3BJ G3XTT G4DRS
231IO1TI2021MULTI-TWO17,039,5684,995  1,456  45.4IK1SPR IK3QAR IW1ARB IZ1LBG
232RU1AUA-12017MULTI-TWO17,032,7405,947  1,338  47.9RW1ARV1AWRN1ARN1AMRU1AFRT1M
233DR1ADL2007MULTI-MULTI16,999,8726,738  1,184  48.0DF6JC DJ6ET DJ7EO DL1MFL DL3DXX DL5LYM ... 
234OZ5EOZ2019MULTI-MULTI16,993,6725,822  1,306  48.0OZ1ADL OZ7AM OZ1AA OZ1ISY OZ1XJ OZ1LCG ...
235NI4WW42021MULTI-TWO16,972,6595,099  1,329  48.0N4WW K1MM N4KM K0LUZ W4WF @N4WW
236YT5AYT2019MULTI-TWO16,958,9165,431  1,404  48.0YT1AD YT3W YT0I YU1AU YU1KX YU5C YU8A 
237CT9/R9DXCT32015SO HIGH ALL16,956,4014,004  1,141  36.0 
238ND7KW72021MULTI-MULTI16,947,4875,666  1,349  48.0N6WIN N6MJ KL9A NN1C W9KKN W6PH KN8U ...
239RU1AUA-12012MULTI-ONE HIGH16,938,3065,636  1,386  48.0RW1A RD1A RN1A R2RA RG3K UU4JMG
240IY1GMSI2014MULTI-TWO16,919,1995,416  1,377  48.0I1HJT IK1QBT IK2JUB IK3QAR IV3ZXQ ...
241DM8DDL2012MULTI-TWO16,781,4765,204  1,354  48.0DC8SG DJ9KM DK5PD DK9VZ DL6WT DH2WQ
2429A7A9A2020MULTI-ONE HIGH16,765,9205,029  1,440  48.09A5X 9A3TR 9A2V 9A7V 9A3OS 9A3XV 9A4M
243LY7ALY2014MULTI-MULTI16,745,2105,963  1,315  48.0LYR346 LY1EE LY1FK LY1DI LY2BMX LY2DX ...
244LZ9WLZ2004MULTI-MULTI16,735,5526,861  1,136  48.0LZ1ANA LZ1PM LZ1UQ LZ1ZD LZ1PJ LZ2CJ ... 
245RU1AUA-12021MULTI-ONE HIGH16,731,3965,349  1,452  48.0RA3AUU RD1A RJ1M RT1M RT9T RN1A RW1A
246KP2MKP22021SO HIGH ALL (C)16,728,3844,127  1,154  35.9KT3Y
247DR5NDL2015MULTI-TWO16,699,6904,959  1,379  48.0DF1MM DJ1MM DJ9DZ DK5OS DL9YAJ SP3LPG
248LU4FMLU2011MULTI-MULTI16,698,1324,218  1,132  46.8LU1FAM LU1FZR LU4FLJ LU4FPZ LU5FF LW7DX ...
249AD4ZW42014MULTI-TWO16,698,0004,831  1,320  48.0N4WW AD4Z N4KM K0LUZ K1MM WF3C
250HG7THA2019MULTI-TWO16,685,0865,711  1,342  48.0HA7TM HA7JHM HA0DU HA5WA HA9PP HG5DX
251RF9CRA92011MULTI-ONE HIGH16,678,8704,159  1,105  48.0R9DX RA9CKQ RW9CW UA9CDC UA9CIR
252ED1REA2012MULTI-TWO16,659,8345,481  1,333  48.0DH1TW EA1FAQ EA1WX EC1KR EA4SV EA4TX ...
253VP2MDGVP2M2015MULTI-ONE HIGH16,654,7804,285  1,270  48.0K2DM K2PS
254LT1FLU2014MULTI-TWO16,632,0004,245  1,200  43.2LU1AEE LU1FAM LU1FJ LU1FKR LU2FE LU2FM ...
255D4BD42004SO HIGH ALL16,619,0004,779  1,000  36.04L5A 
256EC2DXEA2018MULTI-TWO16,599,9905,214  1,345  48.0EA1XT EA4CWN EA5KA EA7KW EC2DX
257HG73DXHA1993MULTI-MULTI16,543,4206,489  1,060    
258RW2FUA22010MULTI-MULTI16,508,7887,108  1,174  48.0RA2FA RN2FA RV2FW RV2FZ UA2FB UA2FF ...
259LZ5RLZ2020SO HIGH ALL16,505,7205,292  1,288  36.0LZ5DB
260HG73DXHA1991MULTI-MULTI16,468,4806,258  1,120  HA1TJ HA1TD HA1DAC HA1DAE HA1AH HA5GF ... 
261LZ5RLZ2014MULTI-TWO16,429,6805,722  1,368  48.0K1LZ LZ1YQ LZ1NK LZ1ND LZ1UK LZ1JZ ...
262NR4MW42019MULTI-MULTI16,422,3605,066  1,279  46.8K4QS KG3V K7SV N3AC KN4DEB KC4D W0IMD ...
263DM9KDL2014MULTI-TWO16,410,7385,137  1,362  48.0DJ0ZY DJ1YFK DJ2QV DK7AH
264K9CTW92012MULTI-TWO16,409,6924,694  1,292  48.0K3WA K9CT K9MMS K9ZO NK9E
265S54WS51999MULTI-MULTI16,405,9306,293  1,093  S57NW S57MW S59A S54W S52EZ S52ZW S53O ... 
266RW0ARA02013MULTI-MULTI16,397,5524,719  1,112  48.0RA0AM RA0ALM RD0A RM0A RU0A RW0AR RZ0AF ...
267LY73BBLY2021MULTI-DISTRIBUTED16,334,4005,625  1,328  48.0LY7M LY4ZZ LY2A LY8A LY5A LY2K LY7X
268UB6BUA-62020MULTI-TWO16,333,9425,668  1,418  48.0R7AB UA7A UA6AA R7DA RU7A RX6CM
269EF8REA82019SA HIGH ALL16,329,5433,566  1,123  35.5EA8RM
270KM4MW42004MULTI-TWO16,283,7454,783  1,095  48.0K3TW K4JA K4ZA K7SV KD4D N4GG W3BP ... 
271PJ4APJ42011SO HIGH ALL16,272,7303,959  1,018  36.0K4BAI
2729A1A9A1996MULTI-MULTI16,268,4906,679  1,054  9A5W 9A9A 9A2DQ 9A2EU 9A2TS 9A3NR 9A4OM ... 
273PJ4GPJ42019MULTI-ONE HIGH16,247,4843,697  1,068  47.4W1MD K2NG
274UP4ALY1988MULTI-MULTI16,204,9616,817  1,013  UP2BAW UP2BIG UP2BIL UP2BKT UP2BNB ... 
275DM9KDL2015MULTI-TWO16,192,4554,994  1,345  48.0DJ1YFK DK6SP DK7AH
276YT5AYT2017MULTI-TWO16,168,0605,219  1,322  48.0YT1AD YT3W YU1AU YU1KX YU2FG YU8A
2779A60A9A2008MULTI-TWO16,164,1446,057  1,207  48.09A2X 9A3TR 9A3OS 9A5X 9A7V
278YT9XYT2020MULTI-TWO16,160,8025,716  1,407  48.0YU1ZZ YU1WS YU1UN YU2ZZ YU3EEA YT1BD ...
279ZL6QHZL2004MULTI-MULTI16,143,8404,193  1,010  48.0ZL1AZE ZL1BYZ ZL1CT ZL1TM ZL2BSJ ZL2III 
280D4BD42005SO HIGH ALL16,137,1284,678  1,016  36.04L5A 
281YU5RYT2012MULTI-TWO16,136,2565,440  1,374  48.0LA6FJA YT1HA YU6DX YU9DX YT3PL
2829A1A9A1995MULTI-MULTI16,098,9866,599  1,046  K4XU F2CW 9A5W 9A9A 9A2DQ 9A2EU 9A2HO ... 
283CR2XCU2013MULTI-ONE HIGH16,075,7945,302  1,302  48.0OM3BH OM3RM OM7JG
284YT5AYT2016MULTI-TWO16,068,4075,643  1,363  48.0YT1AD YT3W YT7AW YU1AO YU1AU YU1DX ...
285PS2TPY2016MULTI-ONE HIGH16,044,4113,640  1,203  47.8PY2NA PY2NDX PY2ZEA PP5WG PU2RSD
286P40LP42007MULTI-ONE HIGH15,992,0503,931  1,025  48.0W0YK KX7M W6LD 
287LN8WLA2019MULTI-MULTI15,986,3765,788  1,308  48.0LN8W LA3BO LA5KO LA5UF LA9VDA LA9WDA ...
288LZ5RLZ2016MULTI-TWO15,861,6645,990  1,352  48.0LZ1YQ LZ1UK LZ1NK LZ1ND LZ1INI LZ3BB ...
289WL7EKL72000MULTI-MULTI15,833,9535,072  1,037  48.0WL7E KL7Y KL7FH KL9A WA2GO NL7Z 
290WL7EKL2002MULTI-MULTI15,799,9254,950  1,073  48.0WL7E KL7Y WA2GO KL2A KL9A KL7FH AL1G 
291OM7MOM2007MULTI-MULTI15,780,9806,398  1,172  48.0OK2BFN OM1KW OM3PA OM3PC OM3TZZ OM4KW ... 
292KD4DW32006MULTI-TWO15,763,7124,898  1,112  48.0NI1N N2YO NN3W K3MM KD4D N8II 
293NK1Z/4W42012MULTI-TWO15,731,2904,588  1,258  48.0K5KG K4LQ WD4AHZ N4EEB K1TO W0BH
294G5WG2014MULTI-TWO15,696,1535,027  1,353  48.0G3BJ 5B4WN G3WGN N6GQ
295BY5CDBY2014MULTI-MULTI15,694,3804,783  1,235  48.0BA5CW BA5FB BD4AGK BD4GNV BG4HJE OH7WV
2968P5A8P2016SO HIGH ALL15,690,4864,261  1,162  35.9W2SC
297HG5AHA1999MULTI-MULTI15,658,2896,080  1,073  HA1DDR HA1VQ HA1WD HA1XO HA1XU HA1YA ... 
298RT4FUA-42012MULTI-ONE HIGH15,613,5075,407  1,351  48.0RK4FU UA4FER RW4FO RK4FD RK4FW RG4F ...
299JA3YBKJA32014MULTI-MULTI15,569,0014,276  1,263  47.2JG3KIV JG3WDN JH4NMT JS1PWV
300KP2MKP22020SO HIGH ALL15,544,7603,854  1,133  35.8KT3Y
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