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3096 results found
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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
3001UA6ATGUA-62021SO LOW 15M64880.7 
3002JA1LKYJA12018SA LOW 15M63871.9 
3003N2BEGW22019SO LOW 15M60660.2  
3004JA7ARWJA72016SO LOW 15M60650.3 
3005JR1FVWJA12009SO LOW 15M60660.2 
3006JI1LAIJA12007SO LOW 15M60661.7  
3007NJ4QW42020SA LOW 15M (T)55551.2NJ4Q
3008JA3EJGJA32015SA LOW 15M5555 
3009JR1FVWJA12010SO LOW 15M54660.5 
3010WD5HCKW52022SO LOW 15M50551.3 
3011JG3PTBJA32020SA LOW 15M48442.5 
3012PY2OAPY2017SA LOW 15M48440.6 
3013N4NMW42019SO LOW 15M48880.3 
3014NV5MW52011SO LOW 15M48661.3 
3015JQ1AHZJA12003SO LOW 15M486625.9  
3016EA2BVVEA2010SA LOW 15M (T)45992.2 
3017YD9MBMYB2022SO LOW 15M45550.3 
3018PT8CWPY2014SO LOW 15M45550.4  
3019JN1BBOJA12011SO LOW 15M45550.7 
3020JI1LAIJA12010SO LOW 15M45550.7 
3021PY7OOPY2013SA LOW 15M40440.3 
3022JG3LDDJA32022SO LOW 15M (T)40650.2 
3023EA3CWTEA2021SO LOW 15M40440.3 
3024JO1JKHJA12018SO LOW 15M40882.6  
30259M2/JI3QGQ9M22011SO LOW 15M (T)40441.9 
3026JA5IDVJA52000SO LOW 15M4044  
3027YT0IYT2018SA LOW 15M36661.1 
3028YB1IMYB2018SO LOW 15M36440.5 
3029JL7FBV/1JA12008SO LOW 15M36762.2 
3030TA1CHTA12014SA LOW 15M (R)35550.2 
3031JA2NGNJA22013SO LOW 15M35550.2 
3032RU9WZUA92011SO LOW 15M35550.9 
3033JA5IDVJA52010SO LOW 15M30661.2 
3034OH6UPOH1994SO LOW 15M3065  
3035SQ5VCOSP2022SO LOW 15M (R)27330.2 
3036BA3MMBY2022SO LOW 15M25550.1 
3037UT8AQUR2021SO LOW 15M25550.1 
3038JO3XCKJA32016SO LOW 15M25651.0 
3039V85ACRV82017SA LOW 15M24331.1V85ACR V89SYA V89SZA
3040JA1YEVJA12022SO LOW 15M24660.6JA1GTE
3041PY2DNPY2021SO LOW 15M24441.6 
3042DO1DXXDL2015SO LOW 15M2133 
3043JO1WIZJA12015SO LOW 15M (T)21330.2 
3044HK6PHK2013SO LOW 15M21330.2 
3045JA1YNEJA12013SO LOW 15M21330.2 
3046IK1WEGI2012SO LOW 15M21330.6 
3047JR3VZSJA32015SA LOW 15M20551.5 
3048N4BFRW42014SA LOW 15M20440.8 
3049KP4DQCKP42022SO LOW 15M18330.7 
3050JR2AAN/2JA22013SO LOW 15M16440.1 
3051HC1JQHC2017SA LOW 15M15330.2 
3052PY1FOXPY2017SA LOW 15M15331.1 
3053UP2FUN2011SA LOW 15M (T)15330.2UN8FM
3054JS1BXHJA12016SA LOW 15M12220.2 
3055YC1GDFYB2022SO LOW 15M12220.8  
3056JG3LDDJA32020SO LOW 15M (T)12220.1 
3057HC1JQHC2016SO LOW 15M1222 
3058JE3EVIJA32014SO LOW 15M1222 
3059N3MEW32014SO LOW 15M1222 
3060JO3LDNJA32003SO LOW 15M12220.1  
3061JA4CBXJA42011SO LOW 15M9330.9 
3062JR2AAN/2JA22012SA LOW 15M8220.1 
3063VG4JPVE42022SO LOW 15M8221.2VA4JP
3064JJ2RONJA22014SO LOW 15M6220.8 
3065BA4QOBY2011SO LOW 15M6220.2 
3066JR0BULJA02016SA LOW 15M4220.1 
3067BU2CABV2015SA LOW 15M4220.1 
3068BA7LACBY2022SO LOW 15M4220.3 
3069N5EPW92020SO LOW 15M4220.6 
3070K7ULSW72018SO LOW 15M4220.1 
3071JH8CLC/7JA72017SO LOW 15M4220.1 
3072LB1TILA2020SA LOW 15M3110.1LB1TI
3073DL8GMDL2019SA LOW 15M311 
3074DO1DXXDL2018SO LOW 15M3110.1 
3075LZ2JELZ2015SO LOW 15M (T)311  
3076JH1XOQJA12014SO LOW 15M (T)3330.4 
3077JH8CLC/7JA72014SO LOW 15M311 
3078UR6AJUR2014SO LOW 15M311 
3079JG1AVRJA12012SO LOW 15M311 
3080W4JHC/5W52010SO LOW 15M (T)311 
3081SP9VEGSP1993SO LOW 15M311  
3082BG8BXMBY2022SO LOW 15M1110.1 
3083JJ1HHJJA12022SO LOW 15M1110.4 
3084BG6FQOBY2018SO LOW 15M1110.1  
3085JF9MWRJA92017SO LOW 15M111 
3086YG9CLTYB2017SO LOW 15M111 
3087JI0VNNJA02013SO LOW 15M111 
3088JI1LAIJA12008SO LOW 15M111 
3089JI3OGIJA32008SO LOW 15M111 
3090SC1AGSM2006SO LOW 15M11124.1SM1TDE 
3091SL1BDSM2006SO LOW 15M11124.1SM1TDE 
3092SM1TDESM2006SO LOW 15M11124.1  
3093D44ACD42003SO LOW 15M11124.1  
3094XX9TSSXX91998SO LOW 15M111JK2PNY 
3095DM2CYNDL2022SO LOW 15M   0.1  
3096EW8AXEU2022SO LOW 15M   0.1 
3096 results found
  Page 31 of 31  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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