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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
3101SP9EMLSP1995SO HIGH 15M7,3147669  
3102JR1NHDJA12023SO HIGH 15M (T)7,20854534.6 
3103UA3FKUA-31984SO HIGH 15M7,1947366  
3104EU3AAEU2018SA HIGH 15M7,19263625.7 
3105SM0BVQSM1984SO HIGH 15M7,1926658  
3106JH0USDJA01983SO HIGH 15M7,1826054  
3107PA0QXPA2007SO HIGH 15M7,15072654.8  
3108UB5VAWUR1982SO HIGH 15M7,0766458  
3109LZ3AALZ1996SO HIGH 15M7,0686262  
3110K2KTTW21989SO HIGH 15M6,9606158  
3111UP2AVLY1981SO HIGH 15M6,9506150  
3112WQ3NW32023SO HIGH 15M6,93673681.9 
3113JR3LAGJA31979SO HIGH 15M6,9166052  
3114SV9COLSV92021SO HIGH 15M (T)6,91254542.6 
3115W7GURW71988SO HIGH 15M6,9005146  
3116JS1OSPJA11988SO HIGH 15M6,8645552  
3117VE1BNNVE11979SO HIGH 15M6,8645748  
3118LZ1BYLZ2012SA HIGH 15M6,83471679.6 
3119HA1KVKHA1981SO HIGH 15M6,8345651  
3120K5WP/4W42012SO HIGH 15M6,80050507.3 
3121W7UGW72012SO HIGH 15M6,72862583.5 
3122WW6DW61988SO HIGH 15M6,7206456  
3123JR4ISKJA41991SO HIGH 15M6,7005450  
3124HL5YIHL2014SA HIGH 15M (T)6,67859534.9 
3125Y21YHDM1983SO HIGH 15M6,6705246  
3126PA0QXPA2008SO HIGH 15M6,64289824.0 
3127NF8I/3W32014SA HIGH 15M (T)6,57254533.9 
3128JI3HAKJA31983SO HIGH 15M6,5726153  
3129AC5RW51982SO HIGH 15M6,5568667  
3130JN1WFFJA11984SO HIGH 15M6,5175149  
3131JG1LHBJA12023SO HIGH 15M6,46850494.0 
3132JA3HTKJA31984SO HIGH 15M6,4195049  
3133JA6QDUJA61991SO HIGH 15M6,3925047  
3134OK1ANSOKOM1991SO HIGH 15M6,3725754  
3135SM0FO/0SM1987SO HIGH 15M6,3658267  
3136IT9IMJIT92013SA HIGH 15M6,36063609.1 
3137JH9CENJA92023SO HIGH 15M (T)6,34454527.4 
3138Y22UBDM1980SO HIGH 15M6,2926653  
3139JA5ATUJA51992SO HIGH 15M6,2405148  
3140OK2KHDOKOM1989SO HIGH 15M6,1655045OK2FUN 
3141KA2ZPDW21986SO HIGH 15M6,1566454  
3142OH6NHOH1983SO HIGH 15M6,1164744  
3143US1UPUR2020SA HIGH 15M6,10555554.5US1UP
3144UR2RLKES1987SO HIGH 15M6,0189659  
3145YB3BLJYB2020SO HIGH 15M6,016504711.1 
3146A61ZXA62017SA HIGH 15M6,00054507.5 
3147WA3DMHW31983SO HIGH 15M5,9974943  
3148OK2PFPOKOM1982SO HIGH 15M5,9527448  
3149Y62SMDM1987SO HIGH 15M5,8836353  
3150UB5LAEUR1981SO HIGH 15M5,8685536  
3151OH6GAZOH2015SO HIGH 15M5,83150495.5 
3152WD6EEQW61980SO HIGH 15M5,8287858  
3153OH3RFOH1980SO HIGH 15M5,7827459  
3154KB9PYW91982SO HIGH 15M5,7345647  
3155JF1NZWJA12007SO HIGH 15M5,72058522.7  
3156SP2MHCSP2006SO HIGH 15M5,71264568.8  
3157JA1XPUJA11991SO HIGH 15M5,7125248  
3158G6QQG1986SO HIGH 15M5,6505550  
3159OK2PFPOKOM1987SO HIGH 15M5,6186053  
3160HB9CPSHB2013SO HIGH 15M (T)5,61653525.1 
3161PY2NXPY1992SO HIGH 15M5,6124646  
3162PY1BOAPY2008SO HIGH 15M5,61053517.2 
3163OK1MAWOKOM1985SO HIGH 15M5,6004128  
3164UA3VASUA-31982SO HIGH 15M5,5885644  
3165LY2KLY2017SA HIGH 15M5,58662574.0 
3166FD1OGGF1990SO HIGH 15M5,5808760  
3167KP4EKGKP41985SO HIGH 15M5,5465847  
3168HS0ZDRHS2011SO HIGH 15M5,54459565.6N4CT
3169DM3UEDM1979SO HIGH 15M5,5045443  
3170VU2JOSVU2013SO HIGH 15M5,50056556.2 
3171WA3VPLW31988SO HIGH 15M5,5005450  
3172JR4ISKJA41984SO HIGH 15M5,4524847  
3173JH6DUIJA62023SO HIGH 15M5,40656538.0 
3174SP5JTRSP1988SO HIGH 15M5,3714541  
3175JE8CLTJA82021SO HIGH 15M5,35369533.3 
3176RK6CMUA-62011SO HIGH 15M5,31150471.5 
3177JA1AATJA11985SO HIGH 15M5,2645247  
3178UT7LAUR1997SO HIGH 15M5,2505350  
3179YO9HTYO1990SO HIGH 15M5,2464643  
3180NS0MW02021SO HIGH 15M5,22062607.2 
3181PY5INPY2018SA HIGH 15M (R)5,20345434.2 
3182JM1APNJA11987SO HIGH 15M5,2035443  
3183JO3VSCJA31988SO HIGH 15M5,1525246  
3184N3GBW31983SO HIGH 15M5,1244242  
3185JR1UJWJA11990SO HIGH 15M5,1044745  
3186JR3WXAJA31985SO HIGH 15M5,0966556  
3187DJ0KEDL1987SO HIGH 15M5,0765654  
3188HS0ZDRHS2016SO HIGH 15M5,01449463.6 
3189JI0XKKJA01997SO HIGH 15M4,9984742  
3190JA6IPJA61983SO HIGH 15M4,9985749  
3191JR1NHDJA12007SO HIGH 15M (T)4,99258526.3  
3192VO1CHVEO2022SO HIGH 15M4,98843433.1 
3193VR2VIYVR2017SA HIGH 15M4,94494483.4 
3194JR3XTOJA31999SO HIGH 15M4,9007070  
3195JH8SLSJA82022SO HIGH 15M4,89569551.2 
3196YO6AFPYO1979SO HIGH 15M4,8845137  
3197JQ1HNZJA11990SO HIGH 15M4,8807461  
3198UA4HKJUA-41987SO HIGH 15M4,8745952  
3199JA1MJNJA12023SO HIGH 15M (C)4,87242421.4 
3200JH8LIZJA81981SO HIGH 15M4,7964644  
3600 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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