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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
3301PY2FFWPY2010SO HIGH 15M2,56032325.0 
3302W7AYYW72000SO HIGH 15M (T)2,5523029  
3303JA6LCJJA62017SO HIGH 15M2,54647381.1 
3304OK1JIMOKOM1982SO HIGH 15M2,5203330  
3305JA1XPUJA11990SO HIGH 15M2,4803431  
3306DL7YSDL1986SO HIGH 15M2,4493331  
3307SN2KSP2017SO HIGH 15M2,44242371.6SP2FWC
3308JR0GVWJA02015SO HIGH 15M2,44238377.0 
3309YO2CMIYO1988SO HIGH 15M2,4303130  
3310OH1LUOH1979SO HIGH 15M2,4243524  
3311OK1DZDOKOM1982SO HIGH 15M2,4054237  
3312LY2KALY2018SO HIGH 15M2,40043401.1  
3313OH3TZOH1990SO HIGH 15M2,4004040  
3314OZ4CGOZ1979SO HIGH 15M2,3783229  
3315K2EJW32023SO HIGH 15M2,34030303.4 
3316K6EZW62021SO HIGH 15M2,34039361.2 
3317UD6DKW4J1984SO HIGH 15M2,3253125  
3318JK1DEOJA11980SO HIGH 15M2,3243128  
3319JA1GOJA11988SO HIGH 15M2,3203029  
3320W1UKW12022SO HIGH 15M2,31234340.4 
3321OH8LCOH1987SO HIGH 15M2,3044936  
3322RA6AFBUA-62007SO HIGH 15M2,30139393.0  
3323NE2WW21987SO HIGH 15M2,2808260  
3324Y21UL/ADM1984SO HIGH 15M2,2684036  
3325Y57RHDM1984SO HIGH 15M2,2654035  
3326JA3UWBJA31988SO HIGH 15M2,2623129  
3327PY1PLPY1983SO HIGH 15M2,2412927  
3328LA8UXLA1981SO HIGH 15M2,2265021  
3329YB1IQEYB2022SO HIGH 15M (C)2,21229282.4 
3330UQ2GCNYL1979SO HIGH 15M2,1943931  
3331UT2ABUR2017SA HIGH 15M (T)2,146373723.8 
3332OH3MPOH1988SO HIGH 15M2,1322826  
3333SP8IISSP1997SO HIGH 15M2,1123433  
3334SM7TVSM1980SO HIGH 15M2,1123232  
3335HL5YIHL2013SO HIGH 15M (T)2,10941371.8 
3336SM4ASISM1984SO HIGH 15M2,0793127  
3337YO3AKYO2023SO HIGH 15M2,07238371.7 
3338UA9XCUA92010SA HIGH 15M2,03030291.7 
3339JH1BUBJA11986SO HIGH 15M1,9804530  
3340VE2AEJ/3VE31984SO HIGH 15M1,9603028  
3341YF2UFAYB2023SO HIGH 15M1,94733334.6 
3342UB5KAGUR1990SO HIGH 15M1,8862523  
3343OK3CEGOKOM1989SO HIGH 15M1,8752625  
3344Y37ZBDM1983SO HIGH 15M1,8723327  
3345JF2FIUJA22001SO HIGH 15M1,86327271.9  
3346OH1AFOH2021SO HIGH 15M (C)1,86034310.6OJ0M
3347Y64NHDM1989SO HIGH 15M1,8603130  
3348JI1LAIJA11989SO HIGH 15M1,8482828  
3349JF7VVL/3JA31988SO HIGH 15M1,8273429  
3350Y26TLDM1982SO HIGH 15M1,8273329  
3351G6QQG1985SO HIGH 15M1,7983231  
3352SP9IGYSP1990SO HIGH 15M1,7922828  
3353K1RVW12021SO HIGH 15M1,77032301.3 
3354Y66ZF/PDM1988SO HIGH 15M1,7622928  
3355JR1UJWJA11991SO HIGH 15M1,7552727  
3356JI3OPAJA31981SO HIGH 15M1,7552927  
3357JH9ENCJA91982SO HIGH 15M1,7514017  
3358PY1DLPY1991SO HIGH 15M1,7422626  
3359JL2RQHJA21988SO HIGH 15M1,7003025  
3360JS1DCZJA12004SO HIGH 15M1,674343128.2  
3361JA2KPVJA21980SO HIGH 15M1,6723619  
3362N0XMW02022SO HIGH 15M1,66635342.1 
3363JJ1JHJJA11988SO HIGH 15M1,6562423  
3364PY2OHJPY1985SO HIGH 15M1,6562523  
3365JF2FIUJA22005SO HIGH 15M1,6522928  
3366OK2BHQOKOM1986SO HIGH 15M1,6523128  
3367EC4APIEA1982SO HIGH 15M1,6252725  
3368LZ06ANTLZ2009SO HIGH 15M1,62036366.2LZ3SM
3369TM0SOCF2022SO HIGH 15M (T)1,61226264.0F5PBL
3370JA7ETUJA72015SO HIGH 15M1,56627274.1 
3371OH2BUZOH1982SO HIGH 15M1,5663029  
3372UA9QCPUA91987SO HIGH 15M1,5362423  
3373YC9VCQYB2020SA HIGH 15M1,51230274.6YC9VCQ
3374PY3TRPY2023SO HIGH 15M1,496343413.5 
3375JA3RKTJA31989SO HIGH 15M1,4742322  
3376JA0GZJA01989SO HIGH 15M1,4622423  
3377JH3GCNJA32012SO HIGH 15M1,44924236.8 
3378JA7ARWJA71979SO HIGH 15M1,4493123  
3379EC3CJEEA1986SO HIGH 15M1,4403230  
3380JA2SAP/1JA11983SO HIGH 15M1,4262423  
3381OZ7BWOZ1982SO HIGH 15M1,4072321  
3382EC9KIEA91989SO HIGH 15M1,3862221  
3383JE0WJSJA01991SO HIGH 15M1,3402520  
3384JH1ACAJA12022SO HIGH 15M1,32627261.1 
3385EU7XEU2023SO HIGH 15M1,32321211.4  
3386JA6AKVJA61982SO HIGH 15M1,3112423  
3387OH1QXOH2022SO HIGH 15M (C)1,30028261.7OH1ZAA
3388JA0GCYJA02014SO HIGH 15M1,29624242.8 
3389OK2PCNOKOM1990SO HIGH 15M1,2882323  
3390NN3SIW31984SO HIGH 15M1,2762222W4KM 
3391LA7SILA1982SO HIGH 15M1,2742926  
3392DJ9ZBDL1984SO HIGH 15M1,2713531  
3393BA4VEBY2012SO HIGH 15M1,26030281.8 
3394OZ1EUOOZ1981SO HIGH 15M1,2542322  
3395SM7ATLSM2012SO HIGH 15M1,24229272.4 
3396UR5MBYUR1999SO HIGH 15M1,2422423  
3397Y39RADM1980SO HIGH 15M1,2423527  
3398OK2BBJOKOM1979SO HIGH 15M1,2422318  
3399VK3GKVK2021SO HIGH 15M1,23222224.0 
3400RL8PYUN1985SO HIGH 15M1,2162219  
3600 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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