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3433 results found
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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
3301JA1AATJA11984SO HIGH 15M6802017  
3302JA1MJNJA12022SO HIGH 15M67216160.7 
3303JA6QDUJA61988SO HIGH 15M6721616  
3304OK1ASQOKOM1981SO HIGH 15M6721616  
3305N6JMW61980SO HIGH 15M6721614  
3306JI0VWLJA02016SO HIGH 15M (T)66723230.4 
3307UN5JUN2012SO HIGH 15M66317171.3 
3308JH2XTVJA21982SO HIGH 15M6512221  
3309M5WG2010SA HIGH 15M64825240.4G0MTN
3310YB2VMCYB2019SO HIGH 15M (T)64618171.7 
3311YB3FTDYB2022SO HIGH 15M64018163.4 
3312OH7SMOH1990SO HIGH 15M6382222  
3313JI4ARBJA41990SO HIGH 15M6291817  
3314OH3RFOH1979SO HIGH 15M6241716  
3315YO2CMIYO1986SO HIGH 15M6121818  
3316Y56ZNDM1986SO HIGH 15M5951717  
3317SQ9IAUSP2011SA HIGH 15M58919192.0 
3318OH2APOH1981SO HIGH 15M5761916  
33199M2CLN9M22017SO HIGH 15M57022192.0 
3320OH5RZOH1986SO HIGH 15M5612017  
3321JA5UXRJA51980SO HIGH 15M5582218  
3322MM8ZGM2013SA HIGH 15M (T)54016154.1GM7VSB
3323PY1LVFPY1999SO HIGH 15M5321414  
3324OH5MXOH1984SO HIGH 15M5132019  
3325UB5AJPUR1989SO HIGH 15M5121616  
3326OK1ONIOKOM1984SO HIGH 15M5102017  
3327SV1DPISV2020SA HIGH 15M50623220.9SV1DPI
3328RK0UTUA02015SA HIGH 15M49317171.0 
3329SP1RKTSP2009SA HIGH 15M48619181.3 
3330JA2CPDJA22014SO HIGH 15M48015152.8 
3331UA6AKTUA-61983SO HIGH 15M4501615  
3332OK1AMBOKOM1979SO HIGH 15M4421313  
3333JA2XCRJA22022SO HIGH 15M43515152.1 
3334DL5XXDL1990SO HIGH 15M4321818  
3335JA6QDUJA61989SO HIGH 15M4321212  
3336SP6NXPSP1985SO HIGH 15M4322118  
3337JA1AJAJA11988SO HIGH 15M4291313  
33389M2CLN9M22018SO HIGH 15M41423181.5 
3339JS1KQQJA12015SA HIGH 15M (T)40812121.4 
3340YO4CBTYO1983SO HIGH 15M4081212  
3341SP2MHCSP2008SO HIGH 15M39618180.4 
3342KA5MEDW51982SO HIGH 15M3924328  
3343JR7HBFJA72014SO HIGH 15M39014132.2 
3344HA3KGJHA1985SO HIGH 15M3802019  
3345SM6PVBSM1993SO HIGH 15M3751515  
3346Y31XFDM1983SO HIGH 15M3601212  
3347K7EIQW72012SA HIGH 15M (T)35014143.6 
3348IZ0GXMI2010SA HIGH 15M (T)34515151.9 
3349JN7OJAJA72001SO HIGH 15M3411111  
3350UL7TTUN1986SO HIGH 15M3411111  
3351Y57RHDM1983SO HIGH 15M3411111  
3352K5MVW52022SO HIGH 15M33614141.1 
3353PY3TRPY2022SO HIGH 15M33624249.0 
3354YB9UAYB2020SO HIGH 15M (T)323231914.4 
3355SN5XSP2022SO HIGH 15M31212120.6SP5GRM
3356BG9NJYBY2022SO HIGH 15M29913131.8 
3357OH2DNOH1979SO HIGH 15M2901110  
3358XE1EEXE2018SA HIGH 15M28812121.0 
3359WH6LEW42021SO HIGH 15M28812121.2 
3360YO2CMIYO1985SO HIGH 15M2851515  
3361JA1AATJA11994SO HIGH 15M2801210  
3362EC5AAIEA1981SO HIGH 15M2601313  
3363OH1CIOH1981SO HIGH 15M2601313  
3364JA1AJAJA11984SO HIGH 15M243279  
3365Y30ADGDM1983SO HIGH 15M24399  
3366JA1AATJA11987SO HIGH 15M2401010  
3367UR2TBGES1983SO HIGH 15M22599  
3368YC6BTIYB2022SO HIGH 15M22113133.4 
3369JI1LNRJA11990SO HIGH 15M2201010  
3370JJ2RONJA22015SA HIGH 15M2161091.2 
3371OZ2EOZ1983SO HIGH 15M216109  
3372JA1AATJA11982SO HIGH 15M209119  
33734U9ITU4U1I1984SO HIGH 15M20799  
3374KN9PW92022SO HIGH 15M19614141.6 
3375JA1AJAJA11983SO HIGH 15M19288  
3376JF2FITJA21983SO HIGH 15M189109  
3377UP2PBMLY1985SO HIGH 15M1871311  
3378OH8MJOH2012SO HIGH 15M180990.2 
3379NN0WW01986SO HIGH 15M1803330  
3380JA5DZYJA51990SO HIGH 15M17688  
3381YF2UFAYB2021SO HIGH 15M171992.3 
3382JA8LNJA81984SO HIGH 15M1701010  
3383VK3GKVK2020SA HIGH 15M160880.3VK3GK
3384Y54ZADM1983SO HIGH 15M16088  
3385V63ZPV62012SA HIGH 15M144880.8JA7ZP
3386BY8ACBY1990SO HIGH 15M144109  
3387JQ1KRTJA12010SO HIGH 15M14311111.2 
3388SM5CSSSM1988SO HIGH 15M13377  
3389UK2FAAUA21982SO HIGH 15M13377D_Gorshkov 
3390PY7CWPY1981SO HIGH 15M13377  
3391JF2FIUJA22004SO HIGH 15M1268724.2  
3392OK1ASQOKOM1982SO HIGH 15M12676  
3393YB3BXYB2016SA HIGH 15M112772.8 
3394Y22FE/ADM1981SO HIGH 15M10866  
3395UM8MGMEX1985SO HIGH 15M102136  
3396RW0BGUA02013SO HIGH 15M10010100.3 
3397OK3TBBOKOM1990SO HIGH 15M9666  
3398OK1ASQOKOM1979SO HIGH 15M9666  
3399PA3BEJPA1987SO HIGH 15M8466  
3400JA1AJAJA11981SO HIGH 15M8477  
3433 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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