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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
301OE3OPWOE2023SO QRP 15M29,70013913213.3 
302JA0BMS/1JA11989SO QRP 15M29,536125104  
3039A3GU9A1998SO QRP 15M29,268148108  
304HB9CPSHB2003SO QRP 15M29,26012811018.7  
305ES1CRES2008SO QRP 15M29,08816714420.2 
306F/E73CQF2013SA QRP 15M28,78312310714.0 
307JR1NKNJA12006SO QRP 15M28,62012310815.8  
308RD9CXUA92010SO QRP 15M28,4211139719.0 
309RZ6HXUA-62011SO QRP 15M28,3801381297.2 
310N3GDW42023SO QRP 15M28,35610810210.2 
311I4KRFI1983SO QRP 15M28,12614898  
312WB6JMSW61988SO QRP 15M27,945132115  
313RA3XEVUA-32016SO QRP 15M27,7501421259.1 
314IK4OMUI2015SA QRP 15M (T)27,7301231185.6 
315W9OAW91980SO QRP 15M27,72011699  
316OK2SBLOKOM1990SO QRP 15M27,492131116  
317JR2EKDJA22015SO QRP 15M27,24811210410.8 
318W1CTNW12000SO QRP 15M27,169110101  
319OZ1FTEOZ1980SO QRP 15M26,880134105  
320W7/JR1NKNW71999SO QRP 15M26,795152115  
321YB1UUNYB2020SA QRP 15M26,7901039415.5YB1UUN
322PY2VQPY2022SO QRP 15M26,6001009515.1 
323RN4AOUA-42014SO QRP 15M (T)26,60014813314.9 
324ES1CRES1992SO QRP 15M26,334143126  
325G4MKRG2014SO QRP 15M25,9841221167.2 
326UA3LMRUA-32021SO QRP 15M (T)25,94416013817.2 
327AE9F/6W62003SO QRP 15M25,5381331139.8  
328ES1CRES1997SO QRP 15M25,440137120  
329JA0BMS/1JA11979SO QRP 15M24,40212498  
330SP4JFRSP2009SO QRP 15M24,20014712110.3 
3314N5DRZ31993SO QRP 15M24,174111102  
332UA4LAEUA-41988SO QRP 15M23,86212597  
333EI4IIEI2013SO QRP 15M23,71813011815.3 
334JA8RJEJA81989SO QRP 15M23,62210293  
335G3LHJG2016SO QRP 15M23,5951331215.2 
336PS7DXPY2015SO QRP 15M23,58493882.9 
337UR2CRES1986SO QRP 15M23,520148112  
338S55WS52017SA QRP 15M23,43612210814.7S50XX
339T94OME72003SO QRP 15M23,32014011029.6  
340RB5HBUR1988SO QRP 15M23,32010488  
341YB8JECYB2022SO QRP 15M (C)23,3121049419.9 
342WA4FBHW41982SO QRP 15M23,29011085  
343W6RVYW61988SO QRP 15M23,100112100  
344BV3FGBV1997SO QRP 15M23,06717999  
345JA2KPVJA21984SO QRP 15M23,04810786  
346OH2YLOH1998SO QRP 15M22,890137109  
347JR1NKN/2JA21998SO QRP 15M22,575127105  
348JH1HRJJA11997SO QRP 15M22,56010696  
349VE3HGVE32002SO QRP 15M22,440928810.4  
350RA9MUUA92011SO QRP 15M22,176113968.9 
351HG10CCHA2018SA QRP 15M22,07215812418.8HA3JB
352YC2UDHYB1987SO QRP 15M22,03610279  
353WA6FGVW62010SO QRP 15M22,03213510813.9 
354HC2AHC2011SO QRP 15M21,962101796.3 
355G0AZHG2014SO QRP 15M (T)21,94812611818.1 
356HG5OHA2012SO QRP 15M (T)21,70811410811.9HA5OB
357TI5XTI2005SO QRP 15M21,47295886.0N0KE 
358YO8RIXYO2013SO QRP 15M21,41210810110.5 
359JR1NKNJA12021SO QRP 15M21,36414010916.4 
360DL9FBFDL2005SO QRP 15M21,18611810710.5  
361HG5OHA2011SO QRP 15M21,12013612816.2 
362PY2MSRPY2016SA QRP 15M20,72693869.9 
363HG5OHA2010SO QRP 15M20,49614312216.0 
364IZ2QKGI2014SA QRP 15M (T)20,42412011119.5 
365OH6NVCOH1988SO QRP 15M20,30310079  
366R7RAGUA-62019SO QRP 15M20,2801451306.9 
367Y22PMDM1980SO QRP 15M20,15212688  
368JA0BMS/1JA11980SO QRP 15M20,02010491  
369BI1NJIBY2023SO QRP 15M (R)19,9981149915.3 
370JH8DBDAJA81979SO QRP 15M19,74711591  
371W4DECW41998SO QRP 15M19,488126116  
372WA6FGVW62016SO QRP 15M19,34412110414.8 
373OH2IDOH2015SO QRP 15M19,19010710114.5 
374M7OG2019SA QRP 15M19,0721301284.0M0VKY
375OK1AIJOK2004SO QRP 15M18,92012611016.2  
376YO8RIXYO2011SO QRP 15M18,81012111411.5 
377BG7TWJBY2022SO QRP 15M18,7861481017.6 
378YT7MYT2014SO QRP 15M18,528100965.5YU7RL
379RM3GUA-32023SO QRP 15M18,2401281147.0  
380JH3SIFJA32021SO QRP 15M (C)18,1301279811.1 
381VX6WQVE62022SO QRP 15M17,71194899.7VE6WQ
382JR1NKNJA12009SO QRP 15M17,4801269518.7 
383WA6FGVW62008SO QRP 15M17,0721349715.2 
384OK1LVOK2023SO QRP 15M (C)16,9061181076.2 
385YP8AYO2017SA QRP 15M16,8671071015.1YO8WW
386DL3VTLDL2019SO QRP 15M16,85113812312.1 
387BD7LMDBY2016SA QRP 15M16,83097904.3 
388OK1AIJOK2003SO QRP 15M16,40011410012.1  
389UT3WSUR2017SA QRP 15M (T)16,39011711013.0 
390LU5FZLU2006SO QRP 15M16,31079706.0  
391JA1KPFJA12023SO QRP 15M16,182968722.6 
392EM9QUR2021SO QRP 15M16,0081321161.9UR9QQ
393W5NZ/4W42015SO QRP 15M15,83489879.9 
394JH3DMQJA32011SO QRP 15M15,8341069117.2 
395UW5EJX/MMMMAF2019SO QRP 15M15,762777411.1 
396DJ4CWDL2015SA QRP 15M15,7441049610.3 
397RA3XEVUA-32008SO QRP 15M15,698114947.6 
398WA6FGVW62005SO QRP 15M15,6041189417.9  
399N6UUW61980SO QRP 15M15,554121101  
400KA8NRC/TW81999SO QRP 15M15,3928374  
775 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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