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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
4401KS3KW42021SO LOW 20M2,70036361.5 
4402NX4UW42006SO QRP ALL2,698423827.7K4AQ 
4403NA4CW42016SO LOW ALL2,68043404.6 
4404W4OGGW42000SO LOW 20M2,6703030  
4405KX4KUW42021SO LOW ALL2,66643432.0 
4406KD4JMVW42013SO LOW ALL2,66040384.5  
4407K4MIW42017SO HIGH ALL2,65240392.1 
4408N4CUW42017SO LOW ALL2,650605019.8 
4409W4QDVW42023SO LOW ALL2,64048444.6 
4410N0KOE/4W42016SO LOW ALL (T)2,64058488.7 
4411AD8JW42021SO HIGH 80M2,63531311.7 
4412N4OOW42020SO LOW 80M2,62540351.9 
4413WA4NIVW42015SO LOW ALL2,62536352.1 
4414W4GDGW42018SO LOW ALL2,62449415.3 
4415K3SEN/4W42015SA LOW ALL2,61834342.0 
4416KO4OLW42007SO LOW 20M2,61340391.6  
4417NG4LW42023SO LOW ALL2,60046404.8 
4418KJ4WDW42009SO LOW ALL2,60045405.0 
4419KC4QYGW42013SA LOW ALL2,59035354.8 
4420N4HERW42022SO LOW ALL2,56035324.0 
4421N3HCNW42022SO QRP 20M (T)2,55338373.6 
4422NU4BW41985SO QRP 20M2,5508175  
4423WA2ASQ/4W42013SO QRP 20M2,53545393.9 
4424K4CABW42022SO LOW ALL2,52043404.5 
4425K4BBW42015SO LOW ALL2,51636341.1 
4426AI4QQW42020SO LOW ALL2,49464589.5 
4427NU4BW41986SO QRP 20M2,4944543  
4428N4MMW41987SO HIGH 20M2,4903030  
4429K3TWW42020SA HIGH 160M2,45745395.0K3TW
4430AC4PQW42007SO LOW ALL2,45729274.3  
4431K2VX/4W42008SO LOW ALL2,44235332.1 
4432K4AGTW42010SO LOW ALL2,41829262.3 
4433KS3KW42023SO LOW 15M2,40033322.7 
4434N3UAW42017SA LOW 10M2,39441386.8 
4435N4DPMW42022SO LOW ALL2,38036345.7 
4436WB4FOTW41986SO HIGH 80M2,3563331  
4437K4FDPW42015SA LOW ALL2,349312912.6 
4438W4ANTW42014SA LOW ALL2,33632326.8 
4439KT4RHW42023SO LOW ALL2,33139375.3 
4440W7SST/4W42019SO LOW ALL2,31038354.7  
4441KT5W/4W42015SO LOW ALL2,29628283.6 
4442KO4OLW42018SO LOW ALL2,28031301.6 
4443KX4KUW42020SA LOW ALL2,26841361.8KX4KU
4444KB4KBSW42017SA LOW 80M2,26232292.7 
4445WS4KW42023SO LOW ALL (C)2,26244396.4 
4446WA4ZXVW42020SO HIGH ALL2,24436342.4 
4447AJ4IKW42008SO LOW ALL (R)2,23240363.5 
4448K1KKW42021SO LOW ALL2,21452412.2HK1A
4449KN4KIKW42019SA LOW ALL2,20044405.7 
4450N3UA/4W42009SO LOW 10M2,18449397.5 
4451K4EESW42022SO LOW ALL2,15045431.6 
4452N4MMW42022SO LOW 10M2,14236344.4 
4453KO4OLW42012SO LOW ALL2,13030301.6 
4454WA2PCNW42020SO HIGH 20M2,12838382.5 
4455K3UTW42021SO LOW 20M (T)2,12437361.1 
4456AA4XGW42019SO HIGH ALL2,10631270.8W4ATL
4457W3IPW42019SA HIGH 10M2,09146414.5 
4458ND4KW42021SO LOW ALL2,09161514.7 
4459KS4XW42010SO QRP ALL2,08830295.4 
4460AA3EW42021SO HIGH 20M2,08044401.0W4LT
4461N4DEW42021SO HIGH ALL2,07030302.9 
4462NC4RTW42022SO LOW ALL2,05430261.6 
4463W9GOLW42022SO LOW ALL2,05429263.3 
4464N4DEW42010SO LOW ALL (T)2,04031303.1 
4465N1ZXW42021SO LOW 20M2,02839392.5 
4466KU4AW42014SA QRP 10M (T)2,01630281.9 
4467KI4FWW42007SO QRP ALL1,99540352.7  
4468NY4JBW42018SO LOW ALL (T)1,98036364.1 
4469WC4VW42008SA LOW ALL1,97239342.8 
4470AD4TJW42022SO LOW ALL (C)1,97235343.1 
4471KK9OW42017SO LOW ALL1,97230291.7 
4472KI4FWW42010SA LOW ALL1,96141372.4 
4473KO4DNW42022SO LOW ALL1,96141374.2  
4474AA0OW42023SO LOW ALL1,94329291.1 
4475W4WNTW42018SA LOW ALL1,93231282.6 
4476N4DLW42023SO LOW ALL1,92035322.4 
4477NJ8J/4W42016SO LOW ALL1,92032301.4 
4478K4CQWW42010SO LOW ALL1,88045405.6 
4479N0KOEW42019SO LOW ALL (T)1,87240395.3 
4480NA4WW42014SO LOW 160M1,86040314.6K4WI
4481W4ZPRW42016SO LOW ALL (R)1,85026253.0 
4482WA4SSBW41988SO HIGH 80M1,8484942  
4483N4MMW42007SO LOW 20M1,8462626  
4484KE4QCMW42023SO LOW ALL1,80027253.5 
4485W4BKW42011SO LOW ALL1,80034301.2 
4486N4MMW41986SO HIGH 20M1,7762524  
4487KD8IGK/4W42012SO LOW ALL1,77525252.9 
4488N4CUW42019SO HIGH ALL1,76934296.4 
4489NA3M/4W42017SA LOW ALL1,76022220.6 
4490WN4RW42014SO LOW ALL1,74030301.6 
4491N5PU/4W42007SO LOW 20M (T)1,728373625.7  
4492WF4FPW42013SO QRP ALL1,70830281.6K4FB
4493NA4WW42011SO LOW 160M1,69634322.2K4WI
4494AB4IQW42015SA LOW ALL1,69028263.6 
4495N4FYW42016SO LOW 40M (T)1,67923231.3 
4496K2LYVW42020SO LOW ALL1,66657495.8 
4497WA4OMLW41982SO HIGH 10M1,6344119  
4498W4HZDW41995SO LOW 20M1,6204536  
4499NK4KW42018SA HIGH ALL1,61723213.7 
4500KN4Y/MW42003SO LOW 10M1,568383230.3  
4860 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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