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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
401KS5HW51992SO QRP 15M15,330121105  
402RA6XBUA-62012SO QRP 15M14,95293895.4 
403N6WGW62010SO QRP 15M14,9521248913.3 
404SQ4HKUSP2022SO QRP 15M (C)14,742969113.7 
405OK1AIJOK2002SO QRP 15M14,74288819.9  
406OK1AIJOK2010SO QRP 15M14,63012411014.4 
407WA6FGVW62022SO QRP 15M14,36412410821.6 
408E21AOYHS2010SO QRP 15M14,168887711.4 
409JM2RUVJA22020SA QRP 15M13,855107858.2 
410YO3DACYO2021SO QRP 15M13,62411110417.7 
411W8VSKW81980SO QRP 15M13,3178269  
412DJ6TKDL2016SO QRP 15M13,02499884.0 
413W1CVEW12004SO QRP 15M12,960898110.6  
414JS1GHAJA11988SO QRP 15M12,9209368  
415RM3GUA-32018SO QRP 15M12,789958710.0 
416OK1AIJOK2011SO QRP 15M12,70511110510.2 
417JR1NKNJA12020SO QRP 15M12,5551178115.3 
418UB5FDMUR1985SO QRP 15M12,53311583  
419YO8RAAYO2022SO QRP 15M12,480827832.0 
420UJ8JMEEY1988SO QRP 15M12,2408060  
421WY6DXW62011SO QRP 15M (T)12,096878415.3 
422SP2HMYSP2020SO QRP 15M (C)12,08412210613.7 
423JR1NKNJA12018SO QRP 15M12,080988015.3 
424YU4XAYU1989SO QRP 15M12,0607860  
425OK1HBTOKOM1988SO QRP 15M12,0366359  
426IT9KCDIT92022SO QRP 15M (C)11,92091802.6 
427JR1NKNJA12010SO QRP 15M11,8691078315.9 
428PY2CERPY2022SO QRP 15M11,7601009816.4 
429BH3QKKBY2023SO QRP 15M11,31088877.9 
430SV9/DL7VOASV92012SO QRP 15M11,21881798.2 
431K2KTTW21993SO QRP 15M11,0208176  
432EA2CREA2002SO QRP 15M11,0049084  
433Y26SWDL1992SO QRP 15M10,7928076  
434ER2RMER2007SO QRP 15M10,707958329.3  
435YT5YTTYT2023SO QRP 15M10,65876735.1 
436YB2VMCYB2017SO QRP 15M10,55368618.2 
437AA6GIW62014SO QRP 15M10,374847810.6 
438BD4SPBY2010SO QRP 15M10,2411007715.2 
439WA6FGVW62009SO QRP 15M10,218947812.9 
440JH7RTQJA72007SO QRP 15M10,064946815.8  
441W5NZ/4W42013SO QRP 15M (T)10,01174717.8 
442M0TDKG2021SO QRP 15M (C)9,89810610110.4 
443N1AFCW11986SO QRP 15M9,4728574  
444OH3GDOH1985SO QRP 15M9,28811186  
445JP1FZAJA11985SO QRP 15M9,1527164  
446W5NZ/4W42012SO QRP 15M (T)9,10866668.1 
447OK1AIJOK2005SO QRP 15M9,08591798.7  
448BH4RRGBY2015SA QRP 15M8,94063608.3 
449UB5QCKUR1983SO QRP 15M8,7127766  
450YC3MMYB2001SO QRP 15M8,64056549.5  
451JH1BUBJA11989SO QRP 15M8,6248744  
452K2CSW21998SO QRP 15M8,6148273  
453WA6FGVW62007SO QRP 15M8,59183719.6  
454KH6KGKH62014SO QRP 15M8,58660546.6 
455N6HI/7W72015SO QRP 15M8,568565610.0 
456WA6FGVW62017SO QRP 15M8,540787012.7 
457I2BPPI2014SO QRP 15M8,51569656.2 
458WA6FGVW62018SO QRP 15M8,362837412.3 
459PY1WDSPY1981SO QRP 15M8,1006050  
460JK1RJQJA11983SO QRP 15M8,0836959  
461BG6JJIBY2014SA QRP 15M8,06465637.6 
462JR1NKNJA12008SO QRP 15M8,060846213.7 
463VU2URVU2010SO QRP 15M7,93065615.7 
464VE6UMVE62015SA QRP 15M7,78463562.9 
465BG1RENBY2018SA QRP 15M (T)7,700777011.3BG1REN
466WA6FGVW61997SO QRP 15M7,66310797  
467DL3VTLDL2013SA QRP 15M7,021655910.6 
468YC4SIZYB2022SO QRP 15M6,944585610.5 
469JR1NKNJA12007SO QRP 15M6,944766216.3  
470G4GIUG1983SO QRP 15M6,9446656  
471YO6EZYO2001SO QRP 15M6,8605549  
472YB1HDRYB2016SO QRP 15M6,81149495.5 
473WA6FGVW62004SO QRP 15M6,72075648.1  
474SP8LXESP2012SO QRP 15M6,63464624.5 
475ON9EEEON2018SA QRP 15M6,62472698.2 
476ES1CRES1994SO QRP 15M6,5558369  
477WE6EZW52020SO QRP 15M6,55268634.2 
478YO4TLYO2023SO QRP 15M (C)6,54963591.8 
479JA1KPFJA12022SO QRP 15M6,496665613.2 
480RX9TLUA92006SO QRP 15M6,424504424.8  
481VU2URVU2015SA QRP 15M6,38460566.6 
482WC3OW32014SO QRP 15M6,37052491.4 
483PA5DXPA2022SO QRP 15M6,30753535.5 
484JR2EKDJA22018SO QRP 15M6,27258565.6 
485W6YMHW61984SO QRP 15M6,2706557  
486WA8GHZ/5W51999SO QRP 15M6,2066158  
487JR1NKNJA11997SO QRP 15M6,0906958  
488RA3XEVUA-32007SO QRP 15M5,98567575.7  
489WP4FKP42015SO QRP 15M (T)5,98052525.2 
490CT2IOVCT2016SA QRP 15M5,90062599.3 
491OK1AIJOK2009SO QRP 15M5,88073707.4 
492JR1NKNJA12019SO QRP 15M5,871725713.6 
493UA1CAKUA-12015SO QRP 15M (T)5,85046454.6 
494K7QOW72012SO QRP 15M5,81467577.7 
495TF3LJNTF1979SO QRP 15M5,8055945  
496JE1JACJA12013SO QRP 15M5,77254525.1 
497OH6NPVOH2005SO QRP 15M5,6685752  
498N1AFCW11984SO QRP 15M5,6565856  
499WA6FGVW62020SO QRP 15M5,64369579.7 
500AH6EKKH61984SO QRP 15M5,6404940  
775 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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