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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
501WA6FGVW61995SO QRP 15M4,0308065  
502JA1KPFJA12021SO QRP 15M3,960665510.9 
503K6VHFW62014SO QRP 15M3,87655519.2 
504YB3DXGYB2022SO QRP 15M3,872484410.2 
505HA7MWHA2006SO QRP 15M3,77438372.2  
506HS8KGG/5HS2012SO QRP 15M3,65443426.9 
507IZ2WYAI2022SO QRP 15M3,60040405.1 
508BD4WMBY2013SA QRP 15M3,52047444.9 
509LA8WGLA2014SO QRP 15M (T)3,48161598.4 
510IW1BCOI2021SO QRP 15M3,456544810.3 
511JA1NLXJA12008SO QRP 15M3,43252444.7 
512YC2YTHYB2012SO QRP 15M3,29635326.4 
513UA0WUA02014SO QRP 15M3,20437364.2 
514G3CWL/AG1984SO QRP 15M3,0943734  
515M0OSHG2012SO QRP 15M3,04041408.7 
516WA6FGVW61994SO QRP 15M3,0386762  
517JA0BMS/1JA11987SO QRP 15M3,0365344  
518YD9UWYB2021SO QRP 15M (T)3,024403610.2 
519UA0QGQUA01989SO QRP 15M3,0243028  
520UY7LMUR2016SO QRP 15M2,96744432.3 
521K2GMYW62021SO QRP 15M (T)2,94045429.8 
522PA9MPA2015SA QRP 15M2,91141414.5 
523JH8DBIJA82012SO QRP 15M (T)2,90535351.0 
524JH1BUBJA11991SO QRP 15M2,8884838  
525WE6EZW52021SO QRP 15M2,86045440.1 
526JF8LPBJA82015SO QRP 15M2,844403610.9 
527JI1AEPJA12022SO QRP 15M2,84043409.7 
528LY2BNLLY2007SO QRP 15M2,688544814.6  
529VU2URVU2017SO QRP 15M (T)2,65239344.2 
530JH3DMQJA32021SO QRP 15M2,64052446.8 
531JE1CACJA12016SO QRP 15M (T)2,58434344.1 
532JH7LRSJA71985SO QRP 15M2,5503534  
533SP4TBMSP2002SO QRP 15M2,508343328.0  
534YU3VIPYT2019SA QRP 15M2,50053505.4 
535JR2EKDJA22020SO QRP 15M2,48441364.8 
536JH1NXUJA12004SO QRP 15M2,4503635  
537JA1KPFJA12009SO QRP 15M2,405473710.1 
538HB9LDOHB1999SO QRP 15M2,3703330  
539JA1KPFJA12020SO QRP 15M2,36047409.3 
540BI1JYBY2022SO QRP 15M (C)2,35642383.2BI1JNP
541IT9RKRIT92020SA QRP 15M2,35252497.9 
542SV5DKLSV52006SO QRP 15M2,318433824.7  
543JQ6PAQ/1JA12005SO QRP 15M2,2773933  
544UN7EGUN2011SO QRP 15M2,23232312.5 
545JA1KPFJA12008SO QRP 15M2,23243367.6 
546PY2VQPY2021SO QRP 15M2,22030304.1 
547JH1BUBJA11990SO QRP 15M2,2203630  
548N5BQQW51982SO QRP 15M2,2104034  
549JM2RUVJA22014SO QRP 15M2,17836332.1 
550JR2EKDJA22017SA QRP 15M2,11233322.7 
551PA3CALPA1992SO QRP 15M2,0804640  
552BH4RRGBY2013SO QRP 15M2,05242367.7 
553YB0AZYB2022SO QRP 15M2,03030292.4 
554RV3DBKUA-32002SO QRP 15M1,99840375.3  
555JQ1NGTJA12001SO QRP 15M1,9552923  
556YF2UFAYB2020SO QRP 15M1,89133319.1 
557DO1UZDL2013SO QRP 15M1,85535353.4 
558UR5KPUR2020SO QRP 15M1,836565112.7 
559PY4PWPY2004SO QRP 15M1,82731296.8  
560DF4WCDL2008SO QRP 15M1,82438389.3 
561JQ6PAQJA62008SO QRP 15M1,82445327.9 
562WA6FGVW61996SO QRP 15M1,7645349  
5639M2SM9M22014SA QRP 15M1,75528274.19M2GET
564K6VHFW62016SO QRP 15M1,70531314.0 
565SP7CVWSP2021SO QRP 15M1,66432321.2 
566JR1LLDJA12016SA QRP 15M1,58626267.7 
567DL2TMDL1999SO QRP 15M1,5752521  
568G3CWL/AG1983SO QRP 15M1,5752725  
569OK1DEKOK2012SO QRP 15M1,50030304.4 
570SM5ARRSM2004SO QRP 15M1,45236332.2  
571AE1PW12020SO QRP 15M1,44038362.1 
572UB5MQSUR1987SO QRP 15M1,4282421  
573ES1CRES2009SO QRP 15M1,34432288.3 
574ZM3TZL2020SA QRP 15M (T)1,280222013.5ZL3TE
5759A5MPV9A2021SO QRP 15M1,224363410.2 
576JH3DMQJA32010SO QRP 15M1,22229266.4 
577YB6DEYB2018SA QRP 15M1,22022205.1 
578JH0XUPJA01985SO QRP 15M1,2002625  
579UB5ZMEUR1990SO QRP 15M1,1763028  
580WB3JFS/7W72013SO QRP 15M1,17029263.0 
581JM2RUVJA22015SO QRP 15M1,08020200.6 
582JR1LLDJA12015SA QRP 15M1,07121215.5 
583JA2IITJA21984SO QRP 15M1,0322524  
584JR1LLDJA12019SA QRP 15M1,02525256.7 
585SM6HQKSM1982SO QRP 15M1,0143126  
586JA1KPFJA12013SO QRP 15M98828264.2 
587WT9SW91999SO QRP 15M9523028  
588WB0GOBW01987SO QRP 15M9362624  
589YD9WFTYB2021SO QRP 15M91821184.5 
590UB5WABUR1986SO QRP 15M9122019  
591JQ6PAQJA62007SO QRP 15M90028256.1  
592RM3GUA-32021SO QRP 15M89630282.5 
593PY2ZQPY2012SO QRP 15M88021204.8 
594KD2BGMW22014SA QRP 15M (T)86418160.6 
595JQ1PCTJA12019SA QRP 15M85823223.5 
596SN9MTSP2019SA QRP 15M (R)80626262.3 
597RA3XEVUA-32004SO QRP 15M80020201.2  
5989A8MM9A2016SO QRP 15M74822220.3 
599JK1VUZJA12020SO QRP 15M (C)72028242.1 
600KH6CSKH62012SO QRP 15M70416162.0 
715 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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