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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
601YC0BASYB2022SO QRP 15M67515151.9 
602YC1HBPYB2022SO QRP 15M67515151.7 
603SM3AGOSM1983SO QRP 15M6751515  
604LW4DYILU2009SO QRP 15M67216162.2 
605JH1CFVJA12014SO QRP 15M (R)60817165.6 
606PU2SCRPY1989SO QRP 15M6001615  
607JH3DMQJA32008SO QRP 15M58823216.5 
6089A5MP9A2022SO QRP 15M552252410.1 
609OH7EUOH1981SO QRP 15M5442016  
610KB4IRRW02020SO QRP 15M50623223.9 
611ZM3TZL2018SO QRP 15M (T)50414122.2W3SE
612JF3XMIJA1993SO QRP 15M5041918  
613JR2EKDJA22019SO QRP 15M49618163.0 
614VA3RJVE32013SO QRP 15M49515153.0 
615DV1MGDU2020SO QRP 15M48619183.1 
616JJ0SFV/0JA02016SO QRP 15M48321212.6 
617BD7LZMBY2022SO QRP 15M47618172.0 
618K6ZY/7W72014SO QRP 15M46223225.5 
619BG3UFCBY2021SO QRP 15M44022202.8 
620JI1FYCJA11992SO QRP 15M4031313  
621OH7EUOH1982SO QRP 15M4031513  
622WK9U/0W02017SA QRP 15M39618181.7 
623DK5CMDL2016SO QRP 15M (T)39620181.0 
624AH6EKKH61983SO QRP 15M3961212  
625BG3FBBY2016SA QRP 15M37713133.6 
626KB5JOW52015SO QRP 15M37713131.8 
6274L6QC4L2013SA QRP 15M36414140.3 
628JA9TKLJA91981SO QRP 15M3631211  
629OZ1BXMOZ2001SO QRP 15M3511313  
630DU1XXDU2016SO QRP 15M33612121.1 
631OK1AIJOK2013SO QRP 15M32412121.8 
632JM2RUVJA22016SO QRP 15M30814140.4 
633JH1CFVJA12013SO QRP 15M (R)30815144.5 
634JE7AWNJA71984SO QRP 15M2941614  
635VE7EKSVE71989SO QRP 15M2881312  
636II7UI2013SO QRP 15M28613131.6 
637DL2SHRDL2011SO QRP 15M28021203.4 
638YO5TAYO1981SO QRP 15M2641212  
639N3CZW42021SO QRP 15M (C)26013131.6 
640JO1LDYJA11987SO QRP 15M2552117  
641YC6BTIYB2021SO QRP 15M2341092.3 
642JR1LLDJA12014SA QRP 15M225991.5 
643YF2UFAYB2019SO QRP 15M (T)225991.0  
644TA1CHTA12016SO QRP 15M21015141.7 
645JR0BULJA02013SA QRP 15M20911112.1 
646SP9LASSP2022SO QRP 15M20010101.1 
647JG1GPYJA12022SO QRP 15M189990.9 
648BH3QKKBY2022SO QRP 15M18013122.0  
649JQ6PAQ/1JA12009SO QRP 15M18013120.9 
650BI4MUHBY2022SO QRP 15M17011101.3 
651DO2PHSDL2016SO QRP 15M16913132.6 
652JK6JABJA62011SO QRP 15M16512112.2 
653JS1PXEJA11986SO QRP 15M15399  
654JH1CFVJA12020SO QRP 15M (C)128880.7 
655YO5TAYO1980SO QRP 15M1201010  
656WD6DXW62022SO QRP 15M112880.5  
657UA9MMUA91980SO QRP 15M1101110  
658YU3VIPYT2018SA QRP 15M10812121.6 
659NN7SSW72019SO QRP 15M108990.3 
660JJ0SFVJA02017SO QRP 15M1081091.4 
661JK1CNLJA12021SO QRP 15M (C)9913113.7 
662SP4GFGSP2017SO QRP 15M99990.3 
663JA1KPFJA12006SO QRP 15M968825.8  
6647K1CPTJA11997SO QRP 15M9666  
665OZ6SFOZ1981SO QRP 15M9177  
666WA8GHZ/5W51997SO QRP 15M90109  
667SP2UUUSP1989SO QRP 15M8466  
668NN7SSW72018SO QRP 15M81991.1K6UFO
669JK1CNLJA12022SO QRP 15M8020205.6 
670OH2BUTOH1980SO QRP 15M7777  
671JF8LPBJA82017SA QRP 15M72661.0 
672JP3OGAJA32021SO QRP 15M (C)72661.3 
673PY1KBPY2020SA QRP 15M65550.7PY1KB
674YC2MPFYB2022SO QRP 15M65550.8 
675YD9WFTYB2020SO QRP 15M (R)6323214.5 
676I1/K2LEOI2005SO QRP 15M637725.4  
677AB8FJW82018SO QRP 15M49770.3 
678JA4GNKJA42010SO QRP 15M48440.6 
679JA1KPFJA12007SO QRP 15M455525.0  
680PU8TASPY2017SA QRP 15M (R)40440.4 
681JA1GZKJA12019SO QRP 15M (T)40650.2 
682JF3WNO/3JA32002SO QRP 15M (T)404424.6  
683JK1VUZJA12022SO QRP 15M35550.5 
684JM2UDO/1JA12018SO QRP 15M (T)35550.5 
685OZ1DGQOZ2018SO QRP 15M35550.4  
686JO3XCKJA32012SO QRP 15M32440.3 
687YD9UWYB2020SO QRP 15M28871.6 
688W2JEKW21980SO QRP 15M2733  
689JA1POSJA12015SO QRP 15M25550.7 
690JA1KPFJA12010SO QRP 15M25551.0 
691JG3EHDJA32013SO QRP 15M21330.8 
692ZV2FPY2020SA QRP 15M18430.4PY2SFA
693UA9SGUA91988SO QRP 15M1843  
694R9RAUA92011SO QRP 15M16440.2 
695RA0AYUA02017SA QRP 15M15337.1 
696JJ0SFVJA02022SO QRP 15M15330.1 
697IT9/IK2AITIT92018SO QRP 15M15550.8 
698YD6HVFYB2022SO QRP 15M (R)9331.0 
699DL2SHRDL2012SO QRP 15M9331.6 
700JG7UVOJA72015SA QRP 15M4220.1 
715 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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