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820 results found
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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
701PY1BVYPY1990SO HIGH 160M1,6561818  
7024M3AYV1987SO HIGH 160M3,4922118YV3AGT 
703K8NWW81987SO HIGH 160M3602018  
704K5NA/2W21982SO HIGH 160M3602518  
705K5URW51982SO HIGH 160M1442018  
706OL9CJBOKOM1980SO HIGH 160M5041918  
707SP5IXISP1979SO HIGH 160M7922218  
708JM4WUZJA42018SA HIGH 160M34020172.2 
709JA9FHBJA92021SO HIGH 160M39124171.9 
710W8TOMW82015SO HIGH 160M629231712.8 
711YV1OBYV1995SO HIGH 160M1,7341717  
712JH3CYZJA31989SO HIGH 160M2381817  
713OL7BQDOKOM1988SO HIGH 160M5442317  
714RP2BIDLY1985SO HIGH 160M6802217  
715PA3AAVPA1984SO HIGH 160M6461917  
716RA6AJGUA-61984SO HIGH 160M1,2243617  
717VE3INQVE31984SO HIGH 160M1,2582117  
718OK2OUOKOM1981SO HIGH 160M2041817  
719JN7FAHJA72019SO HIGH 160M35218163.0 
720TA3JTA2012SO HIGH 160M1,53616160.6 
721VE7BSVE71988SO HIGH 160M1,2481716  
722JA7TQKJA71986SO HIGH 160M3042316  
723OH5NGOH1979SO HIGH 160M2721716  
724OK1DWFOKOM1979SO HIGH 160M6082416  
725SP6AEGSP2007SO HIGH 160M480151526.7  
726VE3DOVE31992SO HIGH 160M9601615  
727YV1OBYV1989SO HIGH 160M1,2901715  
728CY3INQVE31983SO HIGH 160M1,2002615  
729OL8COSOKOM1983SO HIGH 160M3302515  
730KH6LCKH62019SA HIGH 160M1,12015141.8 
731JM4WUZJA42017SA HIGH 160M30816141.9 
732JE1SPYJA11989SO HIGH 160M281514  
733OE1TKWOE1984SO HIGH 160M4481614  
734OK3CQDOKOM1982SO HIGH 160M4481614  
735W9CGW91981SO HIGH 160M1121414  
736LZ2ZGLZ2008SO HIGH 160M377141310.2 
737OL5BIWOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M2082013  
738OL2BHZOKOM1983SO HIGH 160M2342413  
739OZ1WOZ1982SO HIGH 160M3381413  
7404Z4OL4X1981SO HIGH 160M1,0141413  
741JE1SPYJA11981SO HIGH 160M322613  
742OL8CNIOKOM1981SO HIGH 160M2341513  
743JE1SPYJA11980SO HIGH 160M1821413  
744KL7HBKKL1980SO HIGH 160M7281513  
7454F2KWTDU2022SO HIGH 160M93613123.3 
746NI5T/7W72015SO HIGH 160M19213121.5N7GP
747YB8AX/0YB1988SO HIGH 160M6241312  
748YV1OBYV1987SO HIGH 160M6481212  
749KG6DXKH21986SO HIGH 160M1,2241812  
750OL4BHIOKOM1983SO HIGH 160M722212  
751W7DRAW72021SO HIGH 160M (T)23112111.6 
752RM5OUA-32014SO HIGH 160M25312111.0 
753UD6DKZ4J1986SO HIGH 160M3741211  
754JE1SPYJA11982SO HIGH 160M221311  
755W7DRAW72013SO HIGH 160M21010102.8 
756PY7ZYPY2007SO HIGH 160M680121025.5  
757AH7RKH61999SO HIGH 160M6601110  
758OL7BGXOKOM1983SO HIGH 160M2401210  
759UM8MAZEX1982SO HIGH 160M7001610  
760VE3INQVE31981SO HIGH 160M4401110  
761PP5JRPY2012SA HIGH 160M198991.3 
762RM4WUA-42014SO HIGH 160M1899923.2 
763UT/UA0QGQUR2001SO HIGH 160M198119  
764JA7NIJA71995SO HIGH 160M72119  
765OL5VGPOKOM1986SO HIGH 160M234129  
766JF1NZWJA11985SO HIGH 160M162119  
767KA1SRW11984SO HIGH 160M108129  
768OK2KUB/POKOM1983SO HIGH 160M216129OK2BQU 
769OK2BWMOKOM1982SO HIGH 160M198119  
770SP9GDBSP1981SO HIGH 160M189139  
771W7BYKW71980SO HIGH 160M108109  
772LZ2ZGLZ2018SA HIGH 160M120881.1 
773KE1F/4W42014SA HIGH 160M80886.3 
774HC0EHC2019SO HIGH 160M136885.2 
775N7KQW72011SO HIGH 160M641081.7 
776VE2DWAVE22010SO HIGH 160M208881.0 
777Y24LODM1987SO HIGH 160M96108  
778W9CGW91982SO HIGH 160M12898  
779UA1ZBQUA-11981SO HIGH 160M11288  
780VE3INOVE31980SO HIGH 160M28898  
781W1BBW11980SO HIGH 160M14498  
782JH2FXKJA22016SA HIGH 160M196774.8 
783JL3DQXJA32019SO HIGH 160M63971.1 
784EA5TXEA1986SO HIGH 160M140117  
785SP5GHSP1985SO HIGH 160M15477  
786RA6AJQUA-61983SO HIGH 160M182157  
787OK1DCFOKOM1980SO HIGH 160M4277  
788RK2ABCEU1980SO HIGH 160M9877  
789EA3CECEA2017SA HIGH 160M (T)72660.1 
790YU1UAYT2002SO HIGH 160M666624.3  
791YZ1MAYT2002SO HIGH 160M60660.5  
792YC0LOWYB1999SO HIGH 160M13266  
793W4JVNW41991SO HIGH 160M2466  
794OL1BGAOKOM1983SO HIGH 160M108166  
795G3XWZG1982SO HIGH 160M7266  
796PY5AAX/2PY1981SO HIGH 160M9666  
797SP3GVXSP1981SO HIGH 160M8476  
798W1BBW11979SO HIGH 160M10866  
799W6XIW72019SA HIGH 160M (T)40550.2 
800VR2EHVR2012SA HIGH 160M (T)30551.7 
820 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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