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RankCallLocCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1DR1ADLMULTI-MULTI24,285,2488,655  1,313  48.0DB6JG DJ6ET DK9IP DL1MFL DL1MGB DL3DXX ...
2CT9MCT3MULTI-ONE HIGH24,125,8024,916  1,182  48.0OM3GI OM3NA OM3LA OM3RM OM7JG
3EF8MEA8MULTI-ONE HIGH22,762,3924,952  1,191  48.0RD3AF RZ3AZ
43V8BB3VMULTI-TWO22,325,2085,074  1,147  47.8YT1AD YT3W YU1KX Z32ZM
5P33W5BMULTI-ONE HIGH21,314,1755,303  1,145  48.0RA6LBS RK3AD RU4HP RW4WR RA3AUU
66Y1V6YMULTI-TWO20,507,9725,154  1,108  47.8KY1V K4BAI N7ZG XE1AY
7LZ9WLZMULTI-MULTI19,377,6457,324  1,253  42.2LZ1ZD LZ1RGM LZ1ANA LZ1UQ LZ1PM LZ2UU ...
8ES9CESMULTI-TWO18,557,0287,477  1,266  48.0ES5RY ES2DW ES2MC ES5JR ES5NC ES2RR ...
9P40LP4MULTI-TWO18,220,1754,189  1,075  47.4W6LD AE6Y W0YK KX7M
109A60A9AMULTI-TWO16,164,1446,057  1,207  48.09A2X 9A3TR 9A3OS 9A5X 9A7V
11HG80HQHAMULTI-MULTI15,510,7426,326  1,157  47.8HA1TJ HA1DAC HA1DAI HA6NF HA1DAE
12NR4MW4MULTI-MULTI15,425,3405,239  1,140  47.8EY8MM K1SE K4EC K4EU K4GMH K4ZW K7SV ...
13LX7ILXMULTI-MULTI14,790,6576,775  1,113  48.0DJ0SP DK3QZ DL2OBF DL3HAH DL4YR DL5XX ...
14OM0MOMMULTI-MULTI14,410,4946,409  1,138  48.0OK1HSK OM1ATT OM1II OM3CGN OM3TWM OM4KW ...
15KD4D/3W3MULTI-TWO14,116,2394,731  1,077  48.0K3MM K3RA WX3B NI1N KD4D
16EA3FPEAMULTI-TWO13,382,3345,074  1,134  47.7EA1FAQ EA3AIR EA3AKY EA3ALV EA3ALZ ...
17E77DXE7MULTI-MULTI13,212,1465,405  1,154  47.4E74IW E75DX E77DX E77EY T90T T90R
18DQ4WDLMULTI-TWO13,122,2555,362  1,123  48.0DD1LD DK4YJ DK9TN DL5RMH DL6RAI
19G6PZGMULTI-TWO13,057,5835,453  1,111  48.0G6PZ M0CLW M0SDX G4MJS G7VJR
20LY7ALYMULTI-MULTI12,697,2726,759  1,062  48.0LYR-346 LY1FK LY2J LY3BB LY3DA LY3HD ...
21D4CD4SO HIGH ALL12,694,7313,477  973  35.9LY2CY
22OL7ROKMULTI-TWO12,336,0305,307  1,098  48.0OK3RM OK1WMV OK1VWK OK1IC OK1DSZ
239K2HN9KMULTI-ONE HIGH12,013,8663,778  918  47.49K2HN 9K2RR SP4R
24OG8XOHMULTI-TWO11,503,1365,263  1,136  47.7OH1WZ OH2BH OH2IW OH2MM OH2UA OH4JFN ...
254L0A4LSO HIGH ALL11,213,6643,462  888  36.0UU4JMG
26HC8NHC8SO HIGH ALL10,893,7072,999  893  35.8K6AW
27OM7MOMMULTI-ONE HIGH10,698,7804,211  1,156  48.0OK2BFN OM3PA OM3PC OM5AW OM5RM OM5RW ...
28RU1AUA-1MULTI-ONE HIGH10,549,8474,523  1,127  48.0RW1AC RA1AIP RA1AR RK1AM UA1ACC
29ZF2AMZFSO HIGH ALL10,019,4903,028  897  35.9K6AM
30ZY7CPYMULTI-ONE HIGH9,994,2402,858  976  44.4PT7AA PT7CG PT7WA PT7ZAA PY7XC PY7ZY ...
31NH6VKH6MULTI-TWO9,879,9443,221  788  46.9AH6RE KH6LC KH7Y N6KB NH6V
32IR2CIMULTI-ONE HIGH9,850,8233,603  1,117  47.3IK2JUB IK2NCJ IK2PFL
33OL3ZOKMULTI-MULTI9,712,9203,810  1,085  48.0OK1FCJ OK1FPS OK1HMP OK1GHZ
34E73MMME7MULTI-ONE HIGH9,606,9744,188  1,118  48.0E72A E73MMM E73TW
35LX0RLLXMULTI-TWO9,547,2004,658  1,040  47.9DL1QQ DL5KUT DK2OY DL3BPC
36WE3CW3MULTI-ONE HIGH9,344,1463,038  1,022  46.2K3CT K3TEJ N3RD W2GD W3FV WE3C
37PJ2TPJ2SO HIGH ALL9,326,9502,593  835  35.7WI9WI
38LZ5ALZMULTI-ONE HIGH9,237,2403,984  1,080  47.8LZ2LDS LZ3FN LZ4AX LZ4RR
39TM0RFMULTI-ONE HIGH9,212,9403,835  1,034  46.5F5VHY F6IRA
40CT3KNCT3SO HIGH ALL (T)9,162,4562,632  867  36.0CT3KN
41VY2TTVEYSO HIGH ALL9,117,2642,984  912  35.9K6LA
42UZ2MURMULTI-ONE HIGH8,538,1154,130  1,055  48.0UR0MC UT7QF UX7IA UR5IOK UR5MID UT7MW ...
43YW4DYVSO HIGH ALL8,474,8732,516  857  34.6YV1DIG
44P40AP4SO LOW ALL8,232,7962,547  814  35.9KK9A
45K1ZMW1SO HIGH ALL8,211,3322,994  922  35.9 
46KT3Y/4W4MULTI-ONE HIGH8,113,9202,852  960  43.2KT3Y K3EST
47UA9CDCRA9SO HIGH ALL8,048,2632,936  821  35.9 
48VB3EVE3SO HIGH ALL8,005,5362,801  912  36.0VE3AT
49WW4EW4MULTI-TWO7,967,9403,432  948  47.0N4WW N4KM K0LUZ N3ND
50VE3EJVE3SO HIGH ALL7,906,9652,734  865  35.9 
51NE4AAW4SO HIGH ALL7,864,5382,997  902  35.9K1TO
52PA6ZPAMULTI-MULTI7,828,4443,979  997  47.4PA0JED PA2AWU PA2PKZ PA4VHF PA5R PA9M ...
53IR4XISO HIGH ALL7,565,0583,160  974  36.0IZ3EYZ
54VE7SVVE7MULTI-TWO7,532,0702,751  806  47.1VE7AG VE7AHA VE7CA VE7CC VE7SV YO6OBH
55C4I5BSO HIGH ALL7,496,7502,566  785  35.8LZ2HM
56YT2TYTMULTI-ONE HIGH7,384,8003,624  1,020  47.7YT2T YT7AW YT6TT YT1BX YU2A YU8YL ...
57CW5WCXSO HIGH ALL7,379,1802,253  820  35.9CX6VM
58K1LZW1SO HIGH ALL7,299,0002,654  900  36.0 
59EE2WEAMULTI-ONE HIGH7,259,8443,206  996  46.2EA2EA EA2CMY EA2AYD EA2AUD
60OM3BHOMSO HIGH ALL7,224,7683,181  904  36.0 
614O3A4OSO HIGH ALL7,207,7463,150  921  35.9 
62HA3OVHASO HIGH ALL7,200,5323,281  941  35.9 
63WC1MW1SO HIGH ALL7,192,6142,590  858  35.9 
64RG9ARA9SO HIGH ALL7,156,4042,753  804  35.9UA9AM
65KH7XKH6SO HIGH ALL7,092,0182,370  747  35.9KH6ND
66YT0AYTMULTI-ONE HIGH7,060,1343,322  969  47.6YT1ZA YT1CI YU1XX YU7FU YT7AA YT1WW ...
67NY4AW4SO HIGH ALL7,040,8442,834  837  33.6NY4A
68LN3ZLAMULTI-ONE HIGH7,034,4263,537  1,022  47.2LA5UF LA6YEA LA6UH LA8HGA LA9VDA
69WM3TW3SO HIGH ALL7,028,7302,733  870  36.0N3KS
70PS2TPYSO HIGH ALL7,012,1252,368  813  35.9N5ZO
71YR7MYOSO HIGH ALL6,955,4163,363  936  35.9YO3JR
72YT5AYTSA HIGH ALL6,877,7912,925  981  35.8YU7NU
73UP0LUNSO HIGH ALL6,723,2222,643  759  35.6UN9LW
74S50AS5SO HIGH ALL6,717,0062,855  918  36.0 
75VE3JMVE3SO HIGH ALL6,704,3702,361  837  35.9 
76SO9QSPMULTI-ONE HIGH6,612,4863,281  974  47.8SP9QMP SP9H SQ9C SP9GFI SQ9JKW
77II1HIMULTI-ONE HIGH6,593,9803,022  974  47.6I1HJT IK1QBT IK1SPR IK2QEI
789A5W9ASO HIGH ALL6,486,5882,938  918  35.7 
79DR4ADLMULTI-ONE HIGH6,440,3843,209  977  47.3DK5PD DK9VZ DK9PY DJ9KM DL6WT
80M7AGMULTI-ONE HIGH6,409,9162,963  874  46.2LY4L LY4Y
81RL3AUA-3SO HIGH ALL6,173,2443,125  924  35.9RV3BA
82W7RNW7MULTI-TWO6,104,1633,288  843  47.6K5RC I2UIY K6KR N0AX
83YR1CYOMULTI-ONE HIGH6,103,0643,435  892  45.0YO4NA YO4NF
84VE3DZ/VP9VP9SO LOW ALL (T)6,053,3882,526  758  35.9 
85VC2MVE2SO HIGH ALL5,972,5432,213  787  35.6VE2TZT
86DL3YMDLSO HIGH ALL5,935,3342,693  874  35.9 
87LO2FLUSO HIGH ALL5,908,8882,053  772  35.8LU1FAM
88PW2DPYSO HIGH ALL5,729,2802,100  746  35.9PY2ZXU
89UA9CDVRA9SO HIGH ALL5,709,4322,422  699  34.9 
90LZ8ALZSA HIGH ALL (T)5,668,1763,461  898  35.9LZ2BE
91RX9WRRA9SO HIGH ALL5,659,8962,427  726  34.3 
92NX5MW5MULTI-TWO5,601,2923,321  886  48.0N5NMX N5XJ KU5B NX5M K5GQ K5NZ NT5TU ...
93NN5JW5SO HIGH ALL5,589,8162,476  849  35.7N5DX
95N5RMW5MULTI-ONE HIGH5,524,8812,853  853  47.6N2IC WA5Y K7IA
96RW0ARA0MULTI-MULTI5,518,5062,345  786  36.6RZ0AT RV0AL RA0AY RA0ALM RW0AR
97UT7LURMULTI-ONE HIGH5,486,9713,078  941  47.6UY5LW UZ2LL UR8LA US4LGW UR4LTX UR4LRG ...
98OK4RQOKSO HIGH ALL5,464,5652,625  901  36.0 
99VE7GLVE7MULTI-ONE HIGH5,390,4761,982  767  44.3VE7GL VE6EX VA7OO VA7AO
100G5WGSO HIGH ALL5,378,2352,916  835  35.7 
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Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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