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1F9IEFSA LP ALL2,297,8151,53668935.4F5JSD
2S56AS5SA LP ALL1,597,6391,31161927.1 
3M0DXRGSA LP ALL1,490,2161,55759836.0 
4N2BAW2SA LP ALL (T)1,391,65294852224.3 
5LQ0FLUSA LP ALL (T)1,384,62092249134.1LU5FF
6IK2HDFISA LP ALL1,352,2901,33554230.1 
7PA4AOPASA LP ALL1,191,1051,16951927.1 
8YU3AYUSA LP ALL1,128,6341,20752323.9 
9UA9APARA9SA LP ALL1,113,17679340117.9 
10YO3FRIYOSA LP ALL1,048,31898452626.7 
11DM3PKKDLSA LP ALL (T)1,038,8781,13053833.9 
12YU2FGYUSA LP ALL (T)983,9621,05346928.8 
13VE3XDVE3SA LP ALL967,89079241929.2 
14SQ3RXSPSA LP ALL (T)923,5521,21249636.0 
15OK1TCOKSA LP ALL879,55095349032.4 
16US3IZURSA LP ALL814,94799945331.5 
17RV9CPRA9SA LP ALL803,07574935323.2 
189A3GI9ASA LP ALL799,4351,05545532.6 
19AM1WEASA LP ALL (T)764,51089644534.5EA1OS
20ZL1BYZZLSA LP ALL763,30069434031.3ZL1BYZ
21SM6EQOSMSA LP ALL734,8681,00744735.5 
22RW4AA/9RA9SA LP ALL729,06063734833.0 
23DK5IMDLSA LP ALL690,26197842929.6 
244K9W4JSA LP ALL614,18459331428.8 
25DF1HEDLSA LP ALL (R)609,60980642926.6 
26DJ1OJDLSA LP ALL (T)607,93280746825.9 
27PA1TTPASA LP ALL579,93371245728.8 
28UY5ZIURSA LP ALL566,31385039331.5 
29DL4HRMDLSA LP ALL (T)556,38891343435.6 
30IK2ULVISA LP ALL533,06471239926.6 
31ER5DXERSA LP ALL500,08979939133.4 
32DG7RODLSA LP ALL (T)494,38071538029.1 
33WK5X/4W4SA LP ALL (T)492,25057735832.1 
34RX3ATUA-3SA LP ALL (T)431,55060841127.6 
35UA9QMRA9SA LP ALL427,19455329324.2 
36UX2MFURSA LP ALL426,08757836724.1 
37K4FPFW4SA LP ALL (T)403,78849430821.0 
38SQ9FMUSPSA LP ALL390,77162336922.7 
39W4EEW4SA LP ALL383,09848933421.7 
40DF7ZSDLSA LP ALL375,41056234622.3 
41K5GMW5SA LP ALL (T)352,52553329519.5 
42N4KGW4SA LP ALL349,65041227011.8 
435P5XOZSA LP ALL339,82264437818.7 
449A0R9ASA LP ALL (T)334,33258433322.89A9R
45WW2DXW2SA LP ALL332,05040329020.6 
46RA9MCRA9SA LP ALL327,88844827615.9 
47JO1WKOJA1SA LP ALL317,64238024711.9 
48IK3QARISA LP ALL279,27852431114.2 
49JR5XPGJA5SA LP ALL259,95641626115.9 
50LZ1KPLZSA LP ALL236,03441128220.4 
51DK7ZHDLSA LP ALL234,47647429220.3 
52SP1MHZSPSA LP ALL234,05049531020.5 
53EW4DXEUSA LP ALL213,57055331518.5 
54DG8VEDLSA LP ALL209,74843730816.9 
55JA3PYCJA3SA LP ALL202,36832120416.7 
56PA1TXPASA LP ALL199,64048931021.7 
57WA3KYYW3SA LP ALL (T)187,91035421516.7 
58KE5KW5SA LP ALL186,81630922429.2 
59KS1YW1SA LP ALL180,0003352507.7N1BAA
60OK2TBCOKSA LP ALL176,69735826117.2 
61JE4MHLJA4SA LP ALL169,56030321617.0 
62DF8AEDLSA LP ALL159,1743122229.3 
63OE4VIEOESA LP ALL155,0524322366.6 
64LA3ZALASA LP ALL144,95731822917.3 
65JA1BNWJA1SA LP ALL141,46223617411.3 
66OE2008TKWOESA LP ALL138,06931226115.0OE1TKW
67DL7UIODLSA LP ALL136,76041126015.9 
68LA4RTLASA LP ALL (T)132,86839323618.2 
69DK2ZODLSA LP ALL122,8733192237.8 
70RA3XDXUA-3SA LP ALL109,50525818123.6 
71K4MMW4SA LP ALL109,03228917711.9 
72DH3FAWDLSA LP ALL (T)107,07233823911.6 
73AK2BW2SA LP ALL100,81527319519.0 
74DF1MADLSA LP ALL100,19027921514.2 
75YB1ALLYBSA LP ALL97,65021115512.9 
76VR10XLNVRSA LP ALL97,18320015717.4VR2XLN
77N3BM/4W4SA LP ALL93,53722117114.4 
78W6KYW6SA LP ALL91,74330615921.1 
79RK3DHUA-3SA LP ALL81,63122718111.0 
80K6GEPW6SA LP ALL79,65931015918.7 
81WG0MW0SA LP ALL79,55227417610.7 
82RW9WWRA9SA LP ALL74,7401621487.8 
83JK2VOCJA2SA LP ALL73,56926713712.8 
84OK2PFOKSA LP ALL71,62128218715.8 
85NE6IW6SA LP ALL (T)70,24026816023.9 
862E1OKTGSA LP ALL69,54128319716.3M0OKT
87JG3FEAJA3SA LP ALL68,96118112727.6 
88JG3KIV/4JA4SA LP ALL (T)67,32819612819.0 
89DL3HAADLSA LP ALL67,1402651808.9 
90W6JYT/7W7SA LP ALL (T)65,36026615226.1 
91RX3VFUA-3SA LP ALL (T)63,87523817516.2 
92HA5PTHASA LP ALL63,5361881525.2 
93DO9STDLSA LP ALL62,08323618113.6 
94JA2QVPJA2SA LP ALL52,65016211711.8 
95N5JRW5SA LP ALL52,4161601566.6 
96JR6GHNJA6SA LP ALL (T)50,40018914017.2 
97DL8ZAJDLSA LP ALL48,8721941496.4 
98IQ8LRISA LP ALL48,3561911575.9IZ8DVD
99AA0AWW0SA LP ALL46,1702091358.7 
100LU3JVOLUSA LP ALL39,2001231126.9 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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