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1RG9ARA9SA LP ALL4,380,3501,83165036.0UA9AM
2UA9SPRA9SA LP ALL (T)3,031,9381,54054634.3 
3YT3MYUSA LP ALL2,947,6801,95673635.9YU1YV
4LU5FFLUSA LP ALL (T)2,307,4971,25558729.4 
5RN4WAUA-4SA LP ALL2,095,7121,90463236.0 
6OM5XOMSA LP ALL (T)1,888,0201,55961233.9OM5XX
7CE3AACESA LP ALL (T)1,771,7611,05756329.7XQ4CW
8RL9AARA9SA LP ALL1,745,8071,20454128.4 
9YQ5QYOSA LP ALL1,558,5401,77759635.9YO5OHO
10OK1TAOKSA LP ALL (T)1,509,6801,28556535.7 
11IK2HDFISA LP ALL1,495,5451,44855730.0 
12UT2UUURSA LP ALL (T)1,302,7561,41254634.6 
13PA44NPASA LP ALL (T)1,242,8501,31553035.9PA4N
14DK1KCDLSA LP ALL (T)1,221,1381,21953732.7 
15VE2XAAVE2SA LP ALL (T)1,125,20084240023.9 
16UT2IOURSA LP ALL1,103,8601,28048535.2 
17OG6NOHSA LP ALL1,101,8701,29258319.9 
18HA6NLHASA LP ALL1,046,6151,31047930.0 
19OK2BXEOKSA LP ALL1,033,1821,09451331.1 
20SP3BJKSPSA LP ALL948,0941,13948235.2 
21DF3AXDLSA LP ALL932,4801,15247035.3 
22RU9DDRA9SA LP ALL851,50072732525.3 
23DL2IANDLSA LP ALL849,88895646830.8 
249A3XV9ASA LP ALL (T)820,35282244220.2 
25UT8IMURSA LP ALL789,09699942728.6 
26UT5UQNURSA LP ALL756,89696343636.0 
27EA2BNUEASA LP ALL737,42487543235.7 
28E21YDPHSSA LP ALL726,85668937735.7 
29PR7ABPYSA LP ALL706,58463035432.8 
30XU7ACYXUSA LP ALL702,15175040120.8 
31SM6EQOSMSA LP ALL690,0691,07241135.6 
32OF50RROHSA LP ALL (R)686,07088146236.0OH8FKU
33DL4SDWDLSA LP ALL659,86182743121.2 
34KP2BKP2SA LP ALL657,53657235228.1WP3A
35UT2FAURSA LP ALL652,6981,04147434.8 
36UA9OARA9SA LP ALL629,64061933020.5 
37SM0QSMSA LP ALL587,0191,12141930.6SM0OGQ
38DL3VZLDLSA LP ALL584,22077042829.9 
39OK1JOCOKSA LP ALL576,28185640923.9 
40SM5DSMSA LP ALL (T)575,66491240227.4SM5DJZ
41UA9XSRA9SA LP ALL568,46458931228.6 
42PY2SEXPYSA LP ALL564,22450130418.3 
43EO1IURSA LP ALL563,68091841616.5 
44EI/W5GNEISA LP ALL555,98472539625.5 
45DJ1OJDLSA LP ALL (T)529,05377741322.4 
46DM3PKKDLSA LP ALL (T)514,90972639728.0 
47UY5ZIURSA LP ALL491,73078737032.8 
48DL1DVEDLSA LP ALL489,86868841218.3 
49RU9CIRA9SA LP ALL489,69750427124.5 
504Z5TK4XSA LP ALL446,90746931116.6 
51ES4RXESSA LP ALL436,74075134828.6 
52G4WGEGSA LP ALL436,19270934426.0 
53OM6ALOMSA LP ALL429,84071636026.8 
54W1FAW1SA LP ALL423,10848629216.1 
55AA4LRW4SA LP ALL421,93561734519.1 
56F8CRSFSA LP ALL409,26058535921.0 
57SL0WSMSA LP ALL380,80069334028.8SM0AJU
58R3/SM6LRRUA-3SA LP ALL (T)379,45259230718.7 
59UA6YHUA-6SA LP ALL369,17259835628.0 
60RK4YJUA-4SA LP ALL362,47056933514.1 
61UT1AAURSA LP ALL355,57667333817.5 
62DK5MBDLSA LP ALL349,65048235027.7 
63JA6DIJJA6SA LP ALL (T)337,15549228533.5 
64NP2LKP2SA LP ALL (T)320,40837524211.6 
65NV4BW4SA LP ALL288,09048329720.6 
66OH2LNHOHSA LP ALL286,44058430829.9 
67RW9WWRA9SA LP ALL285,88930725115.0 
68VE7WEBVE7SA LP ALL (T)285,75049422524.4 
69N0SXXW0SA LP ALL (T)274,59658729418.0 
70PW2BPYSA LP ALL272,46033323911.7 
71N3CZ/4W4SA LP ALL (T)268,92044124911.7 
72DL0NGDLSA LP ALL (T)267,50945829326.3DK8NC
73SQ9FMUSPSA LP ALL263,06448129120.3 
74HL1VAUHLSA LP ALL261,37852023418.2 
75OK6AYOKSA LP ALL258,96050931211.0OK1AY
76US9PAURSA LP ALL254,28051132618.7 
77DF1HFDLSA LP ALL251,41048831015.7 
78DF9TSDLSA LP ALL249,49050630517.0 
79OO9OONSA LP ALL (T)249,41752432120.0ON7SS
80RA4ACXUA-4SA LP ALL244,25651127214.5 
81IT9RZUIT9SA LP ALL242,8805273309.2 
82UN9LUUNSA LP ALL236,7613652279.5 
83OM8LAOMSA LP ALL (T)223,93848328612.1 
84NX0IW0SA LP ALL212,34448025428.8 
85VE3XDVE3SA LP ALL (T)209,30430321610.1 
86RU3UMUA-3SA LP ALL207,45946126714.1 
87VE3MGYVE3SA LP ALL198,54038418020.2 
88VE5ZXVE5SA LP ALL198,01639722113.5 
89SM2BJSSMSA LP ALL197,10250927826.7 
90DL5GACDLSA LP ALL (T)195,96046328419.3 
91W3KBW3SA LP ALL188,8812832237.6 
92DF7ZSDLSA LP ALL (T)188,29842129716.0 
93EA4XTEASA LP ALL175,87238325613.9 
94DR3WDLSA LP ALL174,1054152657.9DL6MHW
95OK3MOKSA LP ALL172,0023592639.6 
96N0HRW0SA LP ALL171,18236425117.8 
97YU1AAVYUSA LP ALL170,97040927817.8YT1CC
98UA9SAWRA9SA LP ALL168,45429620912.2 
99UA3AMZUA-3SA LP ALL164,4224302299.1 
100W4EE/3W3SA LP ALL162,71732621918.3 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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