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1P40AP4SA LP ALL9,449,6743,10292336.0KK9A
2VP53VVP5SA LP ALL7,005,1452,69485935.9W5CW
3YN2GYYNSA LP ALL5,943,6322,41984835.1K9GY
4RT9SRA9SA LP ALL (T)5,325,5671,92174135.2 
5RV9UPRA9SA LP ALL4,842,2362,04472135.8 
6S50CS5SA LP ALL (T)4,626,0002,08290036.0S53CC
74Z5TK4XSA LP ALL (T)4,375,7401,81969928.2 
8EA5AEREASA LP ALL3,252,0401,96376035.8 
9LY3BLYSA LP ALL3,187,1882,00572936.0 
10LZ9RLZSA LP ALL3,129,9871,95679136.0LZ3YY
11OR2FONSA LP ALL (T)3,051,1081,83277435.8 
12EO7UURSA LP ALL2,903,5681,84175336.0UY2UA
13UA9AGXRA9SA LP ALL (T)2,887,7461,40763336.0 
14HA6NLHASA LP ALL2,826,1981,59278935.2 
15R7MMUA-6SA LP ALL2,738,5121,77178436.0 
16S56AS5SA LP ALL (T)2,570,4091,46880135.4 
17RG5AUA-3SA LP ALL2,269,3771,51572934.5  
18RA1ALUA-1SA LP ALL2,221,9831,62871732.2 
19RW4WAUA-4SA LP ALL2,198,4421,60678636.0 
20RD9CXRA9SA LP ALL2,164,7941,21257327.1 
21KZ1MW1SA LP ALL2,082,1591,22360328.1W1UJ
22YL5XYLSA LP ALL (T)2,008,5901,41371024.5 
23LZ5XQLZSA LP ALL1,993,7401,52465835.3 
24DF1LXDLSA LP ALL (T)1,992,3201,26970435.8 
254X6FR4XSA LP ALL (T)1,918,9101,18755334.7 
26YO3FRIYOSA LP ALL1,829,3101,27265134.5 
27OK7TOKSA LP ALL (T)1,761,5401,29562835.1OK1FHI
28PY4HOPYSA LP ALL1,730,7081,09754725.8 
29KE1JW1SA LP ALL (T)1,677,7441,10554931.6 
30R4WDXUA-4SA LP ALL (T)1,661,1841,39767236.0 
31UY2IGURSA LP ALL1,653,1251,38862536.0 
32VA2WAVE2SA LP ALL (T)1,652,3601,02950519.8 
33DD5MDLSA LP ALL1,608,0661,25761431.3DJ0ZY
34W3KBW3SA LP ALL1,607,6161,06757624.1 
35EW5WEUSA LP ALL (T)1,566,9841,30859927.7EW1IP
36OK1AYOKSA LP ALL1,555,6561,15263626.2 
37BA4MYBYSA LP ALL (T)1,545,3811,18057336.0 
38S50XXS5SA LP ALL1,527,1741,18159424.3 
39WP3AKP4SA LP ALL (T)1,494,32496555825.0 
40RU9AZRA9SA LP ALL1,480,24899250432.5 
41A65CAA6SA LP ALL (T)1,461,2101,00553026.8RV6AJJ
42N1ENW1SA LP ALL (R)1,419,9841,01451930.8 
43LU1MALUSA LP ALL1,391,50096050030.9LU3MAM
44EI/W5GNEISA LP ALL1,373,4241,12956829.3W5GN
45DL6KVADLSA LP ALL1,369,87898768731.0 
46KS1JW1SA LP ALL1,368,68488655119.7 
47OM5XXOMSA LP ALL (T)1,314,0891,12154135.9  
48GI0RQKGISA LP ALL (T)1,279,2751,17055535.9 
49BA1AIBYSA LP ALL (T)1,241,0441,03150835.1 
50I1EISISA LP ALL (T)1,202,24899453624.6 
51RA9ANRA9SA LP ALL1,134,36076341436.0 
52DL5YLDLSA LP ALL1,130,3301,09554531.6 
53HG8CHASA LP ALL1,106,30097657522.9HA8EK
54K7WPW7SA LP ALL1,089,62498149832.1 
55XE1/DM3DLXESA LP ALL1,081,9841,01442827.5 
56UA3QAMUA-3SA LP ALL1,077,6141,00653824.4 
57LY2NYLYSA LP ALL1,074,9421,10253433.3 
58IV3BCAISA LP ALL (T)1,057,50093362532.3 
59AD1C/0W0SA LP ALL (T)1,026,5641,01848427.9 
60JH1EAQJA1SA LP ALL1,016,96078345433.5 
61WD4AHZW4SA LP ALL (T)992,31083648520.0 
62NX1P/7W7SA LP ALL990,48697644135.4 
63N4NXW4SA LP ALL966,85267750224.0 
64OZ4CGOZSA LP ALL954,50099150032.2 
65US1GCUURSA LP ALL883,70196150732.4 
66IN3FHEISA LP ALL878,89079649134.4 
67RU27ITUA-4SA LP ALL (R)865,0651,00750531.3RU4IT
68UA6GFUA-6SA LP ALL850,53996950935.1 
69IK3ORDISA LP ALL (T)831,45979750333.7 
708N1TWJA1SA LP ALL827,76280840318.7JM1UWB
719M2/JE1SCJ9M2SA LP ALL (T)809,82071540928.8 
72PI4HPASA LP ALL804,25895149132.4PA4PS
73LZ7OLZSA LP ALL777,23185451121.5LZ1ONK
74YU1FGYUSA LP ALL753,44875942434.5 
75AB1JW1SA LP ALL (T)741,85079640131.4 
76RV6LCIUA-6SA LP ALL (T)708,92085847928.9 
77VE3TWVE3SA LP ALL684,01260135727.4 
78SQ8KFMSPSA LP ALL (R)677,04075343420.9 
79BD1IIJBYSA LP ALL644,46876938831.7 
80NE5LLW5SA LP ALL632,60878342424.6N1CC
81R8XFUA-9SA LP ALL615,92676944624.7 
82LY5RLYSA LP ALL594,60962139311.6 
83HZ1FOCHZSA LP ALL593,9155843556.4 
84RA9MXRA9SA LP ALL584,54546339117.0 
85JF3NKAJA3SA LP ALL (T)581,39463438324.2 
86YU1YVYUSA LP ALL580,79767644128.8 
87SP3BJKSPSA LP ALL578,27771741123.9 
88EI8JXEISA LP ALL574,49664941623.9 
89DL4ACDLSA LP ALL559,28670343924.9 
90ES8DHESSA LP ALL555,26173841123.9 
91DJ1OJDLSA LP ALL543,99965344721.7 
92YO4FTEYOSA LP ALL542,25667242916.4 
93RA6HSMUA-6SA LP ALL535,71773137735.0 
94PY4ZOPYSA LP ALL533,64454235616.4 
95LA5LJALASA LP ALL507,06074540515.3 
96RU4COUA-4SA LP ALL (T)506,76371941123.6 
97BD4GNVBYSA LP ALL497,20269234626.7 
98S52WS5SA LP ALL (T)495,62859443412.2 
99EF7TEASA LP ALL489,17462339921.3EC7AKV
100VK6AAVKSA LP ALL (T)486,62847233716.0VK2IA



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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