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1PY1NXPYSA LP ALL6,464,1452,26586535.7 
2IO4TISA LP ALL6,076,3472,4341,06135.9IK4VET
3NN3LW3SA LP ALL5,535,3241,97695835.9N3RS
4S53FS5SA LP ALL (T)4,985,9062,20197435.9 
5UX4UURSA LP ALL4,432,7642,16093431.4US7UX
69A1AA9ASA LP ALL (T)4,279,0581,92295935.5 
7LY3BLYSA LP ALL4,251,6372,18791135.5 
8PP5BZPYSA LP ALL4,063,9121,64577634.3  
9K3AJW3SA LP ALL3,963,3301,57481034.7 
10RT9SRA9SA LP ALL (T)3,907,0981,53976733.9 
11UT4LWURSA LP ALL (T)3,653,1242,06287936.0 
12SN7OSPSA LP ALL (T)3,479,9861,70084235.9SP7IVO
13OM5XXOMSA LP ALL3,393,2341,75385335.6 
14HA6NLHASA LP ALL3,308,5921,65090335.8 
15WD4AHZW4SA LP ALL (T)3,030,6981,50379435.7 
16R7MMUA-6SA LP ALL3,027,0241,79985836.0 
179G5ZZ9GSA LP ALL2,969,6401,37565733.1DL1CW
18S52WS5SA LP ALL (T)2,866,5901,81581034.9 
19JA1BJIJA1SA LP ALL2,813,1931,39172332.4 
20G5LPGSA LP ALL2,558,0201,53779029.8 
21UA5BUA-3SA LP ALL (T)2,523,8881,63381636.0 
22HA8BEHASA LP ALL2,510,0281,58876230.2 
23DL6RAIDLSA LP ALL (T)2,441,2881,31980226.9 
24LY2FNLYSA LP ALL2,396,2501,57575031.4 
25RD9CXRA9SA LP ALL2,375,4991,21465134.0 
26N1ENW1SA LP ALL (T)2,282,8921,27061833.4 
27R3QAUA-3SA LP ALL2,235,7651,69574935.8 
28W3KBW3SA LP ALL2,214,2701,05969519.5 
297Z1HLHZSA LP ALL2,067,5001,20262519.1 
30OK7TOKSA LP ALL (T)2,006,5201,39169035.5OK1FHI
31DK8NTDLSA LP ALL1,969,5401,36971030.9 
32DK5DQDLSA LP ALL (T)1,870,6401,02669825.5 
33PR7ABPYSA LP ALL1,804,4391,01755327.1 
34KP4EJKP4SA LP ALL1,777,5671,07658336.0 
35NE5LLW5SA LP ALL1,578,8081,17761633.4N1CC
36K8BLW8SA LP ALL (T)1,549,8661,03358225.3 
37UW1WUURSA LP ALL (T)1,547,5321,39362135.0 
38LY2NYLYSA LP ALL1,539,0411,29464132.7 
39UC8URA9SA LP ALL1,483,02095553517.6 
40IT9MUOIT9SA LP ALL1,478,3041,18070832.9 
41SP5CNASPSA LP ALL1,461,8751,14662535.7 
42LZ9RLZSA LP ALL1,444,1641,27660431.7LZ3YY
43OM7LMOMSA LP ALL1,436,6441,16763426.3OM7LM
44LU1MALUSA LP ALL (T)1,393,93891751825.2LU3MAM
45HG2AHASA LP ALL1,387,1921,07463435.6 
46RV6LCIUA-6SA LP ALL (T)1,363,3451,02663531.3 
47PP1CZPYSA LP ALL (T)1,362,24093751621.2 
48DL3YMDLSA LP ALL (T)1,310,77198958717.5 
49UA3QAMUA-3SA LP ALL1,299,19899766921.9 
50JH1EAQJA1SA LP ALL1,267,55088050534.6 
517K4QOKJA1SA LP ALL1,229,26589153135.0 
52IN3FHEISA LP ALL1,198,42998057734.1 
53IZ3NYGISA LP ALL1,197,28089056034.3 
54GI0RQKGISA LP ALL (T)1,173,8881,16357635.9 
55RT3OUA-3SA LP ALL (T)1,163,10496360822.6RT3O
56PY4HOPYSA LP ALL1,113,67581746515.3 
57UY2IGURSA LP ALL (T)1,082,2251,08359323.3 
58DJ5MODLSA LP ALL1,072,72098958327.3 
59JF3NKAJA3SA LP ALL (T)1,058,25081549830.3 
60LZ1QVLZSA LP ALL1,049,60492456425.2 
61RM9RZRA9SA LP ALL1,029,67276950419.3 
625P2IOZSA LP ALL (T)1,015,6661,02152327.4OZ1BII
63DL0SMDLSA LP ALL (T)1,007,17293355425.4DM3PKK
64BA7QTBYSA LP ALL987,4711,03950129.0 
65NP2LKP2SA LP ALL (T)974,11273043822.2 
66DL1EALDLSA LP ALL (T)954,97593352522.8 
67K0ADW0SA LP ALL944,09792246918.3 
68KV4QSW4SA LP ALL (R)941,47267250424.9 
69UD1AUA-1SA LP ALL923,10385753716.1 
70OM8DDOMSA LP ALL911,85682848428.5  
71I0GOJISA LP ALL879,04390150926.7 
72SP1NYSPSA LP ALL (T)876,61077949014.8 
73BG3UPABYSA LP ALL (T)870,73877950134.0 
74PA9WORPASA LP ALL (T)853,84987149124.9 
75DL7AUDLSA LP ALL846,84670354624.0 
76JS1KKYJA1SA LP ALL (T)822,36067444026.4 
77YU1KTYUSA LP ALL799,60180846319.1 
78PA0OPASA LP ALL790,16076747618.5 
79N4KHW4SA LP ALL (T)770,89276945417.2 
80RD4AUA-4SA LP ALL762,52284750122.1 
81A65CAA6SA LP ALL (T)757,06864642217.2 
82DK1KCDLSA LP ALL (T)733,69862456713.3 
83PY4ZOPYSA LP ALL724,88061241015.4 
84W8BIW8SA LP ALL723,52062944828.0KD8SAV
85SV8CRISVSA LP ALL (T)716,32963249333.2 
86W4TTMW4SA LP ALL (R)703,95466938321.4 
87SV5/DL3DRNSV5SA LP ALL676,39688449334.5 
88PA3BUDPASA LP ALL671,01275745422.8 
89ZP9MCEZPSA LP ALL658,70262837915.7 
90AA3SW3SA LP ALL (T)656,67860241823.4 
91OE2LCMOESA LP ALL (T)652,23672344413.9 
92DQ7ADLSA LP ALL649,34480345631.8 
93EA1VTEASA LP ALL (T)612,40879645630.4 
94S53FOS5SA LP ALL (T)604,03268541633.3 
95DF7ZSDLSA LP ALL603,25063547526.2 
96DL5YLDLSA LP ALL601,96573244125.6 
97UX0FFURSA LP ALL598,22768646713.2 
98G4WGEGSA LP ALL595,12275042631.8 
99VA3ATTVE3SA LP ALL573,88553632713.9 
100NX0IW0SA LP ALL571,56563439524.8 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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