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RankCallCtyCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1P33W5BMULTI-ONE HIGH35,165,6916,865  1,503  48.0RA3AUU RW4WR RV1AW RA2FA UA4FER HA1AG
29A1A9AMULTI-MULTI33,890,5498,781  1,631  48.09A9A 9A5W 9A6A 9A5E 9A7R 9A4WW 9A2EU ...
3LZ9WLZMULTI-MULTI26,711,1007,862  1,522  48.0LZ1ANA LZ1PJ LZ1PM LZ1UQ LZ1VKD LZ1ZD ...
4OL4AOKMULTI-TWO25,417,1636,528  1,579  48.0OK1DSZ OK1FFU OK1HGM OK1JKT OK1RI
5NR4MW4MULTI-MULTI23,440,1315,835  1,401  48.0K7SV K4EU NR4M K4EC K4GMH K4ZW KC4D ...
6EC2DXEAMULTI-TWO21,449,3236,034  1,481  48.0EA3AVV EA3ALZ EA5KA EA7KW EC2DX
7CR3ACT3SO HIGH ALL21,403,5274,598  1,241  35.9OM3GI
8NR5MW5MULTI-MULTI21,079,6305,554  1,430  47.0NM5M K5GA K5GN N5JR W0MM W0EA AD5Q K5CI ...
9HG7THAMULTI-TWO20,380,9435,856  1,493  48.0HA5AGS HA5WA HA7TM HA8LLK HA9PP HA0DU ...
10ZF1AZFMULTI-ONE HIGH19,649,3904,603  1,294  48.0N5DO N5WR N5DX
11KP2MKP2MULTI-ONE HIGH19,614,5324,891  1,246  48.0KT3Y K9VV WP2XX
12YU5RYTMULTI-TWO19,060,4345,720  1,458  48.0YT1HA YU6DX YU9DX
13DM6VDLMULTI-TWO18,742,2075,433  1,433  48.0DJ2YA DK7YY DL1CW DL4UNY DL5AXX
14ES9CESMULTI-ONE HIGH18,609,0245,268  1,472  48.0ES1OX ES2MC ES2NA ES2RR ES2TI ES4RD ...
15LZ5RLZMULTI-TWO18,455,4746,048  1,466  48.0LZ1YQ LZ1NK LZ1UK LZ1MC LZ1JZ LZ1DCW ...
16D4CD4SO HIGH ALL18,389,0254,327  1,215  35.9YL2KL
17N4WWW4MULTI-TWO18,358,3984,874  1,362  48.0N4WW K0LUZ LU1FAM DL6BW WF3C K1MM K5AUP
18LY2WLYMULTI-TWO18,315,7605,477  1,415  48.0LY2FN LY2MM LY2NY LY2SA LY2W LY3CW LY4K ...
19N1LN/4W4MULTI-TWO18,284,1604,882  1,335  48.0N1LN KK4UNZ N3ND WA4PSC N8BR NW4V
20EA8/RA1AEA8SA HIGH ALL18,040,6204,113  1,145  35.8 
21D44ACD4SA HIGH ALL17,957,7604,277  1,194  35.9YL3DW
22SK3WSMMULTI-TWO17,496,0685,504  1,396  48.0SM3SGP SA5BJM SM5EPO SM5TXT SM5AJV ...
23K9CTW9MULTI-TWO17,394,5374,728  1,373  48.0N9CK KB9OWD KC9EE K9ZO K9CT KK9K K3WA
24G5WGMULTI-TWO17,053,8755,139  1,395  48.0G2NF G3BJ G3XTT G4DRS
25CT9/R9DXCT3SO HIGH ALL16,956,4014,004  1,141  36.0 
26DR5NDLMULTI-TWO16,699,6904,959  1,379  48.0DF1MM DJ1MM DJ9DZ DK5OS DL9YAJ SP3LPG
27VP2MDGVP2MMULTI-ONE HIGH16,654,7804,285  1,270  48.0K2DM K2PS
28DM9KDLMULTI-TWO16,192,4554,994  1,345  48.0DJ1YFK DK6SP DK7AH
29LY7ALYMULTI-MULTI15,529,1545,498  1,303  48.0LYR346 LY1FK LY5Z LY3DA LY3HD LY2BMX ...
30NS1S/4W4MULTI-TWO15,306,0964,424  1,291  48.0W9SN W9RNY K0RU K1ZZI AA4CF
31II9PIT9MULTI-ONE HIGH15,154,2184,299  1,402  48.0UA2FB RV3MA LY5W IT9GSF IZ8JAI IK1HJS ...
32PW2DPYMULTI-ONE HIGH15,066,0383,350  1,222  47.4PY2BK PY2LSM PY2ZXU @PY2DM
33VC7JVE7MULTI-MULTI15,065,9194,272  1,221  48.0VE7AX VE7JH VE7KW VA7OM VE7MR VE7UF ...
34KD4D/3W3MULTI-ONE HIGH14,636,1933,905  1,199  48.0KD4D K2YWE K3RA KE3X
35LX7ILXMULTI-ONE HIGH14,609,6284,190  1,401  48.0DF3VM DK9IP DL3BPC LX2A PA4N PC5A YO3JR
363V8SS3VMULTI-ONE LOW14,577,2163,982  1,104  48.0JH4RHF KF5EYY
37EF8UEA8SO HIGH ALL14,526,8763,888  1,113  35.8LY9Y
38DD0CCDLMULTI-TWO14,423,3404,541  1,335  48.0DJ9IE DK3QZ DL1EKC DL1XW DL3HAH DL3QQ ...
39DL0CSDLMULTI-TWO14,352,7234,521  1,341  48.0DL5XJ DL5KUT DL4HG DK2OY
40AK6WW6MULTI-MULTI14,182,1284,654  1,296  48.0K1GI N6WM N6BV K3EST K6AW N6RO WA6O
41LY4ALYMULTI-TWO14,063,9034,813  1,337  48.0LY4A LY2CO LY2TS LY2RJ LY2BKT LY2EN
42DD1ADLMULTI-TWO13,766,6014,426  1,317  48.0DK7VW DL3GA DJ3CQ DL2MDU HB9CVQ DK2GP ...
43NY4AW4MULTI-ONE HIGH13,295,2333,329  1,223  48.0N4AF K4BAI K4QPL
44KG0FW0MULTI-ONE HIGH13,269,2853,831  1,299  48.0K0RF K7NV W0UA W0ZP
45VY2TTVEYSO HIGH ALL12,991,9353,567  1,109  35.8K6LA
46YR1CYOMULTI-ONE HIGH12,763,5204,416  1,295  48.0YO4DW YO4NA YO4NF YO9HP YO9GZU
47SW9AASV9MULTI-ONE HIGH12,587,1204,382  1,352  48.0DJ2QV LZ3FN LZ5VK SV9DJO SV9FBG SV9RGI
48KC3RW3SO HIGH ALL12,574,2573,526  1,121  35.8LZ4AX
49KH7XXKH6SO HIGH ALL12,449,8663,365  1,111  35.9N2NL
50UP0LUNSO HIGH ALL12,403,1103,599  1,090  36.0UN9LW
51WK5TW5MULTI-ONE HIGH12,275,0403,445  1,284  43.8N2IC N5FO
52RA5DUA-3MULTI-TWO12,200,7064,219  1,323  48.0R2DG RA5A RC5A RN3AC RU5A UF5F
53TM5YFSO HIGH ALL12,097,9043,667  1,187  35.9F8DBF
54BY5CDBYMULTI-TWO11,877,4564,018  1,164  48.0BH4BUI BH4AYG BH4CAC BA5CW BD4CB BG4HYK ...
55K1LZW1SO HIGH ALL11,378,5563,352  1,044  35.9 
56R8CTRA9SO HIGH ALL11,310,4743,315  1,022  35.8 
577J1YAJJA1MULTI-TWO11,133,6543,465  1,239  48.0JR1CBC JA1TRC JK1MZT JE1XUZ JR8OXT ...
58OL3ZOKMULTI-ONE HIGH11,129,0103,482  1,270  48.0OK1HMP OK1FPS
59UZ2MURSO HIGH ALL11,101,5203,928  1,208  35.9UR0MC
60TM2YFMULTI-ONE HIGH11,035,9153,568  1,231  48.0F6BEE W6NV
61TO5YFMSO HIGH ALL11,021,4723,359  1,056  35.9OL5Y
62MD4KGDMULTI-ONE HIGH11,008,5003,928  1,230  48.0G3NKC G4XUM G4BVY
63WX3BW3MULTI-TWO10,946,7543,236  1,141  35.4WX3B K3WI
64IB9TIT9MULTI-ONE HIGH10,907,5663,899  1,357  47.3IT9BLB IT9CDU IT9CLN IT9MUO IT9VDQ
65KM3T/1W1SO HIGH ALL10,836,7203,349  1,038  35.9N2NT
66VA2EWVE2SO HIGH ALL10,761,8093,103  1,007  35.7 
67OH9WOHMULTI-TWO10,622,7004,229  1,221  48.0OH2BCI OH2BEE OH2CV OH2GEK OH2KM OH2KW ...
68E7DXE7SO HIGH ALL10,609,0683,669  1,178  36.0E77DX
69WC1MW1SO HIGH ALL10,552,9403,109  1,049  35.5 
70A65BPA6SO HIGH ALL10,518,5503,379  1,025  35.8 
71SN7QSPSA HIGH ALL10,505,3883,426  1,173  35.9SP7GIQ
72JT5DXJTMULTI-TWO10,484,4603,312  1,060  37.3JT1CO
73CU4DXCUSO HIGH ALL10,391,5563,887  1,149  36.0K1ZZ
74OH1FOHMULTI-ONE HIGH10,342,8003,719  1,224  48.0OH1TM OH1NOA
75RW1AUA-1SO HIGH ALL10,335,3033,763  1,173  36.0 
76OM5ZWOMSO HIGH ALL10,271,4603,256  1,158  36.0 
77SJ2WSMSA HIGH ALL10,243,9263,225  1,254  35.9SM2LIY
78VC2WVE2SA HIGH ALL10,149,3002,820  1,050  35.9VA2WA
79LZ7ALZMULTI-TWO10,113,8373,741  1,151  48.0LZ1RF LZ1AO LZ1FY LZ1GEN LZ3TL
80VE3JMVE3SO HIGH ALL9,994,9602,976  1,010  35.9 
81CR6KCTSO HIGH ALL9,948,6343,477  1,154  35.9CT1ILT
82RT0FRA0MULTI-TWO9,901,8093,363  1,143  42.3RC0F RG0F RM0F RT0F
83ED3WEAMULTI-ONE HIGH9,888,8253,662  1,185  48.0EA3AKY EA3DU
84KL7RAKLMULTI-ONE HIGH9,862,1043,100  1,128  48.0AL7IF KL7RA KL7SB
85OE3KOESO HIGH ALL9,830,2173,510  1,097  35.9OM3BH
86RT9ARA9SA HIGH ALL9,801,1152,665  1,147  35.9 
879A73A9ASA HIGH ALL9,793,0253,116  1,195  35.99A1UN
88EI7MEISO HIGH ALL9,778,1313,503  1,107  35.8G0CKV
89HG6NHAMULTI-ONE HIGH9,676,4573,523  1,201  48.0HA2NA HA6ND HA6NY HA6ON
90S50CS5MULTI-ONE HIGH9,669,9423,463  1,182  48.0S50P S53CC S53BB S53RM S57VW S55OO
91G9WGSO HIGH ALL9,632,1543,192  1,106  35.9M0DXR
92J42TSVMULTI-ONE HIGH9,549,5533,409  1,261  48.0IK0EFR SV1JG SV2BOH SV2CLJ SV2DCD ...
936Y6N6YSO HIGH ALL9,537,4163,200  1,036  35.9DK9PY
94LN8WLAMULTI-ONE HIGH9,487,8243,204  1,256  47.9LB1GB LB8IB LA9VDA
95W9REW9SO HIGH ALL9,461,5603,097  1,060  35.9 
96SZ1ASVMULTI-ONE HIGH9,454,1043,654  1,242  48.0SV1DPI SV1DPJ SV1CIB SV8GKE SV1RP
97KP3ZKP4SO LOW ALL9,432,4232,969  1,001  35.4NP4Z 
98UA7KUA-6SO HIGH ALL9,402,0863,695  1,142  36.0RW7K
99DJ5MWDLSO HIGH ALL9,280,1243,381  1,084  35.9 
100CT3EECT3SO HIGH ALL9,271,5452,877  1,059  28.5OM3RM
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Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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