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1VP9/DL3YMVP9SA LP ALL (T)5,348,6932,02483335.9 
2II3WISA LP ALL5,170,1802,19696136.0IK3QAR
3LY3BLYSA LP ALL4,898,2502,32693336.0 
4NP2PKP2SA LP ALL (T)4,554,5641,84882635.8N2TTA
5UT4LWURSA LP ALL (T)4,379,8752,30094735.7 
6TM6MFSA LP ALL (T)4,060,9921,81583235.9F4DXW
7KS1JW1SA LP ALL4,060,3481,60984136.0 
8DL6RAIDLSA LP ALL (T)3,981,5161,69892434.9 
9PR3APYSA LP ALL3,954,1841,57978834.1 
10DJ8OGDLSA LP ALL (T)3,903,2101,75193035.8 
11YT2WYUSA LP ALL3,734,9621,98186932.1 
12UR6EAURSA LP ALL (T)3,727,5002,02085236.0 
13LZ4TLZSA LP ALL (T)3,650,5681,85388835.1 
14RT9SRA9SA LP ALL (T)3,402,8121,40374229.1 
15HA6NLHASA LP ALL3,148,8501,43688732.2 
169A7DX9ASA LP ALL3,089,2681,51482822.5 
17PR9MPYSA LP ALL2,988,2251,30469933.8PY9MM
18SP9HSPSA LP ALL (T)2,863,1681,29091332.7 
19YU90IARUYUSA LP ALL (T)2,846,2081,74076835.2YT2AAA
20WW4SFW4SA LP ALL (T)2,653,5001,34373235.3N4XL 
21T49ACMSA LP ALL2,416,9601,33866434.0CO8DM
22DM8TDLSA LP ALL2,413,8241,50776829.3DL8MAS
23LY2AJLYSA LP ALL (T)2,349,2951,59776936.0 
24DK5AXDLSA LP ALL2,346,2401,40875235.1 
25OM6RMOMSA LP ALL (T)2,229,7031,45569735.0 
26T48KCMSA LP ALL2,207,2601,13963536.0CO8ZZ
27NE9UW9SA LP ALL (T)2,197,5251,36067135.6 
28RW4WAUA-4SA LP ALL2,192,9761,42487334.7 
29GM4XGMSA LP ALL (T)2,138,3401,56368134.4GM4WZG
30BA7IOBYSA LP ALL2,087,4981,26768636.0 
31JH1EAQJA1SA LP ALL2,059,3681,11963635.7 
32K3IE/4W4SA LP ALL2,048,9041,17459731.8 
33W3KBW3SA LP ALL2,011,3921,03064821.7 
34RD9CXRA9SA LP ALL2,002,9441,10065225.9 
35UA5FUA-3SA LP ALL (T)1,966,6141,39674135.6 
36OK5ZZOKSA LP ALL (T)1,934,6761,15473230.4 
37DK5DQDLSA LP ALL (T)1,884,9601,13767227.0 
38PP1CZPYSA LP ALL1,848,6481,09559124.1 
39CX9AUCXSA LP ALL1,806,39994354133.1 
40HA5PPHASA LP ALL1,761,5661,13261424.9 
41UX1UXURSA LP ALL1,737,7651,37665731.7 
42W9PAW9SA LP ALL1,717,24892568822.7 
43S57KMS5SA LP ALL (T)1,715,4721,37862730.3 
44ED2AEASA LP ALL (T)1,712,7521,22164127.2EA2CW
45OM5XXOMSA LP ALL (T)1,705,5591,19469731.1 
46E77AWE7SA LP ALL (T)1,702,8561,36865927.4 
47UV7VURSA LP ALL1,668,7201,26468033.9UX1VT
48DJ5MODLSA LP ALL1,581,5451,22461934.8 
49OZ4CGOZSA LP ALL1,574,8561,23162133.6 
50IN3FHEISA LP ALL1,572,2501,08666231.5 
51R3QAUA-3SA LP ALL1,517,9641,22271426.1 
52UA3QPAUA-3SA LP ALL1,482,4881,07864431.4 
53IO3JISA LP ALL1,463,9561,02561122.8IV3ZXQ
54IV3BCAISA LP ALL1,460,2241,05671329.2 
55SP5CNASPSA LP ALL1,459,9201,06966035.2 
56HG2AHASA LP ALL1,450,2401,10464031.1HA1RJ
57GI0RQKGISA LP ALL (T)1,444,5281,17765934.6 
58DL4FNDLSA LP ALL1,429,4881,03064819.6 
59UT2IOURSA LP ALL (T)1,428,2101,25163032.0 
60DK1KCDLSA LP ALL1,408,2401,04960719.7 
61R9RTRA9SA LP ALL1,403,26488060836.0 
62PA9WORPASA LP ALL (T)1,376,0461,05960329.7 
63W8BIW8SA LP ALL1,237,63276152828.3KD8SAV
64LZ9RLZSA LP ALL1,153,4041,02959725.4 
65N9UAW9SA LP ALL (T)1,087,08383047722.0 
66YU1LAYUSA LP ALL1,081,29098954220.2 
67RZ9UORA9SA LP ALL1,072,00079750015.0 
68JF3NKAJA3SA LP ALL (T)1,059,82184650331.0 
69UA3QAMUA-3SA LP ALL1,044,25376961918.5 
70DL4FDMDLSA LP ALL1,033,46484357820.2 
71UR3CMAURSA LP ALL1,003,5721,03354930.4 
72IZ3NYGISA LP ALL987,32577954129.1 
73L33MLUSA LP ALL (T)985,15771946126.0LU3MAM
74OM20OTCOMSA LP ALL978,57684355121.9OM5CD 
75OK1WWJOKSA LP ALL973,12594751935.3 
769A5ST9ASA LP ALL (T)876,80890750828.4 
77HA6PJHASA LP ALL864,05584950531.5 
78LX/OO9OLXSA LP ALL (T)858,58597348128.9ON7SS
79RW7FUA-6SA LP ALL856,52492954830.1 
80PA4OPASA LP ALL841,07491253323.2 
81OK7MTOKSA LP ALL (T)835,63574349324.6 
82DM3PKKDLSA LP ALL (T)810,37679249924.1 
83K0VBUW0SA LP ALL (T)785,96169646714.0 
84PA3BUDPASA LP ALL766,65673948418.3 
85AA3SW3SA LP ALL763,14065242024.4 
86SV4FFLSVSA LP ALL (T)751,44091049626.1 
87DL5YLDLSA LP ALL744,72480147824.1 
88UA4AGOUA-4SA LP ALL742,92082749223.6 
899A8W9ASA LP ALL (T)741,28570751318.4 
90YO5CRQYOSA LP ALL740,41276747125.0 
91DK8ZZDLSA LP ALL727,32879247614.5 
92RC9ARA9SA LP ALL721,23759237913.0 
93UA6YHUA-6SA LP ALL720,04073447033.5 
94SM3OMOSMSA LP ALL (T)688,22871349332.4 
95JL3MCMJA3SA LP ALL (T)684,08460343625.4 
96RD4AUA-4SA LP ALL677,97681549216.5 
97NX0IW0SA LP ALL674,47571339123.9 
98JS1KKYJA1SA LP ALL (T)669,49657442422.2 
99DF7ZSDLSA LP ALL (T)667,21257250723.4 
100DL6DHDLSA LP ALL (T)634,52272542726.9 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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