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RankCallLocCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1P33W5BMULTI-TWO42,511,8207,956  1,495  48.0LZ2HM R4FO RA2FA UA4FER RW4WR RA3AUU
2CN2AACNMULTI-ONE HIGH34,661,2156,037  1,411  48.0UA3ASZ RA3CO RL3FT IK2QEI RM9I RN5M ...
39A1A9AMULTI-MULTI30,883,7508,658  1,594  48.09A5W 9A9A 9A6A 9A7R 9A2EU 9A7DR 9A8A
4OL4AOKMULTI-MULTI28,839,4568,269  1,566  48.0OK1DO OK1DSZ OKFFU OK1HGM OK1JKT OK1NY ...
5LZ9WLZMULTI-MULTI23,750,4727,808  1,464  48.0LZ1ZD LZ1ANA LZ1BJ LZ1PM LZ2CJ LZ2UU ...
6PX2APYMULTI-TWO20,820,1274,541  1,333  48.0PY2BK PY2EL PY2PT PY2ZXU
7ED8XEA8SO HIGH ALL19,852,7704,171  1,162  35.9RA1A
8D4CD4SA HIGH ALL19,678,7704,175  1,230  35.9YL3DW
9HG7THAMULTI-TWO19,316,0166,099  1,464  48.0HA7TM HA8LLK HA9PP HA0DU HG5DX UZ5DX
10NR4MW4MULTI-MULTI19,116,4325,051  1,292  48.0NR4M K7SV K4GMH K4EU K4EC N3UA N2YO ...
11LY2WLYMULTI-TWO18,611,5866,202  1,431  48.0LY1FW LY2FN LY2MM LY2SA LY2W LY3CW ...
12YT5AYTMULTI-TWO16,068,4075,643  1,363  48.0YT1AD YT3W YT7AW YU1AO YU1AU YU1DX ...
13PS2TPYMULTI-ONE HIGH16,044,4113,640  1,203  47.8PY2NA PY2NDX PY2ZEA PP5WG PU2RSD
14LZ5RLZMULTI-TWO15,861,6645,990  1,352  48.0LZ1YQ LZ1UK LZ1NK LZ1ND LZ1INI LZ3BB ...
158P5A8PSO HIGH ALL15,690,4864,261  1,162  35.9W2SC
16DP65HSCDLMULTI-TWO15,168,8624,985  1,354  48.0DJ2YA DL1CW DL2JRM DL2OBF DL4UNY DL5AXX ...
17SN8BSPMULTI-TWO14,637,4765,140  1,337  48.0SP8BRQ SP8CUR SP8CUW SP8GQU SP8GWI ...
18LY4ALYMULTI-TWO14,420,3015,646  1,303  48.0HB9DHG LY2BKT LY2TS LY3I LY4A YL1ZF ...
19RU1AUA-1MULTI-ONE HIGH13,971,3965,013  1,338  48.0RW1A RD1A RV1AW RA1AP R2RA RU1AF
20D41CVD4SO LOW ALL13,881,3723,502  1,059  35.9YL2KL
21N4WWW4MULTI-TWO13,830,4494,165  1,193  46.4N4WW N7RH K0LUZ N4KM WF3C
22CR2XCUSO HIGH ALL13,738,6244,248  1,186  36.0OH6KZP
23DD0CCDLMULTI-MULTI13,397,5805,098  1,260  48.0DF9TS DJ9IE DK3QZ DL1EKC DL1HBT DL1YAF ...
24OH5ZOHMULTI-TWO13,363,0235,289  1,311  48.0OG9X OH5CZ OH5WH OH6MW OH6NVC OH6XX
25KH6LCKH6MULTI-TWO13,297,7323,534  994  48.0AH6KO AH6RE NH6V
26LX7ILXMULTI-ONE HIGH13,204,8514,029  1,331  48.0DD2ML DF1LON DL3BPC LX2A PC5A
27P40LP4SO HIGH ALL12,986,7503,264  1,025  35.7W6LD
28P4/N4QSP4MULTI-ONE HIGH12,854,6523,179  1,033  48.0N4QS YU7KW
29KP2MKP2SO HIGH ALL12,814,1033,556  1,069  35.9KT3Y
30SZ1ASVMULTI-TWO12,609,3364,675  1,293  47.9SV1DPI SV1CIB SV1CQN SV1BJW SV1JG ...
31VC2AVE2MULTI-ONE HIGH12,598,5113,188  1,129  48.0VA2EW VA2WA VA2TTA
32UP0LUNSO HIGH ALL12,456,6663,741  1,026  35.9UN9LW
33RM6CUA-6MULTI-TWO12,242,4444,522  1,306  46.0R7AB R7DA RU7A RA6YDX RM6F UA6AA UA7A
34SO9QSPMULTI-TWO12,110,1164,497  1,238  48.0SP9QMP SP9GFI SP3CW SQ9C SP9XCN
35PZ50XPZSO HIGH ALL12,098,9303,016  1,018  35.7OH0XX @PZ5RA
36NR5MW5MULTI-TWO11,883,4203,994  1,234  48.0K5GA N1XS AD5Q KU5B NR5M
37UP2LUNSO HIGH ALL11,797,7333,458  1,031  35.5UN7LZ
38HG6NHAMULTI-ONE HIGH11,673,2224,313  1,291  48.0HA2NA HA6ND HA6NY HA6ON HA8RT
39VY2TTVEYSO HIGH ALL11,572,3053,366  1,073  35.9K6LA
40S50GS5MULTI-ONE HIGH11,439,8963,811  1,268  48.0S50A S56M S57AW S58M
41LY7ALYMULTI-MULTI11,249,0705,211  1,173  48.0LYR-346 LY3BB LY1FK LY3DA LY3HD LY2J ...
42TM6MFSO HIGH ALL11,072,8093,485  1,133  35.9F8DBF
439A7DX9AMULTI-ONE HIGH11,066,7483,682  1,298  48.09A3LG 9A3NM 9A5CM 9A7DX
44WH6RKH6MULTI-TWO10,831,7203,197  937  47.2WH6R KH6U KH6NX KH7U W4IX @KH6YY
45NN5J/2W2SO HIGH ALL10,717,3203,175  1,032  35.9N5DX @N2QV
46HG1SHAMULTI-ONE HIGH10,549,6203,984  1,247  47.1HA1TJ HA1DAI HA6NF HA7PL HG2DX
47CU4DXCUSO HIGH ALL10,460,2243,807  1,096  35.9K1ZZ
48SN7QSPSA HIGH ALL10,269,9903,356  1,227  35.9SP7GIQ
49K1LZW1SO HIGH ALL10,232,0103,199  1,035  35.8 
50OM5ZWOMSO HIGH ALL10,231,6223,224  1,186  35.4 
51RM5AUA-3MULTI-ONE HIGH10,157,0824,475  1,217  48.0RC5A RD3BW RM2M RM5M RN3AC RU4W RU5A ...
52ZF1AZFMULTI-ONE LOW10,132,0642,991  1,048  48.0AC6T N5DO
53VC7GVE7MULTI-TWO9,905,6283,265  1,003  48.0VE7UF VA7DX VE7JH VE7KW VE7MR @VE7UF
54K9CTW9MULTI-TWO9,895,7603,526  1,148  48.0N5AC N9TK K3WA K9ZO N9CK N7MB K9CT
55A60AA6SO HIGH ALL9,612,7522,997  1,003  36.0A65BP
56OL3ZOKMULTI-ONE HIGH9,550,6023,419  1,187  46.7OK1DQT OK1FPS OK1HMP LZ3SF
57UZ2MURSO HIGH ALL9,497,3613,735  1,137  35.9UR0MC
58RT9ARA9SA HIGH ALL9,319,0652,659  1,085  35.9 
59LZ7ALZMULTI-TWO9,310,4724,096  1,154  48.0LZ1AO LZ1FY LZ1RF LZ3TL LZ5EE
606Y6N6YSO HIGH ALL9,307,2653,026  985  35.6DK9PY
61JT5DXJTMULTI-ONE HIGH9,023,3283,114  969  48.0JT1CO RT0O JT1AA UA0OE
62S53MMS5SA HIGH ALL8,996,8762,923  1,148  36.0 
63OM2VLOMSO HIGH ALL8,989,8203,367  1,099  36.0 
64NA6OW6MULTI-MULTI8,966,8523,575  1,049  47.9K3EST N6BV N6NU N6RO N6WM WA6O WX5S ... 
65N0QQ/1W1MULTI-ONE HIGH8,945,3762,914  1,032  48.0K1DG DK2OY DL1QQ @N1LI
66II1AISA HIGH ALL8,933,9253,014  1,155  35.9IZ1LBG
67DM9KDLMULTI-ONE HIGH8,816,1263,304  1,166  48.0DK7AH DJ2QV
68E7DXE7SO HIGH ALL8,756,1763,302  1,118  35.3E70T
69KE3XW3MULTI-ONE HIGH8,734,1522,969  1,029  48.0KE3X WR3Z K2YWE K3RA KD4D W2CDO
70N1RRW1MULTI-ONE HIGH8,718,4142,644  1,042  44.0N1RR K3JO K6ND KM1P
71HG3RHASA HIGH ALL8,652,1503,132  1,170  35.9HA3NU
72UA7KUA-6SO HIGH ALL8,645,7543,678  1,114  35.9RW7K
73G8SRSGMULTI-TWO8,601,3533,715  1,147  48.0G3SHF G0LZL M0DCG M0TJU G3SYP M5KJM
74CR6KCTSO HIGH ALL8,600,5783,159  1,043  35.9CT1ILT
75N3RSW3SA HIGH ALL8,574,9282,500  1,072  31.7 
76PI4DXPAMULTI-ONE HIGH8,522,6683,368  1,078  48.0PA0ABM PA0RRS PA3EVY
77NS1S/4W4MULTI-ONE HIGH8,413,3933,100  1,073  47.9W9SN AA4CF K1ZZI W9RNY
78P44WP4SA LOW ALL8,388,6032,305  933  35.7W2GD
79AA3BW3SO HIGH ALL8,365,6053,064  985  35.8 
80OE3KOESO HIGH ALL8,358,7243,226  1,084  35.9OM3BH
81OH0VOH0SO HIGH ALL8,345,5803,902  1,101  36.0OH6LI
824O3A4OSO HIGH ALL8,333,9103,262  1,105  35.9E73A/9A3A
83OK7OOKMULTI-ONE HIGH8,294,9463,257  1,122  48.0OK1DOL OK1DWQ
84KC7VW7MULTI-TWO8,260,0953,529  1,005  48.0K8IA KC7V K1YR
85DD1ADLMULTI-TWO8,246,3683,207  1,118  46.9DL3GA HB9CVQ HB9BJL DK7VW DL2MDU DL1II
86RT0CRA0MULTI-TWO8,245,5483,125  1,009  45.7RW0CN RW0CR UA0CA UA0CDX R0CM RN0C
87YW4DYVSO LOW ALL8,230,0862,491  909  35.2YV1DIG
88VK6LWVKSO HIGH ALL8,020,6172,128  841  35.4 
89WC1MW1SO HIGH ALL7,955,4032,688  971  34.7 
90KE1SW1MULTI-TWO7,911,7292,764  1,021  44.3W1AN W1XX KE1J W1WBB K1DM
91ZF2ETZFSO LOW ALL (T)7,910,7802,650  901  35.9K5GO
92IR2CISA HIGH ALL7,874,6722,800  1,156  35.8IK2JUB
93WU3A/1W1SA HIGH ALL7,856,9982,634  1,033  35.6W3UA
94DJ5MWDLSO HIGH ALL7,788,9073,139  1,037  35.5 
95NY4AW4SO HIGH ALL7,723,8982,693  962  33.6N4AF
967Z1SJHZSA LOW ALL7,686,4862,201  1,017  36.0 
97DR5NDLMULTI-ONE HIGH7,649,1752,718  1,185  48.0DJ1MM DJ9DZ DK5OS DL9YAJ SP3LPG
98VE9CBVE9SO HIGH ALL (T)7,614,6302,619  915  35.3 
99UA2FUA2SO HIGH ALL7,557,8003,224  1,060  33.6UA2FB
100AC1UW1SO HIGH ALL7,499,2932,594  947  35.9N1UR
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Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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