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1P40WP4SA LP ALL6,700,9442,13082235.6W2GD
2ZF2DOZFSA LP ALL5,005,1581,85882235.5N5DO
3UZ3AURSA LP ALL4,406,5072,45391135.9UX1AA
4OL5YOKSA LP ALL3,070,6351,65380732.6 
5SN7OSPSA LP ALL2,917,7201,85072435.8SP7IVO
6UT4LWURSA LP ALL (T)2,897,6221,97675432.3 
7UV7VURSA LP ALL (T)2,856,5961,66176435.4UX1VT
8DL3JANDLSA LP ALL (T)2,680,5771,36081724.3 
9R7MMUA-6SA LP ALL (T)2,662,1401,74378035.2 
10RW7FUA-6SA LP ALL (T)2,635,6201,95780636.0 
11HA6NLHASA LP ALL2,566,2601,48079534.7 
12SO9MSPSA LP ALL2,313,0421,56271736.0SQ9UM
13S56AS5SA LP ALL2,308,0931,41175735.9 
14RA3ANUA-3SA LP ALL2,301,2401,66675533.1 
15UR5LAMURSA LP ALL2,277,1621,69565735.9 
16WQ2NW3SA LP ALL2,176,5511,21468929.9 
17LY1DZLYSA LP ALL (T)2,168,9471,46573336.0  
18RA3YUA-3SA LP ALL2,021,9101,23572634.8 
19SP5YSPSA LP ALL1,868,3911,46163131.9 
20KS1JW1SA LP ALL (T)1,857,0331,11263126.4 
21WJ4XW4SA LP ALL1,824,6341,32565835.6N4XL
22SE0XSMSA LP ALL1,747,1141,22068335.2SM0MDG
23R3QAUA-3SA LP ALL1,695,6291,35568934.0 
24GU3HFNGUSA LP ALL (T)1,695,1041,58564635.0RL5D
25LZ5XQLZSA LP ALL1,634,9691,45364735.9 
26UY7CURSA LP ALL1,634,7791,30861929.9UR3CMA
27RV9UPRA9SA LP ALL1,607,22997851333.7 
28UT3UCPURSA LP ALL1,529,6841,28859835.8 
29OM7LWOMSA LP ALL1,479,9241,18757935.8 
30CT7AJLCTSA LP ALL (T)1,458,0561,17660435.9 
31JH1EAQJA1SA LP ALL1,452,8801,01950835.9 
32DK1KCDLSA LP ALL1,424,6531,10561725.0 
33YT2AAAYUSA LP ALL (T)1,388,6721,08057119.5 
34LA8OMLASA LP ALL1,314,0891,24554126.4 
35OK1TAOKSA LP ALL (T)1,310,7361,00158129.9 
36EW1PEUSA LP ALL (T)1,278,1651,04255526.4 
379A7DX9ASA LP ALL1,247,96783365116.1 
38UT2IOURSA LP ALL (T)1,233,0541,18454924.2 
39OE8TEDOESA LP ALL (T)1,231,64498259119.9 
40ZM4TZLSA LP ALL1,228,56591046122.6ZL3IO
41SC5CSMSA LP ALL (T)1,187,9561,16255133.2 
42EI/W5GNEISA LP ALL1,178,4961,13359430.8  
43ON5JTONSA LP ALL1,169,0441,25952429.5 
44UN8PTUNSA LP ALL1,168,35482750627.6 
459A1AA9ASA LP ALL (T)1,167,1921,00155935.7 
46IN3FHEISA LP ALL1,160,42289954232.1 
47XE2BXESA LP ALL1,132,15299048327.8 
48DF1DNDLSA LP ALL1,125,13894253424.4 
49N8BJQW8SA LP ALL1,122,0621,08851427.2 
50OH6LIOHSA LP ALL1,113,8211,01761322.5 
51EU1UEUSA LP ALL (T)1,094,76489055631.7 
52SE4ESMSA LP ALL (T)1,025,3281,11752129.3SM4DQE
53SP6MLXSPSA LP ALL (T)1,019,40682253433.5 
54VE3MGYVE3SA LP ALL (T)959,03577037122.3 
55DJ5MODLSA LP ALL899,06399651725.6 
56R3RKUA-3SA LP ALL878,57093849035.9 
57JA2KVBJA2SA LP ALL (T)867,12886742835.0 
58UC5DUA-3SA LP ALL (T)863,39592048134.5 
59RA9MXRA9SA LP ALL (T)854,25059242520.7 
60NZ3DW3SA LP ALL (T)818,18173448131.6 
61JF3NKAJA3SA LP ALL (T)778,74383842332.8 
62UA3QAMUA-3SA LP ALL757,70468152418.6 
63RN3SUA-3SA LP ALL (T)755,94178552930.3 
64RW4WAUA-4SA LP ALL755,66774256123.0 
65AA4LRW4SA LP ALL755,58585143324.0 
66DM8TDLSA LP ALL (T)753,43467950615.1DL8MAS
67SQ3RXSPSA LP ALL739,67081945820.8 
68RA3WTUA-3SA LP ALL720,78681148932.1 
69RK2MUA-3SA LP ALL717,32685543926.1 
70Z35MZ3SA LP ALL (T)717,06684444115.1 
71NN5OW5SA LP ALL701,96091646020.4 
72K3KOW4SA LP ALL (T)701,46058640514.6 
73JG6JAVJA6SA LP ALL698,82072438035.1 
74DL1GMEDLSA LP ALL637,65073545023.4 
75LZ1QVLZSA LP ALL (T)622,70063547919.3 
76DF1MMDLSA LP ALL609,09277843616.2 
77EA8KCEA8SA LP ALL (T)586,18754234318.1 
785Z4/DL2RMC5ZSA LP ALL559,75754033714.2 
79LZ7OLZSA LP ALL557,66771639316.7LZ1ONK
80DJ7ATDLSA LP ALL551,45072541028.3 
81I0GOJISA LP ALL543,84873443322.2 
82YO9AGIYOSA LP ALL525,27277937627.0 
83K6WSCW7SA LP ALL523,46256645426.5 
84N8VVW8SA LP ALL522,87354236913.0 
85UT8IMURSA LP ALL514,71071139929.6 
86YB8RWYBSA LP ALL509,17554027923.1 
87DJ3JDDLSA LP ALL507,79267842624.3 
88YV8ADYVSA LP ALL502,86644730715.2 
89DM3PKKDLSA LP ALL (T)493,57665441218.5 
90UW1WUURSA LP ALL479,18062338022.6 
91IZ3NYGISA LP ALL469,90059737019.2  
92OK8BNOKSA LP ALL (T)469,24258239815.2DM5JBN 
93DJ6OZDLSA LP ALL452,70463737623.3 
94SP5CNASPSA LP ALL443,00355139116.7 
95R7MYUA-6SA LP ALL438,19256735830.1 
96HB9CICHBSA LP ALL426,70659640620.5 
97PG2AAPASA LP ALL (T)424,26866339818.3 
98DL1ARJDLSA LP ALL418,20253942221.7 
99SQ9FMUSPSA LP ALL410,27857237418.3 
1002E0CVNGSA LP ALL402,56764336329.6 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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