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1P44WP4SA LP ALL7,062,1442,15884835.7W2GD
2UZ3AURSA LP ALL5,106,7622,39795435.9UX1AA
3S53AS5SA LP ALL4,418,5681,89492435.1 
4UT4LWURSA LP ALL (T)4,228,6402,38685634.5 
5SN7OSPSA LP ALL4,027,3921,92387435.7SP7IVO
6ZF2DOZFSA LP ALL3,819,4751,66073135.1N5DO
7RW7FUA-6SA LP ALL (T)3,389,9322,02987135.4 
8YO5OHOYOSA LP ALL3,136,5921,88177635.8 
9S57QS5SA LP ALL3,067,4071,58480736.0 
10ZF9/ZF2XAZFSA LP ALL (T)3,058,0401,55271228.0E73M
11OM7LWOMSA LP ALL3,049,6201,62279535.4 
12R7MMUA-6SA LP ALL (T)2,937,5251,74979534.5 
139A7T9ASA LP ALL2,875,6351,73476538.29A5MR
14SP4JCQSPSA LP ALL2,866,4641,31188834.9 
15HA6NLHASA LP ALL2,690,7041,38984835.8 
16DL0WWDLSA LP ALL2,513,0821,59375435.7DK4SR
17UX1UXURSA LP ALL2,453,0401,59472034.1 
18RV9UPRA9SA LP ALL2,443,1061,22761437.0 
19RA3YUA-3SA LP ALL2,309,6791,20272735.4 
20SQ3RXSPSA LP ALL2,231,5501,51472535.9 
21RU9TNRA9SA LP ALL2,230,5781,03456235.1 
22PA/PY2SEXPASA LP ALL (T)2,152,1971,30371135.8 
23YO4NFYOSA LP ALL2,043,9961,44570835.4 
24R3QAUA-3SA LP ALL2,011,6091,45772735.7 
25EV6ZEUSA LP ALL (T)1,970,4321,40368837.1 
26DR7TDLSA LP ALL1,897,4861,38169132.8DF1DN
27R9MARA9SA LP ALL1,872,30990057135.9 
28RY4WUA-4SA LP ALL1,690,4801,23974837.3RW4WA
29JH1EAQJA1SA LP ALL1,671,0281,02553835.7 
30S53OS5SA LP ALL (T)1,587,9891,08261135.1 
31F4VSQFSA LP ALL1,539,4081,30062432.0SQ6MS
32DM8TDLSA LP ALL (T)1,507,3701,11761426.3 
33MI5IGISA LP ALL (T)1,489,1521,31767235.8GI0RQK
34RA3ANUA-3SA LP ALL1,327,7271,17359323.6 
35UW1WUURSA LP ALL (T)1,311,4141,10955933.3 
36LZ1ZMLZSA LP ALL1,308,6191,28355920.8 
37DM3PKKDLSA LP ALL (T)1,281,0001,08560035.0 
38YO3LPYOSA LP ALL1,267,50087662527.9OM6TY
39YT1HAYUSA LP ALL (T)1,253,17885562123.2 
40UT0NNURSA LP ALL1,205,9701,03461028.4 
41DD5MDLSA LP ALL1,201,2881,00058421.9DJ0ZY
42UC5DUA-3SA LP ALL (T)1,173,9201,05558033.3 
43SP9TTGSPSA LP ALL (T)1,165,24899857835.0 
44UA3QAMUA-3SA LP ALL1,149,06484656821.7 
45SE4ESMSA LP ALL (T)1,116,4231,13353726.3SM4DQE
46DJ4MHDLSA LP ALL (T)1,108,12898354428.3 
47DF0NGDLSA LP ALL1,080,8541,02355432.9DJ5MO
48DF1MMDLSA LP ALL1,041,33099151516.5 
49DK5DQDLSA LP ALL (T)1,030,45272151617.4 
50IZ3NVRISA LP ALL (T)1,016,01599753933.6 
51DK1KCDLSA LP ALL1,003,74576554720.6 
52RA9MXRA9SA LP ALL (T)986,99662645419.3 
53DJ6OZDLSA LP ALL986,54093653527.1 
54G4PVMGSA LP ALL (T)980,28896754430.3 
55N2SQWW2SA LP ALL (T)969,97573047934.0 
56NX1PW7SA LP ALL (T)952,32095246533.4 
57PF80FOCPASA LP ALL880,73590149931.0PA0ABM
58LB4UHLASA LP ALL880,28098447232.6  
59RN3SUA-3SA LP ALL (T)851,02577152528.4 
60KS1JW1SA LP ALL827,23360747914.4 
61VE3GFNVE3SA LP ALL773,01668237215.4 
62KE8GW8SA LP ALL764,11578642118.9 
63SM5IMOSMSA LP ALL761,52078345620.5 
64LX1NOLXSA LP ALL (T)759,84090048028.2 
65ED7KEASA LP ALL755,86299052625.6EA7TH
66JA2KVBJA2SA LP ALL (T)722,92562440533.4 
67UT7NWURSA LP ALL (T)707,92783046319.6 
68W1ARYW1SA LP ALL703,91271141829.4 
69DC0NACDLSA LP ALL (T)701,80083644026.7DL8UD
70JG6JAVJA6SA LP ALL687,50667037936.7 
71R3RKUA-3SA LP ALL (T)683,46372144724.8 
72UN8PTUNSA LP ALL668,30460440818.1 
73DL4SDWDLSA LP ALL665,76070143822.6 
74IN3FHEISA LP ALL656,37464643722.2 
75BG1DXBYSA LP ALL655,82958636727.4 
76PA3EVYPASA LP ALL648,19260738417.8 
77S52NRS5SA LP ALL (T)646,81171846313.4 
78R3VLUA-3SA LP ALL (T)635,90577544523.1 
79EX8MJEXSA LP ALL617,05055935034.1 
80R9SSRA9SA LP ALL (T)615,36651230619.6 
81UA9AXRA9SA LP ALL613,26351037113.0 
82W3KBW3SA LP ALL612,3605064059.6 
83PE5OPASA LP ALL582,66468542123.3 
84RN4HABUA-4SA LP ALL566,62976942734.6 
85UD7GUA-6SA LP ALL556,42170643124.9 
86UR3VKRURSA LP ALL (T)550,80947544120.0 
872E0CVNGSA LP ALL548,04674939830.02E0CVN
88DJ9MHDLSA LP ALL548,02262044722.3 
89SP6TGCSPSA LP ALL545,40064040430.8 
90G5LPGSA LP ALL532,40064340010.4 
91JK2RCPJA2SA LP ALL523,67659135625.9 
92S51RS5SA LP ALL515,11257138123.5 
93BH4TQXBYSA LP ALL514,04480132736.9BH4TQX
94UR0IQURSA LP ALL507,75652652424.7 
95UA6GFUA-6SA LP ALL507,05258739817.3 
96RA1QDUA-1SA LP ALL (T)498,18059843712.0 
97LZ1FHLZSA LP ALL (T)493,45165744924.9 
98DL5JAGDLSA LP ALL492,15662844122.8 
99VE3RUAVE3SA LP ALL (T)490,62256531920.6 
100IO3AISA LP ALL487,47663539627.7IV3HAX



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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