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RankCallLocCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1LZ9WLZMULTI-MULTI33,643,6809,985  1,596  48.0LZ1BJ LZ1FG LZ1PJ LZ1PM LZ1UQ LZ1VS ...
2WW1XW1MULTI-MULTI29,604,2437,767  1,461  48.0N2RC KL9A KO7SS K3JO N2ZN WW1X W1ADI ...
3YT5AYTMULTI-MULTI29,115,8848,947  1,559  48.0YT1AD YU1AU YU8A YU2FG YU1YV YU6DX ...
4OM7MOMMULTI-TWO26,512,9627,264  1,569  48.0OK2BFN OM2KI OM3CQ OM3PA OM4AZF OM5NU ...
5LX20ILXMULTI-TWO23,759,0857,117  1,491  48.0DF3VM DK9IP DL2JRM DL2OE DL5CW DL5SE ...
6UP2LUNMULTI-ONE HIGH20,927,9794,648  1,251  48.0UN0L UN0LM UN6LN UN7LZ UN9L UN9LG UN9LW
7P33W5BMULTI-ONE HIGH19,472,3104,536  1,170  46.4UT5UDX RW4WR
8HG7THAMULTI-TWO19,140,6006,019  1,460  48.0HA7TM HA5CAR HA9PP HA0DU HG5DX
99A7A9AMULTI-ONE HIGH16,765,9205,029  1,440  48.09A5X 9A3TR 9A2V 9A7V 9A3OS 9A3XV 9A4M
10LZ5RLZSO HIGH ALL16,505,7205,292  1,288  36.0LZ5DB
11UB6BUA-6MULTI-TWO16,333,9425,668  1,418  48.0R7AB UA7A UA6AA R7DA RU7A RX6CM
12YT9XYTMULTI-TWO16,160,8025,716  1,407  48.0YU1ZZ YU1WS YU1UN YU2ZZ YU3EEA YT1BD ...
13KP2MKP2SO HIGH ALL15,544,7603,854  1,133  35.8KT3Y
14LN8WLAMULTI-TWO15,253,1405,441  1,380  48.0LA3BO LB8IB LB8CG
15HG6NHAMULTI-ONE HIGH14,761,8174,948  1,337  48.0HA2NA HA6AA HA6ND HA6NY HA6OI HA6ON ...
16TI7WTISO HIGH ALL14,713,4403,756  1,120  35.9N3KS
17KC1XXW1SO HIGH ALL14,459,5794,149  1,163  35.8WA1Z
18DM1ADLMULTI-ONE HIGH14,272,7134,682  1,413  48.0DJ5MW DL1IAO
19N4WWW4MULTI-TWO13,905,2554,737  1,281  48.0N4WW K1MM N4KM W4WF
20DL6FBLDLSA HIGH ALL13,661,4603,778  1,458  35.9 
21OL3ZOKMULTI-ONE HIGH13,432,2244,195  1,374  48.0OK1DQT OK1FCJ OK1FPS OK1HMP
22SP8RSPMULTI-ONE HIGH13,328,7774,220  1,363  48.0SP8BRQ SP8GQU SP8GWI SP8N SP9LJD
23AA3BW3SA HIGH ALL13,032,1363,806  1,192  35.9AA3B
24S53MS5MULTI-ONE HIGH12,986,6444,176  1,364  48.0S57UN S52ZW S53O S51FB S55HH S53ZO
25RA5GUA-3MULTI-TWO12,784,9405,108  1,316  48.0R3GG R3GM R3KQ R5GR R5RA RG5G RL4R ...
26OK5ZOKMULTI-ONE HIGH12,759,2964,047  1,408  48.0OK2AF OK2ARM OK2EW OK2ZA OK2ZC OK2ZI ...
27CR6KCTSO HIGH ALL12,526,6504,236  1,215  36.0CT1ILT
28SN7QSPSA HIGH ALL12,479,9363,738  1,246  35.9SP7GIQ
29KE1JW1MULTI-TWO12,386,5743,947  1,179  48.0KE1J K1IR W1VE
30N5DXW2SO HIGH ALL12,281,5353,775  1,143  35.9 
31S50GS5MULTI-ONE HIGH12,278,0444,241  1,268  48.0S56M S57AW S58M
32US1QURSO HIGH ALL12,151,2933,890  1,283  35.4US8ICM
33CJ3AVE3SO HIGH ALL12,012,5603,475  1,064  36.0VE3AT
34CF2TVE2SO HIGH ALL11,998,0323,341  1,032  35.5VA2EW
35UB7KUA-6SO HIGH ALL11,961,5944,447  1,269  35.9 
36IR1GISA HIGH ALL11,704,2103,873  1,295  36.0IZ1LBG
37OL3AOKMULTI-ONE HIGH11,697,6754,072  1,289  48.0OK1DX OK1IC OK1VK OK4RQ
38VE3JMVE3SA HIGH ALL11,695,4033,395  1,061  36.0VE3JM
39HG3RHASA HIGH ALL11,659,3403,443  1,340  35.9HA3NU
40S53MMS5SA HIGH ALL11,449,2003,467  1,316  35.9S53MM
414X6FR4XSO HIGH ALL (C)11,443,0403,268  952  35.9 
42VC2AVE2SA HIGH ALL11,385,5522,998  1,104  35.9VA2WA
43RN9CRA9MULTI-ONE HIGH11,302,4163,222  972  47.0R9CW UA9CDC UA9CTT RW9DX RW9CQ RK9DR
44EF8REA8SO HIGH ALL (T)11,293,9963,187  1,004  35.9EA8RM
45K1ZZW1SA HIGH ALL11,188,7243,223  1,186  35.9K1ZZ
469A5Y9ASA HIGH ALL11,118,8573,192  1,321  35.99A3LG
47UW2MURSO HIGH ALL11,100,5164,189  1,236  35.8UR0MC
48TM2YFMULTI-ONE HIGH10,948,3654,022  1,215  48.0F6BEE F6IFY F8CRH
49R2AAUA-3SA HIGH ALL10,905,3444,204  1,312  35.8R2AA
50OM3BHOMSO HIGH ALL10,902,1923,573  1,136  36.0 
51IR2QISO HIGH ALL10,811,8433,909  1,171  35.9IK2PFL
52ES5RRESSO HIGH ALL10,604,8254,225  1,225  35.9ES2RR
53YL7XYLMULTI-ONE HIGH10,519,7403,787  1,260  48.0YL2LY YL1ZF YL2KL
54AK1WW1SO HIGH ALL10,364,6433,733  1,117  35.9K5ZD
55E70TE7SO HIGH ALL10,334,2583,593  1,166  36.0 
56RM9IRA9SO HIGH ALL10,259,0552,962  1,041  36.0 
57OZ7AOZMULTI-ONE HIGH10,190,6503,864  1,262  48.0OZ1AA OZ1IKY OZ7AM
58KG0FW0MULTI-TWO9,902,9704,090  1,155  48.0K0RF W0UA
59OE3KOESO HIGH ALL9,735,7683,451  1,128  34.9E77DX
60DL5AXXDLSO HIGH ALL9,698,5443,520  1,128  36.0 
61OE2SOEMULTI-MULTI9,669,3483,721  1,278  43.4DL1VDL OE2LCM OE2VEL
62ZM1AZLSO HIGH ALL (C)9,622,3402,138  910  35.9ZL3CW
63WW2YW2SA HIGH ALL9,612,1763,605  1,064  35.9N2NT
64CG3TVE3SO HIGH ALL9,408,9902,974  969  35.9VE3DZ
65LY7ZLYSO HIGH ALL9,289,3683,394  1,221  35.8 
66OK7OOKMULTI-ONE HIGH9,242,9203,724  1,244  48.0OK1DOL OK1DWQ OK1FIK OK1FWM
67KD4DW3SO HIGH ALL9,229,3443,073  1,016  35.8 
68S53AS5SA HIGH ALL9,212,4603,286  1,060  34.6S53A
69OH9WOHMULTI-TWO9,190,5964,242  1,212  48.0OH2BCI OH2KW OH2LQ OH2TA OH5BQ
70II9PIT9SO HIGH ALL9,120,0763,813  1,106  35.9IZ8JAI
71NU5AW5SO HIGH ALL9,058,8603,939  1,062  36.0K5GN
72RT8URA9SO HIGH ALL8,963,6802,969  968  35.9RV9UP
73EI20CEISO HIGH ALL8,923,9863,535  1,062  35.7GD4XUM
74RG6GUA-6SO HIGH ALL8,759,0803,901  1,171  36.0 
75SN3ASPSA HIGH 40M8,756,6602,362  1,060  35.9SQ2GXO
76RL3AUA-3SO HIGH ALL8,740,0123,379  1,126  36.0RA3CO
779A9A9ASA HIGH 20M8,732,3943,247  1,342  35.9 
78RA9PRA9SO HIGH ALL8,728,3192,715  971  34.5 
799A5D9AMULTI-ONE HIGH8,682,9603,684  1,210  48.09A3ID 9A3SMS 9A3VM 9A4DU 9A5DU 9A7Z
80G5WGSO HIGH ALL8,664,5243,602  1,031  35.9G3BJ
81S57KS5SA HIGH ALL8,662,9503,206  1,150  36.0S57K
82HA8AHASA HIGH ALL8,617,7283,166  1,176  35.9HA8DZ
83KH6LCKH6MULTI-ONE HIGH8,576,6462,660  806  46.2KH6LC NH6V W7EE
84NR6OW6MULTI-MULTI8,567,7024,065  1,033  48.0WD6T N6RO N6WM K6AW WA6O K3EST NA6O ...
85UZ2IURMULTI-ONE HIGH8,530,8084,062  1,144  48.0UT2II UT2IV US2IR US1ITU UY2IF
86R8TTRA9SA HIGH ALL (T)8,524,3042,438  908  35.0R8TT
87WC1MW1SO HIGH ALL8,502,1092,832  1,013  33.0 
88EB5AEASO HIGH ALL8,463,4443,719  1,067  36.0 
89VE5MXVE5SO HIGH ALL8,384,5372,959  959  35.9 
90UW1MURSA HIGH ALL8,382,4653,448  1,157  35.9 
91YT6WYTSA HIGH ALL (T)8,372,9363,312  1,126  35.9 
92RT4FUA-4SO HIGH ALL8,365,3983,766  1,101  35.8UA4FER
93KW1KW4MULTI-TWO8,318,8233,380  1,093  46.9K5KG KW1K K4NMR K4EU WC4E
94II2SISO HIGH ALL8,287,6803,426  1,068  35.8IK2QEI
95RT9ARA9SA HIGH ALL8,245,6632,282  1,003  35.5 
96NY4AW4SO HIGH ALL8,167,6863,040  1,041  33.2N4AF
97AB3CXW2SA HIGH ALL8,154,9682,643  1,037  35.1AB3CX
98OH0VOH0SA HIGH ALL8,138,6583,395  1,167  35.8OH6LI
99P3AA5BSA LOW ALL8,127,1842,138  953  32.2RN3QO
100DD0CCDLMULTI-ONE HIGH8,065,4702,941  1,158  48.0DK3QZ DL1EKC DL1YAF DL3QQ
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