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RankCallLocCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1UC0BRA0MULTI-DISTRIBUTED35,176,6807,146  1,485  48.0RA0AM RW0AR RU0A RV0AR RZ0AT UF0B RC0AK ...
2LZ9WLZMULTI-MULTI30,860,6208,930  1,609  48.0LZ1ZD LZ1PJ LZ1FG LZ2CJ LZ2HQ LZ1UQ ...
3YT5AYTMULTI-MULTI30,660,8158,520  1,627  48.0YT1AD YT1HA YT2T YT3W YU1AU YU1BV YU1KX ...
4WW1XW1MULTI-DISTRIBUTED30,311,0087,767  1,487  48.0W2UP W4IPC AA4LS N2RC WW2DX K1TR AC1CY ...
5OM7MOMMULTI-TWO27,181,9246,884  1,582  48.0OK2BFN OM2KI OM4AZF OM5RM OM5ZW
6OL4AOKMULTI-MULTI24,554,4007,026  1,560  48.0OK1AU OK1DSZ OK1FFU OK1HGM OK1IC OK1NY ...
7LN8WLAMULTI-MULTI24,512,4157,186  1,535  47.9LA3BO LA6YEA LA7JO LA8OM LA9WDA LA0GE ...
8PT5TPYMULTI-DISTRIBUTED23,236,3904,881  1,321  48.0PY2NDX PY2YU PP5KR PY5EG PP5JR PP5FB ...
9OL3ZOKMULTI-TWO22,302,8266,114  1,534  48.0OK1DQT OK1FCJ OK1FPS OK1HMP OK8AU LZ3SF
10CR3DXCT3SO HIGH ALL21,569,8074,439  1,277  36.0OM3GI
11ES9CESMULTI-ONE HIGH21,147,5475,935  1,579  48.0ES5TV ES2RR ES7GM ES2MC ES4RD ES4NY ...
12UA4MUA-4MULTI-TWO20,901,6226,914  1,526  48.0RX9SN RJ4P R4KO RL4R UA4LCH RA4LW
13HG7THAMULTI-TWO20,699,9705,694  1,506  48.0HA7TM HA5CAR HA5UK HA9PP HA0DU HG5DX ...
14RL3AUA-3MULTI-ONE HIGH20,359,0705,770  1,577  48.0R0AI RA1ZZ RA3ATX RA9USU RL3FT RN3DNM ...
15OP0HQONMULTI-DISTRIBUTED19,476,8645,909  1,408  48.0ON7TK ON4DS ON5OO ON7ZB OP4K ON4AMX ...
16DM6VDLMULTI-TWO18,400,7325,180  1,462  46.5DJ2YA DL1CW DL5AXX
17P3X5BSO HIGH ALL18,357,8844,286  1,193  34.95B4AMM
189A7A9AMULTI-ONE HIGH17,211,1524,712  1,514  48.09A5X 9A3TR 9A2V 9A3OS 9A7V
19LZ5RLZSO HIGH ALL17,114,5664,728  1,489  35.8LZ5DB
20IO1TIMULTI-TWO17,039,5684,995  1,456  45.4IK1SPR IK3QAR IW1ARB IZ1LBG
21NI4WW4MULTI-TWO16,972,6595,099  1,329  48.0N4WW K1MM N4KM K0LUZ W4WF @N4WW
22ND7KW7MULTI-MULTI16,947,4875,666  1,349  48.0N6WIN N6MJ KL9A NN1C W9KKN W6PH KN8U ...
23RU1AUA-1MULTI-ONE HIGH16,731,3965,349  1,452  48.0RA3AUU RD1A RJ1M RT1M RT9T RN1A RW1A
24KP2MKP2SO HIGH ALL (C)16,728,3844,127  1,154  35.9KT3Y
25LY73BBLYMULTI-DISTRIBUTED16,334,4005,625  1,328  48.0LY7M LY4ZZ LY2A LY8A LY5A LY2K LY7X
26HG6NHAMULTI-ONE HIGH14,928,3754,648  1,375  48.0HA6ND HA6NY HA6ON HA8RT YO5LD YO6BHN
27LY4ALYMULTI-TWO14,391,2444,646  1,379  48.0LY4A LY2BKT LY2CO LY3AB LY2TS
28ED8WEA8SO HIGH ALL14,063,8403,180  1,120  35.7OM5RW
29VC2WVE2SO HIGH ALL14,040,8103,438  1,197  35.9VA2WA
30KL7RAKLMULTI-TWO14,039,8083,783  1,212  48.0KF2T NC6K N1TX KL5T KL7SB KL0R
31HG8AHAMULTI-ONE HIGH13,926,5284,026  1,408  48.0HA5JI HA8UT HA8GY
32P44WP4SO HIGH ALL13,881,6963,181  1,104  35.9W2GD
33KH6LCKH6MULTI-TWO13,700,5173,649  1,077  46.9KH6LC AH6KO NH6V
34RA5GUA-3MULTI-TWO13,637,5685,389  1,344  48.0R3GG R3GM R3KM R3KQ R5RA RG5G RW3RN ...
35AA3BW3SO HIGH ALL13,487,5523,947  1,247  35.9 
36OK5ZOKMULTI-ONE HIGH13,418,9903,693  1,417  48.0OK1GK OK2AF OK2EW OK2NMA OK2ZI OK2ZA ...
37SP8RSPMULTI-ONE HIGH12,843,0353,927  1,409  48.0SP8BVN SP8GQU SP8GWI SP8N SP9LJD ...
38EF8REA8SO HIGH ALL (T)12,474,3193,300  1,079  35.9EA8RM
39S53MMS5SO HIGH ALL12,323,8443,452  1,326  35.9 
404X6FR4XSO HIGH ALL12,300,7203,182  1,070  35.9 
41IQ8SNIMULTI-ONE HIGH12,267,9443,745  1,432  48.0IZ8JAI IZ8FWN
42SN7QSPSO HIGH ALL12,175,2403,521  1,298  35.9SP7GIQ
43LZ8ELZSO HIGH ALL12,138,7574,068  1,319  35.9LZ2BE
44VB3EVE3SO HIGH ALL11,980,9443,501  1,102  35.9VE3AT
45EF5YEASO HIGH ALL11,904,0573,920  1,341  36.0EB5A
46NS1DXW1MULTI-TWO11,777,9523,713  1,264  47.0K2LE VE3KI VE4EA VE5MX W1VE
47OH0WOH0MULTI-ONE HIGH11,761,4704,210  1,323  47.9OH2GEK OH6KZP OH2TA
48K1ZZW1SO HIGH ALL11,510,9303,136  1,171  35.9 
49K3JOW1MULTI-ONE HIGH11,336,1443,037  1,207  48.0K1LZ K3JO VY2MA
50KM1WW1SO HIGH ALL11,231,9463,042  1,146  35.7W1UE
51RT4FUA-4SO HIGH ALL11,110,1423,777  1,306  35.9UA4FER
52NR6OW6MULTI-MULTI10,794,3864,328  1,153  48.0K3EST K6AW K7GK N6RO N6WM NT6V WX5S ...
53VE3JMVE3SO HIGH ALL10,672,1203,428  958  35.9 
54LY7ZLYSO HIGH ALL10,652,9603,328  1,390  35.8 
55OK7OOKMULTI-ONE HIGH10,591,4143,560  1,226  48.0OK1DOL OK1DX OK1FIK
56KQ2MW1SO HIGH ALL (C)10,413,3333,286  1,071  35.9 
57VC3TVE3SO HIGH ALL10,362,5603,019  1,040  35.9VE3DZ
58WP3CKP4MULTI-ONE LOW10,276,6512,673  1,103  48.0WP3C WP3TT N2GK
59II8KIMULTI-ONE HIGH10,103,7093,855  1,337  48.0IZ8EPX IZ8ESX IZ8EYP IU8HPD IU8DKG
60P49YP4SO HIGH ALL (C)10,094,4462,613  958  23.9AE6Y
61KW1KW4MULTI-TWO9,929,3603,683  1,190  46.9K5KG K4NMR K4EU K9GS K9XV NA9J
62OZ5EOZMULTI-TWO9,869,5693,358  1,273  47.2OZ1ETA OZ1JUX OZ2I OZ1ISY
63WC1MW1SO HIGH ALL9,834,0123,184  1,038  35.5 
64VP5MVP5MULTI-ONE LOW9,771,3843,127  1,029  48.0K4QPL K4BAI K2SX KK4R
65NJ6GW6MULTI-TWO9,724,0103,553  1,159  48.0W6LD W6RK N7MH @W6YX
66SN3ASPSO HIGH 40M9,673,8002,446  1,150  35.9SQ2GXO
67RT9ARA9SO HIGH ALL9,582,0852,780  1,021  35.5 
68UP2LUNSO HIGH ALL9,580,9622,641  986  35.7RM9I
69SN2BSPMULTI-ONE HIGH9,564,9443,566  1,208  48.0SP2MKI SP2MKT SP2DKI
70DR4ADLMULTI-ONE HIGH9,564,3703,103  1,270  47.9DK5PD DL6WT DL6ZBN
71II2SISO HIGH ALL9,497,6723,060  1,252  35.9IK2QEI
72YR8DYOSO HIGH ALL9,455,8943,130  1,246  35.9YO8TTT
73RG6GUA-6SO HIGH ALL9,397,9603,809  1,240  36.0 
74RU8TRA9SO HIGH ALL (T)9,318,8732,494  969  35.8R8TT
75DK9PYDLSO HIGH ALL9,255,5822,877  1,218  35.4 
76AB3CXW2SO HIGH ALL9,234,1802,900  1,098  35.9 
77AC1UW1SO HIGH ALL9,162,9602,967  1,046  35.9N1UR
78TM2YFMULTI-ONE HIGH9,112,5203,545  1,114  47.1F6BEE F6IFY F8CRH F5PHW
79NY4AW4SO HIGH ALL9,062,2072,867  1,127  31.5 
80UW2MURSO HIGH ALL9,024,4503,420  1,275  26.7UR0MC
81YT0ZYTSO HIGH ALL8,940,3302,931  1,234  35.9YU1ZZ
82UA4WUA-4SO HIGH ALL8,860,0943,422  1,258  35.9 
83LY5ELYSO HIGH ALL8,724,0123,075  1,276  35.9LY2IJ
84MX7DXGSO HIGH ALL8,684,1422,877  1,149  35.6M0UNN/LY4Y
85KW7YW7MULTI-TWO8,599,0223,453  1,073  44.4K7RL N7DX
86S57KS5SO HIGH ALL8,573,4462,885  1,169  36.0 
87NA8VW8SO HIGH ALL8,542,1113,209  1,061  35.9 
88WM3TW3SO HIGH ALL8,468,2102,733  1,090  35.9NY3A
89HA8AHASO HIGH ALL8,398,0252,609  1,187  35.9HA8DZ
90YU5RYTMULTI-ONE LOW8,353,0653,091  1,185  48.0IV3CTS YO8XXX YT2AAA YT7AW
91DP7DDLMULTI-ONE LOW8,324,8263,023  1,182  48.0DH8AF DL3YCX DL9EE DK5KK DL1REM
92OH0VOH0SO HIGH ALL8,238,8083,360  1,112  35.9OH6LI
93UT4UURSO HIGH ALL8,176,4343,008  1,218  35.9UT5UJO
94R8CTRA9SO LOW ALL8,148,1192,450  941  35.2 
95EB7AEASO HIGH ALL8,124,4803,319  1,092  34.9 
96OQ5MONSO HIGH ALL8,099,7003,086  1,140  35.9ON5ZO
979A5Y9ASO HIGH 40M8,081,4692,261  1,089  35.89A7DX
98UW1MURSO HIGH ALL8,052,1923,292  1,149  36.0 
99VK2IAVKSO HIGH ALL8,026,0431,818  907  36.0 
100UP0LUNSO HIGH 20M8,012,6222,656  1,167  35.2UN9LW
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Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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