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RankCallLocCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
19A1A9AMULTI-MULTI25,605,4687,027  1,428  48.09A5W 9A9A 9A7R 9A6A 9A5E 9A3SMS 9A8A ...
2YT5AYTMULTI-MULTI23,229,2557,071  1,379  48.0YT1AD YT2T YT3W YU1BV YU1KX YU1YV YU2FG ...
3LZ9WLZMULTI-MULTI22,185,3846,987  1,348  48.0OR2F LZ1ZD LZ1PM LZ1VS LZ1UQ LZ1BJ ...
4D4ZD4MULTI-ONE HIGH18,939,0904,557  1,158  48.0HB9AMO HB9ARF HB9CAT
5ES9CESMULTI-TWO18,247,3205,978  1,365  48.0ES2RR ES2MC ES5TV ES4RD ES5RY ES5JR ...
6CR3DXCT3SO HIGH ALL17,938,5494,239  1,171  35.9OM3RM
7IQ2CJIMULTI-TWO17,908,8005,202  1,300  48.0IK2JUB IK2QPR IK2YCW IK3QAR IK4VET ...
8UP2LUNMULTI-ONE HIGH17,128,4404,246  1,176  45.7R9HBA R9IR RM9I UN0LM UN6LN UN7LZ UN9L ...
9NH7TKH6MULTI-MULTI16,202,7804,541  1,034  48.0KH7U KH6LC NH7T N6TV N6TJ W6NV @KH6YY
10H25A5BSO HIGH ALL15,775,5524,119  1,132  34.9LZ2HM
11ZM1AZLMULTI-DISTRIBUTED15,617,6653,907  1,091  45.4ZL3CW ZL3IO
12OL3ZOKMULTI-TWO15,595,5244,695  1,263  48.0OK1DQT OK1FCJ OK1FPS OK1HMP OK8AU
13EF8REA8SO HIGH ALL15,511,5724,278  1,062  36.1EA8RM
14HG7THAMULTI-TWO15,153,5444,858  1,247  48.0HA7TM HA5CAR HA0DU HG5DX YO5OHO
15LZ5RLZSO HIGH ALL15,020,3244,740  1,262  35.9LZ5DB
16ZF1AZFMULTI-ONE HIGH14,483,8644,405  1,124  48.0NN1C UT5UDX W9KKN KI6RRN
17DQ1ADLMULTI-TWO13,992,5644,317  1,214  48.0DK3QZ DK5KK DL1EKC DL3HAH DL3QQ DL3YM ...
18LN8WLAMULTI-MULTI13,743,5814,844  1,217  48.0YT7AW LA0FA LA3BO LA1TV LA3NGA LA6YEA ...
19NI4WW4MULTI-TWO13,354,1204,592  1,220  48.0N4WW K0LUZ N4KM K1MM W4WF
20E7DXE7MULTI-ONE HIGH13,296,7614,035  1,247  48.0E70T E74A E76C E77EA E77C E77DX
21WU2XW2MULTI-ONE HIGH12,942,8603,979  1,124  48.0N2QV K5GO N5DX
22CR6KCTSO HIGH ALL12,874,7204,195  1,201  35.9CT1ILT
23PR2EPYMULTI-ONE HIGH12,454,0743,568  1,062  47.5PY2NDX PY2YU PY2NA PY2XC PP5NY PY2WH
24PV2KPYMULTI-DISTRIBUTED12,026,9163,649  1,089  44.2PY2KC PY2KNK PY2KJ
25IB8AIMULTI-TWO11,943,2704,365  1,179  48.0I8QLS IK8TEO IK8UND IZ8FAV IZ8GGF ...
26K9CTW9MULTI-TWO11,896,5964,218  1,193  47.3N9CK K9ZO WT2P AB9YC K9CT AA9H N7MB
27DM6VDLMULTI-TWO11,814,6253,728  1,175  44.7DJ2YA DL1CW DL5AXX
289A22Y9AMULTI-TWO11,720,0343,774  1,198  48.09A1TT UR5ECW UR7EU US8ICM UW1GZ
29S573MS5MULTI-TWO11,572,8183,939  1,173  47.9S53ZO S57UN S53O S52ZW S55OO S51FB
30ED7WEAMULTI-ONE HIGH11,123,3043,761  1,194  47.9EA4R EA7W EA7X EB7A EC7WR
31AA3BW3SO HIGH ALL10,836,3783,661  1,071  35.9 
32HG6NHAMULTI-ONE HIGH10,375,0883,581  1,136  47.1HA6ND HA6NY HA6ON HA8LNN HA8RT YO5BRZ ...
33SP8RSPMULTI-ONE HIGH10,306,7803,520  1,210  48.0SP8BRQ SP8BVN SP8GQU SP8IMG SP9LJD ...
34VC2AVE2SO HIGH ALL10,188,3183,054  1,022  35.9VA2WA
35OM0ROMSO HIGH ALL10,051,6833,215  1,151  35.9OM3GI
36VY2TTVEYSO HIGH ALL10,006,5003,500  953  35.9K6LA
37HG3RHASO HIGH ALL9,962,3043,013  1,166  35.9HA3NU
38OM7MOMSO HIGH ALL9,812,7893,024  1,127  35.9OM5ZW
39IR2QISO HIGH ALL9,810,3183,076  1,141  35.3IK2PFL
40LY4ALYMULTI-TWO9,780,1213,869  1,157  48.0RC5A LY4A LY2BKT LY2CO LY2TS
41P44WP4SO LOW ALL9,775,0872,751  959  35.7W2GD
42DP9ADLMULTI-TWO9,555,6633,421  1,157  47.9DJ6TF DJ7TO DK4WA DL1RTL DL5YYM DL8UAT ...
43S53MMS5SO HIGH ALL9,552,9482,873  1,132  35.7 
44NR6OW6MULTI-MULTI9,373,5804,059  1,060  48.0N6RO K3EST K6AW N6WM WA6O WD6T WX5S WU6P
45EA6FOEA6SO HIGH ALL9,349,7223,598  1,107  35.9EA3M
46SO4RSPMULTI-TWO9,229,0293,736  1,137  47.8LB4UH SP2FWC SP4JCP SP4JFR SP4TKR
47OK5ZOKMULTI-ONE HIGH9,199,8833,081  1,141  48.0OE3WMA OK2AF OK2ARM OK2EW OK2NMA OK2ZA ...
48CT3KNCT3SO HIGH ALL (T)9,169,5522,756  973  32.8 
49XL3AVE3SO HIGH ALL9,133,2003,158  944  35.6VE3AT
50EF5YEASO HIGH ALL9,124,6403,470  1,120  36.0EB5A
51KP2MKP2SO HIGH ALL (C)9,048,6002,868  900  24.0KT3Y
52CF2TVE2SO HIGH ALL9,035,1452,916  945  35.8VA2EW
53II8KIMULTI-ONE HIGH8,873,0323,516  1,162  48.0IU8HPD IZ8EPX IZ8ESX IU8DKG
54OT7TONMULTI-DISTRIBUTED8,870,9603,416  1,085  47.3ON4DS OP4K ON4AMX ON4AFW ON4FI ON5GB ...
55VC7MVE7MULTI-TWO8,675,9243,127  967  48.0VE7JH VE7KW VE7UF VE7ZO @VE7UF
56SZ1ASVMULTI-TWO8,544,6603,793  1,060  47.9SV1BJW SV1CIB SV1DKD SV1DPI SV1DPJ ...
57OK7OOKMULTI-ONE HIGH8,517,3602,988  1,104  48.0OK1DOL OK1FIK OK4RQ OK1DWQ
58ED8WEA8SO HIGH ALL (C)8,393,9362,836  856  23.9OM5RW
59KC7VW7MULTI-TWO8,248,7563,832  1,046  48.0K8IA KC7V W9CF
60KL7RAKLMULTI-MULTI8,157,6502,958  950  47.4KL7SB KL5T WB2TQE NC6K
61HG8RHASO HIGH ALL7,941,5492,730  1,023  35.9HA8JV
62HA8AHASO HIGH ALL7,872,4802,641  1,065  35.9HA8DZ
63DA2XDLMULTI-ONE HIGH7,744,6142,639  1,074  47.9DL3DXX DL4MM DL8DYL DL9DRA
64K1LZW1SO HIGH ALL7,688,4802,791  928  35.9 
65C4W5BSO HIGH ALL7,652,0402,473  930  35.95B4WN
66UN4QUNMULTI-ONE LOW7,613,9942,716  867  48.0UP1G UA4Z
67DK9PYDLSO HIGH ALL7,589,4002,524  1,092  35.8 
68NX6TW6MULTI-TWO7,584,1683,625  1,032  48.0N6CY K7ENA N6NC N6KI WQ6X K4RB WM6Y
69S57KS5SO HIGH ALL7,505,8432,556  1,063  35.9 
70AJ1IW1SO HIGH ALL7,505,7222,656  973  35.9K1ZZ
71NU5AW5SO HIGH ALL7,397,9583,491  986  35.6K5GN
72S55TS5SO HIGH ALL7,317,9662,567  1,042  35.8S57AL
73SN7QSPSO HIGH ALL7,272,5402,601  990  28.6SP7GIQ
75VK6TVKSO HIGH ALL7,245,0002,240  805  35.8VK6LW
76WP4XKP4SO HIGH ALL7,195,1882,798  858  35.5NP4Z
77KQ2MW1SO HIGH ALL7,148,4242,858  894  36.0 
78PJ2TPJ2SO HIGH ALL (C)7,124,1272,527  757  28.3WI9WI
79VX7GLVE7MULTI-TWO7,079,7432,721  869  48.0VE7GL VA7RR VA7OO VA7OM VA7AO
80ZX5JPYSO HIGH 15M6,937,2002,340  1,025  34.2DJ4CW
81WD6TW6MULTI-TWO6,810,0272,869  973  48.0WD6T W6LD N7MH
82NY4AW4SO HIGH ALL6,777,7322,720  897  30.4 
83G5OGMULTI-TWO6,658,2392,906  973  46.6M0DCG G0LZL M5KJM G3SHF G0SYP M0TJU
84KT5JW5SO HIGH ALL6,637,3063,160  949  35.9K5PI
85S53FS5SO HIGH ALL6,588,5822,477  1,001  35.9 
86P49YP4SO HIGH 15M6,579,4172,461  949  34.7AE6Y
87WU3AW1SO HIGH ALL6,551,8002,648  940  35.9W3UA
88ZF2SSZFSO HIGH ALL (C)6,550,1552,566  815  23.9KO7SS
89DP6ADLMULTI-ONE HIGH6,546,3842,482  1,014  48.0DJ5IW DK2OY DL5KUT DL8OH
909A0BB9ASO HIGH ALL6,530,5242,339  1,001  36.09A3XV
91HB7XHBSO HIGH ALL6,372,5642,285  1,012  35.9HB9DDO
92DL0LADLMULTI-ONE HIGH6,238,9902,477  985  48.0DL5RMH DL6RDR DL8RDL
93G5WGSO HIGH ALL6,157,2722,286  996  35.9G3BJ
94AK1WW1SO HIGH ALL6,142,7122,533  961  24.9K5ZD
95WC1MW1SO HIGH ALL6,092,4092,589  867  33.3 
96VP9UKRVP9SO LOW ALL6,089,9282,339  786  35.9VE3DZ
97IY3AISO LOW ALL6,083,2612,353  1,009  35.9IZ3EYZ
98S58MS5SO HIGH ALL6,057,1002,285  1,018  35.9 
99NR7DXW7SO HIGH ALL5,926,9682,823  939  35.8N9RV
100NR3XW4SO HIGH ALL5,923,6442,929  894  35.7N4YDU
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