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RankCallYearCtyCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1P33W20155BMULTI-ONE HIGH35,165,6916,865  1,503  48.0RA3AUU RW4WR RV1AW RA2FA UA4FER HA1AG
2P3N20145BMULTI-ONE HIGH32,373,1796,845  1,481  48.0R2AA R3GM RN3TT RT5K RT9T RW3QNZ
3P33W20145BMULTI-ONE HIGH33,405,7566,811  1,478  48.0HA1AG UT5UDX UA4WI RA2FA UA4FER RW4WR ...
4ES9C2015ESMULTI-ONE HIGH18,609,0245,268  1,472  48.0ES1OX ES2MC ES2NA ES2RR ES2TI ES4RD ...
59A7A20209AMULTI-ONE HIGH16,765,9205,029  1,440  48.09A5X 9A3TR 9A2V 9A7V 9A3OS 9A3XV 9A4M
6ES9C2012ESMULTI-ONE HIGH17,760,7385,628  1,438  48.0YL3DW YL1ZF YL2GQT ES2DW ES2NA ES5JR ...
7DM1A2020DLMULTI-ONE HIGH14,272,7134,682  1,413  48.0DJ5MW DL1IAO
8CN2AA2016CNMULTI-ONE HIGH34,661,2156,037  1,411  48.0UA3ASZ RA3CO RL3FT IK2QEI RM9I RN5M ...
9OK5Z2020OKMULTI-ONE HIGH12,759,2964,047  1,408  48.0OK2AF OK2ARM OK2EW OK2ZA OK2ZC OK2ZI ...
10II9P2015IT9MULTI-ONE HIGH15,154,2184,299  1,402  48.0UA2FB RV3MA LY5W IT9GSF IZ8JAI IK1HJS ...
11LX7I2015LXMULTI-ONE HIGH14,609,6284,190  1,401  48.0DF3VM DK9IP DL3BPC LX2A PA4N PC5A YO3JR
12E7DX2019E7MULTI-ONE HIGH15,058,1494,635  1,389  48.0E70R E70T E76C E77C E77DX E77E E77EA ...
13OE3K2012OEMULTI-ONE HIGH14,880,7484,352  1,388  48.0OE2VEL OE5OHO OM3ED OM3PC OE3DIA
14RU1A2012UA-1MULTI-ONE HIGH16,938,3065,636  1,386  48.0RW1A RD1A RN1A R2RA RG3K UU4JMG
15OL3Z2020OKMULTI-ONE HIGH13,432,2244,195  1,374  48.0OK1DQT OK1FCJ OK1FPS OK1HMP
16P33W20125BMULTI-ONE HIGH28,268,6976,066  1,373  47.9RU4HP UA2FZ RV1AW RW4WR RA3AUU
17S53M2020S5MULTI-ONE HIGH12,986,6444,176  1,364  48.0S57UN S52ZW S53O S51FB S55HH S53ZO
18LZ5R2018LZMULTI-ONE HIGH14,650,7244,698  1,364  48.0LZ1JZ LZ1NK LZ1UK LZ1YQ LZ1ZX LZ2DF ...
19SP8R2020SPMULTI-ONE HIGH13,328,7774,220  1,363  48.0SP8BRQ SP8GQU SP8GWI SP8N SP9LJD
20IB9T2015IT9MULTI-ONE HIGH10,907,5663,899  1,357  47.3IT9BLB IT9CDU IT9CLN IT9MUO IT9VDQ
21UF1F2018UA-1MULTI-ONE HIGH13,931,5444,629  1,356  48.0UF1F RW1A RD1A RN1A RV1AW RU1AF RJ1M
22P33W20135BMULTI-ONE HIGH29,106,5406,011  1,356  48.0UT5UDX RA2FA UA2FZ UA4FER RV1AW RW4WR ...
23SW9AA2015SV9MULTI-ONE HIGH12,587,1204,382  1,352  48.0DJ2QV LZ3FN LZ5VK SV9DJO SV9FBG SV9RGI
24RT4F2012UA-4MULTI-ONE HIGH15,613,5075,407  1,351  48.0RK4FU UA4FER RW4FO RK4FD RK4FW RG4F ...
25UP2L2014UNMULTI-ONE HIGH20,610,4474,774  1,347  48.0R8AA RM9I UA9BA UN4L UN7LZ UN9LG
26LZ5R2019LZMULTI-ONE HIGH15,384,1105,377  1,345  48.0LZ1JZ LZ1NK LZ1RGT LZ1UK LZ1YQ LZ1ZF ...
27P3N20135BMULTI-ONE HIGH28,254,8706,151  1,341  48.05B8AD RT9T RT5K RN3TT RU4SU RV3BA R2DA ...
28RL3A2019UA-3MULTI-ONE HIGH15,203,6405,208  1,340  48.0R3DCX R3LA RA1ZZ RA3ATX RL3FT RN3DNM ...
29RU1A2016UA-1MULTI-ONE HIGH13,971,3965,013  1,338  48.0RW1A RD1A RV1AW RA1AP R2RA RU1AF
30HG6N2020HAMULTI-ONE HIGH14,761,8174,948  1,337  48.0HA2NA HA6AA HA6ND HA6NY HA6OI HA6ON ...
31LX7I2016LXMULTI-ONE HIGH13,204,8514,029  1,331  48.0DD2ML DF1LON DL3BPC LX2A PC5A
32OM7M2014OMMULTI-ONE HIGH13,115,3284,047  1,328  48.0OK2BFN OM2KI OM3PA OM3PC OM5RM OM5RW ...
339A70A20189AMULTI-ONE HIGH12,930,1843,941  1,324  48.09A3TR 9A3OS 9A7V 9A5X 9A2V
349A22P20129AMULTI-ONE HIGH13,158,5584,126  1,323  48.09A1UN 9A2NA 9A5CW 9A6XX 9A8MM
35DM6V2012DLMULTI-ONE HIGH13,499,6404,062  1,320  47.8DJ2YA DL1CW DL5AXX DL8WAA
36UZ2M2013URMULTI-ONE HIGH13,770,4644,858  1,306  48.0R7LV UR0MC UR3QCW UR5MID UT3MD UT7MW ...
37RU1A2019UA-1MULTI-ONE HIGH14,703,0525,017  1,303  48.0RC1A RN1A RV1AW RW1A RT1M RT9T UF1F
38CR2X2013CUMULTI-ONE HIGH16,075,7945,302  1,302  48.0OM3BH OM3RM OM7JG
39E7DX2012E7MULTI-ONE HIGH12,862,4584,278  1,302  47.89A9R E70R E70T E74A E74IW E75O E76C ...
40II9P2019IT9MULTI-ONE HIGH13,304,2004,348  1,300  48.0IT9CJC IT9EQO IT9ESW IT9GSF IV3YYK ...
41KG0F2015W0MULTI-ONE HIGH13,269,2853,831  1,299  48.0K0RF K7NV W0UA W0ZP
429A7DX20169AMULTI-ONE HIGH11,066,7483,682  1,298  48.09A3LG 9A3NM 9A5CM 9A7DX
43EA5KA2019EAMULTI-ONE HIGH12,934,0804,202  1,296  48.0EC2DX EA5KA EA7KW EC3TW EA7KE
44YR1C2015YOMULTI-ONE HIGH12,763,5204,416  1,295  48.0YO4DW YO4NA YO4NF YO9HP YO9GZU
45ZF1A2015ZFMULTI-ONE HIGH19,649,3904,603  1,294  48.0N5DO N5WR N5DX
46IR4X2019IMULTI-ONE HIGH13,951,0164,375  1,292  48.0HB9CAT I4VEQ IK4ZGO IK2JUB IK4VET ...
47HG6N2016HAMULTI-ONE HIGH11,673,2224,313  1,291  48.0HA2NA HA6ND HA6NY HA6ON HA8RT
48OL3A2020OKMULTI-ONE HIGH11,697,6754,072  1,289  48.0OK1DX OK1IC OK1VK OK4RQ
49CQ3A2011CT3MULTI-ONE HIGH26,093,2105,235  1,285  48.0OE3DIA OM3GI OM3RM OM7JG
50WK5T2015W5MULTI-ONE HIGH12,275,0403,445  1,284  43.8N2IC N5FO
519A7A20199AMULTI-ONE HIGH12,710,7024,194  1,279  48.09A5X 9A7V 9A3TR 9A3OS 9A2V
52SP8R2014SPMULTI-ONE HIGH11,219,8683,639  1,276  48.0SP8BRQ SP9FOW SP9LJD
53OM7M2012OMMULTI-ONE HIGH12,622,1924,109  1,276  48.0OM3PA OM5RM OM5MF OM5RW OM5ZW 9A5AN
54KP2M2012KP2MULTI-ONE HIGH18,213,1044,511  1,274  48.0KT3Y S50A K9VV
55OL3Z2015OKMULTI-ONE HIGH11,129,0103,482  1,270  48.0OK1HMP OK1FPS
56VP2MDG2015VP2MMULTI-ONE HIGH16,654,7804,285  1,270  48.0K2DM K2PS
57RF9C2012RA9MULTI-ONE HIGH22,625,0015,124  1,269  48.0R9DX RA9CMO UA9CDC UA9CDV UA9CIR
58S50G2020S5MULTI-ONE HIGH12,278,0444,241  1,268  48.0S56M S57AW S58M
59S50G2016S5MULTI-ONE HIGH11,439,8963,811  1,268  48.0S50A S56M S57AW S58M
60OZ7A2020OZMULTI-ONE HIGH10,190,6503,864  1,262  48.0OZ1AA OZ1IKY OZ7AM
61WK5T2012W5MULTI-ONE HIGH13,256,0483,904  1,262  47.8N2IC K5WA
62J42T2015SVMULTI-ONE HIGH9,549,5533,409  1,261  48.0IK0EFR SV1JG SV2BOH SV2CLJ SV2DCD ...
63YL7X2020YLMULTI-ONE HIGH10,519,7403,787  1,260  48.0YL2LY YL1ZF YL2KL
64LX7I2012LXMULTI-ONE HIGH12,416,2583,937  1,259  47.6DF1LON LX2A HB9CVQ
659A33P20139AMULTI-ONE HIGH12,025,2223,937  1,258  48.09A1UN 9A2NA 9A6XX 9A8MM S55M
66LN8W2015LAMULTI-ONE HIGH9,487,8243,204  1,256  47.9LB1GB LB8IB LA9VDA
67CN3A2014CNMULTI-ONE HIGH22,977,2645,113  1,256  48.0IK2QEI RX3APM RA3CO UA2FM
689A5Y20189AMULTI-ONE HIGH11,487,0153,592  1,255  47.89A3LG 9A7DX
69KM3T/12012W1MULTI-ONE HIGH15,311,3404,129  1,254  48.0DL1MGB DL5LYM KC1XX KM3T N1KWF W1FV
709A7A20139AMULTI-ONE HIGH12,145,6523,875  1,252  48.09A3OS 9A3TR 9A5X 9A7V
71UP2L2020UNMULTI-ONE HIGH20,927,9794,648  1,251  48.0UN0L UN0LM UN6LN UN7LZ UN9L UN9LG UN9LW
729A8M20129AMULTI-ONE HIGH10,839,9153,687  1,251  47.89A3BVT 9A3XU 9A3XV 9A5ADT 9A7DM 9A8DX
73DR0W2019DLMULTI-ONE HIGH12,020,0004,150  1,250  47.9DJ5MW DL1IAO
74OL3Z2018OKMULTI-ONE HIGH11,550,2403,625  1,248  48.0OK1DQT OK1FCJ OK1FPS OK1HMP LZ3SF
75HG1S2016HAMULTI-ONE HIGH10,549,6203,984  1,247  47.1HA1TJ HA1DAI HA6NF HA7PL HG2DX
76KP2M2015KP2MULTI-ONE HIGH19,614,5324,891  1,246  48.0KT3Y K9VV WP2XX
77EW6W2019EUMULTI-ONE HIGH11,522,4754,551  1,245  48.0EW6W RD1A EU6AF EU1U EU6RO EV6Z EW2M ...
78OK7O2020OKMULTI-ONE HIGH9,242,9203,724  1,244  48.0OK1DOL OK1DWQ OK1FIK OK1FWM
79SZ1A2015SVMULTI-ONE HIGH9,454,1043,654  1,242  48.0SV1DPI SV1DPJ SV1CIB SV8GKE SV1RP
80SJ2W2012SMMULTI-ONE HIGH10,794,2183,912  1,241  48.0SE2T SM2LIY SM2WMV
81RT7T2014UA-6MULTI-ONE HIGH8,654,0523,405  1,237  48.0RX6FF UA6G RY7G RM6F
82RU1A2009UA-1MULTI-ONE HIGH13,838,2564,954  1,236  48.0RW1AC RA1AIP RA1AR UA1CUR UA9MQR RU4HP ...
83GM0F2012GMMULTI-ONE HIGH10,509,8503,996  1,235  47.8GM4AFF G4XUM M0DXR
84TM2Y2015FMULTI-ONE HIGH11,035,9153,568  1,231  48.0F6BEE W6NV
85MD4K2015GDMULTI-ONE HIGH11,008,5003,928  1,230  48.0G3NKC G4XUM G4BVY
86OL3Z2014OKMULTI-ONE HIGH10,334,4603,553  1,230  48.0OK1CRM OK1FPS OK1HMP OK1WWJ
87TM0R2014FMULTI-ONE HIGH10,342,0353,700  1,229  47.9F5MNK F6DZO F6FRR F6IRA 
88SN8B2018SPMULTI-ONE HIGH10,162,9283,208  1,228  48.0SP7AH SP8GQU SQ8JLA SP8CUW SP8BRQ SP8ATI 
89YU5R2019YTMULTI-ONE HIGH10,510,4983,969  1,226  44.7YT2AAA YT2T YT7AW
909A5D20159AMULTI-ONE HIGH8,655,8503,344  1,225  48.09A3ID 9A3VM 9A3Y 9A5DU 9A7Z 
91OH5Z2015OHMULTI-ONE HIGH8,635,0253,293  1,225  45.6OH7CW OG9X
92OH1F2015OHMULTI-ONE HIGH10,342,8003,719  1,224  48.0OH1TM OH1NOA
93OM7M2013OMMULTI-ONE HIGH11,681,8563,657  1,224  48.0OM2KI OM3PA OM3PC OM5RW OM5RM OM5ZW
94NY4A2015W4MULTI-ONE HIGH13,295,2333,329  1,223  48.0N4AF K4BAI K4QPL
95EF7X2012EAMULTI-ONE HIGH11,529,2213,869  1,223  47.5EA7GYS EA7KW EA7RM
96PW2D2015PYMULTI-ONE HIGH15,066,0383,350  1,222  47.4PY2BK PY2LSM PY2ZXU @PY2DM
97SN2B2018SPMULTI-ONE HIGH10,465,1913,317  1,221  48.0SP2FAX SP2MKI SP3SLA
98K1LZ2018W1MULTI-ONE HIGH15,118,2403,975  1,220  48.0K1LZ K1ZM AE2W KO8SCA K3JO
99RM5A2016UA-3MULTI-ONE HIGH10,157,0824,475  1,217  48.0RC5A RD3BW RM2M RM5M RN3AC RU4W RU5A ...
100DR5N2012DLMULTI-ONE HIGH9,905,5363,232  1,216  47.6DJ9DZ DK5OS DL1REM DL9YAJ
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Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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