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1RA3XDX2007UA-3SA LP 160M402,69044931019.5  
2HG0R2019HASA LP 160M370,27249734818.0HA0NAR
3OL9R2020OKSA LP 160M (T)325,65052132524.8OK6RA
4E7CW2012E7SA LP 160M320,45847932624.6E74WN
5YT8A2020YUSA LP 160M (T)266,88846029221.7YU1EA
6Z36N2012Z3SA LP 160M205,90536526523.8 
7S52OT2018S5SA LP 160M175,26033625416.3 
8E74R2016E7SA LP 160M156,86031723021.5 
9LY4ZZ2019LYSA LP 160M154,28731823723.9LY2BMX
10OK2BFN2017OKSA LP 160M134,69628422619.6 
11VE3MGY2018VE3SA LP 160M (T)131,91824814215.4 
12YT4T2020YUSA LP 160M121,80028521017.3YT4T
13SP8LBK2012SPSA LP 160M121,20828221818.8 
14OL7P2018OKSA LP 160M103,81926419710.7 
159A1IW20169ASA LP 160M (T)103,40025020020.3 
16DL1D2020DLSA LP 160M99,87629620323.4DL7NDS
17UR5IFB2012URSA LP 160M96,1142401939.8 
18LY2OU2018LYSA LP 160M91,58424019219.1 
19SP8LBK2010SPSA LP 160M85,93223418616.6 
20E77EZ2013E7SA LP 160M85,53623817614.1 
21OK6Y2019OKSA LP 160M82,26023218015.6OK2PTZ
22IK0XBX2013ISA LP 160M (T)76,0322201768.5 
23SO5MAX2017SPSA LP 160M70,23821017314.9MACIEK
24SP8LBK2011SPSA LP 160M63,85519916515.3 
25E74AA2011E7SA LP 160M60,7601921556.4 
26DL3KZA2010DLSA LP 160M59,28520316712.0 
27ES4NY2016ESSA LP 160M54,87218215211.6 
28W2MF2012W2SA LP 160M54,73019713018.3 
29AM1Q2010EASA LP 160M50,18415813610.8EA1QA
30UW1U2020URSA LP 160M (T)49,84217514213.2UT7UA
31UT5RQ2016URSA LP 160M48,36317414715.0 
32OM4AQP2018OMSA LP 160M47,26516913715.0 
33EU2EU2015EUSA LP 160M41,0971511336.7 
34EU2EU2014EUSA LP 160M39,8781551276.5 
35UT5RQ2017URSA LP 160M39,45614513712.5 
36YU1RA1998YUSA LP 160M36,414151119  
37SQ7FPD2013SPSA LP 160M35,3401471244.6 
389A1IW20159ASA LP 160M (T)34,72713912120.6 
39VE3MGY2009VE3SA LP 160M34,0201288114.3 
40YU1XX2011YUSA LP 160M33,3751291257.4 
41WE1L2006W1SA LP 160M33,2281971177.0  
42E77EE2018E7SA LP 160M (T)33,03314912119.5 
43YU1RA2000YUSA LP 160M27,664132104  
44OH1HD2018OHSA LP 160M26,8141261096.6OH3RB
45CT7AGE2020CTSA LP 160M24,07211810210.8CT7AGE
46YU1NR2018YUSA LP 160M (T)23,29611210413.8 
47DJ8OG2016DLSA LP 160M21,879112995.9 
48SO6A2004SPSA LP 160M21,690122907.2SP6IHE 
49SQ5ASR2015SPSA LP 160M20,256106968.1 
50SP5EWX2019SPSA LP 160M19,497109978.5 
51R2EA2017UA-3SA LP 160M (T)17,108979114.0 
52II8A2002ISA LP 160M15,795100817.4IC8JAH 
53HA0NAR2013HASA LP 160M15,77092832.0 
54ES0DJ2017ESSA LP 160M15,65291866.3 
55YO8PS2017YOSA LP 160M15,03687849.4 
56US6IQE2005URSA LP 160M14,7009984  
57DD9WG2011DLSA LP 160M (T)13,94089824.6 
58SP5NZA2017SPSA LP 160M12,39387815.3 
59YT7AW2009YUSA LP 160M11,73680721.2 
60W2MF2020W2SA LP 160M10,945645510.9 
61OU2V2015OZSA LP 160M10,46574655.3OZ1FJB
62DL4VAI2019DLSA LP 160M9,576817210.6 
63S53F2014S5SA LP 160M8,19270642.5 
64E72MM2017E7SA LP 160M7,09561551.6 
65SO3F2017SPSA LP 160M6,32859563.1 
66E72MM2012E7SA LP 160M6,30756531.2 
67RA4FUT2009UA-4SA LP 160M6,28859485.8 
689A1IW20179ASA LP 160M (T)6,26459548.2 
69SP5COF2006SPSA LP 160M (R)6,09559532.6  
70N4VA2014W4SA LP 160M (T)4,88870524.6 
71YU1RA2001YUSA LP 160M4,88852476.3  
72HB9FAP2020HBSA LP 160M4,136464421.0HB9FAP
73RU3KO2012UA-3SA LP 160M3,69848438.1 
74G5XW2020GSA LP 160M (T)3,525504710.0G5XW
75DL8BFV2018DLSA LP 160M2,55639362.9 
76OK6Y2018OKSA LP 160M2,38035341.8OK2PTZ
77IB5B2017ISA LP 160M (T)2,34535355.0 
789A1IW20149ASA LP 160M (T)1,891323122.8 
79EE4EA2014EASA LP 160M (T)1,71031304.8 
80LZ2ZG2018LZSA LP 160M1,53929272.1 
81LY2NZ2018LYSA LP 160M1,32627262.6 
829A5AMC20159ASA LP 160M1,25026251.8 
83US0MS2015URSA LP 160M1,21022228.2  
84RU3DNN2020UA-3SA LP 160M85125231.9 
85R3LA2011UA-3SA LP 160M66618182.1 
86IB5A2018ISA LP 160M (T)63018182.3IZ5OQX
87OE3MDB2017OESA LP 160M43515153.8 
88IT9RZU2015IT9SA LP 160M (T)42015153.0 
89RM5O2014UA-3SA LP 160M39215142.7 
90KP2DX2020KP2SA LP 160M39010101.2KP2BH
919A2B20189ASA LP 160M37814140.3 
92EW1FR2012EUSA LP 160M36415143.2 
93LA9RY2015LASA LP 160M28014141.3 
94DO4DXA2012DLSA LP 160M252121211.8 
95TA3EL2019TASA LP 160M216660.5 
96OH10TA2017OHSA LP 160M1261090.6OH1MN
97MX5BAE2019GSA LP 160M72660.6G4PVM
98KE0L2017W9SA LP 160M9330.2 
99YC0MVP2016YBSA LP 160M4220.5 
100ZP6ARO2020ZPSA LP 160M2110.1ZP6ARO



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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