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RankCallLocYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1CN2AACN2014MULTI-ONE HIGH52,766,4828,358  1,759  48.0RL3FT R3DCX UA2FM UA3ASZ RX3APM RV3MA ...
2CN2AACN2017MULTI-ONE HIGH49,832,8356,959  1,599  48.0RL3FT R3DCX UA3ASZ RX3APM RK3AD RW3FO ...
3CN2AACN2018MULTI-ONE HIGH46,987,7767,073  1,536  48.0LY4A RL3FT UA3ASZ UA4Z RK3AD RN2FA RU9I ...
4P33W5B2015MULTI-ONE HIGH46,348,2748,206  1,714  48.0LY4AA R3DCX UA4FER RW4WR RA3AUU
5EF8REA82018MULTI-ONE HIGH45,368,5866,980  1,566  47.1EA8RM YO3JR R3DCX R4FO UA4FER RW4WR ...
6P33W5B2014MULTI-ONE HIGH43,457,5207,884  1,720  48.0NT2X 4Z1UF LY4AA UA4FER RW4WR RA3AUU
7EB8AHEA82017MULTI-ONE HIGH41,544,0506,471  1,525  48.0RA5A UA5C RA6LBS UA9PM RM9I RM5M RJ4P ...
8P33W5B2013MULTI-ONE HIGH41,425,6997,508  1,571  48.0RX3APM RL3FT UA4FER R3DCX RW4WR RA3AUU
95E5ECN2014MULTI-ONE HIGH39,877,5807,095  1,615  47.9IK2QEI IK2SGC W7EJ
10P33W5B2016MULTI-ONE HIGH39,377,9406,798  1,590  48.0LZ2HM 5B4AIE R4FO UA4FER RW4WR RA3AUU
11EB8AHEA82013MULTI-ONE HIGH38,908,8626,687  1,553  48.0EA5DY EA8AH EA8ZS EA8RM
125D5ACN2012MULTI-ONE HIGH38,510,4546,579  1,601  48.0IK2QEI IK2SGC
13H27A5B2013MULTI-ONE HIGH38,344,1857,394  1,539  48.0R2AA 5B8AD RN3TT R9WR UA9SCX UU6JR ...
14P33W5B2012MULTI-ONE HIGH37,798,3527,283  1,556  48.05B4AIE RV3BA RG6G R3DCX RW4WR RA3AUU
155D5ACN2010MULTI-ONE HIGH36,669,9526,300  1,532  48.0IK2QEI IK2SGC
16D44TDD42002MULTI-ONE HIGH33,443,8567,852  1,332  48.0I4UFH IV3TAN IK2NCJ IK2JUB 
175D5ACN2008MULTI-ONE HIGH33,066,8806,372  1,342  47.8IK2QEI IK2SGC
18HC8AHC81993MULTI-ONE HIGH32,509,2698,703  1,107  N6KT HC1OT 
195D5ACN2013MULTI-ONE HIGH32,399,9555,995  1,533  48.0IK2QEI IK2SGC IK2LFF CN8WW VA3ITA
20EF8REA82009MULTI-ONE HIGH32,273,9655,824  1,429  48.0EA8AH EA8CAC EA8EW EA8ZS ES2RR @EA8AH
21D4CD42009MULTI-ONE HIGH32,202,1826,156  1,399  48.0I4UFH I4YSS IZ4DPV CT1DVV
22ZX0FPY0F2001MULTI-ONE HIGH31,700,5367,475  1,318  42.9PY5CC PY0FF N5FA PY7ZZ 
233V1A3V2011MULTI-ONE HIGH31,345,5225,383  1,469  48.0YT1AD YT3M YT3W S56A
24EI7MEI2014MULTI-ONE HIGH31,158,7366,439  1,648  48.0EI8IR EI3KD G4CLA EI3JE EI3JZ
255D5ACN2007MULTI-ONE HIGH31,141,2936,037  1,347  48.0IK2QEI IK2SGC 
26ZX0FPY0F1993MULTI-ONE HIGH31,059,5448,629  1,096  PY5EG PY5CC N5FA PY0FF 
27RF9CRA92012MULTI-ONE HIGH29,872,3185,696  1,489  47.8R9DX RA9CKQ RA9CMO UA9CDV UA9CIR
28P33W5B2019MULTI-ONE HIGH29,692,1725,323  1,436  48.0RK4FD 4Z5LA LZ2HM R3DCX R4FO UA4FER ...
29HC8NHC82002MULTI-ONE HIGH28,998,2776,885  1,309  48.0N5KO XE1KK 
305B/AJ2O5B2005MULTI-ONE HIGH28,966,2726,558  1,252  48.0RW3QC RW4WR RA3AUU 
319Y4W9Y2015MULTI-ONE HIGH28,959,8405,881  1,440  48.09Y4W DL1QQ
32PJ4ZPJ42015MULTI-ONE HIGH28,548,5586,043  1,398  47.9WW4LL KU8E K4BAI
33TM6MF2011MULTI-ONE HIGH28,016,9216,049  1,541  48.0F1AKK F4DXW F8DBF
34ZX0FPY0F1994MULTI-ONE HIGH27,883,0507,447  1,086  PY5EG PY5CC PY5ALP PY0FF PY5TM 
35PS2TPY2011MULTI-ONE HIGH27,820,2875,700  1,551  47.8PY2NDX PY2YU PY2ZEA
366V7Z6W2012MULTI-ONE HIGH27,788,1206,043  1,465  46.2UA9CDC RA9FW 6W7RV
37UP2LUN2012MULTI-ONE HIGH27,522,5685,365  1,451  47.8UN9LG RM9I RU9I
38ZX0FPY0F1999MULTI-ONE HIGH27,446,5707,138  1,135  48.0PY5EG PY5CC N5FA PY0FF 
39TM6MF2014MULTI-ONE HIGH27,299,8826,103  1,622  48.0F1AKK F4DXW F5MUX F8DBF
40UP2LUN2016MULTI-ONE HIGH27,226,2385,379  1,417  48.0R9IR R9HBA RM9I UN7LZ UN9LG
41P40VP41991MULTI-ONE HIGH26,987,1427,212  1,127  AI6V N7NG 
42TM6MF2015MULTI-ONE HIGH26,963,9246,163  1,612  48.0F1AKK F4DXW F4FFZ F8DBF
43P33W5B2011MULTI-ONE HIGH26,560,9535,434  1,377  47.85B4AIE RA6LBS RA3AUU
443V8BB3V2012MULTI-ONE HIGH26,263,6475,018  1,363  47.9YT1AD YT3M Z30A KF5EYY
45CQ9KCT32001MULTI-ONE HIGH26,146,2046,405  1,292  48.0CT3BD CT3DL CT3EE CT3EN CT3HK CT3IA ... 
46P33W5B2008MULTI-ONE HIGH26,089,3275,621  1,243  48.0RW4WR RX3DCX RA3AUU
47EI7MEI2015MULTI-ONE HIGH25,779,2285,938  1,572  48.0EI8IR EI3JE EI3KD EI7IG G3ZVW G7TWC
48PJ9XPJ21993MULTI-ONE HIGH25,678,2157,678  1,065  OH6DO OH0XX 
499A73P9A2014MULTI-ONE HIGH25,576,7555,984  1,615  48.09A1UN 9A2NA 9A5CW 9A6XX 9A8MM S55M
50ZX0FPY0F1997MULTI-ONE HIGH25,497,5046,193  1,093  PY5EG N5FA PY0FF PU5OMS 
51RF9CRA92011MULTI-ONE HIGH25,051,9944,962  1,387  47.9R9DX UA9CDC UA9CDV UA9CIR
52P40VP42002MULTI-ONE HIGH24,910,7586,504  1,234  48.0AI6V KI7WX 
53CQ9KCT32006MULTI-ONE HIGH24,878,9785,221  1,319  48.0CT3BD CT3DL CT3DZ CT3EE CT3EN CT3HK ... 
54CT9MCT32002MULTI-ONE HIGH24,857,6645,899  1,299  48.0CT3BD CT3DL CT3EE CT3EN CT3HK CT3IA ... 
55P33W5B2009MULTI-ONE HIGH24,589,4345,331  1,257  47.8RN3QO RW4WR RX3DCX RA3AUU
56VP2ECVP2E1992MULTI-ONE HIGH24,409,5806,984  1,115  K5RX KC5EA N5AU 
57C5PC52003MULTI-ONE HIGH24,012,0756,104  1,275  46.0YL2KL YL3CW YL1ZF LY2TA 
58ZX0FPY0F1996MULTI-ONE HIGH23,896,6406,123  1,060  PY5EG N5FA PY5CC PY5GU PY0FF PY5GA ... 
595B/AJ2O5B2007MULTI-ONE HIGH23,822,2535,335  1,239  47.0RX3DCX RX9TL RW4WR RA3AUU 
60A61AJA62002MULTI-ONE HIGH23,610,7856,339  1,243  48.0A61AJ N2AA OH2BH S53R T97C 
61CQ95FCT32008MULTI-ONE HIGH23,507,2964,908  1,256  47.8CT3BD CT3DL CT3DZ CT3EE CT3EN CT3HK ...
62WP2ZKP22013MULTI-ONE HIGH23,494,8006,066  1,400  48.0NQ6N K9VV WP2XX K8MJZ
63UZ2MUR2014MULTI-ONE HIGH23,469,1026,359  1,662  48.0UR0MC UR3QCW UR5MID US2YW US0LW US0YW ...
64EA8ZSEA82003MULTI-ONE HIGH23,255,8304,892  1,238  48.0RW3QC RX3DCX RA3AUU 
653V8BB3V2002MULTI-ONE HIGH23,243,0615,758  1,227  48.0YT1AD YU1AU RZ3AA RA3AUU 3V8BB (LOUTFI) 
66E7AE72014MULTI-ONE HIGH23,195,3445,486  1,609  48.09A1TT 9A5K E70R E70T E76C E77W
67RL3AUA-32020MULTI-ONE HIGH23,040,9926,212  1,552  48.0UA3ASZ RL3FT RA9USU R3DCB R3DCX RZ3LC ...
68P40VP42010MULTI-ONE HIGH23,038,0645,516  1,148  47.3P49V K6KLY P43A
69RL3AUA-32012MULTI-ONE HIGH22,523,2806,003  1,560  48.0RA3CO UA3ASZ RL3FT RU3RQ RT3DX RN3DNM ...
70E7DXE72015MULTI-ONE HIGH22,521,0405,584  1,576  48.09A1TT 9A5CW 9A5K 9A6XX E70T E70R ...
71VP2ECVP2E1993MULTI-ONE HIGH22,462,2766,795  1,132  K5RX KC5EA N5AU 
72ZX5CPY1989MULTI-ONE HIGH22,400,9806,903  1,060  PY5EG PY5ZBA PY5CC 
73P40MP42011MULTI-ONE HIGH22,399,6905,539  1,310  46.5N4OC W3BW P49V K0DQ
74CQ9TCT32013MULTI-ONE HIGH22,283,0284,863  1,332  48.0CT3FQ CT3HF CT3KN
75TM6MF2019MULTI-ONE HIGH22,136,1705,122  1,414  48.0F4DXW F8DBF F1AKK
76P40LP42019MULTI-ONE HIGH21,965,8324,971  1,148  48.0W6LD K5ZD N4OC
77RL3AUA-32021MULTI-ONE HIGH21,951,1005,947  1,550  48.0R0AI R3DCB R3DCX RA9USU RL3FT RW4WR ...
78FM5GUFM2002MULTI-ONE HIGH21,920,7156,459  1,245  48.0FM5GU IV3BTY IV3FHH IV3JVJ IV3OWC 
79CQ9TCT32012MULTI-ONE HIGH21,845,6804,688  1,360  46.4CT3FQ CT3KN
80CQ9KCT32005MULTI-ONE HIGH21,831,2704,861  1,230  48.0CT3BD CT3DL CT3DZ CT3EE CT3EN CT3HK ... 
81HC8AHC81996MULTI-ONE HIGH21,830,8485,717  988  HC1OT N6KT WN4KKN 
82PT0FPY2000MULTI-ONE HIGH21,776,5466,047  1,121  PY5CC N5FA PY0FF 
83VP5VVP52000MULTI-ONE HIGH21,623,1546,615  1,189  W5AO K5TT 
84VP5NVP51999MULTI-ONE HIGH21,618,1446,204  1,179  48.0IK2SGC IK2SFZ 
85IR4MI2014MULTI-ONE HIGH21,610,8205,335  1,540  48.0HB9CAT HB9DUR I4EWH IK3QAR IK4DCW ...
86ES9CES2012MULTI-ONE HIGH21,585,3155,603  1,549  48.04O3A YL3DW ES2DW ES2NA ES5TV ES5RY ...
87KP2TMKP22013MULTI-ONE HIGH21,519,2345,981  1,299  48.0K9TM W8MJ K8CC
88P40VP41995MULTI-ONE HIGH21,390,3585,680  1,034  AI6V N7NG 
89WP2ZKP22012MULTI-ONE HIGH21,335,5385,548  1,358  47.4K8MJZ KP2HC K9VV NQ6N
90PS2TPY2006MULTI-ONE HIGH21,047,2504,989  1,330  48.0PY2EX PY2YU PY5EG SM0CXU 
91RL3AUA-32011MULTI-ONE HIGH20,949,8285,317  1,468  48.0R3DCX RA3CO RJ3FF RL3FT RV3BA UA3ASZ ...
92ZY7CPY2008MULTI-ONE HIGH20,940,7364,738  1,292  47.3PT7CB PT7CG PT7WA PT7YV PT7ZAA PT7ZAP ...
93CQ8XCU2010MULTI-ONE HIGH20,882,3075,864  1,343  48.0CU2CE CU2DX DL6LAU N6RC OH1TV OH2BH ...
94RT4FUA-42012MULTI-ONE HIGH20,857,3445,837  1,536  48.0RK4FD UA4FER RK4FW UA4FAC UA4LU UA4FCJ ...
95IR4MI2015MULTI-ONE HIGH20,522,7785,244  1,493  48.0I4EWH IK3QAR IK4HVR IK4MGP IV3AZV ...
96IR4MI2016MULTI-ONE HIGH20,487,4954,652  1,435  48.0I4EWH I4FYF I4IFL IK4DCW IK4HVR IK4MGP ...
97K1LZW12013MULTI-ONE HIGH20,458,6464,595  1,417  48.0K1LZ AE2W K3JO N8BO W1UE
98TM6MF2018MULTI-ONE HIGH20,186,6404,971  1,380  48.0F1AKK F4DXW F8DBF
99CT9/R9DXCT32014MULTI-ONE HIGH20,079,8474,827  1,399  47.8R9DX UA9CDV
100OE3KOE2012MULTI-ONE HIGH19,989,9254,905  1,465  48.0OE2VEL OM3BH OM3PC OE3DIA
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