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RankCallLocYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1YV1KKYV2016MULTI-ONE LOW14,432,2203,533  1,182  46.5YV1CTE YV1JGT YV1KK YY1YLY YY1ALE
2KB3WDW32016MULTI-ONE LOW10,457,5463,200  1,094  40.6KB3WD NZ3D
3FY5KEFY2018MULTI-ONE LOW9,996,4802,919  936  46.8F1HAR F5HRY F6FVY
4HI3KHI2016MULTI-ONE LOW8,329,8802,660  1,079  47.2HI3K HI3CC HI8EFS KB2MS
5HI0UDHI2015MULTI-ONE LOW7,153,5452,478  1,059  48.0HI3CC HI3TT WP3A HI3LFE HI3K HI8K
6ED1BEA2015MULTI-ONE LOW6,555,2482,686  1,094  48.0EA1AST EA1YG EA1YC EA1GY EA1IIE ...
74V1JRHH2014MULTI-ONE LOW6,281,9102,780  939  33.4HH2JR N5JR/HH2 N5JC/HH2
8TI0DXTI2016MULTI-ONE LOW6,210,1352,691  879  46.7TI2CDA TI2CC TI2SW KM4HI
9ED1BEA2014MULTI-ONE LOW5,890,4222,411  1,047  47.5EA1AST EA1GY EA1YG EB1TR
10HI3KHI2018MULTI-ONE LOW5,812,9922,801  783  47.2HI3K HI3CC HI8EFS
11HI3KHI2017MULTI-ONE LOW5,268,6562,381  824  47.4HI3CC HI3K HI8EFS
12CQ9TCT32016MULTI-ONE LOW5,119,0321,679  789  46.7CR9ABH CS9ABC CS9ABE CT3KN
13ZW8TPY2017MULTI-ONE LOW5,047,7681,820  836  42.5PS8HF PS8NF 
14PR1TPY2014MULTI-ONE LOW4,963,1041,899  912  47.4PY1NB PY1ZV PY1FI PY1MX PY1CG PY4TJ
153V8SS3V2021MULTI-ONE LOW4,741,9191,965  749  47.4KF5EYY 3V1B
16ED9EEA92018MULTI-ONE LOW4,496,4301,633  710  46.2EB9DG EA9CD EA9FY EA9ABC EA9ACD EA9ACE ...
17ZW8TPY2021MULTI-ONE LOW4,464,0401,804  745  38.5PS8HF PS8NF
18TC7GTA2021MULTI-ONE LOW4,435,7431,765  673  44.0TA7AZC TA7MNA TA7OZX
193V8SS3V2017MULTI-ONE LOW4,400,0001,671  704  45.4KF5EYY HB9EOU F4HJD KG5OUE KD2LQM
20HK3RDHK2022MULTI-ONE LOW4,342,1701,531  690  39.6HK3JJB HK3PMC HK3EA HK3TU HK3LCU
21EC5ANEA2021MULTI-ONE LOW4,273,4882,395  944  47.4EC5AN EA7EU
22HZ1TLHZ2021MULTI-ONE LOW4,116,8401,813  696  23.8HZ1TL HZ1SN
23ZW8TPY2020MULTI-ONE LOW3,954,9721,488  717  38.0PS8NF PS8HF
24SE0XSM2015MULTI-ONE LOW3,834,2601,915  940  47.3SM0MDG SM0MLZ TF3ZA
25YV50ARVYV2017MULTI-ONE LOW3,817,2161,864  592  43.0YV5EED YV5GPA YV5KG YV5LMW
26SE0XSM2016MULTI-ONE LOW3,341,9921,710  886  47.9SM0MDG SM0MLZ SM0NOR 
27Z32IDZ32022MULTI-ONE LOW3,315,9561,987  874  45.1Z32ID Z35T
28VP5MVP52021MULTI-ONE LOW3,313,9801,818  646  38.3NR4O K4QPL
29HZ1TLHZ2018MULTI-ONE LOW3,249,3281,531  653  35.0HZ1TL HZ1BW HZ1BT
30II8TI2018MULTI-ONE LOW3,238,7851,800  891  48.0IZ8XXE IZ8DFO IZ8EFD IZ8GNR
31VE9MLVE92014MULTI-ONE LOW3,187,1101,396  713  36.7VE9ML VE9BK
32ZW8TPY2019MULTI-ONE LOW3,015,4821,299  661  39.2PS8HF PS8NF PS8BR
33HB2THB2016MULTI-ONE LOW2,917,4701,509  790  44.9HB9BUN HB9BXQ HB9CVQ HB9ELV HB9EMP ...
34IO3FI2022MULTI-ONE LOW2,887,9951,636  759  44.6I3VWK I3VUK IK3CHK IK3VUU IZ3ETC IZ3KIF ...
35E7CWE72021MULTI-ONE LOW2,594,4391,808  801  46.5E74AL E75M E75OT E74IH E77FA
36HI3KHI2019MULTI-ONE LOW2,573,1251,419  625  43.0HI3K HI3CC XE1AY HI3A HI3MVL
37VE9MLVE92017MULTI-ONE LOW2,492,5811,044  559  41.7VE9ML VE9BK
38ZW8TPY2018MULTI-ONE LOW2,462,3301,126  611  40.4PS8HF PS8NF PS8BR
39YM2KYTA2017MULTI-ONE LOW2,460,3331,175  543  37.6TA2DX TA2ABC TA2ACV TA10 TA2LX TA2NT ...
40DQ5MDL2016MULTI-ONE LOW2,435,3031,438  793  39.3DK3DM DK6SP DO9EE
41OE2SOE2021MULTI-ONE LOW2,423,2381,317  786  35.9OE2LCM OE2VEL
42BD7DTBY2021MULTI-ONE LOW2,410,4641,551  633  46.5BD7BM BD7DX BG7AJH BG7BES BG7EBO BG7FKH
43VB2ZVE22018MULTI-ONE LOW2,410,4641,355  544  40.3VA2CZ VE2BWL VA2SJ
44E7CWE72020MULTI-ONE LOW2,388,5141,631  769  38.6E75M E77FA E74ZZ E73QI E73AL E74AL
45ED9EEA92019MULTI-ONE LOW2,352,0001,045  560  38.6EA9CD EA9ACD EA9ACL EA9ACT EA9AAU EA7KI
46PR1TPY2017MULTI-ONE LOW2,254,7321,101  604  41.5PY1NX PY1GQ PY1FI PY1ZV
47IB3CI2014MULTI-ONE LOW2,210,8501,410  765  47.4I3FIY IW3IFJ IZ3EAW IZ3QCH IW3IAU ...
48KP2DXKP22015MULTI-ONE LOW2,199,1901,338  623  29.0KP2BH NP2KM
49ZB2BUZB2022MULTI-ONE LOW2,190,4741,870  759  30.7ZB2TT MM0GOR
50OT6MON2018MULTI-ONE LOW2,183,7601,379  674  44.7PA5CT ON9CC PC5A PA3FGA
51ZR9CZS2014MULTI-ONE LOW2,146,3681,094  672  37.6ZS6WN ZR6K 
52TC2GTA2017MULTI-ONE LOW2,136,4961,090  536  41.9TA7AZC YM2KA
53NM1CW12015MULTI-ONE LOW2,135,8281,155  628  36.4NM1C N1DBL KB1YJI N1UZ
549A1CRT9A2022MULTI-ONE LOW2,116,2961,630  663  27.39A3SMS 9A7AS 9A7EU 9A5GTX 9A7RA
55ZV8PPY2017MULTI-ONE LOW2,046,7561,055  573  40.3PY8WW PY8FML PY8GJR
56S57PKTS52021MULTI-ONE LOW1,987,0081,531  632  46.3S57PKT S58MU S50X
57S50DS52016MULTI-ONE LOW1,981,2501,206  634  28.3S58AZT S58TOM
58DL1NKSDL2014MULTI-ONE LOW1,937,4451,329  681  47.3DL1NKS
599A9J9A2015MULTI-ONE LOW1,898,3931,124  721  41.99A6DJX 9A6GWF 9A7ZZ
60RF9CRA92017MULTI-ONE LOW1,838,382864  546  39.0RV9CBW UA9CIR UA9CSA
61DM5BDL2022MULTI-ONE LOW1,797,8181,397  646  42.1DG6IMR DL1AOP
62E44YLE42016MULTI-ONE LOW1,718,4091,138  519  23.5IV3FSG HB9EDB YT3PL
63BY4TCBY2014MULTI-ONE LOW1,670,8511,080  637  34.0BD4SX BD4FM BH4SYG BH4SRC BD4SFE BH4SXP ...
64BD7DTBY2019MULTI-ONE LOW1,653,7331,126  557  45.1BG7BES BD7BM BG7AJH BD7DX BG7FKH
65HI3LTHI2021MULTI-ONE LOW1,632,0921,205  539  40.5HI3K HI3CMM HI3MPC HI8ESF K4LGP
66IR9KIT92019MULTI-ONE LOW1,629,9201,052  668  47.9IT9DSZ IT9AHI IT9KXK IT9YMM IT9GQH ...
67KT4ZBW42017MULTI-ONE LOW1,613,1151,438  569  45.3KT4ZB KW4B NY4D N5GNA W4JKG N4KKD NW4TF
68TC2GTA2016MULTI-ONE LOW1,608,2621,044  554  33.9TA7AZC YM2KA
69ZP6RAIZP2022MULTI-ONE LOW1,584,6651,098  569  35.2ZP6TT ZP6LMR ZP5DVD ZP5DNB
70BG7BESBY2018MULTI-ONE LOW1,567,5381,089  581  45.2BD7BM BH4RNX BG7BES BG7DOD BG7DAY ...
71CW1DCCX2014MULTI-ONE LOW1,564,620987  586  26.8CX3ACS CX1DZ CX1CK
72F8KGSF2022MULTI-ONE LOW1,560,6151,085  623  32.5F4GBW F4HDR F4GBW F4VSE
73PR2EPY2019MULTI-ONE LOW1,545,7261,045  546  40.0PY2XIZ PY2GTA PY2XJ PY2MM PY2VOX PY2RDP ...
74UW7WUR2018MULTI-ONE LOW1,528,2541,121  622  46.7UR5WAN UR5WCW
75YE1ZATYB2016MULTI-ONE LOW1,503,970982  503  47.9YE1ZAT TEAM
76OT5XON2016MULTI-ONE LOW1,498,7851,119  613  46.9ON3MSA ON3IV ON4BEN ON4DG ON4LBI ON5UC ...
77CB6WWCE2019MULTI-ONE LOW1,490,5001,078  500  26.0CE6TK CA6CGX
78BD7DTBY2020MULTI-ONE LOW1,488,1861,200  558  46.4BG7BES BH4RNX BD7BM BG7AJH BG7FKH BD7DX
79UW7WUR2021MULTI-ONE LOW1,483,9361,091  587  47.3UR5WAN UR5WCW
80K4MMW42017MULTI-ONE LOW1,445,4641,100  562  38.5K4MM W4IX
81PY2ZRPY2014MULTI-ONE LOW1,442,720895  568  25.7PY2ZR PY2RH
82A61FKA62017MULTI-ONE LOW1,436,724953  477  18.9A61FK A61SM
83LY5AXLY2021MULTI-ONE LOW1,431,0141,160  598  47.9LY5AX LY1LB
84LY800SMGLY2019MULTI-ONE LOW1,430,5721,218  572  47.7LY2NZ LY2RJ LY2TS LY3AB
85SZ8LSVSV2014MULTI-ONE LOW1,419,3441,139  688  34.3SV8QG SV8CRI SV8DTD SV8INI 
86VQ5EVP52016MULTI-ONE LOW1,419,1801,093  420  28.9W9AV W6RI
87CB1CCE2022MULTI-ONE LOW1,337,130976  537  40.0CE1WY CE1WGM CE1EW
88UW6EUR2019MULTI-ONE LOW1,320,9361,060  552  27.9UW6E UR6EA
89BI7KCDBY2018MULTI-ONE LOW1,299,7621,240  489  39.2BI7KCD BD7MQ BI7IOB BD7IXG BD7IOP
90DQ5MDL2021MULTI-ONE LOW1,295,4901,036  597  18.1DG8MG DK6SP
91BY8DXBY2018MULTI-ONE LOW1,287,6801,048  512  46.0BA8CY BD8EM BI8ARV BG8DIV BG8DTI
92UW6MUR2016MULTI-ONE LOW1,282,6001,114  583  44.2UR3MP UR2MR UY7MF US2MT
93LY2DXLY2021MULTI-ONE LOW1,271,6701,133  582  47.9LY1UG LY2DX LY3DA LY4TD LYR346
94OT5TON2018MULTI-ONE LOW1,262,8001,013  560  28.3ON6DJ ON3WM
95RD8DRA92016MULTI-ONE LOW1,260,030850  485  38.9UB8CFV UB8CGO UB8FBK UB8CGJ UB8CGL
96DM5BDL2021MULTI-ONE LOW1,249,7311,183  581  39.5DG6IMR DL1AOP
97OT5XON2014MULTI-ONE LOW1,238,0971,175  609  44.9ON3FM ON3SLW ON3MSA ON3BPJ ON4DG ON4PS ...
98S54IS52017MULTI-ONE LOW1,229,0401,045  540  47.9S50SL S51TS S55BA S55K S55L S55X S57FA
994U1A4U1V2019MULTI-ONE LOW1,212,8881,065  582  20.3OE1ZZZ HB9RB
100OL1ZOK2022MULTI-ONE LOW1,201,556966  562  34.3OK2MA OK6AB OK2UEC OK2UXO
793 results found
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