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14Z4OQ20084XSO HP 20M (T)3,983,9841,92577629.0 
2EA1FDI2013EASO HP 20M (T)3,428,5682,17893631.7 
3KG44WW2006KG4SO HP 20M (T)3,268,2102,23280328.3  
49Y4LDK20139YSO HP 20M (T)2,558,4451,53257318.3 
5PV2P2015PYSO HP 20M (T)2,310,9901,16070526.4PY2DY
6EA5KV2008EASO HP 20M (T)2,273,8101,99277024.4 
7JH7XMO2009JA7SO HP 20M (T)1,562,9461,07156129.1 
8IZ0PAU2015ISO HP 20M (T)1,506,6201,33471022.5 
9LA8W1998LASO HP 20M (T)1,427,9761,306594  
10JH7XMO2010JA7SO HP 20M (T)1,343,76096652828.8 
11WD5K2010W5SO HP 20M (T)1,323,8751,17762322.3 
12IZ8CCW2013ISO HP 20M (T)1,301,4001,36172324.6 
13W6AEA/72010W7SO HP 20M (T)1,264,20098960226.2 
14OH6NJ2010OHSO HP 20M (T)1,238,2021,14263430.4 
15KG0ZI2001W0SO HP 20M (T)1,213,8351,46155333.7  
16N5JJ2020W5SO HP 20M (T)1,137,8441,43057729.5 
17RA6LBS2001UA-6SO HP 20M (T)1,104,0371,10160129.6  
18VK7ZE2009VKSO HP 20M (T)1,061,52885047232.1 
19RA6LBS2003UA-6SO HP 20M (T)1,022,5541,10458731.1  
20KZ7X2011W7SO HP 20M (T)968,3201,26154425.1W7WW
21N9HCA2000W9SO HP 20M (T)967,500841516  
22UA3AGW2003UA-3SO HP 20M (T)961,0561,14856430.3  
23YB4IR2008YBSO HP 20M (T)951,58473445424.8 
24KM4HI2017W4SO HP 20M (T)940,6801,01953629.0 
25WD5K2018W5SO HP 20M (T)851,8941,18450228.9 
26TA2DS2002TASO HP 20M (T)799,596684399  
27K4EU2007W4SO HP 20M (T)739,29779548118.4  
28EI/EA3BOX2010EISO HP 20M (T)714,52590952527.6 
29VY1EI2010VE8SO HP 20M (T)700,12874341625.6 
30W6AEA/72013W7SO HP 20M (T)658,42476448721.9 
31EC7AKV2010EASO HP 20M (T)621,26490751617.2 
32VE4IM2001VE4SO HP 20M (T)579,11154240330.8  
33M0WLF2009GSO HP 20M (T)553,32061242426.4 
34IZ8EFD2011ISO HP 20M (T)526,16478748927.9 
35KJ3X/62009W6SO HP 20M (T)520,18887340217.1K1DQV
36IT9SSI2016IT9SO HP 20M (T)502,65075245016.0 
37OH3BU2005OHSO HP 20M (T)496,21881243319.2  
38CQ3E2003CT3SO HP 20M (T)489,09046235724.3CT3FQ 
39II0I2016ISO HP 20M (T)475,59268544218.3IZ0PAU
40UN7PL2011UNSO HP 20M (T)460,79046635511.2 
41JN1NDY2009JA1SO HP 20M (T)434,44452234720.5 
42DL4WA2010DLSO HP 20M (T)430,33560739319.4 
43K4EU2008W4SO HP 20M (T)406,74752835913.0 
44ON5GQ2020ONSO HP 20M (T)405,21454238321.1 
45WX6V2008W6SO HP 20M (T)401,12863136419.1 
46M0WLF2007GSO HP 20M (T)376,70546732919.1  
47LY2BKT2014LYSO HP 20M (T)368,77564944730.9 
48JE1RXJ2019JA1SO HP 20M (T)366,09646434828.7 
49PR7AR2013PYSO HP 20M (T)357,96045628510.5 
50IK4UXB2018ISO HP 20M (T)356,66847936115.6 
51VE1OP2003VE1SO HP 20M (T)335,1604633159.3  
52EA1XT2018EASO HP 20M (T)331,69548235111.8 
53JH0NOS2012JA0SO HP 20M (T)322,08836432625.7 
54W9DX/52008W5SO HP 20M (T)299,39846234118.3 
55S57RTH2007S5SO HP 20M (T)274,16048429826.8  
56A65DR2020A6SO HP 20M (T)258,61237127616.7G7SLP
57WA1JMP2017W1SO HP 20M (T)252,8804632908.0 
58OE2E2013OESO HP 20M (T)251,94048334014.0OE2GEN
59EA2KV2016EASO HP 20M (T)251,1004833727.1 
60NE8P2017W8SO HP 20M (T)242,90734130116.1 
61SM5U2007SMSO HP 20M (T)210,02344731320.0SM5UGC 
62ON5GQ2017ONSO HP 20M (T)209,47538328514.9 
63UN2E2017UNSO HP 20M (T)207,39629525211.9 
64CI2LI2017VE1SO HP 20M (T)166,41330522110.5VY2LI
65KD8SQ2010W8SO HP 20M (T)161,53828224728.0 
66IR1O2015ISO HP 20M (T)161,4253612755.7 
67IZ8EFD2010ISO HP 20M (T)159,80444227612.3 
68OQ5M2009ONSO HP 20M (T)159,3723182337.4ON5ZO
69OP1A2010ONSO HP 20M (T)152,57630329820.5 
70IK8NSR2011ISO HP 20M (T)149,94040529415.1 
71DR19RGD2019DLSO HP 20M (T)146,60533026920.4DL3ECQ
72KD8SQ2011W8SO HP 20M (T)139,30824822825.7 
73KD8SQ2013W8SO HP 20M (T)130,20023521723.3 
74SM5U2009SMSO HP 20M (T)130,00930922321.7SM5UGC
75N5VYS2006W5SO HP 20M (T)128,2265102136.7  
76RX9CM2019RA9SO HP 20M (T)125,53224119811.2 
77IZ8GUQ2013ISO HP 20M (T)124,02534927523.6 
78KD8SQ2014W8SO HP 20M (T)112,86021920920.9 
79EA1AAW2006EASO HP 20M (T)106,33830522210.5  
80WD5K2019W5SO HP 20M (T)104,79625021310.6 
81MM1E2020GMSO HP 20M (T)104,7332972439.1MM0GOR
82IK2YYL2014ISO HP 20M (T)102,58827324917.5 
83YO5OHY2015YOSO HP 20M (T)101,81727524310.2 
84IR4B2019ISO HP 20M (T)95,63422219819.0IK4AUY
85NN5Z1997W5SO HP 20M (T)95,604507257K5PX 
86KD8SQ2012W8SO HP 20M (T)92,50020218519.3 
87W7QN2005W7SO HP 20M (T)92,00024620011.6  
88W4RRE2013W4SO HP 20M (T)87,51620818712.7  
89KB0ENE2006W0SO HP 20M (T)84,81621818618.9  
90KD8SQ2015W8SO HP 20M (T)82,51918817918.6 
91AD1L2009W1SO HP 20M (T)78,3231801678.2 
92UA4C2020UA-4SO HP 20M (T)74,3372752137.4 
93VK1JDX2001VKSO HP 20M (T)72,3521721529.8  
94RW3GU2003UA-3SO HP 20M (T)71,2082331845.4  
95ND8DX2017W8SO HP 20M (T)70,3571971612.8 
96KI7DG2017W7SO HP 20M (T)70,02020418015.2 
97KD8SQ2016W8SO HP 20M (T)69,55217016114.7 
98W9ILY2020W9SO HP 20M (T)67,2002001758.2 
99WB8O2009W8SO HP 20M (T)66,74417816215.9 
100W8GOC2016W8SO HP 20M (T)66,72017616014.9 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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