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1S51CK2018S5SO HP 40M (T)1,958,8161,08665634.7 
29A8DX20129ASO HP 40M (T)1,854,9491,23664732.9 
3EU5C2016EUSO HP 40M (T)1,540,62894359923.7EW1I
49A25TA20119ASO HP 40M (T)1,152,32096652021.29A3TA
5OE5CWL2004OESO HP 40M (T)1,088,61297747635.7  
6EA3ATM2008EASO HP 40M (T)1,030,80688248622.6 
7M0MCV2016GSO HP 40M (T)1,013,02286650131.8 
8EU1AZ2014EUSO HP 40M (T)1,006,20078051625.7 
9KM5VI2018W5SO HP 40M (T)950,0751,14744520.5 
109A1AR20159ASO HP 40M (T)940,41679649623.5 
11IK3UNA/12011ISO HP 40M (T)933,15290948220.6 
12IR9Z2018IT9SO HP 40M (T)908,16084047318.5IT9VCE
13NN9DD2020W4SO HP 40M (T)837,2481,46542225.8 
14IK3UNA/12012ISO HP 40M (T)738,70080344517.0 
15EA7RM2013EASO HP 40M (T)697,87858641115.3 
16KU8E/42010W4SO HP 40M (T)686,91379240116.6 
17M0MCV2017GSO HP 40M (T)625,82662042234.2 
18WH7W2013KH6SO HP 40M (T)620,97245824228.1 
19IZ1DGG2016ISO HP 40M (T)597,31265540830.1 
20M0MCV2018GSO HP 40M (T)594,86463940833.1 
21VK6DXI2007VKSO HP 40M (T)503,17437225424.3  
22RA3OA2012UA-3SO HP 40M (T)501,42153138915.1 
23EW3A2016EUSO HP 40M (T)492,67254838422.1 
24LY2UU2019LYSO HP 40M (T)490,04452738836.0LY2BUU
25LY2UU2012LYSO HP 40M (T)485,00049038830.5 
26VY2LI2013VEYSO HP 40M (T)441,3443862565.7 
27WN2O2013W2SO HP 40M (T)423,01858533110.6N2GC
28IK3SSJ2020ISO HP 40M (T)394,87451935818.7 
29S51D2010S5SO HP 40M (T)383,76048932813.2 
30NP3MR2020KP4SO HP 40M (T)323,92937022719.1 
31SP9JZT2009SPSO HP 40M (T)315,70038728714.9 
32KX9DX2011W9SO HP 40M (T)310,17070029421.5 
33IW5ELR2012ISO HP 40M (T)294,11842431913.6 
34UZ7M2010URSO HP 40M (T)286,6353932916.3UT9MZ
35YV6BXN2012YVSO HP 40M (T)259,5842292089.3 
36ZL2CC2012ZLSO HP 40M (T)256,49426119715.3 
37IZ2GNQ2020ISO HP 40M (T)242,78543029526.1 
38AM1C2009EASO HP 40M (T)223,13035326515.9EA1NT
39WN2O2012W2SO HP 40M (T)204,2943412377.6N2GC
40WC4H2017W4SO HP 40M (T)193,3923922377.7 
41KX9DX2009W9SO HP 40M (T)184,99252424620.4 
42SO8T2010SPSO HP 40M (T)179,8833242534.2SP8TJU
43WA3AAN2020W3SO HP 40M (T)173,70639122125.4 
44EA1RCM2006EASO HP 40M (T)159,9402822209.9  
45G3VGZ2016GSO HP 40M (T)159,56526323525.2 
46OH3BU2003OHSO HP 40M (T)157,50030621016.9  
47KX9DX2013W9SO HP 40M (T)143,3124682127.9 
48OE5CWL/52003OESO HP 40M (T)125,2162722087.9  
49A65DR2017A6SO HP 40M (T)124,87716015118.2G7SLP
50G3TDH2012GSO HP 40M (T)123,82424721811.2 
51IZ1PMC2011ISO HP 40M (T)120,20423321219.0 
52VA6XDX2008VE6SO HP 40M (T)119,9802221408.8VE6LB
53IQ2XZ2018ISO HP 40M (T)113,69623120910.1IW2ETR
54G3VGZ2017GSO HP 40M (T)112,11222019624.2 
55IZ1JMN2019ISO HP 40M (T)106,02021118620.4 
56KZ1A/42010W4SO HP 40M (T)90,8253101738.9 
57WT0DX2019W0SO HP 40M (T)90,64029017611.8 
58KG9Z/82013W8SO HP 40M (T)85,0002341707.4 
59YB8ROP2020YBSO HP 40M (T)72,39018812714.3 
60AA4D2010W4SO HP 40M (T)71,4461601398.2 
61RD9SA2015RA9SO HP 40M (T)70,5511171177.4 
62K4RDU2011W4SO HP 40M (T)56,83214512813.8 
63WJ1R2010W1SO HP 40M (T)52,70413112210.7 
64YV5FP2018YVSO HP 40M (T)49,504103915.9 
65IQ2XZ2019ISO HP 40M (T)48,4981491376.2IW2ETR
66KX9DX2012W9SO HP 40M (T)48,0692311475.4 
67WA3AAN2003W3SO HP 40M (T)43,4011351118.1  
68IQ7FG2018ISO HP 40M (T)43,09217013313.9IU7BSH
69WA3AAN2007W3SO HP 40M (T)39,2701431105.1  
70N7RK2020W7SO HP 40M (T)35,2071201097.6 
71HB9DWU2004HBSO HP 40M (T)34,4021151038.7  
72NL8F2020KLSO HP 40M (T)34,00097686.2 
73S57YX2013S5SO HP 40M (T)33,7961261198.7 
74LU9MDH2009LUSO HP 40M (T)30,26092859.3 
75W8JMF2010W8SO HP 40M (T)30,09981797.8 
76R9UA2020RA9SO HP 40M (T)30,030979114.3 
77N2GC2005W2SO HP 40M (T)27,753918727.3  
78VA3XH2013VE3SO HP 40M (T)22,770746911.1 
79G2Z2016GSO HP 40M (T)20,88499929.2 
80G4DBW2016GSO HP 40M (T)20,296104863.6 
81AA4D2009W4SO HP 40M (T)20,00783815.5 
82JA5NSR2016JA5SO HP 40M (T)19,932706612.1 
83K7MY2013W7SO HP 40M (T)18,64282784.3 
84ZL2CC2014ZLSO HP 40M (T)18,29758574.1 
85G8JYV2015GSO HP 40M (T)16,15096858.5 
86AA4D2011W4SO HP 40M (T)15,89259582.5 
87YB2NDX2020YBSO HP 40M (T)15,0801505817.2 
88N7RK2015W7SO HP 40M (T)14,80568633.7 
89PY5DC2020PYSO HP 40M (T)14,11280638.8 
90K7HP2017W7SO HP 40M (T)12,28873645.2 
91JE2BOM2018JA2SO HP 40M (T)11,70053503.9 
92K3RWN2018W3SO HP 40M (T)10,41672623.7 
93KD2FIX2017W2SO HP 40M (T)9,45094701.9 
94G8JYV2014GSO HP 40M (T)9,42464624.3 
95KM6I2019W6SO HP 40M (T)9,18561553.7 
96WJ1R2009W1SO HP 40M (T)8,06453485.9 
97YC3NHW2020YBSO HP 40M (T)7,7881534414.4 
98NT5HS2006W5SO HP 40M (T)7,50050502.3N0RQ 
99SQ5EXM2019SPSO HP 40M (T)6,39248472.8 
100W6RKC2011W6SO HP 40M (T)5,41844422.3 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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