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1PY5DL2003PYSO LP 10M (R)4,024,9801,83875836.0  
2CA7CAQ2015CESO LP 10M (R)3,192,6961,51575828.0 
3CX1DP2012CXSO LP 10M (R)1,510,08399954324.0 
4ED8B2013EA8SO LP 10M (R)1,370,17293650329.9EA8CZT
5UA9JMB2000RA9SO LP 10M (R)1,096,488872471  
6HS5SRH2015HSSO LP 10M (R)1,026,97281051423.2 
7PU5FJR2013PYSO LP 10M (R)943,46072046019.0 
8PY2KDX2000PYSO LP 10M (R)830,250693410  
9PY2LTY2003PYSO LP 10M (R)626,86558539526.8PT2IC 
10IT9EWR2014IT9SO LP 10M (R)518,63856842230.7 
11UA9JPK2000RA9SO LP 10M (R)471,099498373  
12K6KAY/T1999W6SO LP 10M (R)448,576630326  
13PU8WWW2011PYSO LP 10M (R)390,0004643256.8 
14UA9LAU2002RA9SO LP 10M (R)355,50049930021.5  
15PU1PYZ2012PYSO LP 10M (R)335,27641231618.0 
16YY5EDG2005YVSO LP 10M (R)289,43245824224.2  
17HA8LIF2001HASO LP 10M (R)282,150372275  
18UA9JQN2001RA9SO LP 10M (R)274,25639428115.4  
19WH0/WH7ZJ2010KH0SO LP 10M (R)270,75062115021.1 
20LU3YEP2013LUSO LP 10M (R)258,65640127422.7 
21F8CNR2000FSO LP 10M (R)253,328366284  
22PU2PGR2001PYSO LP 10M (R)244,684410269  
23LW1HR2007LUSO LP 10M (R)193,85634620815.2  
24SM3D2000SMSO LP 10M (R)191,694359258  
25AM3GCJ2001EASO LP 10M (R)188,700324255EA3GCJ 
26PP5WF2004PYSO LP 10M (R)186,27629922821.0  
27AE7DW2014W7SO LP 10M (R)177,80030325415.2 
28AC5SU2000W5SO LP 10M (R)157,542255217  
29KC8MNO2000W8SO LP 10M (R)137,292240204  
30PU2MHB1997PYSO LP 10M (R)134,520304177  
31ZY2W2001PYSO LP 10M (R)129,56027420514.3  
32VE1ASJ2003VE1SO LP 10M (R)111,93629217620.6  
33LU3YEP2012LUSO LP 10M (R)111,00027120016.8 
34PU2MHB1996PYSO LP 10M (R)110,400291150  
35IZ7ZKW2014ISO LP 10M (R)99,49824420616.4 
36DU1/A61DJ2013DUSO LP 10M (R)90,67528411720.3 
37PU2KIV2012PYSO LP 10M (R)89,59522218122.5 
38PY2ELG1998PYSO LP 10M (R)85,860235162  
39VU3ONE2014VUSO LP 10M (R)82,76418617120.2 
40SQ8GHY2002SPSO LP 10M (R)81,438210147  
41LU2VCR2016LUSO LP 10M (R)76,63620816116.3 
42EA8CYM2013EA8SO LP 10M (R)76,06618214611.1 
43PU8TEP2010PYSO LP 10M (R)70,81019414610.1 
44SY2AMH2014SVSO LP 10M (R)66,80020716718.7 
45CT2KFA2011CTSO LP 10M (R)66,74017814214.2 
46EA7ASZ1999EASO LP 10M (R)62,440169140  
47SG0W2014SMSO LP 10M (R)60,64018216015.4 
48YY1OKR2010YVSO LP 10M (R)59,39620012414.1 
49PU1MHZ2014PYSO LP 10M (R)57,4241641488.4 
50KP4LE2014KP4SO LP 10M (R)57,1291461378.9 
51K6KAY/T1998W6SO LP 10M (R)57,054195111  
52YY5JMM2002YVSO LP 10M (R)50,29216713214.3  
53LW7EGO1996LUSO LP 10M (R)49,569182123  
54IK7LMX2014ISO LP 10M (R)46,6481461367.2 
55PU2TEA2010PYSO LP 10M (R)46,60915912713.0 
56YY5JRU2002YVSO LP 10M (R)46,58016213713.3  
57F5CWU1998FSO LP 10M (R)45,671163109  
58PY2ZK2006PYSO LP 10M (R)41,17415211914.2  
59CA3MRD2014CESO LP 10M (R)39,5081401196.6 
609W2ADC20149M2SO LP 10M (R)39,43114513115.7 
61EA7ASZ1998EASO LP 10M (R)38,400145100  
62KF5ZSM2014W5SO LP 10M (R)38,30711911315.8 
63LU2HHH2006LUSO LP 10M (R)35,433135938.7  
64LU9DPM2005LUSO LP 10M (R)34,91713711312.1  
65PY5DZ1999PYSO LP 10M (R)33,912    
66YY5BDP2003YVSO LP 10M (R)33,28014210415.9  
67KC8KSX1999W8SO LP 10M (R)32,330119106  
68VU2NFG2015VUSO LP 10M (R)30,24011710810.1 
69PU4JRV2013PYSO LP 10M (R)29,75413911419.1 
70KF6GUH1998W6SO LP 10M (R)29,28115489  
71SQ9ZM2001SPSO LP 10M (R)28,80011690  
72PY2DJH2001PYSO LP 10M (R)25,04711799  
73VU2CCJ2013VUSO LP 10M (R)24,570107914.1 
74KE5SNJ2011W5SO LP 10M (R)21,6721058419.8 
75YO5TP2015YOSO LP 10M (R)20,91096859.6 
76EA1HVY2011EASO LP 10M (R)18,37585759.3 
77PU5BIA2013PYSO LP 10M (R)17,78786771.9 
78PY2YRC2012PYSO LP 10M (R)17,640939014.2 
79UB8QAA2012RA9SO LP 10M (R)16,93685733.5 
80PU2XBT2016PYSO LP 10M (R)16,517998313.7 
81SQ5SAA2014SPSO LP 10M (R)16,35188838.2 
82KC9WRB2014W9SO LP 10M (R)15,36082804.6 
83PY2ZK2007PYSO LP 10M (R)14,6259775PY2ZK-BILA 
84WH6DZX2015KH6SO LP 10M (R)14,38176737.8 
85PU7EEM2016PYSO LP 10M (R)14,320109805.5 
86KB9QFO1999W9SO LP 10M (R)13,4409891  
87VA3PDG2015VE3SO LP 10M (R)13,32876686.5 
88YO7KQE2000YOSO LP 10M (R)12,8519571  
89II7M2012ISO LP 10M (R)12,81677729.6IZ7SIA
90PU4EYE2002PYSO LP 10M (R)12,628807711.1  
91KK4PUX2014W4SO LP 10M (R)12,10470686.4 
92PY2VOX2012PYSO LP 10M (R)10,064816811.7 
93IT9CLN2012IT9SO LP 10M (R)9,68661589.0 
94AN2AYD2004EASO LP 10M (R)9,12064575.5EA2AYD 
95KD8WPD2014W8SO LP 10M (R)8,99062585.2KA8HQL 
96W8TTS1998W8SO LP 10M (R)8,7716449  
97NP3SI2010KP4SO LP 10M (R)8,63259521.8 
98SP9ELM2000SPSO LP 10M (R)8,6075957  
99KD7DQO1999W7SO LP 10M (R)8,4366657  
100IZ5UGE2012ISO LP 10M (R)8,41562557.1 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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