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1PX2T2007PYSO LP 15M (R)1,818,7251,09557523.4PY2DN 
2YV1RDX2007YVSO LP 15M (R)1,717,9401,21849023.2  
3AM8BHD2006EA8SO LP 15M (R)1,702,9141,24246327.0  
4IT9EWR2015IT9SO LP 15M (R)1,651,5451,38874935.2 
5TI2VW2005TISO LP 15M (R)1,348,6201,22050726.4  
6ED8D2007EA8SO LP 15M (R)1,118,85287443423.4EA8BHD 
7YY5YMA2003YVSO LP 15M (R)889,60285835919.3  
8UR3HC2003URSO LP 15M (R)882,18083650730.4  
9YY5JMM2003YVSO LP 15M (R)840,17774938726.5  
10EA5FIV2002EASO LP 15M (R)646,947759489  
11A71MM2017A7SO LP 15M (R)642,66558839510.3 
12YY5RED2005YVSO LP 15M (R)596,58065232628.3  
134N1N2000YUSO LP 15M (R)575,7067174584N1JA 
144N1N2001YUSO LP 15M (R)559,99476542231.9  
15UB9SBH2014RA9SO LP 15M (R)558,5465423817.1 
16EE1E2010EASO LP 15M (R)490,00059339227.1EA1GFP
17PY2BRA2010PYSO LP 15M (R)437,84447832112.6 
18PY1KR2013PYSO LP 15M (R)328,94441430827.1 
19KP3DR2020KP4SO LP 15M (R)276,84845628619.7 
20BD8ASG2011BYSO LP 15M (R)255,19040830224.3 
21TA2IB2005TASO LP 15M (R)247,32438224223.3  
22RD0WAD2013RA0SO LP 15M (R)222,88034328022.8 
23UB4WAW2016UA-4SO LP 15M (R)213,20458132624.2 
24YC3ELS2013YBSO LP 15M (R)188,47831422215.8 
25RU3DVR1999UA-3SO LP 15M (R)168,466333262  
26IT9CLN2013IT9SO LP 15M (R)167,60834829227.7 
27VK3NDS1996VKSO LP 15M (R)159,030320171  
28UR6LEY2013URSO LP 15M (R)149,95233526422.8 
29EA4FTA2011EASO LP 15M (R)138,44428024921.8 
30DV3ZQR2005DUSO LP 15M (R)125,24829015221.4  
31VU2NFG2016VUSO LP 15M (R)108,86423219213.8 
32DO3KMF2012DLSO LP 15M (R)94,12723319923.6 
33YU1AFR2002YUSO LP 15M (R)88,35027119024.5  
34JA5PXG2013JA5SO LP 15M (R)87,55219317118.7 
35UR5MIW2004URSO LP 15M (R)87,32024818515.2  
36OH7FKV2010OHSO LP 15M (R)84,96023118014.6 
37DV1EE2009DUSO LP 15M (R)77,1652591155.4 
38BH4OUF2016BYSO LP 15M (R)70,78520716521.5 
39HP1MAC2017HPSO LP 15M (R)63,47420414910.8 
40BH7LMD2010BYSO LP 15M (R)62,26621116317.1 
41DW1UBY2008DUSO LP 15M (R)61,69619712812.4 
42EC7ACV1998EASO LP 15M (R)59,285218167  
43EY8CC2007EYSO LP 15M (R)57,2601611406.1  
44PE2T2004PASO LP 15M (R)50,6971511318.2  
45R4SAJ2015UA-4SO LP 15M (R)47,60019417013.5 
46UR3AHF2014URSO LP 15M (R)45,09018416716.8 
47RZ9UMA2011RA9SO LP 15M (R)39,6761271093.1 
48DO4ZN2007DLSO LP 15M (R)38,98513511514.5  
49VU3WBB2018VUSO LP 15M (R)38,97616011220.2 
50KG6HAF2003W6SO LP 15M (R)37,80816113618.6  
51TA4AU2010TASO LP 15M (R)36,35813410616.0 
52JJ0FDT1999JA0SO LP 15M (R)35,020128103  
539M2FUL20159M2SO LP 15M (R)34,91614511611.7 
54YC8FLE2016YBSO LP 15M (R)34,11713910916.8 
55YY2WTF2019YVSO LP 15M (R)33,1281391013.9 
56V51YJ2008V5SO LP 15M (R)31,81510910517.7 
57EU2TT2015EUSO LP 15M (R)31,38813611812.5 
58WB2BXO2002W2SO LP 15M (R)30,5901251156.1  
59IZ5UGE2013ISO LP 15M (R)30,12012912015.2 
60OI6KTD1996OHSO LP 15M (R)29,53211992  
61IT9IMJ2010IT9SO LP 15M (R)28,44113511916.3 
62UB9SBH2013RA9SO LP 15M (R)28,3811141012.3 
63UR5EFL2011URSO LP 15M (R)28,17513711513.4 
64VU3WBB2019VUSO LP 15M (R)26,8801439614.1 
65OH4JFN1996OHSO LP 15M (R)26,418161111  
66RK9UAC2007RA9SO LP 15M (R)23,92597874.3  
67KG4OJT2002W4SO LP 15M (R)23,3871009132.4  
68UB6ACR2012UA-6SO LP 15M (R)22,04012511610.6 
69VU3ONE2015VUSO LP 15M (R)21,021969113.5 
70EC1CSV2002EASO LP 15M (R)21,000126105  
71YC0NFL2006YBSO LP 15M (R)20,812968616.1  
72UT0NB2016URSO LP 15M (R)20,2401048817.4 
73DW1VKT2010DUSO LP 15M (R)19,007998319.0 
74EC3AJQ1998EASO LP 15M (R)17,83610591  
75JR1ZTT2018JA1SO LP 15M (R)16,7961167613.7JJ1GUJ
76UB8QAA2011RA9SO LP 15M (R)15,12480764.8 
77IO7R2013ISO LP 15M (R)13,33092869.3 
78HS3ANP2013HSSO LP 15M (R)13,024877415.3 
79IZ5UGM2012ISO LP 15M (R)12,960737214.1 
80F1MLN2015FSO LP 15M (R)11,44066653.4  
81PY8KK2017PYSO LP 15M (R)9,52285699.9  
82BA4IO2010BYSO LP 15M (R)9,324666315.9 
83EY8BG2010EYSO LP 15M (R)9,24063564.3 
84EY8BI2010EYSO LP 15M (R)8,91063544.5 
85EC5AAJ2006EASO LP 15M (R)8,41872699.2  
86EC4AMM1998EASO LP 15M (R)8,3527171  
87EC7DZL2008EASO LP 15M (R)8,15160577.1 
88JR2AAN/22010JA2SO LP 15M (R)7,45257544.5 
89EW1TO2015EUSO LP 15M (R)7,19866618.9 
90YC1UGK2006YBSO LP 15M (R)7,05258434.4  
91BG7XWF2020BYSO LP 15M (R)5,742735814.2 
92EC4AIV1998EASO LP 15M (R)4,8635953  
93KI0JZ1998W0SO LP 15M (R)4,8602625  
94YC8VRA2015YBSO LP 15M (R)4,730484310.5 
95EC1ASY1998EASO LP 15M (R)4,5085046  
96DO6SI2016DLSO LP 15M (R)4,42843416.5 
97DO6FC2016DLSO LP 15M (R)4,37042385.5 
98UA6ABE2013UA-6SO LP 15M (R)4,11651493.6 
99IX1CKN2012ISO LP 15M (R)4,09244447.1 
100HS8FLU2013HSSO LP 15M (R)4,04251439.4 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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