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1YY5DOG2014YVSO LP 40M (R)753,15941731918.8 
2F4GTD2012FSO LP 40M (R)592,72464541831.0 
34Z5UN20094XSO LP 40M (R)443,68130726333.1UU2JM
4OK1LX2010OKSO LP 40M (R)413,84854635834.9 
5EC5CSW2008EASO LP 40M (R)409,37044433525.4 
6S57LR2010S5SO LP 40M (R)327,60043231517.5 
7SQ2NNN2010SPSO LP 40M (R)314,90143732731.4 
89W2SAF20189M2SO LP 40M (R)265,18834119620.2 
9YV5EPM2013YVSO LP 40M (R)252,09622320226.8 
10KV4QS/82014W8SO LP 40M (R)225,19249526417.8 
11RA3MAV2011UA-3SO LP 40M (R)185,40929724315.2 
12YG7SPN2018YBSO LP 40M (R)183,28830716826.7 
13YO2LZP2004YOSO LP 40M (R)155,54028122023.6  
14YO2MJZ2012YOSO LP 40M (R)150,33226723611.5 
15IW3SSA2006ISO LP 40M (R)122,15826020623.0  
165T4C20165TSO LP 40M (R)121,55015214313.4 
17IT9ZIV2008IT9SO LP 40M (R)115,66824720422.7 
18M5W2005GSO LP 40M (R)107,51225817817.8M0MCX 
19YD8UXV2017YBSO LP 40M (R)78,44616612222.4 
20R9FBT2018UA-9SO LP 40M (R)73,54818216225.2 
219W2DQM20179M2SO LP 40M (R)71,04814910715.5 
22VA3PAW2013VE3SO LP 40M (R)59,58412711211.0 
23VK3VTH2010VKSO LP 40M (R)54,6141099412.4 
24YT5DEY2017YUSO LP 40M (R)52,56016214619.0 
25M0GVZ2012GSO LP 40M (R)48,8401391324.5 
26YD4GBN2017YBSO LP 40M (R)44,2331278915.7 
27K3DCW2011W3SO LP 40M (R)42,1601501246.5 
28SQ9GOL2018SPSO LP 40M (R)42,0361431247.8 
29YY5BDP2004YVSO LP 40M (R)41,3669186  
30E7RS2013E7SO LP 40M (R)39,3601321238.1E77CW 
31YO2MJZ2010YOSO LP 40M (R)35,9101231146.8 
32IZ7SIA2012ISO LP 40M (R)34,5741251189.0 
33W4LID2017W4SO LP 40M (R)33,56112811318.2 
34IZ1NBX2010ISO LP 40M (R)28,26096907.1 
35DK6PB2017DLSO LP 40M (R)27,97710510113.4 
36YO2MJZ2011YOSO LP 40M (R)24,89098954.2 
376K2FJJ2013HLSO LP 40M (R)24,7502077513.8  
389W2HXP20189M2SO LP 40M (R)22,833965913.1 
39YF3DGO2018YBSO LP 40M (R)22,2301666516.9 
40YY5CPG2011YVSO LP 40M (R)19,053767321.3 
41ON5IA2018ONSO LP 40M (R)16,83093857.9 
42IU7GUW2016ISO LP 40M (R)16,044908416.1 
43BV4VR2009BVSO LP 40M (R)15,12068608.2 
44EA7EPF2018EASO LP 40M (R)14,694857915.5 
459M2BRO20189M2SO LP 40M (R)14,01469498.5 
46KK4CIS/82013W8SO LP 40M (R)13,87595755.3 
47KE0FQM2018W0SO LP 40M (R)12,0081017912.9 
48KD8RAP2013W8SO LP 40M (R)10,62065606.9 
49ZL1SLO2018ZLSO LP 40M (R)9,76851444.8 
50YD9ATS2018YBSO LP 40M (R)8,836104479.4 
51YD3IMS2018YBSO LP 40M (R)8,77570456.2 
529A3DUH20149ASO LP 40M (R)8,00463582.0 
539W2SAF20179M2SO LP 40M (R)7,88448366.1 
54YD9DE2018YBSO LP 40M (R)7,832904414.3 
55YG3CHA2017YBSO LP 40M (R)7,70066448.0 
56YD1SDL2016YBSO LP 40M (R)7,48260437.8 
57YD3HGT2017YBSO LP 40M (R)7,21657448.3 
58PY3KK2002PYSO LP 40M (R)7,137443910.0  
59YG3EMF2018YBSO LP 40M (R)6,400574012.5  
609A6SJZ20119ASO LP 40M (R)6,20159533.9 
619W2KLP20189M2SO LP 40M (R)6,04551316.2 
62YD8GAR2016YBSO LP 40M (R)5,81147399.9 
63YD9XYP2017YBSO LP 40M (R)5,67047429.2 
64YD9DE2017YBSO LP 40M (R)5,332624310.2 
65YG3DGO2017YBSO LP 40M (R)5,13053386.4 
66EA7ILI2009EASO LP 40M (R)4,92847448.8 
67YD0RLX2018YBSO LP 40M (R)4,92078413.7 
68YG3CNU2016YBSO LP 40M (R)4,884363310.7 
69UU2CW2009URSO LP 40M (R)4,24244423.0 
70KE0QMF2018W0SO LP 40M (R)3,97742414.1 
719M2UST20139M2SO LP 40M (R)3,75329274.2 
72ON3IA2017ONSO LP 40M (R)3,69843438.6 
73IU5DVC2015ISO LP 40M (R)3,65545435.1 
74YD4MAD2018YBSO LP 40M (R)3,63845346.1 
75WB8TLH2008W8SO LP 40M (R)3,36056488.9 
76YU4USS2017YUSO LP 40M (R)3,280454019.7 
77YO9HJY2005YOSO LP 40M (R)3,16836363.3  
78YD1EMV2018YBSO LP 40M (R)2,65260343.5 
79YC8VRA2016YBSO LP 40M (R)2,40832287.3 
80SO5W2017SPSO LP 40M (R)2,40031308.0 
81YG3EBO2017YBSO LP 40M (R)2,37036306.4 
82LA6FJA1997LASO LP 40M (R)2,3403530  
83SO5MW2017SPSO LP 40M (R)2,07030305.8 
84YD7BHK2015YBSO LP 40M (R)1,88625234.1 
85YD1FZM2017YBSO LP 40M (R)1,84645263.8 
86DB4MZ2011DLSO LP 40M (R)1,53927273.8 
87YD1IDB2018YBSO LP 40M (R)1,51832235.5 
889W2JMW20179M2SO LP 40M (R)1,51320172.1 
89VE3JEB2006VE3SO LP 40M (R)1,51218182.0  
90KM4GBF2015W4SO LP 40M (R)1,48429285.2 
91UU5JFP2009URSO LP 40M (R)1,35025251.3 
92YD1CSV2013YBSO LP 40M (R)1,09516153.6 
93DW1VEU2005DUSO LP 40M (R)1,02016155.4  
94YD1IDB2017YBSO LP 40M (R)96829226.1 
95W5LDR2018W5SO LP 40M (R)92525252.2 
96YD8UYJ2018YBSO LP 40M (R)86428244.4 
97YU4DWW2017YUSO LP 40M (R)77723215.0 
98IU1JYM2018ISO LP 40M (R)76020202.7 
99YD1ELP2016YBSO LP 40M (R)69021152.2 
100KC2YXU2012W2SO LP 40M (R)61614141.1 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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